(1938-03-31) Paladin's Challenge, Round 3 - Lucian vs Julian
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 3 - Lucian vs Julian
Summary: Lucian and Julian duel in the semi-finals of the Paladin's Challenge.
Date: March 31, 1938
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts
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Club Room, Hogwarts Castle

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Lucian walks calmly into the Club Room, removing his robes to hang them on a peg on the wall. Another duel awaits, and he has been spending time alone to mentally prepare, clearing his mind. "Anyone here yet?" he asks the room before really looking to see for himself.

Already standing on one end of the stage, wand held in his left hand, is Julian. Also shed of his robes, he's left in his slacks, shoes, the white button-down Oxford, and a blue and bronze-colored tie. He turns his head toward Lucian as he hears the boy enter, and he nods toward him. "The party's gettin' started, Proudmore," he replies lightly, rolling his shoulders a little bit. "I think there's room for one more."

Arriving a little bit after Lucian, Seamus steps into the Club Room dressed in his robes. Since Julian and Lucian are both already here, Seamus heads straight to the stage and takes his position up in the middle,"Well since we're all here already, I guess we'll get started. Alright gentlemen let's remember to have a nice clean duel, no cheating or dirty tricks. Remember the purpose of this is to test our skills, not just win." He says cheerfully as he makes a gesture,"Now salute and let's get this underway."

Seated off to one side, Ivy is present as moral support for Julian, though she offers a polite smile to Lucian as he enters. "Hello, Proudmore." She, of course, is dressed neatly in uniform, her hands folded primly in her lap.

Lucian steps up onto the stage, nodding respectfully to Ivy when she greets him. He takes his place opposite Julian and gives his opponent a sharp nod. "Edwards. I've been looking forward to this challenge." He lifts his wand to his face, sweeping it down and to the side in salute, then assumes his stance.

"Oh, so have I. This… is going to be good. Good luck." Flashing Ivy a quick little look, he smiles toward her, before looking back in time to catch Lucian's nod. Stepping back and squaring his shoulders, he mimics Lucian's movement, and then stands forward, left arm extended out, wand at the ready, breathing in just once.

Admittedly, Ivy's reasons for watching this match are more than just providing moral support to The Boyfriend. Having won her own match with Claire, she's going to be facing one of them in the next round. All the more reason to observe what she can, right? Still, her primary purpose is evident with a softly-called, "Good luck, Julian." Followed by something in Russian.

Lucian watches Julian carefully, watching for those telltale signs to indicate what's coming. The moment he hears the incantation, his suspicions are confirmed, and he counters, twirling his wand and calling out, "Evaporo!" A Drought Charm, to meet the oncoming gush of water.

Jabbing his wand forcefully, Julian calls out, "Aguamenti!" As he does, he allows a large, large spout of water to erupt from his wand. As it releases, he sweeps it, attempting to drag it to slam against Lucian in the same way a riot control watercannon would be used… but as he uses the Drought Charm, the water is cut short and he frowns a little bit, nodding. "All right, then," he remarks lightly, rolling his neck a little and re-assuming his casting stance…

Lucian furrows his brow. Julian is powerful and creative. A worthy opponent, and someone he needs to overcome quickly. Playtime is over, so Lucian takes a step forward, lashing his wand like a whip and incanting, "Petrificus Totalus!"

It's way too close to call. They're neck and neck, and their skill level is on par. Julian's fingers tighten around the end of his wand, and as he narrows his eyes, he tries to calculate… and at virtually the same time, Julian casts his own spell, trying to move and keep his aim… "Mucus Murcelagi!" The… what?… Bat Bogey Hex.

Ivy? Facepalms.

While Lucian's spell flies towards Julian, it's just a hair's breath off from actually managing to take hold. However, Julian's spell does not just hit, it hits HARD. It causes Lucian to be exuding bats like crazy from his nose. Seamus cannot help but laugh just a wee bit.

Lucian staggers as he feels a sudden swelling in his nose, and bats! Bats erupt from his nostrils, screeching and flapping in his face, making it nearly impossible to see his opponent. He knows Julian will likely press the attack while he's in this baffled state, so he resorts to pure defense, lifting a Shield Charm with a parrying motion and an incantation of "Protego!"

Smart move. As Julian feels that rush of the spell passing just past his side, he sort of marvels at how well his spell does, he nods to himself, but doesn't let himself just go. Pressing in as Lucian somewhat predicted, he does what's most likely in the Claire Cameron School of Dueling: "Stupefy!" And as he does, he lets the red jet fly… and as it hits the shield… an comes back, his eyes widen and he moves to flatten himself out on his stomach, dropping quickly, just letting the spell pass over his head again… but barely. "Chrissakes," he grumbles.

Blasted bats! Wait…the bats. Lucian gets an idea, and casts a nasally "Ventus!" From the tip of his wand comes a sudden blast of air, sending the escaping bats tumbling in a column toward Julian.

Ivy watches the duelists intently, wincing in sympathy as Julian's spell is rebounded at him. Something to keep in mind if she ends up facing Lucian next round.

This is getting stupid. Julian growls and swings his wand wide, calling, "Stupefy!" As he does, he lets the second red jet of the night fly, and he manages to knock the bats out of the air. But by the time the spell works past the smaller targets… well. There's nothing left to hit Lucian. This… is getting really stupid.

Lucian feels the pressure as the duel gets more and more intense. He traces a squiggly pattern with his wand. "Incarcerous!" A snake-like coil of rope erupts from his wand, hurtling toward Julian to bind him.

"Oh no you don't." Julian begins to move to try and evade, his body twisting and eventually… he dives into a Youth Roll(TM), head over legs… and as he comes down into a crouch from the roll, he takes aim, yelling out, "Aguamenti!" This jet of water is much more powerful, and a lot more forceful. Forceful enough that Julian has to use his other hand to steady his wand arm as he moves to take a sweep at Lucian, to knock him down and over.

The powerful burst of water strikes Lucian squarely in the chest, forcing him back several steps, and right off the end of the dueling stage! He lands on his back with a gurgling grunt, drenched and winded. "Bloody hell," he groans. "Good show, Edwards…"

Ivy hops to her feet as Lucian winds up off the stage, her hands clasped against her chest as she awaits the verdict, holding her breath…

Feet bound, and chest and arms also bound, despite his efforts, Julian grunts a little as he wriggles to try and get free. Well, hell. "An' you, Proudmore," he remarks, wriggling slightly.

"The duel goes to Edwards." Seamus says formally, calling the match. This was a surprise. He didn't expect Julian to take down Lucian. It's been a strange few days for the duels. He wasn't sure which match set was going to be more interesting.

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