(1938-06-02) Spiked Iso-tea
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Summary: Isobel has a little transfiguration accident. Randy brings more hospital "supplies" for her brother. There is a misunderstanding, and Ranjali has an interesting day at the office.
Date: Sun Jun 02, 1938
Location: Spell Damage, St Mungo's

Spell Damage, London

It is a spring morning. The weather is cool and drizzling.

This area of the hospital has been set up for a double purpose. At the beginning of the ward are multiple stations ment to deal with transitory cases that only need the attention of Medi-wizards or Healers for a few hours. These stations have a small adjustable bed and a rolling chair and a stand with all the necessary tools to deal with any kind of temporary damage caused by misfiring or misused spells. The back of the ward has been designed to resemble a boarding house with individual rooms for each patient. These rooms are separated from the primary ward by a set of double doors securely locked by multiple charms. Over the doors a large wooden signs reads:

"Spell Damage Ward. Long Term Care Wing."

During the night this ward is illuminated by the ever present light globes floating around the ceiling.

It was, thus far, a rather normal day in St. Mungo's. Ranjali has been busy as usual, helping the long-term care patients in the morning, then switching over to take in the more temporary cases after her lunch break. Around her the other Healers go about their business as well, running errands and patching up those in need. Ranjali her hair wound around her head in a thick braid today, smiles to the young man she's been helping with his botched Polyjuice potion. "Just promise me you will take a little care next time with the, ah, hair that you add, yes?"

Upon a cart that might normally be used to push around potions and other such items to help ailments, a little teapot rests. Only, this is no ordinary teapot. For you see, this teapot has a little teapot face, and there's a wand resting through its little teapot handle. A little chip can be seen upon the spout. "Are we there yet?" Speaks the voice of a Scottish lass, as she gets pushed through the Spell Damage ward. "It'd be nice ta get out o' this form. I cannae change m'self, after all. Besides, I'd like ta know what kinda damage that chip in my…my spout's done ta my clothin'!" She sighs. "Oi. My coworkers are nae gonna believe this!"

It's in one of the rooms in the long-term ward that Hunter Macmillan is holed up. One of many downsides to being from a large family is that you have a constant stream of visitors. What more does a young man who has embarassed himself want? Not just immediate family, but cousins and other fair-weather people desiring to visit and subtly make fun. Right now he's glowering at the meal he's been given. The lady who delivered it was nice, to be sure, but it's not the hearty stew and ale he'd really like to be eating. "Back in London and I can't even have a proper meal," he grumbles to himself.

"Miss Isobel?" Ranjali, hearing the familiar voice, turns to glance around. It takes her a moment to find the teapot (well, more than one moment, really). And when she does her eyes widen. "Oh… dear." As those healers inclined to gossip start spreading the joke of the woman turned teacup throughout the floor, Ranjali sighs and steps over to the cart. "I think you're going to have to tell me a little about this one before I can help you, Miss Strudwick."

With limited view of the floor, Isobel takes to staring at some of the other patients of the ward. "Biscuits an' tea. Biscuits an' tea. Nothin' like a bit o' biscuits an' tea!" She starts to say in a sing-song voice. "Ooooh biscuits an' tea an' a lil splash o' lemon, put it all together with a dash o' cream. Nope, nothin' better than biscuits an' tea!" Well, if she's in the situation, she might as well make light of it and maybe bring a smile, and maybe a little chuckle, to the rest of the patients around. "OH! Helloooo Healer Ranjali Winterthorne. Ya know, it shouldnae be jus' the Aurors who have beds reserved here. It should be foolish Ministry workers too!" Her strangly placed face smiles widely. "Now…how'd this happen…well, I was attemptin' a few transfiguration spells upon m'self. Not the wisest o' things ta do, I know. But I wanted ta make sure I could use them on a livin' bein'. An' before ya ask why I'd need ta use them on a person, I donnae know. I just thought it a wise precaution. Regardless, this one seemed a lil more like a mix between a charm, a transfiguration spell, and a hex, ta be completely honest with ya. It was completely silly o' me."

Randy has been here once already this fine weekend. The girl is wearing jeans, suspenders, and an old red sweater. Everything she has is a little bit too long for her. She's remedied the cuffs of her jeans by rolling them up a little, but her sweater still falls a little over her palms. She's carefully looking around corners and such before she proceeds, not paying much attention to the patients at this point.

"How difficult could it be to have some ale brought in here?" Hunter asks of no one in particular. He's used to talking to himself. Deep in a cave or a long corridor in a ruin deep in a jungle, where one's voice echoes back at them in a mocking fashion. "It's not like my stomach's what's at fault… Unless…" He looks back to the food. He looks back to the food before him, dark eyes going warily to the bowl of spotted dick. "You think they're trying to sneak some other potions at me? Hmmmmm…" He pushes the tray aside and flops back against the bed.

Ranjali bites her lower lip as Isobel starts singing, the look on her face suggesting that she is beginning to dout the poor Ministry Worker's sanity. Thankfully she starts explaining without too much delay, leaving Ranjali to chuckle softly. Shaking her head, she gently lifts the, ah teapot from the tray (taking care to keep the wand attatched to the handle) and moves it to the nearest free bed. She notices Randy with a little frown, the girl's age and odd attire a strange combination here at this time of year. "Odd… I wonder if she's a parent here… " Then, with a sigh, she turns back to Isobel, "Alright then. Lets see what we can do for you, shall we?"

While Isobel wouldn't blame Ranjali for thinking she was a little off her rocker, in the end she's just as sane as the Healer is. "A mother? You have mother's in the spell damage ward? Or children? Either way, it's nae a good sign when one goes without the other!" She makes a sound that, if she were in her regular body, would sound like clearing her throat. Right now, it just sounds like water boiling. "So, ya think ya can help me?"

Ale? Well, Randy doesn't have that. She spots Ranjali over by some teapot, not really understanding where the voice is coming from. Probably just some patient. Bright idea, the arched eyebrows suggest. She moves over next to Ranjali to flash the Healer a charming smile. All the while, she's unscrewed a flask and opens up the pot to try and spike the tea. "Hi. Long day?" It's typical tea talk in the office setting. Oh yeah, and if she gets this far, she'll try to pour the poor Isobel too.

There's a side-long glance to the lone wheelchair in the room. Hunter makes a considering sound in his throat. It's for when he's given time out and about or has to make trips to the loo, usually aided by one of those hot nurses he's always hitting on. Mind, they're likely used to it based on all the Aurors that come through here. He moves the tray further away and throws back the blanket tucked around his legs. Or what remains of them. They're all limp and noodly and well, attempts to re-solidify the bones haven't worked yet. So he swallows in discomfort and looks -away- from them, instead manipulating himself upright on the bed. It takes effort to get the chair and ultimately, he has to grab one of his legs and kind of fling it out to drag the chair closer. That'll cause some nightmares someday… But soon enough, the Macmillan is flopping into the chair with a fair amount of noise and grunting. "HA!" The exclamation likely rings out throughout the ward.

Ranjali chuckles. "We have all kinds here, Miss Strudwick." She looks up at Randy when she approaches, "hello. I'm fine, thank you. Are you here with someone?" Her attention is briefly drawn from Isobel, as she glances at Randy, then looks down to pull her wand from a conveniently placed pocket. Her distraction lasts longer as she, along with quite a few other healers, look up and around at the sound of excited glee coming from Long-term-care. Strange…

"All kinds an' some tea ta boot!" Isobel laughs. She figures, if she's in the situation, she might as well have some fun with it. It's not like she can change it as is. "Is someone else here?" She asks, her face not looking in the direction that Randy came from. "Hello? Care for some…tea?" She laughs, having not noticed her that her 'top' has been lifted.

Well a teapot greeting Randy in the wizarding world really isn't that alarming, so she goes ahead and spikes Isobel and pours some into a cup. "Aye. I'm Hunter Macmillan's sister," she mentions. "Ah, and that'd be him," she takes the cup of tea and looks around for sugar…cream. She pauses for a moment, puzzled, and then leaves the Healer in the direction of that gleeful sound. "Hunter?"

It was indeed Hunter! There's the squeak of wheelchair wheels and from the long-term hallway, moving at a decent clip, appears the treasure hunter. His legs are flopping around and he almost tumbles forward, narrowly avoiding a crash when one leg becomes tangled with the wheel. It's not an entirely pleasant sight and it would be comical if he weren't obviously in pain from it. Stopping there, in the middle of the ward, trying to untangle his leg whilst grimacing.

"Ahh, I see." Ranjali looks back to Randy, wand now in hand. And blinks. "Oh, dear. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't… " But the girl is gone. With a cupful of… Isobel. Oh, dear oh dear. "This may not go well. But perhaps if I act quickly… " Turning back to Isobel, she points her wand, starting with a simple and silent transfiguration spell to return the woman to her proper form.

"What's happenin' now? Why'm I bein' lifted up? Is someone holdin' onta me? Is there a levitation spell bein' cast on me? Why'd I have ta like transfiguration so much?" Isobel starts. Maybe when has alcohol poured into her top she starts asking a lot of questions. "I…I…don'…I'm a real girl! I'm nae f…f…I…you're nae gonna be drinkin' me?!" And alcohol seems to have gone to her quickly. Transfiguration as a teapot does not serve her well. When Ranjali tries to return her to her real girl self, it seems to start to work…partly. Though instead of skin and clothes, she seems to be made up still of the material that her teapot self was made of, with Randy holding onto what is now an arm. "Di' it work? Am I a real girl now?" She looks down the hallway to see the man in the wheelchair. "Wha's wrong with him?" The Scottish lass asks, words most definitely of a drunk woman, her china-like hand pointing in Hunter's direction.

Randy is only about two or so steps away when suddenly she's holding a porcelain full sized arm. She blinks and drops it. A thumb breaks off, the arm is full of tea or something. Randy doesn't know, but she immediately lets out a yelp, pulls out her wand, and casts a, "Reparo!" on the arm.

The arm not only gets back into one piece, but it goes zooming back to Isobel's body. Watch out!

That foot is tangled up good. Hunter grunts in frustration, but glances up as he hears his sister. Dark eyes go wide as the arm forms back into the woman. "Never seen the likes of that," he offers in a distant tone. Hey, Isobel is pretty and there's something alluring about a human-sized china doll. At least to his potion-addled mind. He's been kept sedated a lot lately. Likely to avoid episodes like this one. His leg, for the record, is still tangled in the spokes of the wheel.

"Oh… well… I suppose it could be- ah!" Ranjali, frowning at the strange porcelain skin and missing arm, stumbles back as the arm flies by, nearly taking her head along with it! She falls into the bed across from Isobel, and sends it rolling back about a foot, "Oh, goodness… "

"Oi!" Isobel says, looking back at Randy. "Tha's my good wand arm! Although…" She only tilts her head slightly. "They're sorta both my good wand arms." She smiles a titch. "Bu' tha' one's holdin' onta the wand." When it gets repaired, she smiles brightly. "There we go! Good as teacup lookin' new!" She chirps happily. She turns to look at Hunter. "I've never seen the looks o' a guy with his leg tangled all string like in a chair! So I s'pose we're even." She eyes him for a moment before looking at Ranjali. Tapping the side of her head with her wand, her porcelain skin resounding a dull thud like sound as it does so, she says, "Why d'ya think the trans…trans…changy magic didn' work fully? I mean, you meant to turn me inta a real girl, I swears I know you did. You're great like tha'. Bu' why didnae it work? Think it's somethin' ta do with…did you ever hear those talking books from the Restricted Section at the Hogwarts library? I bet they could tell us what was goin' on with the not working change!"

Randy had to duck in a sort as well as the arm flew past her. From a crouched position, she gives her brother a good view of the porcelainized woman, and she sees her too. She blinks and her eyes stick like glue to Isobel's arm to make sure it's working. She takes a deep breath and just sits on her rear for a moment. Then she looks over at Hunter when Isobel points out his mangledness. Her eyes widen again. "Hunter, what are you doing you dumb sod?!" She scrambles to her feet to go help him untangle his leg…gently.

"Never seen a jelly-leg curse before?" Hunter tries to make light of it, but he's in a fair bit of pain and fairly grouchy about his condition. "Need a whip or something," he mutters to himself before staring at Randy. He's just noticed her and suddenly seems rather uncomfortable. There's a brief attempt to wheel the chair away. "You weren't supposed to see this," he says in a frustrated tone to his sister. "I just wanted to get out of that stuffy room…"

Ranjali pulls herself up from the bed, straightening her skirt and tucking a few stray locks of hair back into place. "Its a combination of things, I'm sure." She replies, her confidence returning in the face of Isobel's… drunkeness. "Now you've your, ah, arm back, it should be far simpler." Stepping back, she adds, "I'll be back shortly. Try not to loose any more limbs while I'm gone, please." And then she heads for the nearest storage closet.

"So…jus' ta be clear, we're nae gonna be usin' none o' them…them talkin' books ta help, right?" Isobel frowns. "Ya know, not all o' them talkin' books are all tha' intelligent, unfortunately." She cackles. "I'm narry makin' a promise 'bout loosin' no more limbs. I'm a fragile lass. I gotta handle m'self with care." She turns to look at Hunter and Randy. "Jellied legs arenae for gettin' caught places. They're for doin' wacky dances an' tellin' stories to your buddies about how you had such a fun time fightin' giants that ya jellied your legs!"

Randy feels a bit torn between helping her brother and apologizing to the teapot woman. She decides for the betterment of mankind. Instead of fully embarrassing her brother in front of the pretty lady and drawing more attention to his predicament, she immediately leaves his side when she notices his chagrin. She turns right back around and goes over to distract the teapot lady. "Hi. I am sooo sorry. I didn't know you weren't really a teapot…that you were…" She stares at the porcelain skin and blinks, "Well you. Randy Macmillan," she says, offering her hand by way of greeting, gently. However, the other woman's words just garnish a big bright smile from Randy. "Enjoying the rum?"

When Randy departs, Hunter seems a bit relieved. It takes some finagling and he almost falls out of the chair, but his leg is soon freed. He does seem a bit green around the gills from dealing with it, but wears it well. It's not like he hasn't seen some rather gruesome things… you just usually don't expect one of those things to be yourself. There's a sharp look, however, for the last thing his sister says. "There's rum?!"

Ranjali returns a few moments later, carrying a small, green vial. She glances at Randy, her eyes slowly moving to Hunter while the girl speaks with Isobel. And with a small sigh she alters her path to walk his way. "You know, youreally shouldn't be out here without a Healer." She offers, though her voice holds little real rebuke. A wave of her wand quickly brings a blanket from one of the empty beds, and lays itself over the man's legs as she eyes him more forcefully for his last comment, "If there is you won't be getting any, not today anyhow."

"That's why I came out here," Hunter says, nonplussed. "To a Healer."

"Let this be a lesson ta ya…if a teapot be a talkin', ask b'fore pourin' alcohol inta its noggin!" Isobe jerks her head up and down, in what seems to be a nod. "Well, ta be honest…I was a teapot. But I was also nae a teapot." She frowns a little. "Do yourself a lil favour an' never speacialize in transfiguration. It ends up bein' a lil too…too…confusin' and bedrunklin'. Is bedrunklin' a word? No…I mean bepuddlin'…fuddlin'. Befuddlin'." She smiles widely. "Apology accepted. An' it's a pleasure ta meetcha. M'name is Isobel Strudwick. Teapot Lady, known 'round these parts as…the Teapot Lady from now on!" She lets out another cackle and extends a porcelain hand to, rigidly, grasp Randy's. "An' yes. I am enjoyin' the rum. I jus' wish I'd known I was drinkin' it b'fore I was drinkin' it!"

Randy extends her hand a little further to meet Isobel's when she sees the rigid movement. It's a graceful gesture, given the woman's predicament. "I'm actually quite good at Transfiguration. Next to Defense, it's my easiest class," Randy says with a grin. "But don't worry. I plan on becoming an Auror." She chuckles at the woman and then glances back her brother's way to see Ranjali. She steps towards the Healer, looking a bit sheepish as she proceeds. "I am so sorry. I didn't know, and, I would never interfere with a patient-" she apologizes profusely to Ranjali. It is sooooo un-Randy like, but she seems incredibly genuine, incredibly sorry. She kind of, forgets about the rum and her brother for a moment.

The man does seem grateful for the blanket. Sure, it makes him look somewhat like an infirm, but at least no one has to look at his legs. Hunter does stare at Ranjali, looking quite like he's been smacked. "No rum? But… but why? My stomach is fine!" His voice raises in pitch and he casts a look that -screams- 'HELP!' to his sister.

Ranjali sighs, eyeing Hunter. "Alright." She replies resignedly, "But if you try this again I'll have that wheelchair removed from you room." She turns to make her way back to Isobel, sighs, then adds more kindly over her shoulder, "Just… keep to the long-term ward next time? You could end up getting caught in something worse than jelly-legs coming out here at the wrong time." Randy is then given a reassuring smile, and a small shake of her head, "Its quite alright. Just probably best not to go around touching too many things in this ward." Hunter's pleas, for the moment, are ignored, "You never know when one might not be what you thought."

"Bein' an auror is fun! You get ta go 'roun' an' tell people ta stop doin' things an' then ya get ta hex 'em and stuff! Jus' donnae specialize in bein an' auror who does transfiguration. If ya get known as tha' person, you en' up testin' out spells tha' turn ya inta teapots!" Isobel clears her throat, making a slight jingling sound. "I'm nae an auror, mind. Bu'…anyways…yeah, do as good Healer Winterthorne here tells ya. What you think you're pickin' up is a banana peel migh' really be a patient tryin' ta split!" She laughs at her joke as she turns to look at Ranjali. "Now Ranji…I mean, oh, sorry Ranji. I should pro'ly call you Healer Winterthorne when talkin' ta ya, righ'? You know, seein' as you're workin' an all." She smiles. "So, Ranji…Healer Winterthorne! Can ya fix me? Or will you leave me as a porcelain doll…OOO! Can I be a porcelain doll an' freak out my coworkers a lil bit? I'd get a kick outta tha'."

"He doesn't mean anything. He just doesn't stay in much…indoors I mean," Randy mentions to Ranjali about her brother, as if to explain why he's so wild. "Aye, I'll keep that in mind." She's still half absorbing what Isobel is telling her, so she responds, "I'll make sure not to try out teapot. I'm not exactly excited about transfiguring myself into an inanimate object," she then starts to step out of Ranjali's way, just sort of circling to keep looking at the woman as she moves backwards towards her brother. She makes a LOVELY WINDOW.

"Miss Strudwick." Ranjali, reaching Isobel, gives the young woman a pleading smile. "Lets just get you healed up before you leave. I think you'd far rather stay in one piece than risk breaking yourself just to impress the Ministry." She lifts the vial, uncorking it before offering it to Isobel, "Now, drink this as best you can. nd for now, you may call me what you like." With a small sigh, she lifts her wand, and waits for Isobel to drink as instructed before waving it again, and casting the silent spell that goes along with the potion.

There's a bit of a glare cast towards Randy. "You wouldn't be happy either if you -couldn't walk-," he points out, voice rising a bit again. Hunter, however, dissolves into muttering and angles the chair, starting to wheel back towards his room. No rum. No ale. No alcohol makes Hunter something something…

"'Miss Strudwick'? I remember a time when you called me jus' Strudwick. Or sometimes ya called me by my first name. Hogwarts! We was house an' year people we were. Bu' I do suppose I'm a patient. An' a not very good one a' the momen', am I? All I wanna do is scare some coworkers is all. We don' see too much excitement in the Examinations office!" She grins and takes the potion, moving to pour it into her mouth and swallow. She doesn't do so smoothly, but she was able to drink it all. "Ack! That was aweful. Why don' they make more potions taste good? You should write a letter to the potion people, you should!"

Ranjali, without comment, concentrates on the spell, which sends a small stream of tiny blue lights out of her wand. The lights swirl around Isobel, until there are enough to cover her from head to toe. Then they start attaching themselves to her porcelain skin, one by one, and working their magic, which Ranjali hopes will finally get her friend back to her proper self.

Randy blinks at the whole Healing process, not really wanting to miss the woman's skin changing back, but then she looks back towards the retreating Hunter. "Oi! Don't get your knickers in a twist!" She steps forward to just grab the wheelchair and prevent him from going any further, adding insult to injury.

The sparkly magics do distract Hunter as well and he turns slightly, wheeling as he goes. Eyes are on the porcelin woman, slowly becoming normal once more. He may be in a foul mood, but he can still acknowledge something interesting. Especially when interesting includes a pretty girl. But then Randy is grabbing his wheel chair and he snaps back to the present without proper foresight. "Hey!" And then he's getting to his feet to admonish his sister. Except his feet can't hold him. So the man with the mass of curly hair rushes to rise from the chair and instead falls flat on his face with a grunt of expelled air.

"Oooo. Sparkly…I always knew ya was a Smarty McSmarty pants, Ranji. You always kinda seemed like that kid, Lachlan MacSheumais from up the road in m'home village. He was always the smart one too. He was a goodly sorta muggle. I should look 'im up. See if he's still smart." Isobel goes on a rant. "Oh hey now!" She looks at her skin on the hand holding her wand. "I'm turnin' back inta a real girl now!"

Randy just sort of stands there, eyes glued to her brother after he splats. Uh. What just happened sort of moment as she is just frozen. Then she pulls out her wand and fires a charm, "Leviosa," to gently levitate him back into his seat. Not a word. Just…not a word from Randy. She just turns her eyes to the wall, taking a few explicit breaths more than necessary to live in this world.

Ranjali sighs, faintly, with relief as this attempt does work. "Good." She grins, "But I'm going to check you in overnight, just in case any other symptoms arise." Also so that she will be a little more sober when she leaves, "Now, Mr. Macmillan… oh!" Turning, she spies Hunter and her eyes go wide. She starts forward, but before she or any other healer can get there Randy lifts the man back into his chair. She hovers for a moment, then takes the girl's example and turns away, giving Hunter a moment to compose himself.

There's a clear tension in Hunter's form once he's back in the chair. Over two decades of walking of your own accord… you can't just expect someone — especially an impulsive Macmillan — to remember that in the heat of the moment. The usually good-spirited, upbeat Hunter is not so much right now. He stares at a point on the wall for a moment before managing a fairly light (yet strained) tone: "Have a good evening, ladies. I'm sure your tea was delicious, Miss." And then he'll start to wheel himself back towards his room.

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