(1938-05-17) Kat and Cohen
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Summary: Katherine and Graham talk a bit about career progression and their perceptions about being Auror Initiates.
Date: 1938-00-17
Location: MLE
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Ministry Of Magic - London - Fri May 17, 1938
Law Enforcement
The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the wizarding world's equivalent of the Department of Justice. The first thing to see upon arriving on this level of the Ministry is a waiting area with a few comfortable chairs lined up against the wall and some tables with old magazines on them and a small potted plant. All of it facing the duty desk. Behind the duty desk one of the officers of the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol sits the watch, doubling as receptionist and bouncer. Behind him is a large open space with desks full of paperwork where other officers of the M.L.E.S. discharge their duties. Along the walls of the larger room are large bulletin board full of maps, pictures of dark wizards and witches, clipping from the Daily Prophet, and other miscellaneous items. Within a corridor leading deeper into this level of the Ministry doors open to the Auror Office, the Hit Wizards office, the Improper Use of Magic Office, the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and the Wizengamot Administration Services.

It's late evening and many have gone home for the day or are out finishing things up before heading that way the Auror's office being hit or miss with work at times. The night detail is much smaller and on very slow nights occasionally they are sent home on call. The hour doesn't seem to have registered with one who's sat at his desk a long time now. Graham pauses in his writing to stretch and move a bit in his chair not to stiffen up completely.

Katherine stalks into the Auror's office, looking incredibly mad. Strangely, she's dressed in the standard robes of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad and she seem to be coming /in/ to the office regardless of the late hour.

The young man glances up as the door opens not expecting it perhaps at this hour, and his wary face turns to concern almost immediately upon seeing the others expression. "Good Evening, Kat um what's wrong?" there concern comes through in his voice his paper forgotten for the moment as he awaits a response to his question.

Katherine goes to her desk and starts rummaging through the drawers, slamming them open and shut hard enough to risk the possibility of breaking something. Finally, she just leaves them all open, pulls out her wand and chews off a "Accio book!". In response a book flies out of one of the bottom drawers, sending the papers that were on top of it scattering. With another wave of her wand and a few muttered charms the papers flow back into the drawer and all of the drawers slam shut. "Chief Worthington heard about the little scene at the Hog's Head a few days back and he's decided I could do with a little lesson in discipline by sitting the front desk every night this weekend." She growls her explanation out, keeping from yelling but barely.

Graham winces a bit at the others words "Meh, I didn't say nothing. Must have been that sore loser?" He offers though it's not much help he knows pondering what to say. "At least at night the office is quiet and you may be able to catch up on something without having to pause all the time hm?"

Katherine literally growls for a moment before nodding curtly,"Oh, it was 'Mr. Burly'. He complained about "abuses of power" and "using the office to intimidate honest wizards". Cowardly bastard. I never said anything about being an Auror to intimidate him." Taking a few deeps breath she calms herself a bit and sighs, "Worthington is doing it to me on purpose, making me loose the best part of the weekend. I'll be damned if I do Auror work outside of proper office hours on top of that."

Graham cant help but smile at her words remembering the other gambler and how he decided he was cheated as he wasn't winning. "Fair and square winning, sour grapes eh?" He looks back to his paper and writes a few more things down before looking back up "Fair enough does seem a bit of a tough punishment on top of the usual work load. How are you supposed to be rested and such." he perhaps is a bit too bookish for his own good on this matter.

Katherine stops at the main door to the office and arches an eyebrow at Graham. "Well, unlike you I don't have any cases to work on yet so I don't really have all that much work over the weekends. /I'm/ still shadowing Auror Pierce and he's working on some rumors of Imperious being used to 'seduce' women in Muggle London. Fat chance he's going to have of figuring that one out."

Graham pauses setting his writing utensil down. He chuckles at her words at least the last part, though it fades quickly he doesn't want her to think he's laughing at her which he's not. He is silent as he ponders the question. "I would work that angle if I were you, it's obvious your a great Auror Kat. Talk to him about it. I mean how can he not see that having a woman's way of thinking, especially on that sort of case, would be just what's needed to crack it?" he pauses "As far as me being on a case, here is where it gets me: writing a proposal to the commissioner." he grins.

Katherine rolls here eyes at the idea of actually helping on the case and then, in a passable imitation of Auror Pierce's nasal voice, she says, "An /Initiate's/ place is to is to watch. To be seen and not be heard." Going back to her normal voice she continues, "I really do think Worthington has it out for me. He doesn't approve of my choice of entertainment. And matching me up with Pierce is part of that. But I'll be free of him sooner or later." Leaning out the door she gestures to the wizard currently sitting the front desk that she's coming, soon. "And what are you proposing to the commissioner, pray tell?"

The young man shakes his head at the words of the Auror. "I served alongside Auror Bates, on a few outings definitely more the hands on approach. He once taught me pro-active auroring by having us wear our Auror uniforms down Knockturn Alley to make those there nervous." he laughs shaking his head slightly though glancing back to his proposal with a sigh. "Like you said though I'm sure your time with Auror Pierce is numbered. You'll likely be full Auror before me." he says before answering the other question "I need to convince him that I have good reason for wanting to visit Azkaban." he explains vaguely.

Katherine laughs and shakes her head, "You need to pick up a little more political savvy there Mr. Cohen. The only reason I'm actually an Initiate is because, besides meeting the qualifications on paper, my family has contacts. If not my…" Here she stops to think about how exactly she wants to phrase what she's going to say next and settles for, "Entertainments over the last few years, given the people I spent my time with, would have kept me out of the program. My time as an Initiate is probably going to last as long as they can make it last." She follows this with a big, bright smile and admits, "And my bucking of expectations isn't helping either. But life is so much more fun that way."

Graham chuckles "Perhaps so. I am a bit bookish, if you had not guessed; a Ravenclaw through and through one might say. The way I think of it though, if you are doing no harm to others and you are good at your job, it should not affect your work here." he shrugs after speaking "Perfect example is the sore loser from the pub. You being an Auror didn't cause that, and I didn't find any law being broken, nothing serious if there is one. If that man had suddenly gone dark, you'd have protected the patrons like any of us would."

Katherine laughs and nods, "We need to make sure you make Chief one day, Graham. But sadly, that would be hard because, you see, perception is important to those in power. And having embarrassing people around, broken rules or not, makes it harder to stay in power. If your subordinates reflect badly on you then they better be /damn/ good at their job, so that higher society considers it necessary to ignore their embarrassing actions." Then her name is hollered from the front desk making her lean back out the door to respond with, "I'm coming! Hold your hippogryphs!" before returning her attention to Graham,"But if you want to continue this conversation it seems you're going to have to give up your desk and come out front with me."

The other initiate chuckles at the first part at least "I hardly think they'd ever make me Chief." Graham can't imagine it anyways. He listens to the other's words, nodding "I guess you're right. Impressions are something people often place a focus on." He rolls up his parchment and places it back in his file folder before standing up "Sure, I need a break anyways, been sitting far to long." He moves to follow the other.

Katherine leads the way to the front desk of the Ministry's Office of Magical Law Enforcement and takes her seat behind it as the wizard that was there before her all but runs out of the building in his haste to finally get home now that his shift has extended itself 15 minutes longer than it should have. As she sits down Kat mutters,"Well, I guess up to a point I could take this as a compliment. Bloody boring duty but at least the person that sits here is supposed to be able to fight." She doesn't sound at all convinced about this.

Graham looks about the security desk nodding to the rushing wizard as he leaves for home, but soon turns back to the other Auror Initiate. "Quite true, nobody here to protect the office but you and some guy holding a quill." he holds up the utensil with a grin, at least trying to cheer Kat up from the task at hand though not sure of how successful he'll be.

Katherine chuckles a little bit and rolls her eyes, "Get off it, Graham. I know well enough you can hold your own in a fight. Even if I didn't have personal experience with it from back in school, you would have never made it to where you are if you couldn't. So what do you want to visit Azkaban for?. Dreary place, by all accounts."

The young man shrugs at his dueling skill from school and into his career. "I try, but only at need." he answers, still being polite about his job. He never wants to seem like he's boasting. Graham looks about the empty area before he answers. "I've tracked down one of the members of the group which was part of the ambush." this part being public knowledge that it took place. He continues "He's serving a sentence in Azkaban." he explains a little; at least a fellow Auror can understand the red tape frustrations. "Not exactly my dream vacation, by any stretch."

Katherine laughs,"That's an understatement. That place would be horrible even without the dementors. Add them into the picture and I really don't know why people take the risk of doing things that will end them up there. Hopefully, the trip there will be worth it."

Graham winces at thinking about the place. "I cant imagine either. Hopefully it will, I really don't want to go there but its my best lead so far, ya know? I've not really tested my patronus beyond sending messages." the Auror says, glancing back out to the mostly empty front entrance. "How long did you say that you had to be here on guard?" he asks but continues a moment later. "You'll have to let me know if you need food or something I can run it by." he turns back to the other.

Katherine nods graciously,"I thank you for the offer. But you should probably go home since I have to be here all night."

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