(1938-04-28) Butcher Bart
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Summary: Elijah finally gets a break in the case. And a few of his ribs.
Date: April 28, 1938
Location: Diagon Alley
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Spring in London. The time when everything's looking up. The sun is shining (at least a little bit), the birds are chirping, and love is in the air. But night still falls on foggy London town. And on a select few, it falls a little harder. It's a quiet night; the streets of Diagon Alley are almost completely still. Dead, even. Like a pane of glass just waiting to be shattered.

Elly is off to a friends house to deliver some of the treats within her basket. Like a Purple Riding Hood she wears a hooded cloak to keep her honey hued locks from getting damp. The basket that sways a bit as she walks only adds to the image. Humming softly, warm and sunny she's quite the beacon of good and kindness as she makes her way up the alley from the Leaky Cauldron's brick archway.

A resounding clatter comes from the upstairs of one of the buildings. Followed by the smashing of glass and the thudding of flesh on stone. It's quick, loud, and scary…but then it passes and all is quiet again. Upon closer inspection of a nearby alley, one might find the familiar form of Elijah Lovegood sprawled out on the ground, clutching at his ribs and staring up into the night sky. The silence only lasts a short while, though as once again, the clatter resumes. Though, this time it sounds less like a scuffle and more like someone making their way quickly downstairs.

Elly gives a quick gasp but she maintains her cool for the most part. When someone seemingly has fallen out of their window she quickly jogs with her wand at the ready towards the fallen figure. "Inspector Lovegood?" The front door the building is kept in sight and if someone comes rushing out looking like they are trying to escape or attack them, they'll find the wench with wand leveled and a petrificus totalus spell on the tip of her tongue."

A gasp erupts from Elijah as he sits up and makes his way to standing, "Run, Elly. Get out of here, now." He steadies himself against the wall and groans loudly. He cannot be feeling too well after the fall that he just took. The Inspector slides along the wall, putting himself between the end of the alleyway and Elly and pulls his wand from his coat. Luckily, it looks like it survived the fall without injury. "Just…remain…quiet," is harshly whispered as Elijah waits. The clattering gets louder.

Elly remains behind Elijah happy for the meat shield of sorts, but she's not letting her guard down and still has a petrifying spell ready for Elijah's attacker, even if she's distracted by trying to get a look over the Hit Wizard to try and see if there's any extreme or visible wounds, like shards of glass poking out of him or femurs coming out of the side of his leg, that sort of injury. It's just a visual quick diagnosis right now, with ear tuned in on those steps to make sure she's ready for when the culprit reveals himself.

The sound of someone crashing through a door can be heard followed quickly by the sound of the culprit sprinting down the street away from the two of them. Elijah looks relieved and lets loose a long, jagged sigh as he collapses fully against the wall, sliding slowly down it and trying to catch his breath.

Elly blinks as Elijah lets the man go running away. "You're going to let him go!?" It hiss-whispered at the Inspector. "Should I stop him?" Eli does know how fearless the Wench is when it comes to involving herself in cases. But his sliding and shortness of breath does draw her attention and he's more important than 'the bad guy' so she kneels next to him facing him and starts a more hands on examination.

Elijah shakes his head at the Elly and slowly pulls something from the inside of his coat with a toothy, weak grin. "Oh, he's not getting away." He reveals the item to be a wallet and flips it open. "Bartleby Abbot. Squib…" Elijah lets out a huff followed by another grin and lays his head back against the wall. "…The Butcher."

Elly blinks and her neck almost snaps with how quickly she looks after the man on the run again, "Ye con't let'm get away!" She looks about ready to go after the man herself. She knows who the Butcher is and what it means to Elijah. "Crikes…" She curses as she hurries to get her healer's kit out of her basket, which is nearly the same size as the basket it's pulled from. "Alright, let's do this quick like." There is a quickness to her careful actions as she goes over the injured Inspector, to find out exactly what injury he did to himself.

Elijah is broken, bloodied, but unbowed. A few ribs are broken, his ankle's twisted, and he's got a pretty nice-sized shiner around his left eye. Other than that, though, he seems fine. "Just let me catch my breath, dear Elly. Just let me catch my breath." Elijah rests a hand on her shoulder and says, "Here, help me up."

Elly slides his hand off of her shoulder and keeps her hands on his chest. "Not yet, sit." She's got mother hen healer voice now, gentle and kind but authorative. The sort of voice that pierces through a delivering mother's panic, gives her direction and soothes all at the same time. A bottle is pulled out of her healer's kit and the cap of the bottle is used as a shot glass for the medicine, drink that after I…" And with that she clicks his broken ribs back into place so the skele-gro she just gave him will work much faster. A few wand waves and enchantments later and his ankle is set and splinted and his wounds are cleaned up and for the moment sealed. "Corr wif my friends I should 'ave taken to Trauma!" Well now it seems she has decided on her secondary specialty if she ever reaches that level.

Elijah groans loudly as he ribs are forced back into place, but quickly knocks the shot back. He doesn't like people touching him and he doesn't like doctors, but he does like Elly, so he'll listen and follow instructions. "Can I go, yet? I swear I feel fine," is muttered as it seems she's done all that she's going to do.

Elly isn't dawdling so the moment she's sure he's alright she gives his cheek a kiss and then uses another spell to help hoist him right up to his feet. "Go get him, I'll be right behind."

Elijah shakes his head fiercely at Elly and says, "No, you won't. Get into the Cauldron and stay there. Get safe." The Inspector makes his way to his feet and rolls his shoulders, looking back down to where Elly is. "I mean it." With that, the Inspector whips around the corner, his coat trailing on behind him, and disappears down the street.

Elly opens up her mouth to protest but he's already cutting her off. Finally she just pouts, packs her healer's kit back up and then calls after him, "Yer welcome loverly!" But it's there she smiles and puts the healer's kit inside of the basket before she aborts her mission to feed Edwin Collins and goes back home instead.

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