(1938-06-20) Vacation and Pleasant Conversation
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Summary: Aldercy tries to go on life as usual, even with her security detail having to follow everywhere, including to the travel agency to plan a get away… from her security, perhaps?
Date: 20 June, 1938
Location: Travel Agency

Aldercy is one to keep her appointments, even if she is now being followed around by a person who has the idea that someone wants to 'clear her off the board.' Today, she has an appointment that she made at the Travel Agency, and she's not canceling. The charms on the door are down as she enters, and she leaves her shoes at the door in the assigned place.

Carter does the same thing. Carter had been quiet today and mostly serving as a shadow. It was odd him being well behaved and not his usual non-intrusive self."

As she waits for the owner to come out to finalize her plans, Aldercy looks over her shoulder at Carter. "Are you ill, Worthington? Perhaps you need to go to St. Mungo's?" she suggests.

Carter looks up at Aldercy, "Ali, I'm fine. I'm just trying to do my job and not bother you." He says politely, "So where are you planning on visiting for your vacation? I'm surprised you're not going to France."

Aldercy's fingers twitch at her wand. "Are you rude just to provoke me into being rude in public? Or does it just come naturally?" she asks tightly. She glances around to see if anyone is listening, and takes a breath. She distracts herself by walking towards the rainforest display. "Who said I'm not going to France?"

Carter grins, "What? Oh, well I've probably known you longer than anyone besides your family. So I'm taking liberty. " He shakes his head, "If you were going to France, you'd just being going there. No need for a travel agent for that."

"Well, if you've known me so long, then one would think you would have more respect for me," Aldercy replies sweetly. She holds her fingers out to let the water run over them. "Depends on what part of France. I don't need to plan to go to Paris, but I'm thinking Nice… some sun, the beach…"

Carter shakes his head, "Get away from the case? Hope we get this situation resolved by the time you get back?" He shrugs, "I wouldn't mind visiting the Riveria in the New World." He says as he ignores her snark, "It's a world away from the problems in Europe too."

Aldercy's jaw tightens for a moment at the mention of the problems in Europe. "Yes. The problems in Europe. Another reason to go to France. We have to change the wedding plans because they can't spare Horatio. And the honeymoon has to be closer, now, too." From the tone of her voice, one would think that the problems in Europe have sprung up solely to inconvenience her.

Carter frowns, "The problems abroad only sink in when they begin to put things in terms that affect oneself." He nods, "Look at it like this, if thats the only way it touches your life. Be happy and move on. It's just one or two days."

Aldercy doesn't answer that, except with a scowl thrown over her shoulder. She sits on a 'fallen log' and leans her head against the tree trunk. Then she sighs. "You know as well as I do with the trouble that's been stirred up at Durmstrang, that it's not going to be one or two days. This is going to worsen before it improves. Dumbledore may be progressive in his views, but he's not a liar. Maybe Dippet and his students that are currently there are willing guests, but the explanation Hellstrom gave of the attack doesn't ring true to me. Why Hogwarts and Beauxbatons had to force their progressive ideals on a pure blood school is beyond me."

Carter shakes his head, "I meant on your wedding and your honeymoon." He moves to sit on the fallen log next to her. " He shakes his head, "They were trying to prevent the Beauxbaton's tri-wizard champion from attending. If Durmstrang was going to participate in the tournament, they should play be the rules. It's not that they were forced to do something. They could have withdrawn from the tournment. Now it speaks of the Character of Grindelwald, he attacked Children at a school and forced other pure bloods to be hostages. It speaks of the cut of a man. All the arguments are thrown aside, Aldercy, he is nothing of a man to behave like that."

Aldercy tips her head to look at Carter, her eyes cold. "Are you assuming that I approve of Grindelwald's behavior because I think that Hogwarts and Beauxbatons made a mistake in forcing in the issue?" she demands.

Carter shakes his head, "No but I think Grindelwald taking up the Pureblood banner, being as polarizing as he is. It will not at the end of the day assist the pure blood cause." He shakes his head, "And no putting words in my mouth. You must think I think you're a horrible person."

"Don't you?" Aldercy snorts, and stands up. "Grindelwald is lighting fires that we'll be spending years putting out. Every pureblood who doesn't choose to mix their blood, or would prefer not to mix their blood, is going to branded a muggle-born hater. Same as those purebloods who don't think violence is the answer are being labeled blood traitors right now."

Carter nods, "Causing divisions where there shouldn't be any." He eyes her, " I think you don't want to like me cause I'm not a pure blood. But I think you want to like me cause I do want to call you Ali. Well maybe not that but cause when I look at you, I see a woman, a person, not a series of titles and family reputation. " He shakes his head, "Well how do you feel about muggle borns? Present company excluded."

Aldercy shrugs. "I don't particulary /feel/ anything for muggleborn. I was raised in wealthy pureblood society. I prefer to socialize with those who are like me, and were raised similarly to me. People with good breeding, manners, and culture. Now, it seems, some people would like to make that a crime." She wanders towards the Egyptian area, and glances around once more for the owner, glancing at her time piece. "And who are punctual," she murmurs with a tinge of annoyance.

Carter looks at her, "Merlin's beard, Aldercy. Have you heard yourself? You just said you like being in the company of people of your own breeding." He shakes his head, "Not a very good defense. Besides when you really get down to it. You really do seem to enjoy my company." He says taking a step closer to her invading her personal space.

Aldercy blinks and looks over to Carter curiously. "Yes, I did. Is it so terribly wrong to prefer one sort of people for company over another?" As he gets closer, she straightens and almost leans back, but she doesn't budge. "There are times when grace demands that one make the best of the situation they find themselves in," she prevaricates.

Carter shakes his head, "If your judging them on their blood line and not there character it is." He steps closer to her and reaches out to put his hands around her waste. His voice low, "I'm the best of the situation? You sure I'm not your dirty mudblood secret?"

Aldercy shrugs at his assessment of judging by bloodline, but she stiffens when his arms go around his waist, and she takes a breath, closing her eyes for restraint. "/You/ are the situation, Worthington," she tells him.

Carter laughs, "I *Am* the situation? What type of situation am I?" He says as he leans in to steal a kiss. " And I'm the best situation you've ever been involved in."

Clenching her jaw, Aldercy manages to not respond with her lips to his quickly stolen kiss, but a short gasp escapes unbidden. "You are a-" she breaks off with a disbelieving laugh. "You don't think too highly of yourself, do you?" Her hands lift to his shoulders to push him away, but they land with no force, instead the fingers seem to curl over the top of his shoulders, holding him.

Carter laughs richly, "Oh what ever this situation is and I don't mean me. I mean us. There is no shortage of ego from either one of us." He says as he moves to dip her and give her a deep kiss. Though they probably should be careful or this is going to end up in that magazine she likes to read.

There's a small squeak from Aldercy as she's off balance, and grips his shoulders tightly. In the process her lips move instinctively against his. As the kiss deepens, she moves her hand up along his neck and into his hair at the back of his neck.

Carter stands her up after the kiss. His hands running up and down her body, one to her back side. The other hand reach up and brush her her hair. He kisses her again and only stops for a breath. "Forget this trip for now. They're not coming."

Aldercy's eyes remain closed as she's straightened, but then they fly open. Her mouth opens to protest, only to be silenced by his lips once more and she sways against him.

Carter breaks the kiss and looks at her watching her for a moment. He traces his hand across her jaw. He seems tranfixed for a moment just basking in her glow and beauty. He smiles at her gently forgetting the argument for the moment. He whispers, "Lets go back to my place. It's not far from here." By Appriation that is.

When Carter's lips leave hers, Aldercy draws a breath, and opens her eyes. She blinks a couple of times, and her eyes widen as she notes the smile on his face. "Oh no," she says quietly. "Oh… oh, no. I'm sorry," the glow in her eyes diminishes, the silver slowly becoming granite once more. She does finally tear herself backwards from him. "No, I didn't mean," she draws herself into her proper, regal posture, and the sensual appeal diminishes.

Carter moves to hook his thumb under her chin and steal another kiss, still under the sway of the magic. But it dies on him and he stops. "I don't know why you're sorry. I was enjoying it."

Aldercy shakes her head once, on the verge of backing off the from the attempt to recapture her, but then she doesn't have to. "I shouldn't be using… it's an unfair advantage…" She backs up another couple steps.

Carter frowns, "You haven't used a potion or a charm on me." He looks at her. He sighs, "But that has been funny. I've been acting on things like that with you." He eyes her. "And unfair advantage?"

Aldercy shakes her head again. "No, I haven't. It's…" her eyes narrow as he looks at her, and she considers him. "It's complicated," she finishes. "Perhaps you are right. Mister Steele must have forgotten the appointment, even if he set his charms to let me in. We should go back to the Ministry." She squares her shoulders to walk by Carter to the door.

Carter grins, "Fine then Ali. And yes, I'm calling you that cause your doing something to me." He says with a smirk. "And If it's an unfair advantage. I wish I was taken advantage of like this all the time."

Aldercy freezes, then turns back, her eyes black with fury. Although she has all the strength of a newborn kitten, nonetheless, she grabs at his shirt lapels. "Either switch with Stella, or I am going to petition the MLE to change my security detail before I leave the house again." Her features seem to harden in her anger as she glares him in the eyes. "I, at least, make an effort to control myself, and have the grace to apologize when I lose control. You, on the other hand, do what you do on purpose and knowingly. You are reprehensible, and I will not speak with you again as long as you delight in showing me such profound disrespect." She lets go of his shirt and stalks out the door, a flick of her wand pushing the door back in his face with a force that she can't convey physically herself.

Carter watches, "That was curious. But I guess, you've done it, Carter old Chap." With that he goes to head out.

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