(1938-04-17) Office Space
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Summary: Gideon and Niamh set up the new office for Hammer Investigations.
Date: April 17, 1938
Location: Hammer Investigations

Gideon wipes the sweat from his brow as he shoves his empty desk into place. It's much smaller than the desk he had in the Magical Law Enforcement Squad. But then, he barely used the thing, so it mostly just took up space. It isn't just the fact that Hammer Investigations is located in Muggle London that deters him from using magic to set up the new office. As he explained to Niamh earlier in the day, he simply prefers the feel of doing things with his own two hands when he's able. He's always preferred to leave the wand as a last resort when he can help it. Chalk it up to living among Muggles for so much of his early life. He delicately steps out from behind the desk, maneuvering over and around the many boxes littering the tiny space. "Niamh?" he calls out. "What's left in the lorry?"

Popping her head in at the call, bright eyes look at the placement of the desk, her smile growing. "I can't believe you're actually doing this," and there is excitement in her tones. Niamh comes completely in, straightens, and wipes her hands on the sides of her skirt before raising them to count off on her fingers. "We have the little safe. The filing cabinet." Swinging around, she checks the corner and points, "Hatrack, you have.." Pressing her lips together, she narrows her eyes, "And.. your chair is out on the sidewalk."

Gideon stumbles over a box with a grunt, hopping a few steps to catch his balance. "Bloody…ah, good. Grand." He sets his arms akimbo, turning to survey the room. "Well…I hope I dinnae get more than two clients at a time. They'll have to cling atop each other just to fit in the door."

"Oh.." and Niamh has the grace to look apologetic. "Sorry.. should have put that in the corner. It's got your supplies.." Clearing her throat, she makes to pick it up and set it on top of the newly positioned desk. "Nameplate, stapler.. an' such." She, too, prefers to do most everything with her hands; in her line, it's the feel, the contact with the herbs, with the earth, the magic and the potions that makes her happiest. She moves to stand beside her new Private Eye and reaches to put her arm around his waist. "I think if you get more than two, they'll be so keen to have ye help them, they'll suffer anything."

Gideon smirks, putting a heavy arm around her shoulders, hugging her against him. "Where do I find this pool of people with your faith in me? With them as clients, I'll be able to retire in a month." He dips his head to kiss the top of hers. "Hades take me, I hope this was the right move."

Niamh looks.. thoughtful, her nose scrunching as she looks up at her Scot. "Hmmm.. well, I'm sure in these times, they'll be coming by soon." Biting at her lip, she considers her words and nods in full support of them before squeezing her arm that's about his waist. "You did. You're good at what you do, Adamantus Gideon. You're a good man. It may be slow at first, but remember, when they need you, they'll find you."

Gideon strokes a hand over her hair, "Aye, well, bein' slow is what worries me. I shouldnae been so rash, jumpin' into this now. Nae when I'm tryin' to build a life…for us." Though worry lines his face, there is a softness in his eyes when he meets his Irish lass' gaze.

"Adamantus," and here, Niamh turns in their embrace to face him, her head tilted up to look into those eyes, "It's a courageous thing ye done.. aye. An' one that'll scare a brave man. But, it's done, an' it's here, and I'm behind ye a hundred percent. I won't let ye starve," Here, she offers an impish smile, reaching all the way to her eyes. "Besides, it's in my best interest t'see ye succeed. T'build our life."

Gideon cups her cheek, and dips his face to kiss her lips. "What a fine woman you are." He smiles adoringly, then sets his jaw and adopts his usual scowl. "Alright, enough muckin' about. We've work to do." And that's that. Cuddle time is over, and it's back to labouring to get the office set up.

Lifting onto her toes to accept the kiss, her arm comes from around his waist to draping around his neck in the embrace. After it's done, she only pulls back by a small amount, eyes gleaming, her expression declaring her adoration of the man before her. But! The office door is open, and they're moving things in.. and licking kissed lips, she disentangles herself from him slowly, taking a step back, a lopsided smile on her face. She bounces on her feet, and nods once. "Right. Work to do. Cuddle time is earned," and she laughs. "I'll get the smaller boxes out. That," and she points to the box set on the desk now, "has your office supplies."

Gideon nods toward the office supply box, but leaves it for the moment. For now, he sets himself to the task of unpacking his new books of law, including those on magical law that will be concealed behind a locking cabinet door in his bookshelf. "Maybe someday I can get this place enlarged. Muggles probably won't notice if it's subtle enough."

Niamh grins as she heads out to the lorry to grab a couple more items and bring them in; Rolly chair and another box set atop it. "They probably wouldn't, I'd think. With the proper decorating," and she has every intention of making sure it's properly decorated. "Though.." and she rolls the chair to a halt before she moves to sit on the edge of the desk. "Are ye going t'find a gun? A little thing t'carry?"

Gideon hefts the chair up and behind his desk. "A gun? Nae, I dinnae think so. Bloody unpredictable things." Then her other words register. "Wait…decorate? Decorate how?" He arches a suspicious eyebrow at Niamh.

"But if ye are in a position where ye need one, a wand may not be the right choice?" Niamh presses her lips together; she's quite well versed in the Muggle world, and she actually prefers living side by side with it. "But, nae havin' one is a fine choice too. Keeps people guessin'." Exhaling in a relieved breath, she slides off the edge of the desk, and is ready to head back out to the lorry when the question regarding decorating is aired. She stops, puts a hand on the side of the door and "Hmmmmm?" with an impish smile rising once again. "What do you mean 'how'? It's got to look .. decorated. Ye know.. pictures on the wall, a coat'o paint t'cover cracks.."

"What cracks?" Adamantus scans around the room for…oh, those cracks. "Right, paint is fine. Pictures…we'll see. No flowers." There are rules of manliness to follow, after all.

"Aye, those cracks," Niamh grins. "Paint is fine. White.. t'keep things nice an' plain. Certificates from His Majesty, ye will need. The paperwork from Scotland Yard, aye.." and she's counting on her fingers again. Shaking her head, the grin remains. "No, no flowers. No sprigs, no buds, no blossoms.. none o'that sort." She exhales in a sigh. "I won't even decorate for holidays, though I dare think that any lady clients would find it comforting and homey."

Gideon arches an eyebrow. "Women comin' to me dinnae want homey. They want someone who focuses on gettin' the job done." He sits in the rolling chair, prying open another box of books. "But…I suppose decorating for holidays is fine. Light decorating."

Niamh can't help but offer a laugh. "Light decoration, aye. I won't have ye lookin' a nancy." Not her man. "Appearances t'keep up an' such." She disappears back out to the lorry to get a couple more things, hefting them. Now, she's got a file cabinet on a hand-truck, but she's spelled it such that it's lighter.. subtlly, of course. Rolling it in, she scoots it back into a corner. "An' you are quite right. A damsel in distress doesn't want 'homey'."

Gideon nods sharply, glad to have his masculinity reaffirmed. "Sorry I've nae been by in a while. With the way everything spiraled after the Troy trial, I've let things get away from me. How is Sorcha? Still atwitter over her Auror?"

Niamh settles back, sitting on the desk, letting her feet dangle in the air. She hugs herself at the mention of the Troy trial, and nods her head, setting her jaw. "Ye did a good job, Adamantus," she whispers. "He's gone an' won't be botherin' anyone." Including her. And him. She exhales and smile fondly, affectionately. She adores her Gael. Kicking her dangling feet, she nods, a grin on her face. "Aye, I think. They've nae gotten any further than casual. I don't even think he's gotten the courage t'ask her t'dinner. But, I think she's ever hopeful he'll find the courage." She exhales, the breath pulled from her, and her voice is soft, "It was a hard time, Adamantus. An' it's gone. Now, we've got all before us again."

Gideon shakes his head. "What's the lad waitin' for? I get that an Auror's life is busy, but she's goin' to lose interest if he doesn't take her out soon." Graham's eagerness to help watch over the apothecary while Magnus Troy was still at large obviously endeared him to Gideon.

"I don't know.. but I do know that Keen's beside himself, wonderin' where he'd gone wrong with sisters who like men who live dangerous lives." Niamh wiggles on the desk, her grin plain. "But I wish I knew what was keepin' him. I could ask.." she begins, her expression turning.. helpful, though with that touch of mischief. "An' you're right. He's either got to move or she'll be on her way. An' I won't stop her because.. he's got to have some courage, aye?"

Gideon nods firmly. "Aye, he does. Dinnae want her saddled with an indecisive man." Finally digging into the office supplies box, he starts spreading them out on the desk to organize. "It'd be a shame. He seems like a good lad. Still, Keen's not entirely wrong. You know what you're gettin' into with me. But does Sorcha? You know her better than I. Can she handle a romance with an Auror?"

Shifting but not sliding off the desk, Niamh gets out of his way, her feet still dangling. "She adores Sloan," comes out deadpanned. "An' she's the baby, so she's known him near all her life. An' there's Lindy.. so she knows all about Aurors, so in a way, aye. She knows what it is she's gettin' into. But, I think it's just.." and she points to her head, "up here.. an' nae really.." her hand lowers to point to her heart, "..here. But she's young. Everythin's a game when you're that young." She presses her lips together, swinging her feet, and she bites at her bottom lip. "Can she? Aye.. but do I agree with Keen an' think she should find someone a bit safer? O'course I do. If anything happened to Sorcha, Da would go off the deep end.. as would mum." Not that she's really talking with her father.. but..

"It's a give and take. Sure, he lives a dangerous life. She could lose him." Gideon opens a drawer, haphazardly stuffing in various pads of paper, inkwells, quills, pens, et cetera. "But he's also better equipped to protect her. Everything we just went through should be evidence enough of that."

"It's nae easy knowin' one day, ye won't be walkin' through the door, Adamantus," Niamh whispers, "But, if that's the price for lovin' ye? I wouldn't have it any other way." She takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. "He's equipped t'protect her, an' she's got some good potion smarts." Just like her older sister. "With some self-defense lessons, she'll be fine."

Gideon stares up at Niamh with a concerned crinkle in his brow. He rises, coming around the desk to put his arms around her. "You dinnae know I'll nae be walkin' through that door one day. I have every intention of growin' old with you, Nymph."

Niamh offers that brave, happy smile, her eyes bright with affection, filled with adoration. She raises her hands to drape them on his shoulders, her fingers toying with the short hair at the nape of his neck. "I'd like that a lot, Adamantus. Ye walkin' through our door, takin' your shoes off, setting your hat on the rack.. and finding comfort on the couch. It's something that I'm finding hard t'live without, ye big tease." Here, she chuckles and swats him gently. "An' I'm so very proud o'ye.. my Gael. My Scottish warrior. I really think this," and she waves a hand gently in gesture to the room, "is exactly where ye should be."

Gideon tugs, sliding her toward him to press his forehead to hers. "What a fine woman I have. Many's the hen that'd be pecking at me to do aught else." His voice drops to a low, heavy whisper. "But you…you're perfect."

Niamh veritably beams at the nearness; his hands so very strong, his entire.. manner so very masculine. "Many's the hen who wouldn't know ye as well as they'd think. I wouldn't have ye miserable a day in your life if I could help it. Ye weren't made to work under a yoke, Adamantus. Ye know right an' wrong, an' ye know that there are times when right is right, e'en if that book there," and she gestures towards a law book, "says that it's grey, an' t'leave it be." She leans to kiss the tip of his nose, an affectionate and playful gesture. "Ye are perfect for me.. an' that's the total of it."

"I love you." The words are as much a statement of affection as they are gratitude for her understanding and support. He leans in to scoop her up off of the desk. "Come on. We've unloaded the lorry. Let's take it back. I can unpack the rest tomorrow. You've your own place of business to be tending to."

Niamh never, ever tires of hearing those words. With so many, it's simply a filler. The man before her, however.. she knows, and feels as if there could never, ever be another. It means the world to her, to be so loved. "I love ye too, Adamantus," is whispered. She squeals quietly as she's scooped, but she doesn't argue it. Instead, she leans in, and settles herself so it's an easier carry, her arms reaching around him to keep herself stable. "Aye.. there are a few potions t'make, an' some herbs to process from the market. With the wireless switched on, an' some music playin', it'll be done quick."

The ride back to the 'other' part of town is given in comfortable, quiet conversation. Ideas on clients, where to advertise, how to advertise.. all up in the air for consideration. But through it all? The quiet, unspoken support and knowledge that things will certainly work out.

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