(1938-04-23) Paladin's Challenge, Round 4 - Chris vs Eibhlin
Details for Paladin's Challenge, Round 4 - Chris vs Eibhlin
Summary: In the finals, Chris and Eibhlin square off for a second time.
Date: Tue Apr 23, 1938
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It was another evening of dueling and it was time, once again, for some of the Alternate Brackets to square off in a final contest of ability. With crossed arms and a rather stern look on his face, a particular Gryffindor Prefect, Aidan Donnelly, stands at the center of the stage, which has been set up for the duels. There's a light tousling of his untidy mop of hair, and he looks down each end of the stage, awaiting both of the opponents to get onto the stage. Once there, he nods to both of them. In a rather thick Irish lilt, he begins, "A'right, y'two. Y'both know the rules behind these duels." He looks between them again. "I want a clean duel. No permanent harm. No cheap shots." He then steps back a bit… "Duelist, approach the center and salute."

As he makes his way towards the center, Christmas looks tired and a bit haggard. He isn't smiling like he usually does and he seems a bit distracted. He is not wearing his robes but is simply in his sweater uniform and tie, with black slacks. His hair falling into his eyes as he watches Eibhlin. He gives her a nod and salutes his wand to her.

She already lost to Christmas once. Eibhlin was not relishing the rematch, but she'd somehow gotten this far. Into the secondary bracket? Pure luck was all she could figure. Still fairly new to Dueling, it was only by her skill in Charms that she had picked up so much, so quickly. The redhead is refreshed, still fairly recently back from Easter Break. It was nice to get away, go home, and not worry about OWLs for a bit. She's put aside her robe for the duel, giving her a bit more freedom of movement. She tilts her head in a nod to the Prefect, meeting Christmas in the center and lifting her wand in salute.

Celes follows in some of her fellow Gryffindors into the club room to watch her house mate duel. The young girl quickly moves off to stand near the back of the watchers, she wants to see the goings on, but would like to have some bodies in the way to shield her from possible misfires.

It's perhaps odd that the tallest person in the room is front and center, Donovan smiles at Evie. "Come on Evie!" He calls from the sidelines. And heck, he's big enough for some people to hide behind.

Mabel has come in among the spectators for the match, among a small gaggle of Gryffindors, taking a bit of a perch by one end of the duelling stage, plucking out her wand just in case there's a need to catch flying combatants or errant jinxes at that end. She gives Celes a little wink as she heads for cover, as though to say, 'It's all right.'

Well Morgana was trying to study, but it seems to be dueling time, and just when she was going to slip away and find another spot to study, but she sees just who it is that is dueling. So she decides to stay and watch for now, just to see who wins. Her books are forgotten for now as she joins the rest of the group to watch Evie and Christmas.

A few steps back, moving into position. Eibhlin may be rubbish when it comes to physical skill, but in dueling… while reflexes are important, there is a lot to the mind as well. That she has, to be certain. The redhead offers a considering glance to Christmas, unable to read him. So she just falls into focus on the duel. Knowing she'd tire quickly through any slow or other physically detrimental spells, she takes the offensive. It's a split-second, half-a-breath really, from when they're free to start that she cries out: "Stupefy!" Wand flicks at Christmas, energy flying forth towards the Gryffindor.

As he blinks and yells, " Protego Horribilis!" He turns and flicks his wrist as the shield begins to form. However it does not take full form as the spell begins to push thru and slams Chris in his shoulder. He lets out a yell of pain and is knocked back slightly. He looks at the girl and presses his lips into fine line.

Sitting there, tapping her cheek with her wand-hand, Mabel spares a glance for Morgana as she tears herself away from studies for the far-more interesting duel, as things start off with a "Direct approach, then, for a start," as she comments to whoever's nearby, perking her neck up a bit as Christmas staggers, encouraging, "Shake it off, Jones!"

Morgana will spare a nod to Mabel as she joins the crowd to watch the duel. She'll slip her hands into her pocket of her robes and watch as the first bout of spells fly across. She'll just remain quiet for now, seeing how the two handle the duel.

"Nice Evie, get 'em." Donovan calls out to the redhead on the stand, clapping as Evie's spell manages to penetrate the shield around his housemate.

There's no time to thank Donovan for his support now. Eibhlin is well-aware that most of the support is on Christmas. He's the stronger duellist, even. It's why she's been trying so hard to pull this off as quickly as possible. With his slowed reaction time from the glancing Stupefy, she moves in. Wand traces and flicks in the direction of his wand-wielding hand: "Expelliarmus!"

As his shield comes up again, Jones's reflexes must be off due to the lack of sleep. The spell is able to get thru but again only some as he is able to hold onto his wand for a mere second longer then most that cause it to fly towards the middle of the stage. Christmas's eyes go wide as he swears under his breath and begins to run towards his wand!

Mabel seems, for her part, to be mostly just cheering the well-executed moves, all House loyalties aside, from the 'Jolly good!' she lets out at the quick disarm and shielding spell coincide, Christmas doubtless seeming to be laboring under the stupefy. And eyes follow the errant wand… right to stage center.

As the wand goes flying, Aidan begins to open his mouth. However, he blinks… and tilts his head slightly at the piece of wood in the middle of the stage. He doesn't move to make a motion either way as the two duelist move in toward the wand… a small scuffle breaking out in the middle of the stage for the wand. He purses his lips, and raises his wand into the air. There's a single, loud -BANG- that he lets shoot from the tip of his wand, and he clears his throat hard. "Break it up!" That Irish lilt sounds mildly annoyed. "T'your opposite ends! Re-salute and continue b'fore I penalize y'both!"

Christmas bends down to grab his wand first, and he is tempted to give the girl an upper cut but he remembers what happened the last time he played dirty and just does his best to hold onto the wand until she lets go of it. He says with a haggered breath, "You are doing awesome…keep it up." He seems sincere but there is still that tired fog in his eyes. He begins to walk to his spot and salutes the girl again.

Do you speak Welsh? Or have a reason to know some choice Welsh swears? If the answer is yes, then you get quite an interesting earful from Eibhlin. She's not fast nor does she have good reflexes, but Christmas is still slowed down so she has to take the chance. The Ravenclaw rushes forward to try to grab or kick the wand out of the way. She skids to a stop and stumbles back a step when he gets it. She's a bit breathless herself, "Drinks in Hogsmeade next weekend?" Hey, it seems sporting enough. There's a glance to Aidan and she gives a little nod, moving back to her spot and lifting wand in salute.

Randy slips inside the club room, peeking her head in first to make sure no birds are flying or anything. Then she slides in and finds a spot kind of close to the action, since young strapping boys do not make for good windows. She heard that that red haired girl was dueling today. She smirks as she catches Eibhlin running.

Another cheer as Evie manages to disarm Christmas, and then a growl of warning at the look of anger that crosses his fellow Gryffindor's face, Donovan's eyes narrow and his fingers clench stiffly.

Mabel gives a little smile as Randy enters, and the duel turns into a bit of a foot-race, offering a seat by her as the pace picks up again.

Christmas begins to smile as he takes a quick step forward and says with a flick of his wrist, "Silenco!" The tip of his wand flashes red as it flies forward!

Knowing she's on the rebound now, out of breath and flagging, Eibhlin goes on the defensive. It's clear it's not a natural positioning for her, nor what she practices at. Something to recall for the future. "Protego Horribilis!" The shield spell is late just by a hair and Christmas' charm catches her. Her eyes narrow somewhat as she finds her voice taken. Which may be a fortune because her swears might have been even more colorful- not good for a Prefect to do that too much. Instead her eyes darken a bit and she shifts her feet, clearly ready to be back on the offensive. Despite the lack of a voice.

As he takes a step towards Evie, Jones says in a tired tone, "Expelliarmus!" His wand flashes and he isnt holding the wand firmly and it misfires towards the wall!

She's never done this before. She's read a bit on it, but it's rather difficult to get instruction on things you're not supposed to know before the Professors teach you. However, Eibhlin is not going to be taken out by a -Silencing- spell of all things. She's good enough, at least, for that. Her brow furrows and strains as she moves her wand in the configuration of a hex deflection. Her wand seems to start to react, but she just doesn't get the hang of it and braces for the spell from the Gryffindor… only to look both surprised and relieved when it goes off over the heads of the observers.

As he is starting to get his barings again, and a second wind. Jones begins to cast, "Protego Horribilis" He swirls it around in an attempt to rebound the spell back at Evie.

And there, as she lets out a sound of annoyance… Eibhlin's voice is back. Her eyes fly wide and she brings her wand out. Assured and strong, her voice rings out like a clarion call: "STUPEFY!" She's exhausted, yes, but there's an adrenaline rushing through her. Their last duel, she did not last nearly this long. Nor perform this well. It may well just be a final, lingering attempt. Her spell is spot-on, but Christmas is faster with his shield and the sparks fly as it dissipates with a snap against the air. Close to a rebound, but not quite. In the bright light, it's clear she's already preparing for the next go.

As he flicks his wrist upward, Jones does a quick turn and yells, "STUPFEY!" And his wand flashes and the spell flies towards Evie with solid speed!

In that fading light, Eibhlin refuses to go back on the defensive. Offensive, moving, keeping them on their toes… /That's/ the place she's found she excels and that's the place the adrenaline that sings through her is sending her. The redhead's hair, having been left loose, may soon be tangled for the way it moves about. Fire against the dull greys of the uniform. Her voice joins the Gryffindor's in unison, like a chorus: "STUPEFY!" And so the spell flies at him in turn.

Mabel hurrahs, audibly, among a bit of cacophony from the spectators, as the two duelists go all out, and the red jests of stupefication collide mid-air! BANG! Her own wand, among a few others, including Aidan, the emmcee's fly up in case any sparks fly toward the audience… And there's a moment of quiet…

As the duel seems to reach it's fever pitch, Aidan's eyebrows shoot up at their ultimate turn of events. As the two cast their spells and they collide, his eyes widen a bit and he frowns, furrowing his eyebrows a little bit and tilting his head. As the two carry on, though, he just shakes his head. "These two're gonna wreck the club room b'fore it's over," he grumbles outloud, but he doesn't make any gesture to stop the match. Yet.

"Expelliarmus!" yells Mr. Jones as he steps forward pushing his wand forward flicking it at the last moment! His wand flashing as he waits to see if the spell lands against his very worthy oppenent!

Adrenaline does not last forever and though Eibhlin's cast is just as quick as her opponent's, she's clearly flagging. "Expelliarmus!" There's a brief smirk of amusement towards the Gryffindor. Another round of thinking the same. Wanting to end this. But her spell-work, though over-all spot on, is not properly aimed. Her casting cannot be denied, but her aim… It passes to the right of Christmas and hits the wall behind him harmlessly, a glow spreading over the stone before dissipating. She doesn't have time to evade or move, having relied so much on another success. The spell hits her hand solidly- almost too much so, for though her grip was strong, his spell was stronger. The cry she lets out may be largely surprise, but by the way her lips press… it may have hurt also. The wand goes spinning off and away from the Ravenclaw and she finds herself thusly disarmed. Breathing heavily, she bows to Christmas. "Well fought."

And then it's all said and done. When the two begin to cast off their last set of spells, and it's a double-whammy between the two again… Aidan watches as Evie's wand arcs through the air. This time, he points his wand upward toward it, muttering a small 'Accio.' Tugging it out of the air with the spell, he catches the wand in his free hand, and looks down at it, before taking to the stage. "Jones is the victor of this duel! Excellent work, t'both of yeh!" he clearly declares, and he moves toward Evie, offering the younger Prefect her wand back. "Good show of it, lass," he tells her with a gentle smile and a firm nod. "Y'came along well." With that, he begins looking around…

Mabel stands up and applauds among the crowd. "Oh, good show, then, both!"

Christmas bows to Evie and says, "Thank you…well fought." Christmas runs a hand thru his messy hair and jumps off the table and begins to walk towards the exit. He slides his wand up his sleeve, and his hands back into his pockets as he walks out into the hallway.

There's slow intake of breath as Eibhlin struggles to recover. To not hyperventilate. She accepts her wand back from the elder Prefect, staring at it for a moment. Nostrils flare briefly as she recovers herself, letting the anger that fueled her towards the end of the duel go. That, at least, she's improving at. "Thank you," she murmurs, her own accent lilting faintly. There's a nod to Christmas in return and she watches him depart before slowly stepping down from the stage herself, legs a bit unsteady.

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