(1938-03-28) This Is Why Gabby Can't Have Nice Things
Details for This Is Why Gabby Can't Have Nice Things
Summary: Gabby gathers as many of the group as she can to share new info..and as usual, things don't go as planned as Ripley and Jackson butt heads.
Date: March 28, 1938
Location: Club Room

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Gabrielle 's sitting on a table, watching the door. It's after supper, which she made a brief appearance at. She's got her new sketchbook in her lap, but it is not open. She's nervously tapping on the cover with a pencil, waiting to see who shows up.

Ripley had seen her at dinner from across the room and when he got up to go over she was already gone. A little message came, he read it, and then moved up to the club room to see what was up. He pops in the doorway, "Gabby? You all right?"

Most likely Conall, being Conall, would had tried to follow Gabby after seeing any look upon her if it would cause worry and find out to meet her. So that he does and is in there with her, though waiting to see if anyone else would show up, since she seemed to be waiting for more people. So for now he is waiting close by. Seeing the tapping he does give her shoulder a reassuring pat. "It'll be fine." He offers and then the door opens. Smiling at Ripley. "Fox."

Gabrielle nods to both boys, "I'm ok…." She'll look behind Rip, not really expecting Jacks to come, and then sigh. "I need to find out, I don't think anyone did, but….did either of you tell anyone about the prophecies?" She'll look between the two.

Ripley looks to Conall and raises a bit of a brow, "Conall." As he walks on in and settles into a chair across from Gabby and reaches out to take her hand, "I haven't said a word to anyone." As he holds her hand should she allow.

Conall does nod to Ripley and letting him go settle in before shaking his head to Gabby. "Not that I can recall. And I wouldn't do it since I know how important it could be. Why?" He asks and seems worried.

Gabrielle slides down to a chair, and will hold Rip's hand. She'll nod to the two…she didn't think anyone would say anything, "I talked to Cillain today, about talking to Sir Nicholas and he mentioned the "icky heart" and the "icky hand" ….and Pandora's Box." She'll pale some as she's says this, it's upsetting her, "He says he just knows things, when he wakes up…I think, maybe, he's a seer too?"

"He could be. But see… That doesn't mean we said anything." Ripley says and lifts that hand to kiss the back of it. "Maybe he could help you?"

Conall listens and nods. Agreeing with Ripley it seems, "I think Ripley is right but I am not sure. He could help, but he is only a firstie. I do not want him getting hurt." He says and runs a hand through his hair. Studying both to see what they think.

Gabrielle nods, "I know, I didn't think anyone said anything, but I wanted to ask to make sure." She'll give Rip's hand a squeeze. Her expression goes to a worried one, "I don't think he really understands…he thought it was a dream…and he kept acting like I was the heart…he kept saying I had to stay light. I just….We need to keep an eye on him.Especially if I have any more…episodes.."

Jackson enters the club room, throwing his gear bag (not his book bag, as anyone who knows him can attest to) next to the door. He approaches the table where everyone is gathered, his hands descending into his pockets. His eyes are for Gabrielle, and his voice is matter-of-fact as he says, "I got your message. What happened?"

Ripley looks across the table and smiles to Gabby, giving her hand a squeeze. "Hello Jackson." As he looks towards the boy. "Maybe you should guide him? See so that you can tell some of the faculty?"

Conall listens and nods, "I think being careful is always a good thing." He suggests before eyes look to watch Jackson. "Jackson." Comes his words and falling silent. Watching between the trio. About to pitch in but an untimely knock to the door and a head poking in has a Hufflepuff show their head to call away Conall for some kind of prefect duties. Nodding before turning to the others. "I should deal with that. I will catch up about things later." He says to all of them. Nodding his head andd scooting off.

Gabrielle sighs, and will nod to Ripley before looking up to Jackson, Her voice is rather controlled too,"Well, for starters? Unless you said something to Cillian about the prophecies…I think he's a seer too." She'll take a moment, "And we should probably go over what the Auror said." Gabby will shut up as soon as the door opens and Conall is called away, "Thanks Conall…I'll talk to you later."

Jackson shakes his head, "We'll start with the easy part first. He said he wouldn't off a particularly troublesome kneezle for me for the price I offered. Besides that, I did all the talking." He then asks, "What did Cillian see? Exactly?"

Ripley looks to Gabby for her to explain to Jackson before he glances back to the other boy, "Kneezle for a price?"

Gabrielle 's eyebrows go up, "Oh…I thought…ok."She'll frown slightly, "He didn't tell me what he saw, he said he just "knew" after waking up. He talked about the icky heart and the icky hand…and Pandora's box. He kept telling me it was spreading and that it couldn't be controlled….He also said I needed to keep my heart light…I'm not so sure if he understands what he saw…" she'll give Rip's hand a squeeze, and roll her eyes slightly, although it's hard to tell at which boy, Jacks for saying it, or Rip for questioning it.

Jackson blinks, peering towards Ripley, "Yes, a kneazle. A particularly large, particularly aggressive form of magical feline sometimes kept as pets. This one particular specimen is also particularly troublesome and particularly too alive for my tastes. The Auror wanted nothing to do with it, so it's a moot point." He looks towards Gabrielle now, frowning, "Sounds like he had a vision about our Heart of Gold, it seems. It doesn't matter what he understood or not. You didn't understand yours until we began piecing it together."

Ripley rubs at his eye a little, "I know what a kneezle is. I was wondering why the price?" As he shakes his head and looks back to Gabby, "I think letting some of the faculty know as he could be in danger with having dreamed about this. Always better to be prepared."

Gabrielle nods to Jackson, "I know, I just want everyone to be aware, to keep an eye on him. I didn't read much on shared prophecies, but if I have another, we need to check on him too. You especially need to know, as you're in his house." she'll look over to Rip, "I've been trying to get Mopsus to sit down with me…he's been super busy. I'll tell him…He most likely already knows." She'll roll her eyes, stupid Mopsus. Looking back to Jacks, debating for a moment, "I couldn't find you to tell you earlier what I found out from the Auror. He let some stuff slip." She'll sit up a little straighter, knowing Jacks isn't going to be happy.

Jackson walks forward, "Sure, I'll sit down. Thanks." He sits down at the table, crossing his arms in front of him as he nods his head, "I'll keep an eye out on Cillian. That won't be a problem." He then raises an eyebrow, "Did the auror let something slip?"

"The first thing is to tell people in charge. They can let the right people know and possibly tell you the truth in what you need to do. No more of this 'What if' stuff. Go straight to the people who need to know. Okay?" As Ripley lifts her hand and places a kiss on the knuckles to calm her and pats at it when he puts it down.

Gabrielle nods to Jacks, "Thanks." in regards to Cillian, her shoulders dropping slightly, as that was bothering her. She'll look over to Ripley, not sure what he's referring to, and will just give his hand another squeeze. "I know. " She'll give him a slightly questioning look, and then look back to Jackson, "He did. Quite a bit, actually. Seems on March 4th, right before midnight, a group of Aurors, ours included , was attacked. By a group of dark wizards all dressed exactly like Vengal was. Up till that point, the Ministry had in it's possession the Heart of Gold. He could neither confirm nor deny if they still do." She not happy even saying it.Much less thinking what it means.

Jackson's eyebrows creep up, "They had it? They had it all this time?" Jackson is now standing, his chair kicked back behind him, "All this time, the Heart was in the possession of the Ministry. Meanwhile, the Vengals were trying to kill you!" His rant drops down to a mumble, at which time he glares towards Gabrielle, "So if the Ministry had it, and they were attacked by a group of dark wizards, I'm betting pounds sterling to francs they don't have it anymore."

Ripley tightens his grip on Gabby's hand a bit, "Hey. We don't need that here." He says in a calm tone to Jackson. "Getting angry and kicking a chair isn't going to solve anything other than hurting the furniture." he takes a breath and looks to Gabby. "The right people are working on this, right?" He looks at Gabby with a comforting smile. "The ministry is on it. The faculty is on it. She's safe in the castle."

Gabrielle flinches at the chair kick, even though she knew something was gonna blow, "No..they don't have it. I should have known, the prophecies showed the heart being corrupted. He was going to get it, no matter what." she'll tighten her grip back, "It's ok Rip." She'll not point out that the Ministry the ones that let the Vengal's get the Heart in the first place. "We're all safe for now, in the castle….If this isn't…fixed by summer break, he said arrangements would be made…whatever that means." She'll take a deep breathe and look between the two of them, "But, here's the thing…the prophecies show the Heart being corrupted….not corrupt.It can be stopped."

Jackson turns his head to frown towards Ripley, leaning on the table by his balled up fists. He turns out of those hands over, exposing his inner-wrist, "This is the pulse of the things that have been going on over the past few weeks here at Hogwarts and about." He then lifts a thumb from his other hand, "This is your thumb, far from the pulse, jammed firmly up your arse. Don't tell me that kicking a chair won't help." He then looks back towards Gabrielle, "Safety here is temporary. If we don't take care of this matter, they'll come after you for knowing anything and they'll come after me for putting a stop to them getting your mother's wand. We might as well clear out the Slytherins and move into the dungeon. I don't think we have much of a choice except to see to it that its stopped."

Ripley kisses Gabby's hand again and then releases it to rise from his seat, "But there is safety here for now." He takes in a deep breath with his voice staying calm, "And no, kicking a chair does no good for the situation." He lifts his own fist into the air in front of him, "This, sir, is my fist, ready to do whatever I need to do. But acting like a total prat will do nothing to help this situation but simply make the ire in the room rise. Now. If you wish to actually help and be civil, I invite you to sit down and speak calmly… But if you continue to be an ass, I will escort you out. Are we clear?"

Gabrielle stands up as well, "Stop it!This isn't helping." Gabby's not even sure which one she's referring to, so she'll just say it in general. She'll glare at Jackson, "Of course safety here is temporary! I'm trying to come up with solutions, and could use some help!" And then she'll turn she'll turn to Ripley, "But it //is safe here for now…so we can plan, and figure out what to do….Because I am going to do something. You said you'd help. I can't just sit back and hide." She'll give him a pleading look. And then look between the two, "Do you want to hear what I have so far, or should I just go tell Ophe and Conall instead?"

Jackson frowns, looking towards Gabrielle, "Oh? Tell me, will these plans of yours not involve you sacrificing yourself stupidly? Because nothing I've heard from you so far when we've discussed it has indicated to the contrary." He then looks towards Ripley, stating very calmly, "If you attempt to 'escort me out', as you said, I will throw you out a window. Understand?" He then looks towards Gabrielle, "I'm listening."

Ripley looks at Jackson. "I seriously doubt that. Maybe you and I should have a round in the ring one day to see." A smile, "Thank you for understanding." He smiles to the other boy and moves to sit down and take Gabby's hand again, "There will be nothing where you sacrifice yourself. We make plans that work. We do this together and with more experienced people's support. We go about this smartly." He looks up to Jackson, "Right?"

Jackson smirks towards Ripley, "Get fucked." He then looks back towards Gabrielle.

"Is that an offer?" Ripley says back to Jackson and smiles a smarmy smile. "Because right now my dance card is filled with Gabby." As he sweetly lifts her hand and places another kiss on it, all the while his voice filled with honey.

Gabrielle tenses up as the boys exchange their words, she'll open her mouth to respond, and then more insults are flying, and then her eyes go wide as Rip is dragging her into this, she'll turn and give him a pleading look as he kisses her hand. She'll look between the two,the pleading look still on her face, "Please stop this….I need your help, not the two of you at each others throats." She stays standing, like she's afraid they may go after each other right there.

Jackson blinks, peering towards Ripley, "Did you really just say that? If I were you, I would take a step back and reconsider ever speaking again." He then looks towards Gabrielle, "Sure, but if you don't stop him, he's going to choke on your hand one day. It's a certain mood-killer." He then adds again, "Gabrielle, I'm listening."

"I said it." Ripley says back to Jackson. "And if you keep insulting me I will keep on the retorts. And no threatening the lady."

That's it. "Oh, shut up, both of you!" Gabby will pull her hand away from Ripley, but it so she can grab and open her sketch book. On the very first page is a detailed plan for what appears to be an Ouija board. It has the four house, in each corner, and Hogwarts shield in the center, along with the letter and number, and a yes and no. "On the slight chance , I'm making this, to try to contact the one person who'd know about the wand that isn't a Vengal." She'll look up at both of them, she's annoyed, so she talking fast. "My aunts found a coat that belonged to her, I can use that to help. It'd be best of I could try this where she …where the fire was. If she's a ghost, she'd most likely be there. The Auror is looking into the files, he said he'd personally try to figure out why the Fiendfyre wasn't picked up on. I'm going to get the address from him. We need to figure out how to get there." She'll look between them both. "That's my first idea."

Jackson glares towards Ripley, "I didn't threaten Gabrielle, so why don't you consider giving up English altogether? You lack talent with it." He looks back towards Gabrielle, "Really, if you don't make him stop, he may cause extensive nerve damage in your hand from all the licking and suction." He then frowns, "I don't like that idea, but it's worth a shot. Owl the Auror. What's your next idea?"

Ripley looks to Gabby as she speaks of the idea. "Once again… Does the faculty know of this idea or are we planning on going off all on our own?" He gives Jackson a little look out of the corner of his eye and the look says it all, 'We will settle this.' But he stays quiet and waits for Gabby's ideas. "I do believe that it would be better to have at least one teacher present."

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens, and she'll respond to Ripley first, "I said I have to talk to Mopsus…I don't even know if she’s…there or not. I'm trying to talk to Sir Nicholas and the Frier, to see if they can help. Apparently ghosts gossip…" And then she'll look at Jackson, slightly miffed, "Well, if you can think of a way to find someone who'd know about the wand, that's not dead, or wanting us dead, please, let me know." She'll take a breathe and hold it, "I want to talk to Hawthorne again. Or have Ophelia talk to him. We need to know everything we can about the Vengals. He has to know more than he said…he knew it who Callous was when he came in the door. Maybe he knows what aliases he went by….or what names the records all got changed to. Even if they went to Hogwarts, we could maybe find something….The Auror took my sketch of him, but I'll do another, even if we go and check the trophy room…look for anyone that resembles him..it could be family."

Jackson glances towards Ripley, his eyebrows knitting together, "That was not an offer and I'm not a steak, so stop looking at me like I am." He turns his attention back to Gabrielle, "Good luck talking to Hawthorne. I sicked the auror on him the other day. I noticed he knew more than he was letting out as well." He then gestures over his shoulder, "Great ideas, both, really Gabrielle. I'm going to go back to the library now and continue my research."

Ripley just shakes his head and laughs a little, "What a jackass." He speaks and then looks to Gabby. "I'm sorry. He just keeps on acting like that when he knows he's lost, doesn't he?"

Gabrielle will close her eyes and slowly sink down into the chair, rubbing her forehead, "Yes…" She'll sigh, not opening her eyes, "Fighting isn't going to help. We need him. And he needs us."

Ripley looks to Gabby, "He is the one who brought fighting into it to begin with." He sits back in his seat and shakes his head, "He and I will have another discussion about his behavior. That was unacceptable."

Gabrielle will just groan and slowly lower her head to her arms on the table."No fighting…if you to fight, I will punch you both." Except it's kinda muffled, and not very threatening sounding.

Ripley looks to Gabby, "We have to settle something so that he doesn't ever go off like that again, Gabby. What happens if we get into the middle of something and he loses his temper? Loses the ability to control what he is doing?"

"He won't…that's not how Jackson operates…he's better under pressure than I am." She'll turn her head, so if she were to open her eyes she'd be looking gat Ripley. She'll sigh, and then slowly open her eyes, she looks like she's got the start of a head ache, "If swings are exchanged, it's over. It won't clear the air, or fix anything. It'll just drive him further away, and he'll end up going off alone and getting killed."

"He is smarter than that and you owe him nothing." Ripley speaks to Gabby. "He just happened to be there when things went down and did the right thing. He's got no excuse for talking to you or me that way."

Gabrielle groans again and will close her eyes, grimacing slightly, "Yes, and he's smart enough to not lose control under pressure too. If he needs to kick a chair, so he's ok, then let him. He didn't kick me. " She'll open her eyes, and sit up, "Yes, I do. He saved my life. I owe him enough to make sure he doesn't die." She'll sigh, "I'll try talking to him….and I'll just keep him away from everyone. I just…didn't want to have to explain everything 4 times…" Her shoulders slump some.

Ripley looks to Gabby, "He doesn't respect you or there wouldn't be a problem in the first place." He sighs a bit, "I'm sorry. BUt my parents raised me to have a certain sense of decorum. He has none and so no respect from me."

Gabrielle will look down to her sketchbook, "Respect me or not, I owe him." She'll slowly reach over and flip her book closed. She'll nod and sigh again, realizing she's just not going to win this.

Ripley takes in a deep breath and blows it out slowly. "You owe him nothing." He repeats and shakes his head. "Sorry, Gabby, it is how I feel and is not likely to change anytime soon."

Gabrielle will look over with a very tired look, "It's like me owing you for the wand. You don't have to understand or agree, it just is."

Ripley just shakes his head, "Then we will always agree to disagree."

Gabrielle sigh, "ok." She'll reach her hand over, a little nervously, "Please don't be mad…"

Ripley takes that hand and kisses it once more, "I'm not at you." He winks.

Gabrielle will give him a small smile, "Good….because I may have invited Cillian and Gabe to eat chocolate cake on sunday, without making sure it was ok with you first."

Ripley gives a low laugh in his throat, "That is fine. As long as I get a little alone time later to give you your present." He winks, "Please… Don't take me being angry at Jackson as an affront to you… I just wish he wasn't so brash."

Gabrielle narrows her eyes, but it's not a real glare, "I want a chocolate cake…that's my present." she'll roll her eyes, "I think the entire world wishes Jackson wasn't so brash…" she'll sigh and then lean over to give Rip a soft kiss on the cheek. "Thank you. I know this entire situation isn't fair to you. I can't be the easiest person to date, with all of this…"

Ripley looks to her as she kisses his cheek, "My cheek? Really?" And grins to her.

Gabrielle smacks him in the arm, "I was being sweet!" She'll frown, but again, there's no real fire behind it. It's almost more of a pout.

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