(1938-05-05) Civility
Details for Civility
Summary: The pirate gang interrogates Graham, a visiting Auror, to get to the bottom of his activities. Randy gets caught in some questionable behavior…twice.
Date: Sun May 05, 1938
Location: Greenhouses

Greenhouses, Hogwarts

It is a spring morning. The weather is warm and overcast.

On the side of the castle are the greenhouses where the Herbology classes are taught. Set all in a row the three greenhouses have statues of long, serpentine dragons running along the peaked roofs and are made entirely out of glass. They are home to many exotic and magical plants including some that are extremely rare, difficult to cultivate and maintain, or even dangerous. Greenhouse One is used specifically to teach first year Herbology and because of this it contains no dangerous plants of any kind. Greenhouse two is a multipurpose greenhouse. At times it is used for classes but mostly it's used by the faculty and staff to grow ingredients necessary for classes other than Herbology or even herbs and spices for the kitchens. Greenhouse three on the other hand is used for advanced Herbology classes and houses dangerous and hard to cultivate plants like Venemous Tentaculas, fully grown Mandrakes, and Devil's Snares.

Gabriel has the opposite reaction to Elise, stepping closer rather than edging away. At this point he's looking right over Graham's shoulder, almost literally breathing down his neck. But he's so attentive to what's being dug out from the pot that he's pretty much tuned out the conversation. And besides, if he says anything he might be asked to step away and he'd loose the chance to witness Graham's discovery first hand.

Cillian rolls his eye for a moment, shaking his head and eyeing Graham's back before he hmms softly. "Mousie! Shhhh…" He presses his finger to his lips. "I told ye, adults don't know stuff that well." Then he's peering as close as can be. "…Can ye be showin' us how exactly to…deal wit the hex-rig tings?"

Randy is not at Hogsmeade right now. It's a little odd for someone who hasn't had privileges since this year, but when you go without them for so long, you tend to overdo it and burn out quickly. As such, she's forgone her regular meet up with Helene and is taking a stroll along the grounds. Yes. That's what she's doing as she nears the Greenhouses, her hands stuffed in her pockets.

Graham removes his wand from near the buried item as he's asked more questions. "I wish I could give a better answer right now, but it's part of my investigation." he sighs figuring he's making it worse but he can only try. He looks back to Cillian shaking his head "I'm not a professor, you will learn alot if you pay attention in defense against the dark arts." step back please he says noticing the other so close. He gives a simple movement but works the spell wordlessly.

Elise shushes her mouth when Cillian tells her to, with one final, "Aye-aye, Captain." Then it's finger-to-lips, and she steps back at Graham's behest, eyes wide as she watches him attempt to disarm the old buried hex in the ground.

"Yer a wee bit secretive…Sir Auror…not really makin' us believe ye can do a good job on this investigation ting…" Cillian sighs and shakes his head before backing off a bit as he tilts his head to the side curiously.

Randy peeks her head in, and then comes in, and then she sees some man doing wandwork. "Uh…excuse me? Hey guys, can you come towards me," she says, oh /that's/ when her chivalry kicks in. If only the girl wasn't such a troublemaker, she'd probably make a decent prefect! "Sir, do you have permission from the Headmaster to be here?" She can only see him from the back as of yet. But when Cillian addresses the man as an Auror, her eyes narrow. "Can I see your badge?"

Gabriel turns sideways so he's stepping back as instructed but effectively he's really stepping off to the side, keeping about the same distance as before and, if anything, giving himself an even better view of the pot. "And besides, what the Cap'n was really asking for in the beginning was some information and reassurance that none of the family members of Hogwarts student body haven't been kidnapped and/or cut up into little ribbons of human flesh left to stew in their own blood. And not /right now/ but once you can get back to your office and get a chance to check on it. After all, we would want true, factual information that was properly researched." Yep, Ravenclaw. An apparently gory minded Ravenclaw at the moment but still a Ravenclaw.

Precisely what Medusa is doing out by the greenhouses is anyone's guess. She steps into the building in time to hear Randy's challenge to the stranger and the Ravenclaw boy's string of curious logic. The Slytherin girl makes her way closer to the little group, her heels clicking on the path as she walks, her strides languid and graceful, her eyes half-lidded and expression set in its customary boredom.

Elise nods in agreement with Cillian's assessment of Graham's secretiveness. When Randy pokes her head in, she cranes her neck around. "I've already seen it!" she pipes up, her little voice squeaking a tad at the end. Then Gabriel starts speaking. It's the words 'ribbons of human flesh left to stew in their own blood' that get her. She claps her hands to her mouth and gags. She is definitely looking green around the gills! She hastily retreats to one side, looking for somewhere to empty her stomach.

Graham stands back up properly from where he'd removed the hex. He sees the newest arrival first nodding "Yes on both accounts, he reaches to his robes and removes the flip badge back out taking a few steps over so it can be seen. He does answers the others all the same. "The investigation is still active, I cant go into great detail at the moment I assure you i'm plenty competent enough also that nothing currently involving what you saw or my mission has any danger to present day families."

"…" Cillian just stares at Gabriel for a few moments. "…we're talkin' about /dangerous dark magic murder torture/ tings, not making bacon and blood sausages." He facepalms before quickly shaking his head. "But aye, Gunny is correct and iffen we can't get it from Mister Auror…well we'll get it somehow." Then he just pssshes and shakes his head. "Ye dun even /know/ what I saw…that's what's amazin'…" He does however watch Elise with some concern, heading over towards her side. "…aye, he proved his credentials Madam Rocksack…" Then he blinks and blinks again and then blinks as he catches a glimpse of Medusa. "…oh chocolate balls…witnesses…"

Randy's body seems to loosen up some after she sees the badge and hears the man say he has permission. She still looks tempted to keep questioning the man, but her eyes scrape over his attire, and well he seems to fit the part. "I don't think I ever got your name?" She offers him a little smile though and takes in the position of the children surreptitiously, that is until she hears the clicking of Medusa's steps behind her. She turns and offers the /same/ grin to the Slytherin. When the girl gets closer, Randy tries to whisper something in her ear. Then she pulls out her wand and a scrap of parchment. She scorches a message on the surface, since she's without a quill, and flicks her wand to fold it up into a little bird that takes flight to the castle. At Cillian's words of the Auror proving his credentials, Randy smirks. "He did nothing of the sort. I don't know his name, and while it's highly unlikely he could even /be/ on the grounds without permission…" she grumbles. That paranoia is like an itch she has to scratch…or maybe it's because he's an Auror. She looks like she's trying to resist doing something, holding her tongue because at this point, she knows anything else would be overkill.
Randy leans to whisper to Medusa, "He claims to be an Auror here on investigation business…He flashed me his badge, but these kids are buckets of dumb…"

"Who's doing dangerous dark magic murder torture things?" This is what happens when Medusa arrives in the midst of events already in progress: she gets to take whole phrases out of context. Those half-lidded eyes flicker over Randy, her lips quirking slightly at the girl's whisper, before she takes in the rest of the assembled crew. "Oh, I think you're doing the little ones a disservice, Macmillan. They're sharper than most people are willing to give them credit for. Hello, Captain." The steely gaze has settled on Graham, though, and she straightens ever so slightly. "A name would be helpful, though."

The young man sighs though turns back after placing his badge back where it had been. "Appologies, i'm Graham Cohen." he turns to look at both the new arrivals giving a nod in greeting. The auror looks back to Cillian frowns slightly "I dont believe I can convince you with what I am able to say, but i've spoken with Miss Evans in great detail on this issue and multiple times. She can choose to tell you more then I am able to." he really is trying to help but must be vague for work purposes.

Upon hearing Medusa's comment about the 'little ones' Gabriel's eyes narrow slightly. The young Ravenclaw has a clear prejudice against those of Slytherin's house and the perceived slight doesn't help so he decides to show that at least they know what's going on at the moment, "This is Auror Graham Cohen and he's investigating the possibility of there being a dangerous item buried in one of the pots here in the greenhouse, which he efficiently found and deactivated. And the only people doing evil magics are outside of the school and I'm betting once Auror Cohen catches them they'll prove to have been students either at Dumstrang or one of our own Slytherin." Well, at least Graham is suddenly the cler white hat.

Cillian gives a gallant bow to Medusa, if he had a hat he'd remove it, but he doesn't. So he just shakes his head. "Ahh, me dark lady…welcome…yer confidence in us is flattering…but what we lack in size, we make up for in brains. I promise ye, our heads are so big inside, we'd float away if we were tethered to the school by our big toes." He looks at Gabriel and blinks. "…Gu-Gabriel! Remember! We 'ave a rule against bein' rude to ladies in public!" He /sighs/ and then looks to Graham. "We actually got more out of ye that ye probably intended…so g'luck with your auror tings, you're really really bad at being interrogated, but its okay…me Da says…its not the size that matters, but the stamina and creativity." A long pause. "I 'ave no idea what that means…" Then back to Randy. "He /did/ somethin' of the sort. Yer not the Captain here are ye? No. And ye just be gettin' here right? Aye. So you don't /know/ Madam Rocksack, let us please finish our interrogation!"

Turning toward the little Ravenclaw boy, Medusa plucks at her skirt and executes a deep, respectful curtsey. "I meant no offense, young pirate, but Macmillan here was attempting to enlighten me as to the situation, and her remark was that the assembled children were… what was the phrase? Ah, yes, 'buckets of dumb', I believe. I was merely pointing out to her that you were most assuredly not stupid in the least."

Cillian gives a gallant bow to Medusa, if he had a hat he'd remove it, but he doesn't. So he just shakes his head. "Ahh, me dark lady…welcome…yer confidence in us is flattering…but what we lack in size, we make up for in brains. I promise ye, our heads are so big inside, we'd float away if we were tethered to the school by our big toes." He looks at Gabriel and blinks. "…Gu-Gabriel! Remember! We 'ave a rule against bein' rude to ladies in public!" He /sighs/ and then looks to Graham. "We actually got more out of ye that ye probably intended…so g'luck with your auror tings, you're really really bad at being interrogated, but its okay…me Da says…its not the size that matters, but the stamina and creativity." A long pause. "I 'ave no idea what that means…" Then back to Randy. "We're all people here except for the plants…so now that's settled." He exhales softly and begins rummaging around in his bag for chocolates then he freezes up at the clarification from Medusa, attention turning to just stare intently at Randy, mouth open and eye wide before he tears up a bit. "Bu-buckets of /dumb/? S-she really said that?"

"Hey, Slytherins are people too," Randy says upon Gabriel's declaration. She has Slytherins in her own family. Her Grandma is one, but she doesn't care! The girl she's…um, whatevering is a Slytherin too! Surprisingly, there's some conviction behind her words. Feeling slightly awkward about that conviction, Randy gets a strange uncomfortable look on her face for a moment and shuts up. She /does/ manage to commit the man's name to memory. "It's nice to meet you." She just stood up for Slytherins, it's awkward. THAT IS UNTIL MEDUSA OPENS HER MOUTH. Randy looks righteously indignant at the girl's words. "Really? You're going to go around spreading lies for no good reason? After I just defended the Slytherin House?" She growls with frustration.

Graham smiles slightly which may seem like the wrong response to Cillians words about him. "I do hope you have my friend, I don't speak from lack of knowledge but from being sworn to my job." He glances about as more goes on between the new arrivals. He continues though "Please speak with Miss Evans if she'll explain you may better understand what's going on. I mean no disrespect but with what i've heard today there are certain points which are incorrect in the understanding of these events." He looks about to the students and moves away from the plants "I should probably head back to the ministry."

Elise comes back from losing her lunch, and having overhead things, she looks closely between Medusa and Randy. Her eyes narrow, and she stares hard at Randy as she absently unpeels a chocolate bar and takes a bite to get the taste of sick out of her mouth. Her very expression is an accusation, and it's clear that she believes the Slytherin girl over the Gryffindor.

Gabriel arches an eyebrow, for multitude of reasons. First the raised eyebrow accompanies a slightly compassionate look as he tells Elise,"You need to develop a stronger stomach Mousie. The life o' a pirate is a harsh one with lots of violence and gore." Then the arched eyebrow is accompanied with a more belligerent look that he turns on Randy, "Oy! I thought Gryffindor's where supposed to be brave. The least you could do is fess up once the cat is out of the bag an' admit you made a mistake!'

"Speak with… oh, no, I don't think so." Medusa slides away from Randy and into Graham's path of exit. "I prefer, as most people do, to get my information firsthand. If there's misinformation being bandied about, then it's your duty to correct the situation, not rely on a sixteen-year-old girl who's barely capable of dressing herself to do it for you." Her eyes open a little more, and she favors the Auror with a smile that shows her teeth. It's not a particularly friendly expression. "You see, I know a thing or three about what your job covers. My brother's a barrister."

Cillian just nods politely to Graham. "Thank ye, Sir Auror, we'll be in touch. But I cannot depend on the girl you speak of, she only knows some tings and now ye've confirmed she's connected to it all." And moves back over to Elise, idly rubbing her back if allowed and he holds his chocolate bars at the ready and he sighs, shaking his head. He squints at the group, speaking softly but clearly. Then he watches Medusa at work and takes a deep breath. "Gunny…come stand with us. Over here."

"Yeah, I made a mistake, and I was trying to spare you the blundering of my big fat mouth," Randy says, clearly frustrated and now not knowing how to make it right. "It only takes one person to interrogate someone and one to watch their back. If you have tons of people here and he /isn't/ who he says he is, he could have killed you. All of you, already." She just looks miserable now as Medusa is blocking the exit. "Can you /stop/ schmoozing the man? You're such a slag." She really just does not care anymore where Medusa is concerned. Then being trapped has a weird affect on her and she has to face some thoughts. She turns to the Pirates and bows, "I'm sorry for saying that and for lying." This. Has never happened.

The young man pauses in his track when his path is blocked. "I cannot say much on an active investigation, all the same. I can say that the assumption that someone is actively attacking muggle-borns in regards to any of this is incorrect information. As well as the translation of some other information on that same line of topics." Graham says looking back "You did well in protecting them from a stranger, myself. Had I not been who I was." this to Randy perhaps an attempt to make her feel better before back to the one in his path. "Now I can answer no more if you will please let me by."

Elise looks a tad shame-faced at Gabriel's admonishment, and rubs her stomach self-consciously. When Cillian starts rubbing her back she gives him a grateful look. "Thanks," she whispers. She watches Medusa block Graham's exit and blinks at the blonde girl's audacity. "Is she a pirate, too?" she whispers into Cillian's ear. But she crosses her arms and frowns at Randy. Until the girl apologizes. Her frown melts away and she looks uncertain. But she has to pipe up. "That's not what we're assuming," Elise says. "We're not really even /assuming/ anything! We're afraid for the Muggle families! The parents of the Muggle-borns, who don't even have the simplest defense spell against crazies like that!" She clutches her chocolate a little too hard and it starts to crumble. "And we've just /told/ you that there are other people who are having visions, not just that one vision, but it's like you're not even listening to use because we're children! We can't ignore the visions, can we? And we won't! So fine, go ahead and leave, but if something happens to us that you could have helped us to stop, then it's on your head!"

"If you were that worried about secrecy, you would have had protection spells in place to keep out bystanders," Medusa points out, ignoring Randy entirely. "I don't particularly care to speak to Miss Evans, nor do I have a personal interest in this matter, but it seems to me that referring anyone to a student for more information is both inappropriate and unprofessional." She sniffs in disapproval. "Really, the Ministry ought to be informed."

Gabriel looks a little rebellious but he goes and joins Cillian and Elise. The cricket ball he'd been holding behind his back is now once again being bounced up and down in his right hand. Once he's standing next to the other pirates he bows slightly to Randy in response to her apology then settles down to watch the debate between Graham and Medusa.

"No…she's not a pirate, she has developed chest pillows." Cillian offers softly to Elise before she's tearing into Graham and he blinks slowly, tilting his head from one side and then to the other as he sighs softly. "Little Mousie speaks…and yes she speaks truthfully, but we know this…Mister Auror…you have nice shoes." Then he waves a hand. "We'll take it from here, Mister Auror. Lady Malfoy? If you'd let the man by please…unless you want him to kiss you or something."

The young man stops not moving out as he intended. Graham looks a bit more worn as he stops to speak again "I didn't come here to investigate or be interrogated." he reaches to his pocket and offers the slip of parchment which came to the ministry about an item concealed in this greenhouse. "I've disarmed this issue. I didnt wish the younger students to be worried needlessly so i've attempted to give them what information I can to lesson these fears. So for a final time i'm on an active investigation so can give very little, but no families are currently in danger." his voice is level and calm as ever. "As far as my referring to a student I have no further information to give, but only seek to have them not be afraid."

"I may not be one of your pirates. I'm a part of another crew," Randy stirs the pot. "My mother and grandfather were pirates and my great grandfather and great grandmother were." Then she smirks and coughs a little at the Auror's words. "Really, you'd have us seek out Evans to not be afraid?" She just busts out laughing.

"That's C-o-h-e-n, isn't it?" Medusa doesn't bother inspecting the slip of parchment. "I do want to be sure I have it spelled properly when I write to the Ministry." Her smile sharpens just a little when Cillian calls her 'Lady Malfoy'. "Ah, the good Captain has reminded me that I haven't introduced myself. It's Malfoy. Medusa Malfoy. You may be acquainted with my elder sister, Edwarlinda."

It takes it a moment to sink in but in about two seconds Gabriel comes to realize that Randy is mocking Gabrielle of all people. Forgetting all about Cillian's request that he stand with him and Elise he starts stalking towards Randy, the ball in his hand bouncing up and down faster and faster,"Are you laughing at Gabrielle? I'll have you know Gabrielle is immesnly brave and that she was probably mistakely sorted to Ravenclaw since she's as brave as any Gryffindor. She's actually a demon hunter and has faced monsters you wouldn't believe! Are you a demon hunter? I bet not! And she punched Evil Princess #1 out too!" That red ball in his hand looks really hard and now its stopped moving and is being gripped in a white-knuckled grip by the pint-sized boy.

Graham nods "Correct, I do know your sister." the auror says though he notes she hasnt seen the parchment. He doesn't speak of this not really feeling in the wrong given his investigation. He turns away from the other at the sound of footsteps moving. "Please everyone be calm there's no need for any of this. I've said what i'm able hopefully once it's thought upon it helps." The young man looks back "Please if you'll excuse me?" he's still being polite.

A loud "Erhem!" comes from behind Medusa as Katherine stops there, resting one hand on a cocked hip. "Graham, what is taking so long. I thought this was just a quick stop to check out some prank one of the kids might have pulled. Did you or didn't you find it?"

Sharp whistle. "Yoohoo, Gabriel! Down boy, Gunny…back in the chocolate cage! Dun feed the Midget Giant." Cillian whispers loudly towards Gabriel. "/Gabrielle/ needs us to protect her…and if the Giant eats ye, I'm gonna be down a master gunner!" He hisses insistently before blinking and saying aside to Elise. "…do ye see what I mean? Adults? They are all mad…"

"My family fought dragons," Randy says with a shrug. "I'm laughing at the prospect of a fatalistic girl trying to comfort you all. You're perfectly self-sustaining. You don't need some Lady to come and feed you chocolates and pet your hair or tell you things to make you feel better." Her eyes narrow slightly at the boy, "I actually care about you lot. I wouldn't have tried to interrogate this guy myself if I didn't. You should be more careful about insulting /anyone's/ honor." She turns to Graham and nods her head, as she tries to squeeeeze past Medusa to leave.

Elise doesn't know what to say or do, at this point. There's too many people, and they're all talking at once, mostly about stuff she doesn't know much or anything about. So she just keeps right next to Cillian and keeps her ears open and her eyes peeled.

Medusa just stares at Gabriel for a moment. Then she turns, notes Katherine's presence, and inclines her head in what might be taken as a polite gesture. As polite as Medusa ever gets, anyway. "Sykes." She rolls her eyes at Randy trying to squeeze past her, however, and turns to slide her arm through the crook of Randy's elbow. "If you're in such a hurry to go, Macmillan, you can play escort. I'm in need of one, and I'd owe you a favor, for once, instead of the other way 'round." Which is probably not any less dangerous than owing Medusa, really.

Graham sighs slightly as he recognizes the voice of another auror from the office. "Miss Sykes?" though he's actually relived but doesn't let it show upon his face. "Yes, found it hexed object." he calls back nodding to the group before he heads for the door to leave not to be stopped though he'll not run down the students if there.

Gabriel stops dead in his tracks and takes a moment to think about Randy's words. Then he takes a deep breath, holds it with his cheeks all puffed up and finally blows it out noisily. "OK then. Dragons are almost as good as demons. An' I was never doubting your courage anyway. Cap'n, can we have some chocolate for Lil' Miss Lion as an apology?" With that he puts his ball into one of the pockets sewn to the inside of his robe and heads back to Cillian, hopefully to get some chocolate, only momentarily glancing over Katherine as she calls out to Graham from the door.

"…um, actually? Madam Rocksack? We're 11, and two of us are boys and one of us…that's me, has never /had/ a mum so its uncomfortable when people try to mother me…so with our fair maiden Gabrielle? /We/ do the chocolate feeding, hair petting, and words of comfort…and let her worry about the worryin.." Cillian clarifies. He offers a bar of chocolate to Gabriel, nodding slowly. "Ye know, cuz if she did it, it would just be weird and I'd probably 'ave to take a long long bath just to wash all the cooties off." He looks to Elise. "…you see? All we wanted was some plums and chocolate…"

Katherine nods to Medusa, like one samurai would to another. "Ms. Malfoy. I hope all is well with your family? Please give my regards to your parents next time you see them. Let them know Daddy would love to see them at next years holiday gathering."

"Well, I'm not inclined to stay where I'm being verbally assaulted and having my honor dashed to the wind. I prefer that to happen behind my back," Randy says before her attention is stolen by the new person behind Medusa. She flashes a smile, but doesn't introduce herself. She shoots Medusa a suspicious look, but doesn't shake off her arm. She'll ask her once they are alone. Then Gabriel changes his tune, "Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I'll grab some chocolate later. I think Miss Malfoy needs to speak to me about something." But then /Cillian/ explains the nature of the Pirates' relationship with Gabrielle. She nods, "My mistake then. Seems I was right about you guys," and she winks. She is still being guided by Medusa's grip most likely.

Gabriel also gets out of the way so the two girls can walk by her without impediment now that she's given Graham an excuse to leave.

Elise nods mournfully to Cillian. "That's really all we wanted," she agrees. She sighs a bit at the sparring between Medusa and Katherine. "This is why Daddy says he never wanted to get into politics," she murmurs. "Too much fighting."

Katherine also gets out of the way so the two girls can walk by her without impediment now that she's given Graham an excuse to leave.
Katherine gives you a cookie.

"I'll be sure to pass along my regards. Also, you have my condolences." Medusa cants her head back to indicate that the condolences are with regard to Katherine having to deal with Graham. She lifts her free hand in a wave backward to the pirates. "Ta, Captain and crew!"

As Randy passes the two Aurors with Medusa, she looks back over her shoulder at the two, eyes settling for a moment or two specifically on Katherine.

Medusa then gives Randy a sharp tug. "This way, Macmillan."

Viaduct, Hogwarts

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and stormy.

The wood work and structure of the bridge that is laid out here is one of function and form. It's covered with a high gable roof, complete with steeples, to keep the rain and weather off the head but it is still left open enough with cathedral windows that are open to the elements on either side. The bridge is fully covered about three feet up on the sides and keeps anyone from falling off. Being up in the air as it is, it's held up by a great number of cross braces and bolts to keep the structure high in the valley of rock and green that it covers and keeps one from falling a long way down to certain doom. It should stand for many, many years.

Randy actually steals one more glance for the female Auror before they finally are out of sight. Then she directs the Malfoy towards the Viaduct. She has something to say. "You know, there's this concept. It's called I scratch your back, you scratch mine. I just /defended/ you to a pack of pirate kids, that little one would have slandered your name." By now, she has extracted her arm from Medusa's.

Medusa looks marginally amused by this. "You actually think I'm worried about what that little Ravenclaw thinks of me? He all but worships the ground Evans walks on, to hear him talk, that alone makes him something less than a credible witness." She steps onto the bridge, then turns and folds her arms. "I'll bite, though. What is it you think I owe you now?"

"Yes, but other people are stupid too," Randy points out with a roll of her eyes. "Aren't I proof of that enough for you?" She knows Medusa would likely treat her differently if she thought her as intelligent as herself or even in the same league. "I don't care if you owe me anything or not. I'm not into favors. I'm into trust and loyalty." Same old song from the Lion's lips.

"Please don't insult my intelligence by implying that you're willing to offer me either," Medusa snaps back. "We've done this dance already, remember? If you have something to say, spit it out already. I have a letter that needs writing."

Randy sighs. She reaches up to rub her forehead, "That's not what-…" And then, "Never mind. Look, I wasn't trying to bait you. But seriously," oh dear, "did you ever stop to think /why/ I haven't given you my trust or loyalty yet? I'm scratching my head wondering why you think it would be in the realm of possibility for me to offer it to you."

Seriously? Coming from Randy, the word intrigues Medusa enough to quirk a brow. It doesn't last, however. "You did offer it," she points out. "You may not have realized what you were doing at the time, but it was still an offer. It also no longer matters."

A little disappointment (maybe?) settles on Randy's face. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize and I shouldn't have done it." Stupid hormones. "If you ever felt like you were owed something, I'm sorry for that." Then silence as she looks across at the Malfoy. Finally, "Can we be civil from now on? Please? No more throwing me under the bus and I'll stop calling you names and teasing you."

"You seem to be under the impression that I care what you call me." Medusa rolls her shoulders in another shrug. "Or what you think of me, for that matter. I don't. However, since Helene has taken an interest in you, I will agree to civility, so long as you maintain it. As much civility as anyone can expect from me, at least."

"No I don't. It was for Helene, not for you," Randy says point blank and then walks away when Medusa starts to talk. "Don't ever dream that I could give a flying fuck and that I actually think about you." The last part just saying it to herself.

Medusa arches a brow as Randy walks away, smirks faintly, then calls after her, "By the way, the Auror whose arse you were checking out? Katherine Sykes."

Randy stops in her tracks, but doesn't turn. A curse word can be heard underneath her breath before she continues on.

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