(1938-03-31) Paladin's Challenge Round 3 - Claire versus Ivy
Details for Paladin's Challenge Round 3 - Claire versus Ivy
Summary: Ivy and Claire have a duel
Date: 03/31/1938
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts
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To say that Ivy is nervous about this match is something of an understatement. Not only is Claire a friend, she's a formidable duelist; still, Ivy's not without her own skills or she wouldn't have made it this far. She's up on the dueling stage, going over some last-minute wandwork and trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

Claire saunters in wearing a cocky grin. Her string of wins in the tournament have boosted her ego. Not that, you know, she was all that humble before. "Sure you don't want to concede right now, Ivy? I don't want to have to knock you out." Claire rolls her wand between the fingers of her left hand, rolling her shoulders to loosen up.

Despite the fact he's not been fairing too very well in the last few matches, Seamus is still one of the people that is setup to handle judging duels. His last match with his housemate had ended rather badly for him. That being said the short prefect comes striding into club room ready to begin things,"Alright I want a clean match. No attempting to seriously harm your opponent and no dirty tricks. If you understand then I want you two to take your positions, salute and we'll begin."

"Thank you, Claire, but I wouldn't dream of depriving you of the opportunity." Ivy flashes a smile at the other Ravenclaw, then her expression sobers and she nods at Seamus. Her free hand lifts in a salute to her opponent, while the other holds her wand, pointed at the floor.

Claire nods, and takes her mark as well. Her expression is just as serious as it is for any other duel. Sure, Ivy's a friend, but she's made it this far in the tournament. It would be a mistake to slack off vigilance because of friendship. Claire lets out a breathe and salutes.

If there's one thing Ivy knows about Claire, it's that the other girl will come out fighting. She also knows that if she doesn't do the same thing, Claire will hammer at her until she's out. With that in mind, she whips up her wand hand and barks a short, "Stupefy!"

In reflecting on the duel, Claire will not be able to pinpoint what exactly went wrong, just the cavernous feeling that something had. She has just enough time to form the start of a very rude word before being struck solidly with a red beam of light and being knocked out.

Well that was certainly fast but then it tracks. Things usually go quick or slow with people like Claire. Seamus takes a breath in before he says,"And the winner is Ivy Winterbourne." His voice is loud enough to fill the club room when he says the name. It's only after that's done that he goes over and gets rid of the stupefy charm on Claire so that she can go about her rude words now. "Alright ladies. Now that's over with I was going to go see about help a first year with understanding a bit of transfiguration. Have a nice day." He says before he strides off to be all nice to the first years.

There's a subtle flinch as if Ivy's expecting a return volley, and she's somewhat surprised to find that she was fast enough to knock out Claire before the other girl could get out so much as a rude word. "Thank you, Seamus." It's a faint thanks, because she's still a little shocked, but she gives herself a shake and looks to Claire. "Apparently the extra practice paid off."

Claire lays still for a beat, clenching her hands into fists and grumbling wordlessly to herself, before clamboring to her feet. Shaking off a bit herself, she says. "That was… quicker than I anticipated. And not the ending I was expecting." Claire's voice is tight, she's working pretty hard to be civil and not just stalk off in disgust.

"I'm not going to apologize." Ivy tucks her wand away and steps toward Claire, offering her hand. "It could have gone the other way easily enough." She's not going to chalk it up to luck, though, she's proud of her skill.

"You shouldn't apologize. Good duel," Claire says. Her grip in the handshake is definately stronger than is called for. She breaks the handshake when she realizes what she's doing, gives Ivy a tight smile, and turns to leave. Disappointment is plain in every rigid line of her body. She's probably off to beat the snot out of a bludger or something, because Claire's coping mechanisms are 100% healthy and well-adjusted.

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