(1938-05-27) Explanations of Durmstrang
Details for Explanations of Durmstrang
Summary: The Hogwarts faculty explains what happened at Durmstrang to a shocked student population.
Date: May 27, 1938
Location: Great Hall
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The usual rumble and din of students pouring into the Great Hall is absent this morning. In its stead, a pervasive hum and murmur of a hundred whispered comments and conversations. Speculation about the events of the night before have run rampant. But only a few facts are clear: Hogwarts' Triwizard Champion, Leander Fox, left by portkey for Durmstrang yesterday morning with his entourage and Professors Dippet and Dumbledore. In the dark hours of this morning, some of them returned to Hogwarts, and something had gone horrible wrong.

The entirety of the Hogwarts faculty is assembled, seated at or standing behind the professors' table, with two exceptions: Headmaster Dippet, and Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore.

Elise sits quietly with the rest of the Ravenclaws, her hands folded in her lap, a worried expression on her pale little face. While some of the students around her are whispering amongst themselves, letting theories and conjecture fly, she's focusing on studying the teachers, measuring their demeanor and body language.

Going horibly wrong is what some events are for. Noalan is sure a lot of the interest in things like this, like many curcus events, is people hoping things go catastrophicaly wrong. Lan slouches in in the current of black and, in the ensuing winnowing, follows the green branching if students to the slytherin table.

The Head Girl is rather prominent among those assembled at the Gryffindor table, which may be at least part of the reason why the Gryffindors are so quiet. She's been quick to quell speculation and gossip, at least in her own house, by going with the 'party line' statement, "Wait for the Headmaster."

Ria is likely the first of the entourage to arrive in the Great Hall this morning, her clothes and appearance clean and without a scratch as if nothing had happened at all. A while there's always a somewhat foreboding demeanor about her, there something in the look on her face that seems a bit heavier than usual. Instead of coming from the hospital wing where she spent the night, a couple people take note that she just came from outside - alone. And with a copy of the Prophet under her arm, she seat herself in the back near Noalan. Ignoring the murmurs and stares pointed in her direction, she buries her face in the paper, casually greeting her housemate, "Lan."

It is the Potions Master, Professor Horace Slughorn, that takes the podium, tapping his wand loudly upon it for attention. "I am sure that, by now, you have heard one rumour or another regarding the events at Durmstrang Institute. We are here to clarify what we can." Slughorn takes a deep, slow breath, visibly gathering his composure. "Last evening, the delegations from Hogwarts and Beauxbatons fell under attack within the walls of Durmstrang Castle, at the hands of a number of Durmstrang students. Whether the administration of Durmstrang had a hand in these matters has yet to be determined, but Professor Merrythought is doing her utmost to learn the truth from her own contacts in Norway.

"In the course of these events, our Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster attempted to lead our people, and those of Beauxbatons, to safety. We are still awaiting word on whether the others from Beauxbatons escaped, but their Champion, Beau Boue, returned unharmed with our own delegation and is now a guest of Hogwarts. Headmaster Dippet…did not successfully return, nor did those students in his care: Lois Pym, Gareth Carrow, and Kiefer Vaughn. As far as we know, they are now hostages of Durmstrang. Though Professor Dumbledore stayed behind to ensure the return of the rest of our students…there is one that did not come back to us safely." Slughorn, pauses, pinching the bridge of his nose. But it does little to mask the grief creasing the lines of his face.

Elise pays super strict attention to Professor Slughorn. When he pauses, her hands slowly rise from her lap to her mouth, and her eyes go all big and tragic.

Gabriel is sitting at the Ravenclaw table, as per the rules. But lately he's gotten into the habit of sitting on the side of the Eagle's table that adjoins the Gryffindor table and he's there again, sitting back-to-back with Cillian and Josie. Different from what's become the norm for them none of that particular group of firsties seems to be too chatty today.

In the wake of the rumors that run rampant, Eibhlin has been reserved. Largely tending to duties as a Prefect. Keeping the younger students calm, answering what questions she can, and providing support for anyone that grows hysterical. Right now, she's listening to Slughorn speak with a stoic expression on her features.

Noalan gives Ria a nod back, but stays silent as the announcement starts. His mouth remains a tight line as he listens, taking a moment to glance around for Elet or Emi, not that he'd actually say 'I told you so'… out loud.

With a croak in his voice, Slughorn pushes on. "Leander Fox, our Champion…gave his life to protect his brother when one of the Durmstrang attackers used an Unforgiveable Curse." He falters, his lip trembling. Professor Merrythought rises and comes to his side, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, giving him the strength carry on. "We do not know for certain what prompted this horrific events. But we have reason to believe it may have been orchestrated by…"

"Gellert Grindelwald!" The resonant voice of Albus Dumbledore fills the hall, and all eyes turn toward the doors as the Deputy Headmaster enters, looking a bit like he's just wrestled a hippogriff. His robes are torn and ragged, his hair unkempt, and his face darkened with gathered dust. He strides up to the dais and takes the grieving Professor Slughorn into his arms. As Professor Merrythought leads the Potions Master back to his seat, Dumbledore takes the podium. "You have all heard his name. Many of you have read about him in the newspapers, or heard rumours of his activities in mainland Europe. I am here to tell you that Gellert Grindelwald was at Durmstrang last night, and the students that attacked us were part of his Magijugend — young witches and wizards now devoted to his cause."
Conall gives you a cookie.

Elise's eyes well up with tears when Slughorn informs them all that Leander Fox was killed. She has time for just about one good sob before Dumbledore enters and she turns to watch him stride up. She takes out a handkerchief and wipes her eyes and nose, though that doesn't top the tears from coming. She looks toward Gabriel, who isn't too far down from where she's sitting, though across the table. She's just looking for some kind of comfort, likely.

Gabriel's eyes go wide in reaction to the announcement followed immediately by Prof. Dumbledore's dramatic entrance. Without any real thought on his part on of his hands dips into an inner pocket in his robes and comes out with a scuffed, well-worn, but still bright red cricket ball, which starts bouncing back and forth between his hands in short, agitated little arcs.

Lucian is spotted when he moves over to sit beside Ria and once he too is seated, she gives him a casual shoulder squeeze. If there's anything going on in her mind when Leander's death is announced, it's definitely not obvious. She seems slightly unaffected, keeping her eyes on the half folded newspaper and one ear open. Dumbledore's voice makes her blink and she looks up to follow him to the podium with a somber half frown and that's when the paper is put down.

Having mostly been dealing with the younger Hufflepuffs and keeping relatively silent Conall does look as the sound of Dumbledore fills the hall. Wide eyes staying on the professor with slight glances around the hall to the other students as he spots their reactions. But Dumbledore keeps most of his attention currently. His usual easy smile currently gone.

Dumbledore's tone grows somber. "I wish that I could tell you that this is the end of the danger to us. I wish I could say that Leander Fox's brave sacrifice was the last lost we will face. But I can't. Grindelwald is a man of unfathomable ambition. His eye may be focused on the mainland for now, but his mind is set upon the entire world. More information will come out in the days to come. Some of it will be hard truth. Some will be lies in an effort to excuse or disguise what happened. All that I can say is that you will have to decide for yourselves what you believe…and what you believe in. But as you decide, remember that one of our own died because of what occured in Norway, and four others, including our own Headmaster, are now held hostage. Don't let their sacrifices be overlooked. Never forget." With a weighty sigh, he adds, almost inaudibly. "Classes are suspended for today. Take this time to reflect."

Angelus is seated at the Gryffindor table, listening quietly and without a word. Whatever he might be truthfully be feeling at the anouncement is kept inside, busying himself instead with looking around at the faces of the other students and gauging their reactions.

Elise is out of her seat like a shot as soon as Dumbledore says classes are suspended, and she heads straight for Gabe and the pirates. "I… have to go cry for a little bit," she says. "I'll find you all when I'm done." And off she goes.

Though usually pale, Eibhlin's color drains a bit more as Slughorn's explanation continues. Dumbledore's arrival draws a sharp glance and her eyes widen as he speaks further. Jaw sets and she swallows slowly. Hands fall to lap, clutching at the fabric of her skirt. There's a glance, briefly, towards the Gryffindor table. Eyes seeking out Donovan in the midst of the students staring at Dumbledore. Duties come first, though, and she shifts to look back to her table, seeking out any students that may need her as a willing ear.

There's a squeak of shock from one Hufflepuff girl. "No!" Artemis gasps as blue eyes widen and she freezes as if the announcement literally stings. Her mouth hangs open before she turns her gaze onto the Slytherin table, tears springing int her eyes. Jumping up from her seat she dashes toward the Slytherin table and instantly for her sixth year older brother, Dastan to fling her arms around him and sob. Dastan sighs and wraps a single arm around his sister to pat her back.

Whatever Diana's personal feelings regarding the news, her expression doesn't convey them. The Head girl, too, has a duty to fulfill, and she looks around at her fellow students.

The disciplined silence of the hall devolves into sobs of grief, cries of denial, and words of attempted comfort and new speculation. Dumbledore turns to speak with the other professors, allowing the students their time of grief and shock.

Gabriel's eyes go from wide to angrily narrow. He nods to Elise as she comes up to him and is about to say something but then she dashes off so he just kind of sits there, the information soaking in and the ball in his hands slapping harder and harder as it moves from palm to palm.

Ria's eyes dart left and right as students begin to react to the news. Her vision follows Elise move toward Gabriel & Co. She can't help but look over to Artemis exclaim. And with a deep inhale through the nose followed by an even longer exhale she turns to Lucian, shrugs her shoulders, "Classes are suspended." And with a subtly somber face turns back to her newspaper.

Noalan lets out a long breath and slumps slightly. Not that he knew his older housemate well, but still. And it could have been any of the entrants. He spots the distressed Hufflepuff heading towards his table a moment later and is momentarily panicked that she might be heading for him. When Emi breaks off for her brother he slumps again, in releaf this time. "How long until there's full blown war now?" he asks, mostly to himself.

Up at the professors' table, several of the faculty seem to have gotten into a heated discussion. Professors Viridian, Merrythought, Flint, and Dumbledore, as well as Caretaker Pringle, are clearly arguing amongst themselves.

Conall does see to the other students of his house. Watching Artemis running over to her brother. His own eyes searching the area a bit before he starts to show his restless side. A slight somber expression upon his face as he does try to comfort some of the students around him. Looking towards the Slytherin table as well but for now he is mostly helping the other students.

Idrissa has been sitting at the RavenClaw table through the whole talk. The news is still taking a few moments to set in and she frowns while eyeing a book she had set on the table, at least something to keep her attention for the moment as her mind wanders it seems.

After a few moments the sharp slapping sound of Gabriel's ball going from hand to hand stops. The red ball is thrust straight up into the air as the young Ravenclaw raises his hand as far up as it will go. From the way he's bouncing up and down on the bench he's barely keeping himself from just yelling out the question he that is going through his brain.

Gage does not stay the Ravenclaw table for long after the news. Scowl present on his features, the boy stands quickly, kicking at the the bench with a curse word before he walks, with slouched shoulders and head bowed, out of the Great Hall - with a limp after the kick to the bench.

Finally, one voice from the faculty argument rises above the others. The commanding tone of Professor Viridian echoes through the hall. "We all know what really happened! Omission is as bad as lying!"

Dumbledore extends his hands toward Viridian in a placating gesture. "Please Vindictus, don't fan these flames."

But the Charms professor brushes Dumbledore off. "We cannot protect them if they don't know the truth, Albus. We all know who it was that pushed for this to happen, in spite of our warnings! The same man that is now a guest of Durmstrang, along with one of the two Muggle-born students we sent into this trap! Armando Dippet is on their side!" The announcement sets off a new round of argument, now with nearly every professor at the table chiming in, creating an indecipherable din. It only dies down when Viridian storms away in disgust, striding out of the Great Hall with his great green cloak flowing dramatically behind him.

OK, so its that kind of event then. Seeing as professors are raising their voice its seems Gabriel has decided to follow their example. In the loud, thin voice typical of most 11-year-olds he calls out,"Did anyone see who use the curse on Leander? Are they going to be deported? Sent to Azkhaban? And what about all the other people that attacked?" After taking a deep breath he cuts his barage of questions short, at least for his standards, and finishes with, "What are we going to do about one of our own being killed??" Never mind that he's show a clear dislike for most Slytherins. Now's not the time for that kind of bias.

"Hmph," Ria says, scowling at Viridian from over the top of her paper as he storms out. "Mistakes were made much earlier than that," she mutters bitterly to herself and perhaps to Lucian as well as she grabs her goblet of orange juice and takes a sip. Gabriel warrants a slight look of irritation from Ria, but honestly, she half expected it from someone of that crew.

The other Ravenclaw Prefects must take the lead now because Eibhlin's attention has been caught. She's to her feet, walking along the table. Touching shoulders, offering murmured words, but largely angling towards the end of the table closest to where the faculty is. Listening and looking more and more dour by the minute.

Lucian lifts his brow curiously at Ria. "What do you mean? What mistakes?"

"No. No. No, no, no. It can't- Why-" Artemis sobbing, voice muffled by her brother's shoulder. She abandons all her words to just cry while Dastan continues to act as a comfort. He whispers something into her ear, but for the most part he's quiet. At the other news, well, it doesn't change much for the girl. She's crying against the older boy. Whether she even heard the other announcement, or anything else at this point, is a gamble.

Idrissa glances over to Gabriel at the comments made before she is leaning against the table a moment and. There is plenty of questions there to be answered, that is for sure, and she isn't about to question anything. At this time she is just listening it would seem.

Ria glances over at Lucian and frowns, "I'm saying that-" She pauses, looks around to everyone sobbing about her and frowns even deeper. Now's not the time for that. "I'll tell you later," she says, waving her hand to dismiss the topic.

Angelus listens to announcements and to conversations around him. He won't say anything, or really make a move, but his expression is serious as his blue eyes flick to people's faces. When he glances over to the Slytherin table, when he spies Noalan, a soft sigh escapes him as his shoulders relax in relief. What a mess, and to think, his brother had put his name in. Another sigh is let out and he turns to look back at his fellow housemates.

Lucian nods, eyes flitting down to the newspaper in her hands, where a front page story has already caught wind that there was some sort of incident at Durmstrang — though the details are a mess at the moment, but the Daily Prophet promises that there is more to come.

Conall is soon enough just keeping his neutral look as he looks around at the others present. Saddened eyes and he does let his eyes look towards where Viridian had left. Then he looks around towards the others. Perhaps picking up on snippets of conversations and people's worries. Tapping his fingers to his leg before soon enough sighing. Indeed quite a mess. He does soon enough take his own leave from the area. Perhaps to reflect or to keep himself busy. Although giving a moment to see if there would be a reaction from faculty to the words of Gabriel.

Dumbledore returns to the podium, lifting his voice to be heard over the crowd. "Please, be calm! Now is a time for grieving, not action. This is very confusing, I know. We will make time for any student that needs it. But for now, I think it best if we take this time and lean on one another for comfort. The Prefects will meet with me in two hours in the Headmaster's office for further instruction." Looking even more bedraggled than when he came in, Albus Dumbledore steps down from the podium, and makes his way out, now betraying a slight limp.

Having been about to step up to try to catch Mopsus' ear, Eibhlin takes pause as Dumbledore speaks. She's got her hands on the shoulders of a pair of second-year girls who are sobbing their eyes out. There's a shine in her own, but she's holding it together for now. Not quite stoic, perhaps, but near enough. There's a glance towards her Head of House, nonetheless, as Dumbledore speaks, but she steps back and goes back to focusing on the students at the Ravenclaw table. She'll be given time for questions during the meeting.

Gabriel drops back down onto the bench he'd half risen from, looking quite disgruntled by this answer… Or non-answer rather, since the only one of his questions Dumbledore really answered was the last one. "Well, crying and blubbering won't solve anything…" is the only thing he mutters to himself and he goes back to relieving his agitation by tossing his ball from hand to hand again.

Idrissa takes in a soft breath and eyes Gabriel, she reaches over and gives his arm a good poke. "Neither will making someone else feel bad for showing how they feel." A slight shake of her head is seen while she leans back in her seat once more, a glance sent after the leaving Dumbledore while her mind is clearly wandering over it all.

Artemis sobs, staying close to her brother even as he rises from the table. He whispers something in her ear again, and starts to direct her out of the hall to continue to comfort her in private.

Conall does listen to Dumbledore's words as he is heading out. Leading some younger Hufflepuffs along with him. Offering a smile and whispers something to one of them before continuing on out.

Angelus looks around at his table and, upon seeing a young girl his year walking off, stands up himself to move after her. "If you need a shoulder to cry on…" he says quietly, following her out.

The slapping stops again as Idrissa's unexpected prod makes Gabriel drop his ball. Disappearing momentarily under the table to retrieve it he comes back up glaring a little bit at her but offers a kinda-sorta apology by saying, "Well, that's why I didn't say it really loud. No one near us is all blubbery and cry'y."

Idrissa nods to Gabriel while she stands up. "I know." This said with a soft tone. "Come on, let's head back to the tower." She offers with a glance around as everyone seems to be heading elsewhere after the bad news.

Gabriel sighs and nods in response to Idrissa, "I guess. It doesn't look like we're going to get any more information". Getting up from the bench he starts following the rest of the exiting students looking rather angry. As he walks his head keeps drifting in a turn to look back at the faculty still left in the room, clearly wishing he could stay and eavesdrop on them.

Idrissa follows along next to Gabriel, hugging that book to her as they head on back towards the tower. At the moment anything away from here could be a good thing really.

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