(1938-06-03) Sykes Palaver
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Summary: A short little conversation where Kat tells her flatmate/cousin about a fun day.
Date: 1938-06-03
Location: Kat's Flat
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London, Kat's Flat
Mon Jun 03, 1938 ((Mon Mar 04 19:26:27 2013))

It is a spring night. The weather is cool and clear.

This tall, narrow flat is comprised of three floors starting with the dining room and kitchen then moving up to a great room and finishing with the two bedrooms on the third floor. It has been furnished with tasteful, eclectic pieces that could best be described as sharing a certain neo-Roman aesthetic. The intricate marbling of cream and brown hues within the polished pecan wood floors spreads throughout each floor of the house. The gentle scents of vanilla and roses linger everywhere in the air.
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Late afternoon on Monday morning, June 3, 1938 Katherine can be found on the second floor of the flat she shares with Jocunda, at her desk in its little corner of the great room. She's distractedly looking up at the ceiling, tapping her chin with the feather end of a quill as she thinks about something. Probably about the paper half-filled with writing sitting in front of her.

The best part of no longer working for the ministry has been the free time. To be certain, Jocunda does have her long days that turn into long week when on the road, but for the most part she has much more time to herself. Which makes living with Katherine, rather than on the Sykes estate, all that much more enjoyable. Instead of having Shauncey slouching about or parents asking nosy questions, she can lounge around. This morning she had been at the pitch early to run some drills and is just rolling in, door thumping as her gear bumps into it. Broom in one hand and a bag slung over her opposite shoulder. It's a rather noisy affair, all told.

Normally Kat would call out a greeting as soon as all the thumping starts down by the front door. But today she's distracted enough that, although in the back of her mind the noise is noticed and accounted for, she leans over the paper on her desk, writes a few more lines then goes back to the thoughtful pose she was in a few moments ago except she's stroking her chin with the feather this time instead of tapping.

Living with Jocunda is likely not easy in the regards that she's not the most tidy person in the world. She certainly tries and she does chip in when asked, but she's so used to living with a house elf that it just doesn't pass through her mind usually. The broom is propped up with a reverence, but the bag with the rest of her gear is simply tossed down in the mud room before she disappears into the kitchen to pour a drink. Perhaps assuming that her cousin and flatmate isn't home.

Katherine leans down to write a few more lines on the letter then signs it and finishes it off by waving her wand at it and casting a fixing charm to dry the ink and make it permanent. /Then/ she calls out, "Jocunda! Welcome home! Come here and give me an opinion on this letter!" Well, as lady-like as she can be in company it seems like that's not necessarily the way she behave with just her cousin and flatmate around since that holler would make any stevedore on the docks proud.

Lady-like, with Jocunda? It'd be a laugh. The blonde pours herself some whiskey and makes her way up the stairs, glass in hand. She takes a sip as she crests the landing to the great room. "I thought you were out," she offers, making her way towards the desk. Another sip of the amber liquid. "What letter is this, then?"

Katherine leans back in her chair with a smile for her cousin and holds up the paper she was working on. "Julian Edwards, one of the current crop of Warties, got in touch with me a week or so ago asking for a reference to an apprenticeship with the Aurors. I decide to write it and this is it." Her smile of welcome turns into one quite a bit more mischievous as she adds,"Of course, he had to prove to me he really wanted it. Oh, and I ran into Nova last night. I don't think she remembered me."

The letter is taken and Jocunda begins looking it over. "Approached you? Didn't know you knew any of the current students besides my own siblings." She begins skimming, casting a glance past it towards her cousin. "Nova? Hmm? Well, probably not. She often seems tied up in her own world. I'm often surprised she can stay focused during a game, but perhaps that's the world she's always lost in."

Katherine laughs, "Apparently he had to do detention polishing the trophies in the trophy room and found one of my dueling trophies. Why he picked me out of the choices he had from that little experience I don't know. But he put up with my little tortures so he gets a letter." Considering her chuckle it sounds like she quite enjoyed the 'little tortures' she put him through. "Yeah, she seemed a little out of it last yesterday too but it might been getting dragged along to a duel between two people she didn't know by another person, me, that seemed to know her but she wasn't sure about."

"Why even go along?" Jocunda seems to be mulling aloud at this point, leaning a hip against the wall as she reads over the letter. A sip of the whiskey and she shrugs as she hands it back. "Looks about right. I think all they really care about is having it filed away and someone to be held accountable if the student does something wrong. So I hope you're ready for that if he turns out to be a bad egg."

"Her? She seemed to be exploring so I guess she decided seeing one part of Hogsmeade was as good as another." Katherine nods in response to Jocunda's assessment of the letter, "Well, I randomly met his cousin last night, one Randy Macmillan, and she decided it would be fun to duel him. So that was the 'torture' I mentioned. I let her pick the rules and she decided, very much to my amusement, that the duel should happen after three pints since, and I quote, "You never know when you're going to have to duel someone as an Auror."

"That's a fairly good reasoning," Jocunda says with a chuckle. She lifts the glass, taking another swig. "And he managed to win? Not bad, not bad. You know we're related to the Macmillans, right? One of us married them a couple generations back. The usual arranged sort of stuff."

Katherine shakes her head,"I didn't know but I'm not surprised either." As she thinks back on the duel she actually cackles with glee for a moment before saying, "He did win. But his cousin showed him a couple of tricks I'm sure he didn't know. At one point she cast a good enough Accio that she pulled him off his feet and into her fist, and this was completely intentional mind you! But she tried that trick one two many times and got caught with a Stupefy because it was dividing her attention too much."

"Is she in the program?" Jocunda tilts her head slightly as she listens. "Because those sound like some good Auror tactics. I hope she's taking an apprenticeship." She finishes the whiskey and pushes away from the wall. "Either way, sounds like you'll have your hands full this summer."

Katherine blinks a moment as Jocunda brings the idea of Randy being in the program. "You know? I didn't think to ask. And you're right that was so quick thinking. Maybe I should send her an owl suggesting that she look into it if she hasn't yet. And I better head off to send this one too, before the owl post closes down for the night." Taking the letter she starts to twist into a little tube as she goes, "see you soon!"

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