(1938-05-22) Ravenclaws in the Library
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Summary: Gabrielle, Ophelia, and Hephaesta discuss recent events and future plans in the library.
Date: May 22, 1938
Location: Library
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Lately, Ophelia's been skipping meals often. Usually its been dinner, though more and more she's been absent at lunch as well, taking as much time as possible to study for her OWLs and keep up on her other research. Today she came upstairs to the library rather than join the lunch crowds, and as those below begin their meal she moves through the shelves, pulling down a few books here and there on her way to a free table.

Gabrielle 's actually been doing the opposite, meaning, she's been going to meals. She has to…to sneak food for Sir Nibbler. Today she rushed in , grabbed a few things and rushed out. She's headed for the Library in hopes of finding a corner she can read in, maybe even study…besides transfig, Potions and divinations, she's pretty much given up on passing anything. She's gor her sketchbook , along with a small stack of old Potions books laid out on a table in front of her. She's humming a tune under her breath, and has one hand in her lap as she looks an open book.

Hephaesta shadows behind Ophelia, her own books clutched to her chest. "You're sure it's alright if I'm here?" She whispers, "I don't want to distract you from your studies. O.W.L.s are so very important." It's the same question she's asks every time she sits with Ophelia during her study sessions.

Ophelia tosses Hephaesta an amused grin over her shoulder. "Will you stop asking that already? If I thought you were bothering me I'd have started studying alone weeks ago. You help to keep me on task." Without looking, at first, to see who is at the table, she sits at the first she finds with free seats, right across from Gabby.

Gabrielle heard the two before they sat down, although she's surprised Ophe's choosing to sit with her. Not looking up from her book, although her humming does stop, she'll pull he stack closer, to make room for the books she knows Ophe's pulling. Now that Gabby's stopped humming a soft purring noise can be heard coming from her …lap.

Hephaesta doesn't miss Gabrielle's presence, and sits down slowly, sending nervous glances between the two girls. But her apprehension gives way to her curiosity at the purring sound. She stares at Gabby inquisitively, her eye searching for the source of the soft noise.

While she didn't conciously note the humming, the absense of it catches at the back of Ophelia's mind. She looks up curiously, trying to figure out what caught her attention, notices Gabrielle, and sighs softly. Looking back down, she reaches into her stack of books and papers, pulling a few out and pushing them across the table at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle can feel Phae's eyes, trying to find Sir Nibbler, but she doesn't look up till there's papers being pushed at her. The purring continues from her lap, although there is a pause when Gabby leans forward to pick up the papers. It starts up again as her starts petting him, again. She'll sigh softly, she doesn't look mad, just…tired.

Hephaesta has got the Ravenclaw itch of curiosity, and it must be scratched. She'll figure out what the papers are all about in a moment. She has a suspicion anyhow. Right now, there is a mystery in need of solving. It doesn't take long for her investigation to lead to leaning sideways to glance under the table.

"Its all my notes so far." Ophelia explains quietly. She, too, doesn't look ready for a fight. Her own expression is resigned. "I don't know if they'll be of any help to you, but you never know." She turns to watch Hephaesta curiously as she sees the girl shifting out of the corner of her eye, a small grin tugging at her lips.

Gabrielle starts to nod, and then looks at Phae as well, tilting her head, "What are you doing?" She's trying to not smile, cause Phae just kinda looks silly…and is gonna fall if she's not careful.

Hephaesta sits upright, brow lifted at Gabrielle. "You have a…um…" She shifts her gaze in the direction of Madam Patil, then lowers her voice even further. "Is that a puffskein?"

Ophelia watches Hephaesta with a growing grin, a grateful happiness in her eyes. She keeps quiet, waiting to see what will happen with Phae and Gabby before saying more.

Gabrielle can't help the small grin that lights up her face as she nods, "Yes, he's name is Sir Nibbler. Teddy got him for me for my birthday." Gabby will glance down and scratch at the fluff ball a moment, "He's pretty aces." It's hard to tell if she means Sir Nibbler or Teddy.

Hephaesta can't help a little upturn of her lips. "He's cute." Her eyes shift toward Ophelia, doing a terrible job of masking her hopeful expression. She's been trying so very hard to be better around animals since Ophelia got her cat.

Ophelia is smiling brightly when Hephaesta looks up, happiness and pride clear in her eyes. "He really is pretty cute." She murmurs quietly. "He even inspired the little first year Elise to try and get her own someday."

Gabrielle nods, "yeah…and he eats all the spiders in the rooms..so no creepy crawlies when we sleep." Gabby will look up, not quite sure what's going on between the two. Phae's looking hopeful? Does she want a pet, or something? "I hope he gets along with Orbit , when she comes. Mabel says she should be done with owl training soon." Gabby will glance down at the notes in her hand, trying to decide if she needs to duplicate them, just read them now, or borrow them.

Hephaesta nods along, pretending to understand what Gabrielle is talking about. Then, demonstrating her masterful social skills, she blurts out, "So, you two have made up, then?"

"Orbit? That's a good name for a-an… Owl." Ophelia glances at Gabrielle briefly, offering a smaller, uncertain smile until Phae blurts out her question, causing her to stutter and looks down at her own empty lap, not sure what to say. A quick glance at the notes will reveal that they are neater than Ophelia's usual hurried style, as though they were copied from originals.

Gabrielle nods, she thought so on the name. She'll raise an eyebrow, "I didn't think we were fighting currently." She'll look up at Ophe, "Are we?" Technically, they're not.

Hephaesta nibbles at her lip, suspecting she's just hitched up the awkwardness. "Oh…well, good. So…is that your research on the Heart of Gold, Ophie?" She gestures to the stack of notes. Surely, this subject change will be less uncomfortable…right?

Ophelia glances up, frowns confusedly, and shrugs. "Uh… I'm not fighting with anyone? I just… thought you were… oh, uh, yes." Nodding to Hephaesta's question, she looks at the notes, "They aren't much yet, just every book I've found that makes a reference to them, my sketches of the image Gabby drew on the wagon, my notes on the visions, the Mirror… thing… "

Gabrielle nods as she looks through the papers, making mental notes of the things she didn't know. "Are the notes from Phae's grandfather in here?" She'll frown slightly at something, and then keep scanning the page. "I've been referring to it as the mirror memory. Makes things easier." Sir Nibbler doesn't seem to like the fact that Gabby's stopped petting him, the purring has stopped and a soft grunting noise is not starting to come from her lap.

Hephaesta nods, suppressing a shudder at the thought of the mirror memory. "I still haven't heard anything from Dada about Daedelus Mulciber. After the convention, he was asked to attend some other conference, so his trip was extended."

"The mirror memory." Ophelia murmurs, nodding, "Y-yes, they're, ah, toward the back. Its all arranged by when I found it out, still. Once I have something more substantial I'll be working on a more cohesive organizational process… " She tilts her head as she speaks, slowly bending to the side in a decent impression of Hephaesta's earlier antics. "Oh? Have… have you heard anything from him at all?"

Gabrielle looks between the two, "Is there something wrong? Should you have heard something from him by now?" Gabby's jaw tightens some , not sure if she should be worried or not. People with parents just don't get it, sometimes. She'll take a deep breath, "I'm waiting to hear back from the Auror."

Hephaesta shakes her head to both girls' queries. "He's fine. He's just busy in America right now. Mother doesn't want me bothering him with 'school things' while he's working. There's no hope of convincing her that it's more important than all that."

Ophelia sits up, nodding. She's biting her lower lip, though she tries not to look too worried. "I-I just… no, no its fine." She tries a small smile, "I'm sure I'm just worrying too much. And being impatient. You know." She looks to one side, sighing, "Perhaps this summer I should start a project to organize our books at home. I'm certain that we have something useful buried in that place."

Gabrielle nods slowly to Phae, trying to loosen her body, no need to get all worked up. Gabby will bite her lower lip as well…"I…I have a project too.I may need help with." She'll glance around, making sure there's no adults or prefects or anyone else within hearing distance. She'll even drop her voice some, "I've about convinced Conall to get me into the restricted section. But I'm not sure it'll be there. I want to try to Felix Felicis….but don't have the instructions." She'll start petting Sir Nib, before he gets to loud with his complaining.

Hephaesta's eyes widen at the notion. "Conall has access to the restricted section?" She turns her gaze to that tempting and forbidden part of the library. It's every Ravenclaw's dream to get in there. "What's Felix Felicis, anyhow?"

Ophelia looks up, eyebrows raised in interest. As Gabrielle mentions her idea, her eyes light up, the spark of hidden knowledge too tempting to deny. Of course, seconds later she sits back, glancing toward Madam Patil, "Its… its a luck potion." She explains in a whisper for Hephaesta, "But… I hear its impossible to brew."

Gabrielle shrugs to Phae, "Well, he's a Prefect, he'd have access than I wouldn't." She'll look over to Ophe,leaning forward as well, "Yeah..Liquid Luck. It's not impossible to brew, if it was, it wouldn't be a potion then. It's just very difficult. I heard it takes a year to brew… but that would put us at 6th year, we'd still be here….and hopefully this mess will be resolved by then, but if not? It's the perfect thing to fall back on." Gabby's trying , and failing to keep the excitement out of her voice. Not only would it be an amazing back up plan, but how cool would it be to brew Liquid Luck?!?!

Hephaesta blinks. "A year to brew it? That's…um…quite a back up plan. I mean, I suppose it couldn't hurt. Unless there are dangers in the brewing. Are there?"

"A year?" The dissapointment is clear in Ophelia's voice, and she slumps in her seat. But now the idea's taken hold she's not letting it go. "But there has to be a way to make it work now. I mean, with the right plan, I'm sure we can figure something out." She frowns at the table, ideas already churning in her head.

Gabrielle looks down in her lap, "I'm not certain…I would assume with any potion that has such a powerful out come that the brewing process may have….hazards. I won't know till i see it." She'll look up from her happy , purring fluff ball, "But I can do it. I know I can." She'll look to Ophe, "No… Most likely not. Some things you can smudge in potions, but if it was able to be tweaked down, don't you think everyone would have Liquid Luck?" She'll sigh, "I just…in case the Ministry doesn't solve this…it's not like I'll be able to really do anything over the summer anyway. I might as well do this." She'll frown, "I don't even know where I'll end up, if they don't capture the Vengals by July."

Hephaesta shivers at the mention of the Vengals. "You should come stay with my family, Gabby. My father and grandfather designed our house's security. Nobody could get to you there." She nods confidently.

"Oh, no I don't mean… " Ophelia frowns, trying to think of a better way to explain, "I mean… we could try it without a potion too? And then, you know, if we don't find anything then you start brewing?" She looks over at Hephaesta, eyebrows rising at the comment about security.

Gabrielle smiles softly at Phae, "Well, if I have to be in hiding, or under protection, that means Jackson will too. I don't think you want him in your house…And if I don't…I miss my aunts…I want to go home." Gabby blinks and will actually tilt her head at Ophe, until she realizes what Ophe's talking about. She'll nod, "Yes, if we can get in and find anything on the Heart, then yes…but I wouldn't' even know where to look, which book. I know Liquid Luck will be in a potions book, at least….I mean, if we can get in, and you have a reference, "Gabby will motion to Ophe's notes, ".. to a book we should look into, then yes, absolutely."

Hephaesta does, indeed, hesitate at the notion of Jackson Potter, Jr. in her home. But she eventually just shakes her head. "If the two of you are in danger, I'll convince my father to let you stay. Maybe the two of you can stay at the townhouse. We spend most of the summer at the country house, anyhow."

Ophelia bites her lip, frowning. "Umm… Jackson? Why would he have to stay too?" Clearly she's also not keep on the idea.

Gabrielle sighs, having had this argument with Ripley on some level before, "Because he needs to be in a safe place too? He knocked Vengal down…He's not the type of man who's going to let that go. He'll kill Jackson, if he can. Jacks saved my life…no matter how much of an ass he is, I owe him." Gabby will nod to Phae, although the idea of staying in a house , alone it sounds like, with Jackson maybe about as bad as dealign with the Vengals.

Hephaesta shrugs. "Of course, this is assuming that the Vengals aren't busy with other things. It isn't very logical for them to come after a couple of students if it doesn't gain them anything." There's that nice, rational Ravenclaw logic. But, of course, Phae never looked into the cold, cruel eyes of Callus Vengal.

Ophelia continues to frown worriedly, though Phae's logic definitely reassures her some. "It just seems like… he should be… safe somewhere else. I'm sre Ripley won't like it, at least. And with the way he is to some people… " She glances at Phae, "I wouldn't want him to say something to yor family… "

Gabrielle shakes her head, "This is all speculation…the Auror may catch them by summer, or have somewhere they want us to go. I'd be surprised if I have a choice, if the Ministry decides I need to be under lock and key." Yikes, she's not bitter much?Gabby will look back down at the notes, they just don't get it. This whole situation is just….complicated, Gabby knows it's far more than she can understand.

"I don't think the Ministry will lock you up for being in danger. But…whatever happens, just let me know. I can talk to my father. That goes for Jackson, too." Phae gives Ophelia a reassuring smile. "I'm not terribly worried about Jackson. My father is a very patient man, and my mother can charm just about anyone." She rolls her eyes when she brings up her mother.

Ophelia shakes her head, "If the Ministry hasn't bothered with that until now, I doubt they will at all. I think we've slipped out of their notice. Why would they bother with a bunch of schoolchildren?" She looks down at the table again, thoughtful, then turns to give Hephaesta a speculative look, chuckling softly at her sweetheart's reassuring words.

Gabrielle nods her head, but doesn't look convinced. She'll bite the inside of her cheek debating, and will live it with a , "The Auror told Jackson and I to not leave the school grounds. And that if it wasn't resolved by summer, steps would be taken." She'll shrug and leave it at that. Sir Nibbler, who's finished his cookie and is now trying to climb onto the table, starts to make some loud chirping noises. " Nibs! Be quiet!" Gabby will quickly pull his towards her chest, trying to calm him down.

Hephaesta sighs heavily. All of this business with Dark wizards and mysterious artifacts has her brain going too many directions at once. "I'm sure they'll figure someone out soon. Don't worry, Gabby. Your house is with you." She offers an encouraging smile.

A light clearing of the throat announces the soft-footed presence of a smiling Madam Patil. In her gentle whisper, she informs the girls, "The lunch hour is nearly over, ladies. You'll want to be off to lessons soon." If the librarian noticed the puffskein, she chose to say nothing of it. She helps them check out any books that they need before sending them along so they aren't late for their next classes.

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