(1938-05-26) Adopting Medusa
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Summary: Gabrielle helps Randy find a snake-like creature in the garden. Randy shares vague plans of how she is going to use the creature to torture a Slytherin. Is she breaking the truce of civility?
Date: Sun May 26, 1938
Location: Gardens, Hogwarts
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Gardens, Hogwarts

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and drizzling.

Sculpted box woods and grafted flowering trees border fountains and statuary, benches of a wide variety of shapes and sizes affording a person the opportunity to stop and appreciate the beauty here or a quiet moment from the courtyard. A riot of salvia and geraniums are visible from one angle, maroon begonias alongide tall and bright scarlet bee balm blaze from the southern corner. Black eyes susans, contrast with rising sunflowers, tightly-clustered heads of sunny marigold and goldenrod bob lazily in the breezes that blow from the west. Across from the sunflowers, a profusion of green in the form of hostas and ferns coupled with Canterbury bells and even a few pitcher plants twist in a wilder jungle of more loosely-controlled foliage. Deep blue foxgloves, creeping lobelia and Siberian iris serenely fill the northern corner. Seventh Year Herbology students tend the garden of their own House's colors, those who truly care for their duties obviously taking visible pride in the health of their flowers.

It's the weekend, and the weekend is a time for shenanigans. The pitter patter of rain that fell this morning still can be heard from the flowers and the trees. At least the sun is out, now after lunch. Various creatures should be coming out to bask: insects, birds, snakes, students. And that's what Randy is counting on. She's got some wellies on while still sporting her uniform, yet she's got mud on her knees and is a little bit messy. Plus it isn't weird at all that she's bending over to look at what seems like the flowers right? At eye level…that's not weird at all.

Gabrielle 's come out, after having the news dropped on her of the Durschelhammer group leaving, she's kinda on her own. She's got her sketchbook in hand and a small blanket to sit on the bench so she can draw. As she walks into the gardens though Randy's…situation catches her eye. she'll walk up slowly, and in a soft voice, to not scare her…or anything else, "What are you doing?"

Randy reaches out to run her fingers over the flowers, bending them back gently so as to not damage the flowers. She blinks and looks up at Gabrielle, angling her head back so she can look at her. She's kind of just kneeling in the bed at this point. "Oh, hey. I'm trying to find a snake. What are you up to?" she says, as if this were a perfectly natural thing to do. Friendly and warm with a slight grin.

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow, but doesn't look squeamish. Maybe being friends with first years pays off in some respects. She'll glance around, after giving Randy a smile back, looking as well, "why are you looking for a snake?"

"I have an idea, plus I'm bored," Randy says as she returns her visual focus to the flower inspection. She shifts to examine another patch and looks back at Gabrielle, "Do you know that Malfoy girl? Slytherin house, 6th year?" She gives a sly little grin.

Gabrielle eyes light up and she'll give Randy back a slightly evil grin. "The bitch, Medusa?" She'll pull out her wand, "Accio snake."

A snake-like something zooms up from the garden and slaps Randy in the face along the way. Never get in the way of a summoning charm. Her head goes to the side as she gets smacked across the cheek and she pops back into position with laughter. The "snake," once in Gabby's hand, /blinks/ at the Ravenclaw girl. "Uh…snakes don't blink I don't think."

"Oh Merlin!" Now Gabby looks mortified as the creature slaps Randy on it's way to her hand. She's actually surprised that teh charm worked as well, and as fast as it did. She'll look down to the snake like thing in her hands, now not sure what to do with it. "Uh…here?" she'll offer it to Randy. "Are you ok?"

Randy just rubs a little dirt off her cheek as she pushes up to her feet. Then she reaches out to grab the creature with a smile and not a sign of a flinch or gross out. "Thanks. Yeah, just fine." She reaches for her wand and spouts out a scouring charm to her outfit. Presto. After putting away her wand, her second hand joins the first in giving the creature something to weave around. She lifts it to her eye level to get a good look at him, but also glance off to Gabby as she says, "Gabrielle? I'd like you to meet Medusa."

Gabrielle gives the girl another small smile, "No…I really should have thought about where you were sitting before doing that. I'm sorry." Gabby just stares, because what Randy says could mean any number of things, but she's hoping it means something specific. She'll give a small smirk then, cause whatever it means, she's ok with it, "Oh…really? She looks…nicer than usual."

"Really? She's still cold and slippery," Randy says with a smirk. "But yes…maybe it's because she's just stuffed her snout with her weight in food?" The Gryffindor shrugs innocently with a gentle smile. As for getting smacked in the face with a 'snake,' Randy doesn't even pay it mind. "I thought I might introduce Medusa to Medusa."

Gabrielle grins, "As long as the bitchy one doesn't hurt the nice and slimy one." She smile falters slightly, "She really is a horrid person." She'll put her wand away, no need for it, and hug her sketchbook to her chest.

Randy lowers the creature to look at Gabrielle when she gives her assessment of the Slytherin. "…What did she do to you?" Her eyebrows arch delicately as she tries to guide the snakelike thing into one of the large outside robe pockets. "I think she's broken," she says with some weight.

Gabrielle blushes some, realizing she's said more than she probably should have, "She…she overheard something, I'm not sure what, and now keeps saying that I'm Slytherin's pet Ravenclaw…" Gabby's voice drops some with embarrassment. She'll take a deep breath, "She actually tried to pat me on the head."

Randy doesn't draw attention to Gabrielle's embarrassment. Something causes a grin to curl onto her lips, "Okay, well, being a Slytherin pet isn't exactly that bad sometimes…" Her eyes wander slightly as if she's thinking about something or other, then she looks back to Gabby. "If she is a bitch, it doesn't matter what she says," Randy points out.

Gabrielle looks up and tilts her head slightly, that wasn't the reaction she expected from, well…anyone. "I'm not anyone's pet." She'll narrow her eyes, trying to figure out what Randy's thinking. "I wouldn't care if she just said that to me, but she's saying to other people too. I don't want Ripley to hear, he'll get upset."

"It's an expression Gabrielle. And like I said, what she says doesn't matter," Randy says with a shrug. She doesn't explain this. After all, Randy is the girl with somewhat of a terrible reputation of having a temper, succumbing to baiting quite easily when she was younger, etc. She grins. "I'm really just doing this because I'm bored," before she starts to walk away.

Gabrielle blinks, not sure what expression Randy's talking about. She'll sigh softly, "I guess.. I just don't' understand people like that." She'll not say anything else, it's not just the Medusa stuff, but everything. But she can't say that. She'll give Randy a small smile, "Ok…Have fun, I guess….If you need an alibi I'll be out here for a few hours." Gabby will move to lay her blanket down on the bench and then sit.

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