(1938-06-02) Shield x 2

Staff Note: This log is about teaching a spell that is not considered official on Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is no fault of the players in the scene, as it occurred before the official spell list was created. This is note is left here merely to avoid confusion by anyone reading this log, given that the log is so heavily focused on the spell.

Details for Shield x 2
Summary: Chris runs into Gabriel venting in the Club Room and redirects his energies towards some constructive learning. Even if he's teaching a lesson that is supposed to wait another year.
Date: 1938-06-02
Location: Club Room
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Hogwarts Castle, Club Room

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Chris walks into the Club Room. He is dressed in his typical school uniform, with his tie slightly loose at his neck. His hair is disheveled and there are some bags under his eyes like he has not slept in awhile. He pauses a moment at the door to see if anyone is in the room or using it.

Gabriel is already in the club room doing something he probably shouldn't be doing. He has his wand out and some of the dueling club's practice dummies set up and he's standing across the room from them casting Flippendio and Stupefy at them over and over again then using Wingaridam Leviosa to put them back in place whenever he knocks them down or back, which is happening pretty frequently. And rather violently from time to time.

As he walks a few steps more in, Christmas leans against the wall to watch in silence for a moment before he finally says, "Not bad Gabriel but you allow your emotions to fuel into your casting too much. I have had my Stupefy's backlash on me because I couldn't control them when I was angry. I woke up in the Infirmary once." He pushes himself off the wall and begins to walk towards Gabriel slowly, "Emotion is good to fuel the spell but too much and that is bad."

Gabriel spins around, caught by surprise when he hears someone behind him, wand at the ready. Which seems to be a reflex thing because as soon as he notices he snaps his arm down so that the wand is now hidden behind his back. Then he drops down to sit on the floor, frowning slightly at his feet. "Well, what happened and Durmstrang was stupid. And out of the blue. And it makes me angry. And the way faculty is treating us is making me angry. And the fact that no one seems to be doing anything about it makes me angry. And… And… And… If its going to happen to me I'm going to have as much practice as I can." With a big sigh his shoulders slump and then he says in a much lower voice, sounding disappointed, "I found a spell called Confringo in a book I got from the library but I couldn't teach myself how to do it so I ended up practicing silly, little kid spells again." With his non-wand hand he waves at a book that been left on a table in the back of the room.

Christmas hmmms and looks around to see if anyone else is around and says, "Stand up. I know you have not been taught this spell but…I will teach it to you to help you be able to get stronger in your defenses. I can't teach you the advance ones yet because you have to crawl before you can run." He smirks softly and says, "Unless your not interested in learning a shield charm?"

Gabriel sighs a bit and shakes his head, "I know how to cast Protego. We learned it in Dueling Club. And I can get it to work about 90 percent of the time. Its strange that the more excited I am the better it comes out usually. I fail more in practice than anywhere else. Is that the one you had in mind?" The boy's a Ravenclaw, he's /never/ going to turn down the chance to learn something new, especially if its something that carries a little tinge of the forbidden with it.

As he shakes his head, "No. This is Protego Duo. It is stronger then Protego. There are more advance Protego charms as you get older. This one will help you handle the more…intense spells. It has been even known to stop a strong Stupfy. Are you interested." Christmas takes out his wand.

For the first time since Christmas walked into the room, and by the looks of it, for the first time in a few days, Gabriel smiles. Looking more like his normal self he pops to his feet and nods enthusiastically, "I would like that very much. Thank you."

Christmas nods as he moves to the center of the room and motions Gabriel to stand near him. "What I want you to do is be able to pronounce the spell first. So…wands away." Christmas says the spell normally first, "Protego Duo" He then repeats it slowly making sure to accent the important parts of the spell, "pro-TAY-go DOO-oh". He smiles and says it again normally, "Protego Duo".

Gabriel moves over to stand next to Christmas and, as instructed, puts his wand away in a leather wand scabbard that's hanging from his belt. He listens attentively then says, "Protego Duo!" pronouncing it pro-TE-go DO-oh. Before Chris gets a chance to correct him he frowns, shakes his head, and trys around, slower. This time getting the pronunciation correct.

Christmas nods and says, "Good. Now…with a normal Protego you were taught to think of a shield in front of you and it will help form it to protect. With this charm it is stronger…and that is because you can picture two shields on top of one another." He chuckles and raises his wand and with a quick swirl of his wrist he says, "Protego Duo". The spell forms in front of Christmas as he says, "Come a bit closer and feel the shield. It even has a stronger feel to it."

Gabriel walks around to the front of Christmas and pokes a finger at the translucent shield of magical energy in front of him. Then he pokes it harder, and finally he slaps it nodding in satisfaction. "I like it. So why not imagine a thicker shield? Or a shield made out of a harder material? Or a bigger shield? Or a rounder shape so things slide off it easier?"

Christmas considers a moment and says, "Because your mind, your wand, and your magic has to develop like a skill. You practice with drills and exercise when you are doing a sport or…" He forgets he is speaking to a Ravenclaw, "When your doing a project for class. You must research, take notes, and then come up with a conclusion. So consider this level of Protego…your second point in your research paper. Does that make sense?"

Gabriel hmmmms, "Well, yes, I get that. Its like learning to pitch a good fastball before trying to get the hang of a curve ball." See, Ravenclaw, but one that like sports too. "But why does the imagery for this level of the spell have to be one shield in front of another instead of something else? Or are some of those piece of imagery going to be for some of the more advanced spells?" Leaning forward he peers at what can be seen of the magical energies in front of Christmas as if there was something to learn from the manifestation itself.

Christmas shrugs and says, "Because the next level is harder because it is learning to feel the spell and mold it to your desire shape. The one after that is to feel the spell and direct it back at the attacker. It goes as high as having the smell remain and not having to maintain it. So they just get harder to create based on what you wish to do with them. Shall we try this one?"

Gabriel takes another moment to think about this then nods, "Sure. It shouldn't be that much harder than Protego. What do you want me to do?"

Christmas smirks and says, "Yes when you aren't under pressure but…when you have an onslaught of Stupfy's coming at you that is another story." He dissolves his shield and takes a step back to get a clear view of Gabriel. "Lets see how you do."

That comment is so obvious that Gabriel rolls his eyes even thought he smiles too, "Well, of course. Everything is harder under pressure. That's why we practice things we might have to use under pressure until they're a habit, so they happen automatically or close to it when we really need it, right?" Getting into his dueling position he takes a deep breath then mimics Christmas' wand motion and calls out "Protego Duo!" in response to which a translucent, double shield pops up in front of him, its edges slightly fuzzy and blurry.

Christmas nods and smirks softly, "Stupfy!" The spell slams into the shield and fades away but the impact of the spell should feel like it reverbs down the wand into Gabriel's hand. "Well done. But I think I saw it waver some." Chris walks a few steps away and says, "Do it again?"

And reverberate it does indeed. Gabriel doesn't drop his wand but once he's sure that no more spells are coming his way he switches it to his other hand shake his right hand out a bit. But if it bothers him it doesn't show since he's just smiling, proud that his spell worked and held on a first try. "Of course! Protego Duo!"

Christmas nods and says, "Good…Stupfy!" Christmas steps quickly forward and sends a second one almost directly behind it, "Stupfy." He waits to see if the shield breaks.

And break it does. But it slows the second stupefy down just long enough for Gabriel to have a chance to dive out of the way. So instead of being hit straight on it clips his trailing hand making the younger boy yelp. "Ow! Well, that's an experience I haven't had before. Did you know Stupefies make parts of your body go numb if they don't hit straight on." He holds his left hand up in front of him. Or rather his left arm since his hang is just hanging limp at the wrist.

Christmas nods and says, "I think we are done for today. The numb feeling will go away in a second." He smiles and puts his wand away and says, "Lets keep this lesson between ourselves."

Gabriel grins and nods. The little lesson has not just taught him a new spell but snapped him out of the funk he's been in since the announcement of the events at Durmstrang. Bowing slightly after putting his wand away he says, "Thank you. Of course I'll keep it a secret. And I'll make sure Gryffindor House gets a few extra goodies." The last comment is left unexplained as he dashes around the room picking up his stuff and then disappears out the door, leaving the Club Room in shambles. Typical 11-year old. Or at least, typical Gabriel.

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