(1938-06-12) Witch Weekly and Pleasant Conversation
Details for Witch Weekly and Pleasant Conversation
Summary: Constable Worthington finds himself discussing the merits of Witch Weekly with Barrister Preves at a cafe
Date: 12 June, 1938
Location: A cafe somewhere

A day off from the Ministry in spring means sitting outside at the cafe with Witches' Weekly instead of the Prophet, slowly leafing through the pages and enjoying tea and pastry. The latter is something sugary and confectiony, and the business robes have been replaced with stylish, light robes with floral accents. Unfortunately, dressing down for the weekend doesn't include letting her hair down, as Aldercy's pale blonde hair is still pulled starkly back from her face in a bun at the nape of her neck.

Carter was walking down the street and minding his own business. Well that was his story and he was sticking to it as he stopped to peer into shop window next to the cafe and precariously close to Aldercy. Which he had not noticed nor even targeted. He lets out a whistle as he eyes the new broom in the window, "I'd gave an arm and a leg for one of those in my Quidditch days."

The enjoyment of her magazine perusing rudely interrupted by the voice of /that/ half blood constable nearby, Aldercy gives a sigh of annoyance and lifts her cup. "The loss of an arm and a leg would hardly have affected your performance. It was a wonder they ever let you on the team to begin with." She takes a sip of tea from the lifted cup, and sets it back down on the saucer.

Carter turns to look at Aldercy, "Bullocks! How in the bloody hell do you do that? I'm begging to think your stalking me, Miss Priss." He says with a bit of a mischievous smile, "But I didn't know you kept up with my quidditch career. Course I you must not have too closely or you'd remember, I was one of the better beaters in the school."

Aldercy looks nonplussed for the moment at the idea of stalking Carter, but, as it appears she is not going to be able read the current list of candidates for Best Smile without hearing his voice, she sets down her magazine. "Or maybe it is the very fact that I didn't actually ever notice you that is more a testament of how negligible your contribution was to Hogwarts' Quidditch," she counters, breaking off a piece of her pastry to daintily pop into her mouth.

Carter looks at Aldercy and frowns, "Now that was just cruel and mean spirited. Nothing like the last time I saw you." He says and then just helps himself to the seat at the table across from her.

Aldercy's brows furrow at his accusation, and then she coughs on her pastry. Reaching for her tea she washes the bite down the way it's supposed to go, then composes herself. "I am not sure where you stumbled upon the idea that I have any inclination to be nice to you," she replies, looking quite steadfastly down to her saucer where she is settling her cup with extra care. She is certainly not looking at the man who has decided that he is welcome to sit with her as he pleases. She does shift to make sure that her legs are not underneath the table and are in no danger of accidentally brushing against his.

Carter shrugs, "Oh don't hide it. YOu were all hot and bothered for me." He waves to the waitress to get her attention. "So what are you reading?" He says moving to snatch up her copy of Witches weekly. "YOu sure about this? I mean it's not a law book nor a spell book. Is this highbrow enough?"

Aldercy is too late to grab the magazine back from him, so she settles back stiffly in her chair. "You have no idea what you are talking about, as usual," she tells him coldly, taking refuge in lifting her tea once more. "Believe it or not, there are some interesting articles to read. Interesting to those of the female persuasion who don't need to prove their prowess in any form."

Carter nods, "Right, right. Well I could see that title fitting to you. I mean your smart, clever, pretty, accomplished witch, and was nice to that puppy that one time till you found out it was a mutt." He shrugs, "But I mean reading this requires you not to be serious all the time and well I thought that wand was jammed so far up there you would do anything that wasn't constructive or proper."

"As usual, you are showing your lack of breeding by confusing someone who has good manners with someone who is too prude to enjoy themselves," Aldercy informs Carter, her chin in it's usual perfectly raised without being overly lofty position. "I am always nice to puppies, I just would not take a mutt home."

Carter head shakes, "Yeah…yeah… But least I'm smart enough not to believe in that pseudowizardy." He drops the magazine on the table. "Which I know your a smart woman, I just can't believe you believe people aren't people." He says rising, "Maybe I just was raised to know there was more to a person than their ancestors." With that he walks away.

Aldercy's glance towards Carter is puzzled. "Of course people are people," she replies, then shakes her head as he rises. "I wouldn't expect you to understand," she murmurs, her face relaxing with something of relief as she watches his back, and can finally return to perusing the pictures and decide which wizard has the best smile of the week.

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