(1938-03-30) Paladin's Challenge, Round 3 - Luke vs Seamus
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 3 - Luke vs Seamus
Summary: Luke duels against Seamus with results.
Date: 3/30/1937
Location: Club Room
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The room is setup for the dueling club and a nice little table of biscuits and chocolates arranged before the dueling stage for anyone that should so wish to partake. Currently, Seamus is standing near them nibbling upon a biscuit politely as his robes are resting upon a nearby chair. He takes a nice breath in as he waits for his opponent to arrive.

Luke is on time for a change. He's standing at his end of the duelling line pacing back and forth with a pensive look on his face. There's something about his mood that says he really isn't keen on duelling his fellow fifth year but it is what it is. His lips are mumbling to himself as though he were keeping incantations straight in his head.

Footsteps herald another person's presence: namely, Esmond's. The tall, light-haired young man pauses near the entrance to the dueling club. This sort of thing isn't actually his thing, at least normally. He far prefers the Quidditch field. However - he just finished studying and needs — read that /needs/ to get out and about. Thus, he casually crosses his arms, leaning against a handy surface. His gaze scans the area, nodding towards those he recognizes, a flight flashed once or twice. His robes, as usual, are slightly open at the neck, revealing a button-up shirt underneath the robes.

Standing beside the dueling stage, near the middle, is Diana. The Gryffindor has her wand in hand, and she waves the duelists to take their places. "I trust you both know the rules, but for the sake of tradition, I'll go over them again." She's not a duelist, but she's brushed up on the formalities so that she can act as MC. The list of rules is short enough, even with the added restrictions of the Challenge, and then she gives them both a nod. "Go ahead and bow, and then you may begin." She's not interested in drawing things out, really. There's dueling to be done.

Luke is a muggle. Bow? Shake hands you mean. Er.. right.. Seamus is waaay down the other end. He laughs faintly then gives Seamus a bow before straightening and setting his wand at the ready. "Good luck, Seamus." Hey, its not like Hufflepuff can lose in this duel.

Taking his position on the dueling stage, Seamus gives a salute,"Good luck Luke. Remember to try and enjoy yourself." He says smiling at his Housemate,"No reason we cannot be civilized." He says pleasantly. That said the duel has begun and the lad says,"Expelliarmus!" Sending a jet of light towards Luke.

"Right!" Woah hey! Luke ducks slightly and whips his wand into a quick circle. "Protego horilibis!" The shield snaps into place but there was never any hope that it was going to rebound Seamus' spell with any accuracy. It was a solid cast but he didn't have time to angle it right. The bolt of magic zings off towards the ceiling, bouncing off of Luke's shield. "Good one!" Hey, at least it wasn't a stunner!

"Hello, Esmond," Diana offers, catching sight of her Housemate; most of her attention is on the duelists, but she's a fairly observant young woman.

"Hi there," Esmond murmurs quietly towards Diana. His voice is low, so as to not interrupt the duel. "You do this arbitrating thing often?" He asks curiously.

Speaking of not stunning people, Luke has been going through the repetoire of jinxes of late. Does he try Silencio again like he did last duel? No no. There's a solid flick of his wrist and a determined cry of, "Petrificus Totalus!" And a bolt of white energy leaps forth from his wand.

The shield charm dies at his lips before he can manage to get it off, instead Seamus takes the hex from his Housemate full on and his body going utterly rigid for a moment, as he begins to fall to the ground unable to move his body in anyway to slow his descent.

A slight wince, and Esmond murmurs, "That has got to hurt," He observes to Diana. His voice is dry at this, and he shakes his head once.

"I don't, as it happens," Diana replies to Esmond, her eyes still on the duelists. "Dueling's not really my— hold that thought." She's fairly quick, though it helps that she already had her wand in hand. A pair of spells are cast in Seamus' direction: one to dispell the curse and the other to cushion his fall. "Luke wins. Well done."

Oh crap! That's the look on Luke's face when he realizes he got Seamus good. Real good. Like.. face to plant on the.. phew. "Thanks." Though one gets the distinct impression its not for the win but saving Seamus' face. He strides down the 'lane' towards Seamus and offers a hand down to the fellow Hufflepuff. "You know, you'd think I'd use expeliarmus more. Good choice on that one."

Footsteps bring Esmond along closer to the action, though he's still far enough away that he won't interrupt things. Even if it's over. "Mine either, really," he tells Diana. He nods towards Luke and Seamus, watching them. He's more interested in the people than the duel itself. That's just how he is.

"I'm not doing so good lately." Seamus as he gets himself up and brushes unseen dust from his clothing,"No. It was a good choice. Typically I prefer stupefy to petrificus totalus but that's just because I prefer the idea of them sleeping versus awake and unable to move their bodies." He says shrugging a little bit,"You did splendidly."

Luke laughs. "Yeah well.. they can't cast either way and I had a bad experience with stupify lately so I thought I'd branch out." He runs a hand through his hair awkwardly then shrugs it off. "Sometimes I think its luck. These duels. I mean you do real well in the club."

"All right, Seamus?" Diana looks the boy over critically before nodding and turning her attention to Esmond. "This is the second duel I've arbitrated, but they're really fairly simple."

"Despite my appearance, I am quite durable. I've taken more than my share of bludgers a little fall isn't going to do that much." Seamus says smiling at Diana before looking at Luke,"I do decently. However, I'm unconcerned with winning or losing. I will say that you showed quite a bit more decorum and civility than my last match. That was a bit of luck there for her. My luck lately has been more of the bad variety in all things than good." He says with a wry smile.

Luke tosses Diana a smile and punches Seamus' shoulder companionably. "That's the spirit. Anyway, its just a duel. I mean sure its practice for the serious stuff but its not like we're out for blood here. Anyway, why'd I want to flatten a teammate? Then we might lose our match against Ravenclaw!" Egads not that!

"Luck has a part in most things," Esmond says. "Not that I'm an expert at /dueling/ of course." He interjects this into the conversation before lapsing into quiet again. He's content to watch, glad he's not /studying/ at the moment. He nods at Diana, "Seems to be," he tells her. "Though as I've said, it's not really my thing, so…" A shrug.

"Don't worry. I think even if you did your worst the Nurse would have me patched up and ready to play within the week." Seamus says smiling a bit at Luke,"Anyway, I don't think we'll lose to Ravenclaw. Our team's pretty good at working together." He says matter of factly,"That really was probably one of the nicest pulled off spells this tournament."

Luke reflects briefly back to his last duel but shakes his head. "Thanks, mate." He smiles, allowing the compliment to sink in. "Tell you what. Next Hogsmead, the first butterbeer is on me. How's that for swinging your luck in the right direction?"

"If you'll excuse me, I've still got some packing to do." Diana smiles at the boys, then turns toward the door. "Good evening."

"Seeya, Diana," Esmond says to the young woman, "Have fun at home." He's not going home, himself. His lips quirk, and he idly crosses his arms, musing, then says to himself, "I should see how the Gryffindor team is doing." No, he's not going to join. Just curious.

"Alright but only if I can get the second round." Seamus says smiling a bit and gestures to the sweets,"Biscuit?" He asks curiously as he gets one for himself and takes a polite bite of it. "Always does the spirit a bit of good."

"Don't mind if I do." Luke replies jauntily as he pockets his wand and fetches himself a biscuit. Only a Hufflepuff can go from duel to dessert that fast.

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