(1938-06-13) Ivory and Pleasant Conversation
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Summary: Constable Worthington's dinner with friends has a slight interruption as he catches up with the state of Barrister Preves's wand, at Wolfgang's establishment
Date: 13 June, 1938
Location: The Natrix

It was that time of the evening that Natrix switched over from a restaurant to an evening club. There was a subtle change in the crowd as more and more people begin to come in. Carter was here with some classmates at the table it looked to be a mixture of couples and singles. As he set next to a pair with his plate from dinner press to the side. Dinner was good but now he was sipping on scotch as he eyes a picture of the couples child, "This can't be Albion. He's getting huge!" Carter clothing was wearing a muggle tuxedo to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Usually when Aldercy is dressed to the nines, she waits until there are more people to notice her grand entrance. However, tonight, she had to meet her client early for drinks, and so she wore a cloak over her dress rather than go home to change after. Now that she has said goodbye, she walks through the tables, surveying who might be there, although holding out little hope that anyone worthy of note will be here this early.

Carter is busy looking at the picture, so he won't be looking up to fawn all over Aldercy. He finishes his drink and gives the picture back. "Looks like next rounds out me." He says rising and moves to head toward the bar and right for Aldercy. Man he must be cursed or something.

Aldercy hasn't taken off the cloak, yet, not having found a reason to do so. And she still has no reason to take it off, the velvet hanging gracefully over her shoulders. And she feels cursed as she notes Carter rising from a table, and turning in her direction. Taking a deep breath of fortitude, she veers her course to try and avoid contact.

Carter had planned not to run into Aldercy and even when he saw her in his sights. He planned an evening of reprieve from her and for her. But when she plans to avoid him. He gets a bit of glimmer and sets for collision course. "Why Miss Preves, how are you doing tonight? I'm surprised to see you."

The man must be a glutton for punishment. Aldercy somehow maintains a polite smile as she inclines her head to him. "You shouldn't be," her tone is cordially polite. "This is the best Wizarding Dance Hall in London. Where else would you expect someone with a wand so far up their spine to spend her evening?" There's a twist to her smile as she tips her head sideways.

Carter shrugs, "I could always help you with that." He says with a grin, "Yeah but you have to walk through all the regular folks to get to your ivory tower." He gestures to the VIP section.

The laugh from Aldercy is quiet and politely amused. "You are offering to help me? How charming." She doesn't even follow Carter's indication to the VIP section with a glance, but gives a mock sigh. "It is the price we must pay for our privileges."

Carter shrugs, "I can be quite helpful and useful." He says with a smirk. "Well I must say that us little people are happy to bask in the glow of your beauty as you make such sacrifices. Its what gets me through my day."

"Well, my father has raised me to fulfill my duties to the little people," Aldercy replies sweetly. "After all, it is not their fault that they are not as blessed as we are." She keeps her hands folded quite properly at her waist. "I must not keep you, it appeared you were on your way to order a drink. Perhaps two to salve the misery of your lowly existence?"

Carter points back to the table he'd came form. It was a dinner party of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs from their class. A few purebloods in there. "Oh, I wouldn't call it a lowly existence and we're certainly blessed. We're catching up on old times and then we're going to dance. We've even got room at the table for one of the big people." He says that with as much disdain as she put in her own words. "If they asked nicely." He looks up to the VIP secton, "But you probably have that stuffy Ivory tower to get too."

Aldercy glances at the table with a bored expression, but then she looks back to the Assistant to the Head of the Magical Catastrophes division, who also happens to be from a long pure-blood lineage. Her eyes narrow thoughtfully as she considers. "It's early for there to be anyone interesting in the VIP tower. I am only this early because I had some business to see to before pleasure." The conversation gives her time to think whether or not the pros outweigh the cons of joining the dinner party at the table.

Wolfgang is just approaching the table Carter came from. Doing his host duties. So yes, there is someone of importance at the table. So there! He schmoozes with those left behind, lifting up hands to kiss knuckles of the ladies and good firm hand shakes to the men. Making sure they have everything.

Carter grins, "Well then, I'll go get a round of drinks and join you." Aldercy may or may not know it but the group was all friends with Carter. So there would be no true allies among them for their private war. Well maybe the groans for him inviting Aldercy might soothe her? But with that the Wizard continues to the bar hoping not to miss Wolfgang.

"I haven't said I'd-" Aldercy begins, but then she sees Wolfgang at the table, and her posture changes. "Fine. I'll have a gin and tonic with a twist." With that, she makes her way over, loosening the clasp on her cloak so that she can let it fall over her arm, revealing the stunning, sparkling, silver gown underneath. She waits until the host has finished his bit of schmoozing with one of the ladies, before greeting him with a smile that actually harbors on genuine.

Carter is in the process of getting Aldercy and the rest drinks. He makes his way back to the table when he looks up to see his partner heading toward his table. She's not wearing party clothes. A frown comes across his face. "I need to look into this." He heads over to talk to the other Constable. Then they abruptly leave. He's going to owe his friends an apology leaving them with Aldercy but work called.

Wolfgang's attention is caught by that stunning silver dress. He smiles wide and excuses himself to close the distance between him and Aldercy. Once covering his chest in a 'be still my heart' manner' the other hand slips around her delicate waist to scoop her up in a hug and place a kiss to each of her cheeks and then plants a kiss on her lips. "Bella." He croons and steps back leaving a hand on her hip. "You look stunning. My favorite color too. Minx." But then a gorilla of an Italian man in a too small for him across the shoulder suit comes up to murmur something in his boss' ear. Wolfgang looks loathed to say the words that come out of his mouth. "Business or I'd have you dancing on a cloud in a heartbeat doll." Another kiss is placed to her cheek. "Save a spot on your dance card." He bids as he takes a step back, kisses his hand and waves to her as he backs away before turning around to head into the back of the club.

After her interlude with Wolfgang in which she returns all kisses and promises the spot on the dance card with a wink rather than words, Aldercy actually takes her drink graciously from Carter. She's almost inclined to be civil in the afterglow of the attention from the dashing pureblood, but then he's abruptly departing, and she's left standing. She frowns as she now has the monumental task of trying to decide between insulted by his actions, or relieved that he's removed his annoying self and she can schmooze with the important pureblood at his table without having to worry about giving him his due of the conversation.

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