(1938-05-26) Escape From Durmstrang
Details for Escape From Durmstrang
Summary: Durmstrang has finally given in and allowed the Triwizard Tournament to happen…or have they?
Date: May 26, 1938
Location: Durmstrang Institute
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Durmstrang Institute. A stark, foreboding castle in a cold, bitter landscape. But a hard land breeds hard men and women. It is no surprise, then, that the proud sons and daughters of Durmstrang are a dour and serious family. Nevertheless, even these grim environs are brightened, and moods cheered, now that the political struggles over the school's policy on Muggle-born wizards have been resolved and the Triwizard Tournament is finally underway.

The Hogwarts' entourage's arrival by portkey wasn't nearly as impressive as the flying coach that transported those from Beauxbatons. But it didn't improve the lukewarm reception of Beau Boue, the Beauxbatons Champion.

The opening ceremonies consisted of a somber lighting of candles by the three Headmasters of Durmstrang, Hogwarts, and Beauxbatons — a symbol of their renewed dedication to working together. During the feast that followed, the school's students put on entertainment in the form of acrobatics, skilled displays of pyromancy, and a dirge-like recital of the Durmstrang anthem.

As the first Triwizard task is to take place in the morning, the guests have been put up into quarters for the evening. Two of the smaller towers have been set aside, and one of them currently houses most of the Hogwarts entourage, including Leander himself, Ripley, Ophelia, Seamus, Soleil, Eamon, Lucian, and Ria. The party currently finds itself in something akin to a Common Room, where they can relax and socialize before heading off to their private quarters for bed.

Ripley walks over and flops down in a chair as soon as they get into the room. He grins to his brother and claps his hands, "It's about time to have some fun!" He says, beaming with pride and laughing all the while. "And that food. That was amazing… But that anthem has to go. So… Sad and depressing." A look to Leander, "You ready for all this?"

Ophelia has barely said a word throughout the entire trip thus far. She's kept as much to herself as allowed, save for an attempt at an encouraging wave to Beau Boue whenever she was able to catch his eye. She's especially tried to avoid eye contact with the Headmaster and champion of Durmstrang, though, and despite the excitement of the Tournament finally taking place, relaxes only a little when the group is released to their rooms. Fetching her notes, she finds herself a chair as close to the fireplace as possible, kicks off her shoes, and starts going over everything. "Did anyone get a chance to see the other champions' wands?"

Soleil is going through a few books, rather looking like a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin as she asks, "Do you think he might need more Poison Antidote? I only brought three doses. I brought some forgetfulness potion, but by looking at that oaf Champion Durmstrang has, he doesn't need much help forgetting anything."

Leander is doing his best not to look pale as a ghost. In spite of so many months to prepare for this, the reality of the impending tasks seems to be weighing on him. But he gives Ripley as confidence a nod as he can. "As ready as I'll ever be."

"I am not sure that I agree about the food." Seamus says shaking his head,"However, the anthem was quite depressing. Definitely earns the right of being called a dirge I think." He says as he sits there relaxing and of course nibbling a biscuit. "I didn't. I don't think they got their wands out. However, I have a feeling things will be going a little bit rough from here. I am just trying not to get too much attention from the Durmstrang lot." He says nervously about the last bit.

Lucian has been his usual cheery self…which is to say he's been Terribly Serious. Having Ria by his side has kept him from being completely grim, but in different robes he could be mistaken for a Durmstrang student. But finally he chimes in, tearing his attention away from Ria long enough to speak. "They're just trying to shake us up."

Ripley was looking at Leander and giving his brother a smile, "Really? You are in the Tri-Wizard, Lea… This is amazing. You can do this and you will be awesome. You got the stuff from Gabby, Sol is doing potions. We worked out. You will be just fine!"

Ophelia glances up with a grin for Soleil, but it slips from her face quickly as Seamus speaks. Nodding to him, she returns her eyes to her notes. "Can you make more?" She asks Soleil, pulling her knees up to her chest.

There is a light rapping on the door and Soleil at least calls for a 'Come in.' so in enters perhaps a surprising addition to the little gathering, Beau Boue. He has one hand behind his back but what he's carrying there isn't easily hid since it's a very large bouquet bursting with flower that are a rare luxury on remote French terrain. "Pardon moi, but I was hoping to speak with Meeze Zummahbee?" He gives everyone a charming and apologetic smile as he blue eyes hunt the faces for the redhead he seeks, taking a couple of little steps deeper into the room.

Soliel shrugs her shoulders, "Depends on the potion, but it'll be rough to churn anything I don't have with out in such a short time. Wha— Oh, Bon Jour." She cuts off to say with a bit of a smirk towards the French lad who's entered in very bad French.

Ripley lifts a brow and looks to the boy. He sizes the guy up but still stays in the chair he flopped down in before.

Ophelia jumps up when Beau Boue enters, papers scattering everywhere. She starts out with a surprised smile, and even to step forward and greet the boy. But her step falters as she hears her name, and as she catches sight of the flowers. "O-oh… my, uhm… yes, of course, ah… hello." Weakly, she lifts a hand to wave, "Er, that is… bonsoir."

The arrival of the French lad does cause Seamus to fall silent about whatever he was going to say. He watches the lad curiously from where he's sitting wondering what the lad's up to right now, tapping his finger against his right leg.

Leander rises when his competitor enters. He keeps his silence, seeing as Beau doesn't seem to be here for him. For now, he remains by Ripley's side, simply observing.

Lucian gives Beau an appraising look when he comes in, as if sizing him up. Seeing the French lad making Ophelia flutter, he instinctively puts an arm around Ria.

Ripley rolls his eyes with the motion of Lucian to 'protect' his girl and just lays his head back against the chair and rolls his head to one side to whisper to Leander, "Looks like a pansy. You are fit and your brain is fit. They don't stand a chance."

Ria, however, who has been sitting near Lucian, neither rises nor makes any motion to greet the Beauxbatons Champion. She simply sits idly in her chair, legs crossed like a perfect lady while she idly observes her nails. Lucian's arm is unexpected but when she's dragged in it's only then she realizes the French boy has arrived. Even so, she doesn't seem impressed after she too gives a similar appraising look. "Bonsoir, Monseiur Boue. You look adequate this evening," she says in perfect French. Naturally. Slythersnob.

In a flourish Beau reveals the bouquet out to Ophelia and bows along with it, a Knight out of time he seems to be. He makes to place the flowers in Ophelia's arms and leans over them to place a soft kiss to each of her cheeks. "I am sorry to interrupt. But I only just now had the opportunity to sneak away to tell you how grateful I am for all you have done. I doubt I would be here if it were not for your efforts." He straightens up to smile wide once more to the entourage. Finally spotting the other Champion he lifts his hand towards Ripley to shake. "And you my good man. I am honoured to be facing you on zee morrow. I say, you look very relaxed! What is your secret?" He bows to Ria whom also greets him. "Bonsoir, thank you." He is doing his best to speak in the best English he can, which is actually very well."

Leander smirks to himself, making no effort to correct Beau's mistake. In fact, he makes a subtle turn toward the fireplace to hide his face from the French Champion.

Ophelia, face quickly turning a nice bright shade of tomato red, accepts both flowers and cheek-kisses with saucers for eyes. She finds a little smile in responce to his gratitude, and nods hurriedly, "Thank you… i-it was just… the right thing to do." As the Champion's attention turns to the others, she steps back out of the way, tossing a tiny frown of censure in Ria's direction.

Ripley looks to the hand that is put out for him to shake and gives a little laugh, "Well. My secret is eating well, exercise, studying like my grades depended on it." As he stands and reaches out to take that hand and shake it well. "Plus, letting my brother be the Champion and not me. Name is Ripley." As he points and still holds onto that hand, "And that is my brother Leander. Don't let the pallor fool you. He's got a brain like you wouldn't believe." Ripley grins, feral into the other boys face, stepping in close. "Good that you got back in. He needed more to work with."

Lucian relaxes a little more, satisfied at his girlfriend's cold reception of the charming Beau. Take that, Frenchie.

Soleil, little jaded Soleil, just sighs and goes back to her own researching. "That's Ripley, not Leander." She mumbles to the French Champion about the same time as Ripley admits it himself.

The corner of Ria's mouth crinkles into a half smile. "Pas de quoi," she replies a 'you're welcome' in a much too casual fashion to the point where its only subtly disrespectful. And when he mistakes Ripley for Leander, she merely rolls her eyes, turning her attention back to her nails while muttering to Lucian, "This one is promising isn't he?" Ria was never too fond of Leander, but when it came to competition, she's a Hogwarts loyalist. Ophelia though, gets a crooked smile and a wink that so uncomfortably resembles Kaiden. Was that intentional? "It's fine, some of the less sharper students at Hogwarts get the two of them confused all the time," she throws a sickening sweet smile to Beau and she tries to 'reassure' him in French.

"It is really impolite to tease him. He's only just met us all." Seamus says shaking his head a little bit. "Those who confuse them often have only recently met them. So it's understandable." He says casually. Truth he doesn't want to make the poor boy feel like he's come to firing squad and Ria's being well… Ria.

Leander turns slowly back, shrugging semi-apologetically at Beau. "It's going to be interesting once ev-…" He cuts short as the door to the room suddenly bangs open, and six young men in heavy Durmstrang robes stride into the room in a militaristic step. They stand nearly shoulder-to-shoulder, forming a wall in front of the door.

Ophelia frowns more darkly. First at Ria, then at the flowers as Ria, Lucian, and even Soleil act so coldly toward Beau. Straightening her shoulders, she sets the flowers carefully in her chair and starts to smile brightly to Beau. She's stepping forward to say something reassuring, she doesn't yet know what, when the Durmstrang… students, she hopes, arrive. Freezing, she looks up at them all, swallows, and uses up the courage her anger at Ria gave her to ask, "Hello? Can… we help you?"

As the door bangs open, Ripley swings to look to the noise. "The heck?" He says and gives the big guys a good once over, "I think they have come for the women." He chuckles a bit and looks to Ria. "Trust me boys. You won't win." And then to Ophelia, "Won't win with her either." And then, "So what can we do for you?"

Beau laughs and blushes himself taking it all in stride. "Yes, forgive me. Very pleased to meet you. I have heard a great deal about your brother Mr. Fox. I have no doubt he was chosen as Champion for a reason." Beau angles an offered hand towards Leander and they shake and make pleasantries before he once again excuses himself to make steps towards Ophelia once again to take her over to the side some and whisper-speak to her. "Forgive me again, but I have heard that they will be doing a Spring Dance in place of a Yule Ball this year shortly after the first event. I hope you excuse my forwardness, but I would beg you for your consideration in allowing me to escort you to —" Enter the Durmstrang students and rather reflexively the Champion straightens and places himself in protective stance between the rude interrupters and Ophelia.

Standing up when the Durmstrang students burst in, Seamus's brow furrows for a moment as he gives them a look, but for now the small student just stands there with his wand hand perhaps a trifle closer to his wand than it had been when the french lad came in but then he didn't burst in looking like this.

Lucian is on his feet in an instant, placing himself between the newcomers and Ria. His hand lingers by his wand, but he hesitates to draw it. "I thought this was the Hogwarts quarters. Is everyone else in the world invited?"

The tallest of the rugged Durmstrang boys (all of whom look closer to men than boys) steps forward. His hand rests on his wand where it is tucked into a belt. With the other hand, he gestures toward Beau. "You will come. Now."

"My word! Teasing! Cavanaugh, who is teasing Monseir Boue here and I will smite them istan-," Ria's sarcastic sentence toward Seamus is stopped instantly the second the Durmstrang boys barge in. Blinking once she raises a brow at them and then her boyfriend. "Luc, unbind your knickers please," she says dryly. But she further watches on his silence as one Durmstrang boy beckons the French champion.

Ophelia, pulled aside by Beau before she can offer words of encouragement, is saved for the moment from having to decide on an answer by the strange and sudden arrival of the others. Her greeting, ignored (and probably for the best), is forgotten as the boys start giving orders. "Why?" She asks, stepping out from behind Beau to regard the tall one warily. "The first task isn't until the morning. What could you possibly want him for?"

Ripley instinctively steps in front of his brother and his hand goes slowly into his robe as he watches the Durmstrang boys. "Piss off." He speaks and gives them a level stare.

The tall Norwegian boy's fingers curl around his wand, still not drawing it, but it would hardly matter if something broke out. "No questions! He comes now. Rest of you, stay here." The other Durmstrang boys start to draw their wands, casting menacing glares around the room.

"I don't think so." Seamus says firmly,"You will all put down your wands." He says as he gets his own wand out,"He'll not be going anywhere with you. Judging from your demeanor, allowing him to go with you would be like throwing someone to the lions with no way to defend themselves." He says a hint of ice creeping into his voice.

Not that Ria has any problems with this, but the corner of her mouth wrinkles into a frown merely because she doesn't approve of this boy's attitude. But when the boys pull out their wands, she too reaches to draw her own as well without hesitation. Her cold green eyes offer herself as a muscle to Seamus' command.

Now that the wands are coming out, Lucian isn't shy about drawing his own. He instinctively shifts to a sideways stance to provide a smaller target. "For once I'm with Ripley. Piss off."

Ophelia looks about at the others, taking heart as the others stand up to defend Beau. Pulling her own wand out, she lifts her chin and does her best to look bravely at the Durmstrang men. Planting her feet firmly to keep her knees from shaking, she stnads at Beau's side, ready to defend him however she can. And wishing so very much that she had at least tried to take part in one of the dueling competitions…

Leander isn't about to stand by defenseless. His wand comes out as well, and he's standing right by his brother's side. Quietly, he murmurs, "Now would be a great time for Dumbledore to show up." The Deputy Headmaster left them over an hour ago to meet with Headmaster Dippet about some matter or another.

Soleil, who's very out of the way slides her hand into the trunk she has at her feet and discretely pulls out a bottle with a pretty silver cork that looks like a royal crown and presses down on it and then rolls it towards the door where a mist starts to emit from the holes in the crown and the next time the Durmstrang boys speak, they'll find that they squeak more than talk, like they've been sucking helium out of balloons. It also will make the required precise diction of spell casting more difficult. "I think you should run in fear boys, those two agreeing is a sign of the end of the world." She points rather pointedly with her wand, yes it's drawn as well towards Luc and Rip.

"He doesn't do a damn thing that he doesn't want to." Ripley says as he moves towards the boys, hand pulling away from his wand to distract from the others, "This is a peaceful thing and you have no right to come in here and demand anything. Get out." As his hands go up in the air in a gesture of peace. Still, he blocks his brother from their sight. The squeaks make him grin even more.

Beau keeps opening his mouth to say something but then the others are either stealing his own words or talking before he can speak. He's looking to the Hogwarts crowd with a mix of fear that they are only making matters severely worse and gratitude as well. His wand is also drawn but it is held pressed against his thigh pointing downwards. "No need for conflict. I beg apologies if I am where I should not be my Durmstrang brothers. I'm sure you can not hold my desire to thank a beautiful girl for her help against me." Yep, he's definitely French! Same he's talking to a bunch of Vikings. "Say, those are might fine beards, you can tell me how they tickled your mother's on the birthing table as we go." He steps forward as if he's prepared to go with the group, the jab really was to test and see just how much ill will they were intending or if they really were just here to escort him where he should have been.

In the days that followed, it would be hard for anyone to remember who cast the first spell. Maybe someone noticed Soleil's potion. Maybe someone just got twitchy. But seemingly in an instant, bolts of light are streaking through the air as students dive for cover and sling spells in a flurry of magical mayhem.

Ripley actually doesn't pulls his wand and aims for the nearest boy he sees and throws out a spell to immobilize the boy. He Does his best top back up now and protect Leander from any sort of harm, using his larger body to block any sort of spells that could get to his brother, an old tactic of the bully fights of years before. "Dammit. Just, dammit."

Falling into a defensive stance, Seamus begins saying 'Protego' any time the lightning begins getting anywhere close to him. He's watching to see how they fight to determine where his opening is. He doesn't try and dodge since he's pretty good at this spell. It doesn't hurt that if there's trouble he didn't do anything offensively, just tried to protect himself against the bad tempered gorillas.

Surprising even himself, Lucian stands not in front of Ria, but beside her. Slashing his wand in parrying gestures to raise Shield Charms, he tries to keep her covered to give her the chance to handle their opponents.

Ophelia doesn't even have time to blush. When the spells start flying she drops to one knee, trying to pull Beau behind a sofa with her. Allowing herself less than a second to prepare, she jumps up just enough to cast at the nearest Dursmstrang fellow she can see, "Rictusempra!"

And just because her instinct tells it'll be smarter, Ria instantly lets loose a "Protego!" to deflect any incoming spells. Unlike her colleagues though, she isn't shy about her offense sending a series of Body Bind Curses unapologetically in their direction. "Serpensortia!" the word slithers easily from her mouth as easily as a full bodied snake slithers before the Durmstrangs. Ria narrows her eyes, "I dare you."

Soleil is suddenly faced with barbarian of a 15 year old and he's about as wide as he is tall so it makes the squeaky chipmunk voice that says, "Expelliarmus" at her all that much more amusing so she's actually laughing a little as her wand flings out of her hand. But she had another bottle in the other hand and she splashes the big ox with it and his crisp uniform starts to constrict and shrink on him, immobilizing him. But one of the thugs has come in enough to take her by her prized silky black hair and squeaks at her, "Blood traitor!" Soleil's eyes go wide in pain and horror as she realizes she's about to get dragged and flung about by her hair by some Durmstrang seventh year who's got a glittering pendent of a line within a circle within a triangle on a necklace around his neck. "Let go of me! AHHH!" She lets out a scream when indeed a firm yank has her at the young mans mercy. Her eyes angled towards Leander and Ripley looking scared and begging for aid.

Leander uses the cover provided by his brother to get low and brace himself. He take a moment to focus as he lifts his wand and incants, "Aguamenti!" A powerful column of water erupts from the wand, arcing over the Hogwarts' students heads, and raining down heavily on the Durmstrang boys even as they try to hide behind couches and other furniture.

Ripley looks to the boy that is barreling down on Sol and looks to the guy who is coming after her and one could see the conflict in his eyes. He looks over his shoulder at Leander and it looks as if his brother is handing himself for the moment so he vaults over to punch the Dumrstrang and grab that necklace to tighten it around the boys neck and get him off Sol.

When Seamus sees some of the Durmstrang boys trying to hide behind a couch, rather than try and attack them directly he uses a banishing charm on the heavy furniture so that it'll bowl them over. "Really, why don't you guys just get out of here?" He asks in a cold voice.

The Durmstrang boys aren't holding back. Their spells aren't lethal, but they aren't pulling punches in the power of their Stunning Spells and other attempts to immobilize and bind the British students and Beau.

One of the attackers blinks in surprise when his own incantation comes out in a high-pitched squeak. His embarrassment is only worsened when Ophelia's Tickling Charm sends him into a fit of giggles on the floor.

Another recoils in horror from the serpent slithering toward him, and his constricted vocal chords foil his attempt to incinerate the snake, instead lighting his own boot on fire. Leander's gout of water puts it out quickly, but not before he has flailed and landed hard on his back.

Lucian and Seamus deflect spell after spell, rebounding several back toward the Durmstrang boys. One goes down to his own Stunning Spell. Then another to entangling ropes. Seamus' Banishing Charm slams a heavy wooden chair into the tall leader of the boys, throwing him hard against the stone wall, where he slumps to the floor.

Gagging and thrashing against Ripley, the boy with the necklace does relinquish Soleil to deal with his attacker. He's strong, and manages to shove Ripley off, but the cord in Ripley's hand snaps and comes free of the boy's neck. Realizing that he is the last of his comrades still standing, the boy takes Seamus' advice and bolts for the door, vaulting over a couch and out the door into the hall.

Ripley stands there with the necklace clutched in his fist and glaring at the door. His eyes go to Leander and he nods a bit as he realizes his brother is okay and then looks to the rest of the crew, "The heck was that?" he looks down to the piece in his hand and then shrugs as he pushes it into a pocket, "Trophy from an asshole." He notes.

Hisssss! Hissss! The snake threatens even more as the boy falls back, soaked with water. And by the time Ria's eyes snap out of their blood thirst, she realizes all the boys are down, she quickly acts. "Incarcerous," she says multiple times trying to hold whoever is left down and hoping that someone else was following through with 'Expelliarmus' spells. "Is … everyone alright?" she calls out to the rest of the Hogwarts entourage, her wand still pointed just in case.

Ophelia drops again, after sending out her spell, and is trying to find a way to effectively cast from /under/ the sofa when she notices that the sounds of spell-casting are starting to fade. Slowly, she peeks up over the back again, glancing around at the others, "Is it over?" She nods to Ria, then hurriedly looks to Beau to see if he is alright as well.

"Purebloods attacking someone who isn't. They thought they would win. Apparently they didn't realize that a lot of the people here are in our Dueling Club." Seamus says shaking his head a bit,"I'm fine… Although I think I am going to go sleep."

Lucian stuns a few of the boys on the ground for good measure…even the bound ones. It just makes him feel better.

Soleil falls to the floor when she gets released and stretches and scrambles to reach for her wand before she stands up one hand rubbing at her scalp. "When did they start to act like Red Indian in Norway? Ow. I'm fine though." She looks towards Ripley and mouthes a, 'Thank you'. "Well they didn't attack did they? They just wanted to take Beau back to his room for all we know. But yes, they surely had to attack first." Because that's the story everyone will have to stick to when this turns into the international fiasco it's shaping up to be. "Why would they invite us here finally only to attack us?"

From the hallway, there is a booming voice and a flash of light. Echoing footsteps can be heard, then a figure appears in the doorway. Looking harried and windblown, Albus Dumbledore steps into the light, wand in hand. "It was a trap," he pants, out of breath. "We must leave immediately. Headmaster Dippet is collecting the others. Quickly now." He beckons them emphatically, glancing back down the hall with wide eyes.

Ripley sighs and walks over to place a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Hurt at all?" He speaks and smiles a bit and then he spins and his wand is at the ready at the new faces in the doorway, "What?" He says, a moment of indecision before he looks to his brother and moves to get behind him, "Where to?" he says, looking to all the others. "Buddy system. Lucian and Ria, Seamus and Phe, me and Leander." He looks to Lucian and nods as if asking the other Slytherin if that's a good plan.

Ensuring that her clothes were in order for the most part, Ria unbuttons her sleeves so that she may neatly fold the cuffs and roll them up to her elbow. "It's likely political," she says nonchalantly as she grooms herself, but the sudden arrival of Professor Dumbledore makes her freeze in her place. Her eyes widen to see the usually calm man in such a panicked hurry. "Luc…," she immediately reaches out to grab her fellow prefect's hand and squeeze it tightly as if she was already reading Ripley's mind about the buddy system.

"Because they- Professor!" Ophelia, eyes wide, climbs to her feet (making sure Beau gets up as well. "I-it… they… yes, of course." She nods to Ripley, and reaches for one of Beau's hands to pull him along with her toward Seamus. "I'm ready." To the French champion she gives an apologetic glance, "I'm sorry. It seems that perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to bring you to the Tournament after all."

Lucian nods firmly to Ripley, once again agreeing with him. (Surely, these are the End Times.) He pulls Ria close to him, placing a kiss against her temple.

"Alright. Let's get going." Seamus says as he pairs up with Ophelia, keeping his wand out and at the ready for now,"We should hurry." He says in a serious voice,"There is no way that we could have anticipated this. This is idiocy." He says matter of factly.

Leander gives Ripley a reassuring nod. "I'm fine," he says quietly, taking in the sight of the fallen Durmstrang students and the ragged Dumbledore. He falls in right by Ripley's side, and nudges him. "I know you love punching things…but be a little more careful, alright?"

Ripley looks to Dumbledore, "Lead the way." He says with a confidence that he probably shouldn't have in the situation. "It catches magic uses off guard when you punch them in the face." He kids his brother, trying to lighten the moment. His wand is in his hand and he moves to walk next to Leander.

Soleil is paired up with Beau!? Score! Cause she unlike Ophelia is all about the Knights instead of the Dames. She gives Beau a smile though it falters when Beau moves to quickly lift up Ophelia's hand to give her knuckles a kiss, "Be careful. Fear not, as the white haired one says, this is no one's fault but theirs." When Beau finally comes up to Sunny her disposition is anything but, it's more like she's got bile in her throat by her expression. "Ophelia's Girlfriend will be so glad you're so very worried about her well being." Is drawled out as she packs up her trunk and points the other handle to Beau for him to carry so they have wands in hand and trunk in the other off hand.

Ophelia, starts to stammer something, anything, probably it wouldn't have made sense anyway, so its a good thing Soleil speaks up. Flushing bright red once more, she hurriedly collects those of her things she cannot live without (see: books), shoving them into the small bag she brought with her and rejoining Seamus with it slung over one shoulder.

Unfortunately it seems mention of Ophelia having a girlfriend has only sparked the famous French words of menage a trois are alight in his expression. As the pair bump around with the trunk Sunny feels it her duty to further crush his hopes by pointing out, "Her fifth year girlfriend who will construct a contraption of pure torture for you. Ever hear of the Mulcibers? Yeah…" Clunk bump drag… away they go, Beau finally is looking like he's truly questioning making and further advances on Ophelia finally.

"Leave your trunks. There is no time." Dumbledore sighs as he hurries the students out into the hall, past the unconscious Durmstrang boy at the top of the steps, and down the tower stairs. "We did anticipate this…or rather, we prepared for it. But I never though they would go this far." He shakes his head, waving off his dark thoughts. "We placed two portkeys in the castle, just in case the worst should happen. Headmaster Dippet and the others will have escaped by now. You must find the one we hid in the trophy room. A Hogwarts Quidditch trophy. You will know it when you see it." He pauses briefly, turning to face them on the stairs. "Remember. You must all be holding hands before anyone touches it, or you risk being left behind." As he continues the descent from the tower, shouts can be heard echoes distant in and around the castle. Through the arrow-slit windows, glimpses of moving torches and shadows can be seen below. The castle is alive tonight, and something Dark is in the air.

Ripley listens to the professor and nods his head, "Trophy. Got it." As his wand stays at the ready and he walks with his brother close. "Prepared for this? Why the heck were we here if they had to prepare for this." he shakes those thoughts from his head and looks to his fellow students. "Stick close. The best defense we have is each other here." As he begins to move towards where he remembers the trophy room is from where they are.

Other than clothing and of course biscuits, Seamus didn't really bring anything with him and he was very much unconcerned about those things just now,"Stay close." He says looking at Beau,"If you wander off we won't be able to protect you." His estimating of the French boy's dueling skills were that he had minimal. "Let's hurry so that we can get out of here and get to safety." He says before looking at Ripley,"Plan for the worst, hope for the best." He says quite bluntly. As Ripley gets things moving, he falls into step.

At Dumbledore's words, Ophelia drops her bag. And stops just long enough to collect two books from within. "Uhm… fourth year… " She murmurs, unable to help making the correction despite being grateful that Soleil is drawing away what might have turned into quite the uncomfortable friendship. She stops, on her way out with the rest of the others, to stare worriedly at Dumbledore, "But professor, why aren't you coming with us?"

"Ma Cousine," Ria smirks to Beau, only adding to Sunny's endeavors. But leaning into Luc's kiss, she follows Dumbledore further down the tower stairs. "Professor … what's going on? What are all those noises?" Her ear perks up trying to hear the noises throughout the Durmstrange castle. She has all the wrong sort of feelings about tonight. And so with a soft whisper, she winds her wand around herself over her head creating a disillusionment charm so that she blends like a chameleon into her surroundings. Not perfectly invisible, but good enough. Likewise, she casts the same spell on Lucian, rendering him blendable with the environment around them.

Soleil, smiles dryly to Ophelia's look of gratitude, always happy to crush someone's hopes and dreams when they are so blatantly so…cheery. Shudder at the thought! Never one to allow someone to forget how cruel and unforgiving life is — our Soleil. When she's told no trunks she grunts in disapproval but drops it and flings it open to quickly pull out potion bottles and tuck them away into her robes and even into her bobby socks when her pockets become to full. Then she falls in line with Beau.

Dumbledore stops at the first landing of the stairs, directing the students toward the next flight down. "Mister Boue, I believe you know the way to the trophy room. Careful as you go. Not all of the students here are your enemies, but as you've seen, some are. Beware any that wear the symbol young Ripley now carries." His eyes fall upon Ophelia, and a sadness enters them. "There is something I must do, to ensure your escape. Please, there is no time to properly explain. When you reach Hogwarts, tell Headmaster Dippet not to come back for me. I will make my own way. Now go, and waste no time." Without another word, he opens a door leading out toward the battlements of the castle, shutting it behind him. A clack and a bluish glow make it clear that he's sealed it from the other side.

Ripley looks to his brother and gives a nod towards what Ria just did, "Hide yourself." He says quietly and and keeps himself out front. He thinks for a moment and then pulls his robs up around his head to block his face off some and then reaches into his pocket to pull out the symbol and tie it around his neck. "I'll stay visible. Follow."

Ophelia bites her lip, worry and argument in her eyes as she looks to Dumbledore. Slowly she shakes her head, then sighs and turns to Seamus. "Alright. Lets go."

Curiously, Ria looks to what exactly was lingering in Ripley's hands. "What symbol? What're you carrying Ripley?" says the vague silhouette that is the Slytherin Prefect and she look intently around his neck to see the symbol. Dumbledore then disappears behind a door abandoning the group of students. "W-wait. Hey!" She groans and pouts at Lucian. "Merlin, when we need him the most!" Squeezing Lucian's hand tighter she readies herself to follow Frenchie and the rest.

Lucian moves half an inch toward the door as Dumbledore shuts it. But the Deputy Headmaster's instructions were clear, and loathe as he is to put his faith in that Gryffindor-lover, he tugs Ria toward the stairs. "Come on, everyone."

Leander nods, weaving his own Disillusionment Charm (which he'd been working hard on with Ria's instruction to prepare for the trials). But when he turns to cast it on Ripley as well, his twin is already moving. "Rip, no…I'm not having you act as a decoy."

Ripley looks back to the others, "All of you, charm it up. The darkness hides my features and all they will see is the symbol. It's better for them to see a live person and not wonder about the camouflage. Now hush and let us get moving. All of you, hide." And then to Beau, "Even you…" And then to the whole group, "We have each other. We will make it." And he pulls the robe around his head a little more and starts to walk, wand held down in the flow of his robes to hide it.

"If anyone will be fine it's him." Seamus says to Ophelia and then going silent as he follows along. He doesn't like this but there are times that doing what is not liked is required in order to survive and he has a sneaky suspicion that the charms used next wouldn't be fluffy feeling spells.

Ophelia sticks close to Seamus, keeping as quiet as she can, clutching her books to her chest. While her buddy's words don't reassure her, she nods anyway, and tries to concentrate on the task at hand, casting a far weaker version of Ria's spell (which makes her blend more a little more easily with the shadows) over herself.

The party soon find themselves at the bottom of the stairs, spilling them out onto the ground floor. "The trophy room is this way," Beau directs them down a corridor that runs parallel to the courtyard, with open, arched windows granting a view of the battlements above. "Just beyond those next doors and to the left, if I remember." But even the Beauxbatons Champion is only half paying attention to his own words, as all eyes can see the light show out the windows. Atop the high walls on the other side of the courtyard is the unmistakable figure of Albus Dumbledore, standing firm and deflecting spells being casually tossed by a slender wizard whose silvery hair can be seen in glimpses with each flashing spell. The two seem to be conversing between spells, but they are much too far away for anything to be heard.

"Then let us pick up the pace?" Ripley speaks back to the shadows quietly. His eyes glance up to Dumbledore and he takes in a deep breath. "Come on." As he grabs Beau's arm and begins to walk/run down the corridor and trying to get to the trophy room.

Ripley was moving through the corridor and looks up for a bit and his eyes go wide. "Merlin's BEARD… That's Grindelwald. We have to move. MOVE!" As he picks up the pace a little more.

Ophelia, still caught up in her worry for the Professor, stops the moment she sees Dumbledore. Her eyes widen in fear and worry, going to the man who the Professor duels. They linger there, narrowing, and after a short moment she gasps. However, she directly contradicts Ripley, "No, we have to help him!"

"That's impossible. If we tried to help him, we'd get in the way. We had a hard time with those students. What do you think would happen against one of the most talented wizards around?" Seamus says looking at Ophelia,"We have to MOVE."

Rolling her eyes, Ria twirls her wand around Ophelia to further improve on her poor disillusionment charm and despite the beaming flashes of light coming from the duel, she hustles along to escape from the castle. She's so focused in fact that she doesn't pay any mind to Dumbledore and his opponent until Ripley exclaims 'Grindelwald!' And suddenly Ria freezes in her tracks, halting on her heels to get a look. "Wait, that's WHO?!" She's so distracted, it's as if all else has faded around her and now she thirsts for nothing more than to see this match.

Soleil gives a nod to Beau and she comes up to scoop up one of Ophelia's arms while Beau takes the other side, he's much more apologetic than Sunny is about it. "Forgive me, but I gave my word I'd get everyone to the trophy as instructed. I couldn't live with myself if anything were to befall you Meeze Zummerbee!" The two of them literally scoop up Ophelia by the arms and bustles her into the trophy room. "Come now Ophelia, we need your keen Eagle's eyes to help find which of these bloody trophies is the right one." Sunny points out trying to bait the Ravenclaw into less a Gryffindor mood.

Maybe it was their echoing voices in the corridor, or perhaps the Durmstrangs have a way of seeing through their Disillusionment. Either way, it becomes evident that they are aware of the escapees' presence when shouts are be heard from the courtyard, soon followed by a bolt of magical light crashing against one of the arches.

"Bloody hell," Lucian grumbles. Once the spells start lashing toward them, he grips Ria by the wrist, yanking her into a Hollywood-moment kiss. "Hey! Remember us? Running for our lives? Come ON!" He starts to move, tugging her along and away from the spectacle of the two legendary wizards.

Ophelia, tears in her eyes as she is certain of Dumbledore's imminent doom, struggles at first, but gives up as the futility (and danger) of her actions weighs on her. As the light crashes though the arch she nods and steps up her pace, dashing the tears away and hurrying forward and on to the Trophy Room.

Ripley throws back his robe as the spells fly and turns with a lift of his wand to give a quick, "Avis!" As the birds burst from his wand he then adds, "Oppugno!" As he hopes to put enough things in the air between them, flying into their faces, and anyone shooting a spell to distract and make a barrier of some kind of chaos. He paused for just a moment to allow all the others to get past if possible.

Merlin's beard, it's him! It's really him. "Father's going to flip … ," Ria whispers to herself, sucking every visual second in of the battle, jaw dropped slightly. And suddenly there's a CRASH of a spell near her, and she's yanked, dipped and snagged furiously. Before she can even get over the whip lash, she's beat red and blinking and tugged along into the trophy room. But she does manage to steal a last glance at Grindelwald over her should before she disappears through the door.

The Durmstrang trophy room isn't the glittering affair of polished cups and sparkling plaques that one would find at Hogwarts. Dimly lit by broad braziers is are shelves and pedestals full of stone carvings, ceremonial weapons, and roughly hewn busts. Amidst all the stone and iron, the glittering reflection of the low fires off of the tiny Hogwarts cup stand out like the moon peeking through a cloudy sky. The little trophy sits tucked between a carved stone skull and a small statuette in the shape of a rune-laden hammer.

Soleil starts to lob potion bottles towards the corridor and adds to the smoke screen Ripley is working on as some potions mix and mingle. More careful aim and she lands a bottle smashing on a stair several high, a slick fluid covers the stair and makes it as slick as liquid banana peels. "Guess Leander won't be needing any of these." Is muttered grimly to Ripley as they work at slowing their attackers down while the others find the trophy.

Sending stunning spells towards their chasers, Seamus isn't one that's going to be too worried about this. He's not really even looking behind him at this point. Just making sure that any spell that comes towards them can be blocked before it hits Ophelia,"We really do need to get out of here. This just is not going well." He says in a tight voice right now.

"They are here!" comes a shout in thickly accented English. The Brits have slows anyone coming from behind, but from another entrance to the trophy chamber, more Durmstrang students pour in and take cover, slinging spells.

Ophelia zeroes in on the Hogwarts Cup, hurrying over to it the moment she lays eyes on it. "Over here, hurry!" Tucking the books into her robes, she reaches out her hands to the others.

Ripley moves with Soleil and keeps all of his party in his sights as they make their way to the trophy room, "Find it." As he parks himself at the door and has his back to all of those that are in the room until the other boys come into the room. "Protego!" He speaks, looking in for a moment as he quickly looks back to keep some line of defense to get himself between the Durmstrang boys and the others. "Just grab my hand before you do it! Remember. Everyone hold hands!"

Grabbing on to Ophelia's hand, Seamus puts his hand out and reaches for someone else's hand."Well let's hope this works before we get stuck here and have to find another way out. Because I cannot apparate even if we could do it on grounds."

Soleil isn't known for her wand work, so once she's done lobbing more potions at the others, one even starts to melt a stone bust once the glass has shattered against it. She reaches out and takes a good hold of Beau's arm next to her on one side and then takes up Ripley's free hand with the other hand so at least they'll be part of the port key as Beau also reaches to take hold of Seamus' shoulder.

The Hogwarts make their way closer to the portkey, dodging and ducking incoming spells as they go. They are outnumbered, but the tight spaces make it easy to pin their attackers down. But they also make it easy for a single foe to slip amongst the labyrinth of trophies unnoticed. Slinking along, the slightly-built Durmstrang girl moves through the shadows, until the only target she can see clearly comes into view, one Ripley Fox. As she lifts her wand, a glint of light from the circle-and-triangle pendant around her neck catches Leander's eye. "NO!" He cries out, and wrests he hand free of Ripley's, lunging forward between the girl and his brother as she speaks the most hateful of words…

"Avada Kedavra!" A vile lance of green light stabs forth, and for a moment, the room is silent, as even the Durmstrang attackers are momentarily stunned at hearing the words of the Killing Curse.

Leander Fox stiffens, and slumps to the floor, unmoving.

Ripley stops, stares at the body of his brother. Time stands still for a bit. He looks to the girl who just killed him and just shakes his head for a moment. He stands there, staring and then with a hell of a scream of pain he moves to storm the girl.

Soleil grips Ripley's hand tighter trying to tug her Captain back to her, screaming, "NOW!! TOUCH IT!" She also has a mind to hook her foot around Leander's stiff wrist on the ground before her with tears streaming down her face. Hoping that it's enough to bring their Champion's body home with them.

And for the sake of her own safety, Ria clutches Lucian's hand while gripping tightly onto her wand with the other. Up until the last second she's doing protego's left and right, half paying attention to make sure everyone's holding hands. And once she's confirmed that they all were, her mouth opens to summon over the port key only to have it foiled by the words 'Avada Kedavra.' Her green eyes widen with utter shock as she watches Leander fall to the floor and hears Ripley's shrill cry. "Accio Portkey … " she whispers clearly though shaken.

"Ripley! DON'T LET GO!" Seamus cries out, not ashamed of the tears that are forming in his eyes. He knows what has happened and he knows why Ripley is reacting but he cannot let the other boy get himself killed as well. Wand out again, he prepares to use a stunning spell on him if necessary to get him back safely. He does cast protego here and there as he tries to keep Ophelia safe in the new level of chaos."Go hifreann leat! " He says sharply to the attackers. Probably the worst that has ever been heard from his mouth.

The girl, this newly minted Dark witch, stares back at Ripley in shock, her eyes full of disbelief at what she just saw…what she did just. Even as he rushes toward her, she doesn't move…just waiting for the wrath she has invited. But then suddenly, her punisher is gone, vanished with the rest of them.


The world seems to rush past at impossible speeds. It is nearly impossible to tell how long they are flinging through the spaces between spaces. They land with heavy thuds, tumbling over the familiar grasses outside Hogwarts. It is still night, and the grounds are silent, save for the heavy footsteps of Ogg, the groundskeeper. The brutish man says nothing as he gathers up both Fox boys in his arms, and wordlessly carries them to the castle.

It is a blur of sounds and unevenly-passing time as the castle becomes alerted that something has happened. The students are taken to the hospital wing, where hushed voices can still be overheard saying that Headmaster Dippet never returned with the rest of the entourage, and there is still no sign of Professor Dumbledore. A dark cloud hangs over Hogwarts this night, and it is but a sliver of the shroud spreading slowly over the world.

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