(1938-06-11) Strange Supporters
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Summary: As Ripley tries to cope with his anger over his brother's death, he gets some unusual support from unexpected places.
Date: June 11, 1938
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Ripley is walking back and forth in a bit of a short circle. He stares up at the points and mumbles quite a bit to himself as he glares up at them.

Theodore wanders in from outside, returning from a job. He's in his Slytherin sweat pants and a wife beater, his Slytherin hoodie unzipped over it. He slows to a stop, watching Ripley a moment, before approaching. "Hey."

Ripley looks sidelong at Theodore and glares at the boy. "What do you want?"

Theodore furrows his brow a little and walks over to Ripley. "Are you cryin', Cap'n?"

Ripley lifts a brow to Theo, "No." He grinds his teeth a little bit, "Still believe it was fixed?" He says, walking up close and staring at Theo.

Theodore shrugs, "Can't say I've seen anything that would prove it either way." He looks at the house points, then nods at the Slytherin ones, "Five hundred points is a lot." He looks back to Ripley then. "Well played, Fox."

Ripley absolutely looks at Theo with the kind of gaze that would be full of fire, daggers, and smoky brimstone. "What did you just say?"

Theodore shrugs again, "I'm just sayin' we came outta this one on top, even if Leander wasn't really Triwizard material."

Ripley lifts his head and gives probably the greatest roar that he possibly could and charges at Theo, moving to send a flurry of as many punches as he possibly can on the other boy.

Theodore braces himself, clenches his fists, and then… doesn't fight back. Ripley's fists connect, and Theo stumbles backward. He does try to block a little, but more than anything else, he uses all his strength to stay up. "That all you got, CAPTAIN?" he manages, between 'oofs' and grunts.

Ripley stops and looks at the other boy and his anger just blows more. He comes at Theo again to clock him in the face. He does all that he can to make each punch count, the second aimed at Theo's nose.

Theodore twists with the fist punch, wobbling a little, and then Ripley's fist connects with his nose, spinning him around with a spray of blood and the crack of bone. He drops to a knee, his eye already swelling, and he spits some of the blood from his mouth before doing his best to get back onto his feet, a sway to his stance now. He lifts his fists once more, even though he's yet to use them, indicating he's not finished. "Heh…" He sneers, "Artie hits harder." And he takes an aggressive step towards Ripley.

With the stance coming towards him and the rage he holds at the moment, Ripley launches at Theo, trying to knock him to the floor before he grabs the other boy around his neck to chock him. He's looking at Theo, eyes welling up with tears as they begin to tumble down his cheeks as he begins to speak, "Who are you? Why did you try and kill me? WHY? Why me? Why my brother?"

Theodore lets Ripley choke him for a few moments, letting the other boy finally break down. In the end, however, Theo is just a bigger fella, and when it's time, he grabs Ripley's arms and pulls them from his neck. He rolls onto his side a bit, and then wraps his large arms around the other boy and pulls him tight to his chest, holding him. "It's gonna be alright, bro… I promise."

The staircase shifts into position and down come the pitter-patter of feet stepping down into Entry Hall. Those sounds come from Ria, who is levitating two heavy books and a couple rolls of parchment with her. She had just come from a calm afternoon in the library until she's stumbled upon this scene, jaw dropping slightly to see one housemate choking the other. "W-what on earth?!" her hands wave frantically, causing the floating items to drop to the floor. She immediately tries to run up to the pair, begging, "Oh Rip! Stop! You'll kill him!" But it seems Theo takes the situation easily under control. And Ria simply stands there panting to calm herself from the panic. "Is everything alright here?" Her brows knot in concern.

Ripley punches at Theo's midsection as he's held in place but the punches finally calm. "Let me go." He says, evenly to Theo, relaxing against Theo and trying to pull away a little.

Theodore nods as Ripley relaxes, and he pulls his arms from around him. With a grunt, he pushes himself up to his feet, wrapping his arm around his midsection to hold a sore spot from an earlier punch. His left eye is nearly swollen shut, nose broken and bleeding. He looks at Ria and smirks, tiredly offering, "We're fine. Why?" He looks at Ripley, and then back to Ria, "I should see the nurse." He glances at the moving staircase, adding, "Didn't think falling down those stairs would hurt so much…" And he begins slowly moving painfully towards the infirmary.

Ripley stands there, looking at Theo. He pushes his hands into his robe and looks at the other boy for a bit. He's red faced, tears streaking his face and his hands are tinged with blood before he pushes them into his robes. He stares at Theo and slowly shakes his head, "You shouldn't have said those things." A hand comes back out and he wipes at his eyes, "Was wrong… Really wrong."

"Goin' somewhere, DuPont?" The unmistakable growl of Caretaker Pringle echoes from the corridor to his office, as the man himself prowls into view. "Everyone stay exactly where you are until I say otherwise." He scans the faces present, narrowing a bit more at each one. "Sykes. You're the closest thing here to a Prefect. What in Hades happened?"

Ria wants to snarl, and snarl loudly, but in the interest of keeping face, she settles with gritting her teeth. "Are you out of your mind?" she scolds mostly Theo seeing as Ripley looks to be a heaping mess at the moment. Though her eyes widen at Ripley before shooting back to the blonde. "Theodore what did you say to him? Why was he beating on you like that?" An arm goes out to provide the jock with something stable to lean upon as she hobbles toward the infirmary. "My god, you should be glad my prefectship was suspended or else damn you all in-" Freeze. Speaking of authority. She grimaces upon hearing the brash tones of the caretaker and chooses her words carefully. "I honestly don't know, sir. I was coming down the stares and came upon Mr. Fox and Mr. Dupont going at it, except it was rather one sided. With Mr. Dupont showing no resistance…" Her eyes glance between the two boy and back to Pringle.

Ripley looks to Ria and points a finger at himself and gives a little nod of his head and then points to Theo and shakes his head as she speaks. He takes in a deep breath and looks to Pringle, "I… Have not been right since my brother died." He looks up to those counters on the wall. "I demand that those points be taken away. I will not win this damn cup because my brother died." He looks to Theo, "Theo said something about the points and I lunged at him and beat the snot out of him." He then breathes out a low breath, "He was trying to help me… He should have no sort of punishment. It was all me. All he did was speak…"

Theodore simply stands there, eyes moving from Pringle to Ria to Ripley and back. He does lay his hand on Ria's arm, however, as he's a little wobbly. When Ripley asks for the points to be taken away, Theodore actually smiles a little, and looks at Ripley with a little bit of pride.

Pringle's lips curl into an unhappy smile as the students give their account of things. Ria and Theodore get little more than his standard sneer. But Ripley earns the bulk of his scowl. "You pompous little worm. Your house dinnae get those points because your brother died. They got them because you and Sykes and all the others fought bravely against impossible odds. How dare you spit in the face of those that would honour what you did, and what your brother did. Your house molded five students with the skill and gumption to give those Durmstrang blighters a real fight, and you have the gall to 'demand' that accomplishment be ignored? That recognition to be stripped away?" He strides directly up to Ripley, his face twisted into an angry mask. "If anyone is dishonourin' Leander's memory, it's you, with your demands and your fightin'. Now's the time to pull together and show some pride! Tell the world, 'That's right! This is the school of Leander Fox! He was a Slytherin, and the best of us!'" Pringle shakes his head scornfully. "Now get your sorry arses to see Madam Spleen, and I'll hear no more of it. Am I clear?"

And when Ria hears the account from Ripley's mouth, her eyes go wide and she shoots a slightly resentful look to Theodore when she mouths 'I'm going to kill you' to him. But she will support him first before she does that, keeping her arm rigid for him best she can. She's not extremely strong after all. Still, Ria's rather nervous at what will happen next. Though she's made it up in her mind that they will likely lose points. and in her mind she's already calculating how much and what she can do to make up for it in the last few days they have at Hogwarts. Her thoughts are interrupted by Pringle's sudden speech, and her brows raise at such a profound statement coming from the repulsive caretaker that she looks to Theodore and Ripley to see if they just heard what she heard.

Theodore nods at Pringle, "Yessir." He turns, pulling from Ria, and begins heading for Spleen's.

Ripley listens to Pringle and as the man speaks he wipes at his eyes again. He looks to Pringle, right in the eyes, "I have to say… Sir. I have never felt as much respect for you as I do right now." He pulls his hands out and looks at them with the blood and the red knuckles. "I needed that and I cannot thank you enough for it." He walks over, wipes his fist off and reaches out with a hand, offering it to Pringle, "Sir."

Pringle arches an eyebrow at Ripley, glancing down to the offered hand. He doesn't take it, but he gives the young man a curt nod — easily more respect as he's ever been seen showing to a student. "Go on," he says quietly, jerking his head in the direction of the hospital wing.

Ripley stands there and looks up to the counters once again. He speaks softly, "My brother, the other half of my brain… Thank you for saving my life… I miss you so much." As he then wipes at his eyes and heads for the infirmary. He stops and turns to look back at the counter, "I will have my revenge." He adds and nods some before he turns and then heads for the infirmary.}

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