(1938-04-17) Graham Questions Hawthorne
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Summary: Auror Cohen visits wandmaker Oran Hawthorne to question him about the attack on Gabrielle.
Date: April 17, 1938
Location: Hawthorne Wandworks, Hogsmeade
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It seemed to make sense to come after shop hours as to not disrupt the business as well as not to have prying ears all around as well. The sun is near completely set and the warm air of the spring night settles in in the village of Hogsmead. It's into this atmosphere that Graham is walking along the road to his destination, he's dressed in his usual cloths when outside of the ministry. He pauses slightly before he makes the final turn to listen before he continues on. The auror reaches his goal and reaches out to knock on the door.

The front of the building is dark, and a sign in the window of Hawthorne Wandworks reads: Closed — Hope To See You Soon. But in the rear of the building, where the shop gives way to a modestly sized house, Oran Hawthorne is just settling into a comfortable chair with a freshly lit pipe in hand when the knock comes. "Oh, fiddlesticks," he grumbles, pushing himself up again with a grunt. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he assures whoever it is as he makes his way to the alley entrance which serves as a front door to his home. Checking the peephole, he frowns curiously and opens the door slightly, the chain still latched to prevent it opening completely. "Yes? Can I help you?"

Graham waits patiently knowing that the other might be slow to answer at this time of the evening especially given how things happened. He hears the response and stands a bit back from the door so he can be seen through the peephole. The young man waits another moment until the door opens a little bit. "Hello Mr Hawthorne. I am Graham Cohen, with the magical law enforcement department. I had a few questions about the attack on a student on February 16th."

Hawthorne allows the wand in his hand to be seen, though it is presently aimed downward. "You'll understand if I insist upon seeing your badge before I let you in, Mr. Cohen."

"Of course, it's in my inner robe pocket." It's not the first time he's been asked during this investigation also being asked at the castle by at least one of the students he cant blame them either for wanting to be certain. Graham reaches slowly for what he'd designated his badge to be removing it and flipping it open reaching it out so the other can get a better look just in case it would be required.

Hawthorne peers warily at the badge, taking his time examining it. But finally he nods. "Alright, then." The door shuts, and one rattle of a chain later, reopens fully. Oran slips his wand back into his waistcoat and steps aside, gesturing invitingly. "Eh, can I get you anything, Auror Cohen? Tea? A pipe, perhaps?"

Graham nods and replaces the badge where it had been neatly enough so it wont fall out while he's going about things. He steps inside at the invitation "No, thank you luckily I was able to have a cider at the leaky cauldron, and was given a pasty for the road just in case I missed dinner." He chuckles a bit though is glancing about the place getting a feel for his surroundings which is normal for him at least to want to do.

The interior of the house is well furnished with hand-carved chairs, many bookshelves filled to the brim, a thick rug over hardwood floors, and a lifetime's collection of pictures, nick-knacks, and various baubles. Hawthorne gestures to an available seat for Graham before retaking his place in the plush armchair. "I've spoken with the village Magistrate. I had wondered when an Auror would come looking into this."

The young man moves and does take the offered seat "I was assigned, but had to gather some information and interview up at the school." Graham doesn't go into detail on what he found in either of these cases." he settles back into the chair and removes his note pad so that he can take notes. "So as you'll probably guess we're trying to apprehend the one who caused this trouble."

Hawthorne nods as he takes a puff from his pipe. "Callus Vengal. I'm sure you've heard the name by now. You won't find him. You won't find any of them. Slippery devils, every last one."

"Yes the name has been mentioned as well as that there may be more then one at large. Do you have any information even seemingly out of date as to where they are from originally and how many we may be dealing with?" Graham asks as he watches the other and takes a few notes on his pad so far.

Hawthorne takes another silent puff before letting out a long, weary sigh. "Auror, please understand that I am putting myself at risk telling you anything at all. These days, the Vengals prefer to be unknown. They take great pains to be invisible and forgotten. The attack on Miss Evans was bold. Not like Callus at all. But make no mistake, they are willing to do far worse to keep their secrets."

Graham is silent a moment pondering how to response "I understand, and were it not important i'd not ask you to place yourself at any risk, but as you say the move against the student was bold and if determined it's possible they'll go after her again. Any information could lead us to stopping this for everyone, even something small." He doesn't wish to say this but indeed worry for the safety of innocent student seems to be a concern of his as well.

Hawthorne sighs, nodding. "Yes…of course. Naturally, I would not put my own well-being before a child's." He shifts uncomfortable in his seat, perhaps a bit shamed. "I wish I had more to give you. The Vengals have existed in Britain for centuries. Once, they were among the most powerful of pure-blood families. Now, they are but shadows…or rather, that thing in the shadows that we fear. As to how many remain? I honestly have no idea. I…meet one or two from time to time. But Callus is the only one I can identify by name. I would estimate there were about five or six that came here that night after young Jackson stunned Callus. I could not say for certain they were all of Vengal blood, but it's likely. They aren't prone to trusting those outside of the family."

"Thank you, as I said all information is useful no matter how small it sounds." Graham says to the other appreciating the help he takes a few notes. "Another question is about the wand, the curse on it and information found. Were you able to trace it's creation or any changes or repairs maybe when it had been away from the girls mothers hands to be cursed."

Hawthorne shakes his head slowly. "I'm afraid the curse was handled entirely by Professor Galatea Merrythought. I can say with confidence that the wand would have had to be handled by the one that laid the curse to create something so potent and precise. Not to mention the memory imbued into it. That was a rather remarkable enchantment."

Graham listens making a few more notes. "I would agree a strong spell and very long lasting for a curse which expends energy that way." The auror says the processing being his next stop anyway he doesn't press this point further. "As far as Callus himself, is there any defining characteristics that might help us.. an accent or feature scar or hair or eye color anything of that sort?"

Hawthorne frowns in thought, stroking his chin. "Callus? Oh…he's about six feet tall. Brown eyes, I think? But his voice…there is no mistaking it once you've heard it. Deep…resonant. Commanding. He has a voice like a monarch."

The young man takes down a few more notes basically what the wand maker is saying. Graham flips the pad up looking to the other. "Thank you Mr Hawthorne, I do appreciate your help in this if you do think of anything else that may be helpful feel free to send me an owl or message." with this he moves to stand, but speaks once he does. "This includes in case of danger, if wards need to be set or anything."

Hawthorne rises to see Graham out. "I appreciate the offer. I've been securing the building ever since the attack." He opens the door, then lifts a finger. "Ah, there was one other thing. If you haven't been told already, I don't want you finding out on your own and thinking I've kept this from you. I know of the Vengals because I am family. A cousin. Anyone else, they might have Obliviated. But…well, as I've indicated, they hold family in high regard. All the more reason their wroth shall be dire if they decide I've betrayed them."

Graham nods "A good idea, but the offer still stand." he begins walking towards the door but turns back to give the others attention as he speaks further his note pad brought back out. "Ah, yes thank you that does clear some things up and leaves at least less questions then before." he replaces the note pad. "Thank you again Mr Hawthorne, enjoy the rest of your evening." with this he makes his way towards the door to exit.

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