(1938-05-08) Same House Attraction
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Summary: After hanging out a bit with Randy, Hailey hits on Randy. See what happens!
Date: Wed May 08, 1938
Location: Gryffindor Girls' Dormitory

Girls Dormitory, Hogwarts Castle

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

This is a round room, with large wooden four-poster beds, with red drapes for privacy and matching red blankets, positioned in a circle around the room, and windows between each bed give a view of the grounds below. Beside each bed is a space for each student's trunk to store their belongings. In the middle of the room is a small stove, which gives enough heat to keep students warm on the coldest of nights.

It's night time, after dinner, and the weather isn't exactly peachy. Therefore, Randy will not be spending her time outdoors tonight. It also means that well known secret passageways (by some) are probably already occupied. For her part, Randy headed to the Club Room to wail against a bag for a time. Now, she's back, even though it isn't quite curfew yet so the dorms are..well, empty, as most people are still hanging out in the Common Room at this hour. Randy's wearing her workout clothes, that is, the short boxer shorts, a wifebeater, and her hands are taped. She's no longer breathing hard from her workout, but she's still got a sheen for sure. She mops her face (hopefully one last time) with a towel when she enters the dorms.

Hailey is seated on her bed, still in school robes, but shoeless, necktie untied, and collar loosened. She's got a sheaf of parchment in front of her and a quill out, a notebook and a potions book laid out to either side. Must be one of those obnoxious essays they're always having to write. Frustrated, she reaches up to massage her temples, then upon hearing Randy's entrance, she turns her head just enough to see who it is. Then she turns it a little further to get a better look, noticing some glistening moisture on her dorm-mate's skin. And perhaps a view of her musculature that she's not accustomed to seeing everyday. "Hey," she greets simply. Deciding she's had enough thinking about the applications of powdered mandrake root, she flings her quill, letting it flop on some empty spot on her comforter.

Randy is wiry and athletic like a football (soccer) player, but with more of that leg strength repeated back in her upper frame as well (so more like a lacrosse player). If it weren't for the hair messily held up by some charm, she /might/ pass for a boy. She just nods to Hailey and smiles. Then she spreads out her towel on the stone so she can start doing her post-workout stretching. She starts with her arms, "Sorry. Someone took my bag earlier than I was expecting and the Club Room got crowded with pets," she says, explaining her stretching in the dorms before washing up.

"There's no need to apologize," Hailey assures. She picks up her essay to proof-read what she's written so far. Halfway through, she reaches up and runs her fingers through her hair, and watches Randy for a lingering moment before returning her attention to the parchment to finish reading it. Apparently satisfied that it's not a complete loss, she leans forward to aggregate her homework paraphernalia into a neat stack, with the essay on top, and then leans to her side and lets the materials drop to the floor (some papers becoming disshelved in the process). She doesn't bother to tidy them up. Idly she un-threads her necktie from her collar and begins wrapping it around the four fingers of one hand, making it into a compact ball. Pulling her knees up to rest her chin on them, she wraps her arms around her lower legs, and cants her head so she's looking in her dorm-mate's general direction.

Randy spends a decent amount of time isolating muscles in her arms, quiet as she works out all the kinks and future-soreness. Then she stretches her abs, pushing up from the floor with dead legs. Then it's back on her feet to go at her quads, holding her ankle back and maintaining a great sense of balance free form. She goes into some lunging stretches, tucking her head to the side. So far, she hasn't really noticed Hailey's little glances. Head toward the door, then torrrrward….

Hailey chews her lower lip as she watches, something she's known for doing when she's either nervous or deep in thought. The next time Randy's stretches have her looking in Hailey's direction, the younger girl realizes she's staring, and looks away, a bit too quickly. Sighing, she closes her eyes and flops backward on the bed.

Randy was not expecting to see her dormmate staring in her direction. Nor the looking away in such a tell tale way. The Macmillan girl blinks and unfolds herself, taking a deep breath. It's unclear whether the meaning behind the other girl staring has really penetrated her consciousness. She abandons her stretching to get back up on her feet again, snagging the towel up and strolls over. She leans to reach and touch Hailey's arm, "You okay?"

Realizing she's been caught, Hailey reflexively tenses and squeezes her eyes tightly for a moment, during which she tries to think of some plausible explanation for her odd behavior. "I'm fine, I was just…", she stammers, before opening her eyes again and rolling her head to the side to see the athletic girl standing over her. She bites her lip again. With Randy so close, and addressing her, it seems she has temporary free reign to let her eyes linger over the elder dorm-mate. After a moment, she looks straight up and sighs, summoning some of that Gryffindor courage. She never was particularly good at deception anyway. "…admiring the view, and my mind started to wander," she finally admits. She rolls her eyes to look away from Randy now. "I'm sorry, this is…rather awkward."

Randy's eyebrows arch at the behavior at first. Classic dumb jock moment, but she's not really dumb, and it's not like she plays Quidditch or anything. Then they arch some more. "Right. Okay." And now /Randy's/ awkward. She reaches up to rub at the back of her neck, weight shifting to one leg. "You're telling me." She clears her throat a little and straightens out, taking on an 'air.' It's a defense mechanism surely, because Randy never puts on airs. "Well I hope you didn't let your mind wander too much. I'm a pure-blood. I'm expected to procreate, not recreate," she says as she turns to go towards the showers. Almost to the doorframe, she sputters loudly under her breath, "Bloody-" and catches herself. She turns to go allllll the way back past Hailey to go to her bed. She needs a fresh towel.

Hailey closes her eyes and swallows, her hands each clenching a wad of her comforter. "Well, that went well! Ten points to Gryffindor for being honest, Hailey!" she sarcastically chides herself, sufficiently distracted that she doesn't realize Randy is once again in earshot. Rolling onto her side to face her nightstand, she vents some frustration with herself by taking a swipe at a glass of water sitting there, sending it crashing to the floor. The water makes a mess of the essay she was working on.

There's one thing that charms can make difficult when your head is a bit mussed. That is, finding a fresh towel. There are so many nooks and crannies that have been enhanced with space over the years in Randy's trunk, that she's on her knees digging in, trying to avoid having to get up to grab her wand off her bed. So stubborn. She's just about to blurt out more obscenities when she hears the water crash to the floor. She pushes herself back onto her feet in a squatted position and pops her head to the side to look. "Oh bloody hell," she says and pushes up to her feet. Then she steps up on the outside part of her open trunk to lean over and deftly snatch up her wand. She pads over to Hailey's bed and with a little bit of wandwork, dries the water on the spot with a charm. "Well hopefully it didn't run too much…" she mumbles. "Sorry. I just-wasn't expecting…"

Hailey startles when she realizes Randy is there, and that she heard her. She sits up quickly enough to catch the older girl mitigating the mess, eyes wide and grimacing. "I thought you'd left," she says a few seconds later after calming down. "Thanks for sparing my essay," she says, looking down at the disshelved sheets of parchment. She pulls her pillow into her lap and cradles it with her knees, leaning forward into it. "I'm sorry, too…I'm really confused about how I feel right now."

Randy sighs, letting the tension just melt out of her frame, the sympathy flooding in. She /is/ an older sister, but she's not had to go through /this/ before. Her little sister doesn't even start school till next year! Randy steps over the sheets of paper to hop up onto Hailey's bed frame, grabbing one of the posts and swivels down next to the girl. It causes the bed to shake a little but then she's there. "Hey. Are you okay?…I mean, if you need to talk about it…" There's genuine concern there, not that misplaced awkward air from earlier. She reaches up to rest her hand on Hailey's shoulder. Impulsive physical expression? That's just Randy. It's one of her more endearing qualities, depending on how welcome the intrusion is.

Hailey definitely wasn't expecting Randy's sudden change in demeanor, or the touch on the shoulder, but she makes no move to resist the contact. Relaxing her eyelids, she collects her thoughts. "I've always been something of a tomboy, much to my mum's frustration. My dad approves of it though, even encourages it. I know I'm still young, though maybe a bit precocious, but I've never really felt attracted to anyone before. Well, there was Langley-he's the one who took an interest in me and introduced me to, uhm, herbal misadventures-but compared to what I'm feeling now, I didn't feel anything for him. You've got confidence that I respect; you do whatever the hell you want. I guess I was developing a little crush on you for a while…and then I saw you glistening from working out, and…I realized you've really got a respectable body too." She's starting to blush now, her forehead buried in the pillow.

Uh, uh, uh, uh. Different sides of Randy's brain are warring. She does not know where to put her hand or what to do with it. Feeling the compulsion to equal Hailey's distress with physical affection does /not/ seem to work in this situation…and, all the talk is not the least bit confusing for her either. So she ends up just leaving it there. "Do you fancy me or just find me pretty?" Randy asks to try and help the girl clarify. "I think there's all sorts of feelings you can-" she takes a deep breath, suddenly realizing that she's sitting right next to Hailey..on her bed, hand on her shoulder. "What do you want to do?" It's a very odd, very direct question, and the tone of the girl suggests not an awkwardness at all, but more of a rising up, like a bolt of lightning just struck her spine, shocking some courage, some damned superior genetics back into her.

"I fancy you for your personality, but I admit also find you physically attractive, initially just by your facial features, but now for your well-toned body as well. I think seeing you showing off that body by stretching in front of me might've been the straw that broke the camel's back and made me see you in a different light." She sits up straighter now, and turns to look toward Randy's eyes and other facial features. "To be honest, I'm surprised you're asking me how I want to proceed. I can't really suggest anything without knowing how you feel about this. I mean, obviously you don't think about me in the same way, or at the very least you haven't thought the possibilities through."

Randy's hand finally slips from the girl's shoulder as she shifts. Just when she had gathered confidence, being so brazenly…appreciated leaves her speechless again, like someone socked her in the stomach. "I wanted you to say it, so that you would see that it's perfectly alright to feel that way," Randy gathers her wits to say kindly, her head tilting to the side just slightly in a genteel fashion. Under all that swagger and fire, there's a gentle soul…somewhere. You have to look for it, sometimes very hard. "I can't say it ever crossed my mind, so no, I haven't thought any possibilities through."

Hailey thinks, and turns her head to ensure that they're the only two in the dorm. "Fair enough. Well, if nothing else, could you do me one big favor?" She glances down long enough to ask, "Would you kiss me, the way you would a boy? I want to know…what it feels like, and if there's anything there." Then she looks up to gauge Randy's reaction. "If after that you don't want this kind of attention from me, I won't bother you about it anymore."

"Look, I'm very flattered Hailey but," Randy takes a deep breath. "But I don't think that's really a solution," yes, which means she doesn't think it's wise for them to kiss. "Besides, I'm all sweaty and quite nasty right now and someone could walk in at any moment." She fumbles through, her fingers gripping as the edge of her shorts, "And you wouldn't want that would you?" This new proposal has made Randy obviously more nervous.

Hailey closes her eyes and exhales. "I'm sorry, I guess it's a lot to ask out of the blue, and a lot to consider all at once." With that, she puts the pillow back in its proper place and lays back to rest her head on it. "Why don't you go have your shower before it gets crowded," she suggests.

"Aye." Randy just looks a little shell-shocked…okay a lot as she slides off the younger girl's bed. She walks over to just grab one of Diana's towels, because they are always so much easier to find. Then she walks right out to go to the showers.

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