(1938-05-21) Passport to Azkaban
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Summary: Graham gets a meeting with Commissioner Ogden to request permission to interrogate an Azkaban inmate.
Date: May 21, 1938
Location: MLE
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Chief Auror Gordon Worthington's leather outer robe sweeps dramatically behind him as he strides down the hall. He gestures instructively to the Auror Initiate walking beside him, his voice an emphatic whisper. "I hope you have all of your notes in order. Commissioner Ogden is a man of precision. If it isn't by the book, it will take a miracle to get approval for this. You're sure you want to do this, Cohen? Azkaban is dreadful, even for the rare visitor." His piercing eyes search the younger man's face in an uncharacteristic show of concern.

The young man has spiffied himself up as well uniform and robes pressed as well as the items he carries a file folder as well as a neatly rolled piece of parchment. Graham listens to the other as he walks answering only when finished "Yes Sir, I believe it will lead me in the direction of the thieves, it wont be pleasant no doubt but I believe my patronus up to par at a need." he tries to smile a bit, but isn't sure if it comes across much.

Worthington nods firmly, slowing as the two men approach Commissioner Ogden's office. "Good. The Dementors may work for us…but they're still Dark creatures, and there have been…incidents. They don't always 'remember' to distinguish between prisoners and Ministry officials." Worthington simply nods at the sharply dressed young lady at the desk, who rises to rap lightly on the Ogden's door, cracking it open to announce that the Auror Chief had arrived.

"Send them in," comes the high, stern voice of Bob Ogden, Commissioner of the entire Department of Magical Law Enforcement. As the two Aurors are shown in, Ogden rises from his desk to greet them. He is a small, slightly rotund man with a broad face and pinched, bespectacled eyes. Though he doesn't present much of an imposing figure, there are few individuals in the Ministry of Magic with as much authority and power as he is entrusted with. "Gordon, do come in, and you must be Auror Initiate Cohen. Please, sit."

Graham moves onwards though still taking in the information that is offered about the prison he'll likely need the help if allowed to go. "I'll keep that in mind, though I don't look to give them a reason." The young man states before they reach the office not wishing to be rude he lets the other speak as he's shown in he gives a salute to the man as he greets them "Thank you Sir." he answers moving to one of the open seats and only sitting as the others do so as well.

As all three men settle in, Ogden starts right into the purpose of the meeting. "Cohen, I'm told you have a request for me." He pats a familiar looking file folder on his desk. "I've reviewed your progress in the Mysteries theft case. Adequate work thus far."

Worthington chimes in, "He has shown considerable initiative, and has functioned very well given the restrictions he faces, dealing with the Department of Mysteries." He leans back in his seat, and gestures to Graham. "The floor is yours, Cohen."

The young man clears his throat. "Yes Sir I do, and thank you sir as well." Graham remembers that the other is not one for small talk and so gathers his file folder quickly enough taking out the copies of the drawings of the visions as well as statements. As well as his offical proposal. "I have met with the students at the school who are involved due to the visions having been had and a run in with the suspected thief who tried to retrieve the wand by force." he offers the pictures to go with his statements.

He pauses a moment so they can be looked over. "I also ran the records looking for any record of the Vengals and only came up with one Martus Vengal in Azkaban for the past twenty years for using the Cruciatus Curse on Muggle-borns." He offers a bit more of the information before finally his proposal. "I request permission to meet the prisoner to interrogate him for information based on both the visions and speaking to the wand maker who is distant cousins with this family, to find those guilty of his family including Callus Vengal the attacker of the children."

Worthington leans forward, presenting another folder from under his robes. "I took the liberty of bringing you Martus Vengal's records as well, Commissioner. As I'm sure you'll see, it's…interesting."

Lifting his brow curiously, Ogden takes the offered documentation, eyes flickering speedily over the words and images. He flips through Vengal's rather sparse records, his face slowly shifting to a frown. "I have no recollection of this convict. He was imprisoned before my time as Commissioner." Noting Worthington nodding along, he shifts his gaze to Graham. "Martus Vengal's documents are quite crisp. Hardly the sort of worn and smudged parchment one typically finds in a twenty year old case file. What do you make of it, Auror Cohen?"

Graham watches as the other records are passed over and allowing time for the commissioner to look over both sets a moment. He can only sit back in his seat until he's spoken to again. The young man is nothing if not patient so this doesn't bother him. "I don't mean any ill by it but I noticed the reports state as well, I can only figure he wasn't tried or investigated before imprisonment, the papers show no wear from being stored even careful as I am with my notes. For such a crime i'd expect other records verbal statements witnesses reports but unless sealed beyond my access i've seen nothing of that sort."

Ogden glances to Worthington, and a slight shake of the Auror Chief's head tells him all he needs to know. "There are no further records than what you see here." Ogden ponders a moment, tapping his fingers on the desk with a hint of irritation. "My predecessor was no more inclined to bypass trial than I am. Something isn't right about this." He regards Cohen carefully for several seconds of silence. "Travelling to Azkaban is a risky venture. If I approve this, you will go by boat, and will not be allowed to leave your cabin until you arrive. Even so, you will have all memory of the trip to and from the island erased. Your time on the island carries its own risk, and you must give the Dementors no reason to believe that you are a threat to the security of the prison. You will have access to Vengal for no more than an hour, so choose your questions carefully. Also, realize that this may be entirely fruitless. Twenty years in Azkaban will destroy all but the hardest of minds. Do you understand?"

"I meant no disrespect of course, just my finding the files odd as well." Graham says as he listens further about the records before it turns to the matter at hand. He knows at this is important and is willing to take the risk but doesn't want to seem over confident either. "I will agree to abide by those limitations, I do not seek this out lightly, but feel it will give us the best chance of finding the Vengles and the item at hand along with them." the young man says.

"Very well." Without hesitation, Commissioner Ogden picked up a heavy stamp resting on an ink pad, and brings it down onto Graham's request form with a THUMP, leaving "APPROVED" in bold, red letters. "Tread carefully, Auror Cohen. These are dark times, and I think that the Vengals chose now to appear is no great coincidence. You are dismissed."

Worthington rises to his feet, awaiting Graham before stepping out. He gives Ogden a respectful nod, "Bob. I'll keep you informed."

Graham nods his head gathering folder back up quickly enough. He pushes the chair back offering another salute to the commissioner. "Thank you Sir. I will do my best." he says simply as he moves towards the door and prepares to move out though doesn't go far figuring his boss may have notes for him or wish to discuss further the issue at hand.

When the door shuts, Worthington takes up his rapid pace once again, leading Graham back to the Auror Office. "Take backup if you need it. If you get into trouble there…well, by the time we know about it, it will be far too late to help you." He pauses briefly before turning off toward his own office, pushing his hand into Graham's for a firm handshake. "Good luck, Auror."

The young man pauses only a moment not in step but responding. "I am not sure I would drag another into such danger. It's not hubris, but if it is for not and someone got hurt.. I will still consider it all the same." Graham says looking to his boss and shakes the others hand "Thank you sir." with this he'll give a salute before heading back out of the office to begin his preparations and to decide if he'll take another auror with him.

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