(1938-06-13) What A Year
Details for What A Year
Summary: Lucian and Ria look back on the school year, and all the trials they faced throughout it.
Date: June 13, 1938
Location: Boathouse

It's simply too nice a day not to get out of the castle and enjoy it. Though, while other students are running about the grounds or getting in a casual game of Quidditch, Lucian figured he could get some time alone with Ria out on the boathouse dock. He was partially right, and it only took shooing away a pair of Fourth Years to get the privacy he desired. Hand in hand with his girl, he leads her to the end of the dock. "At the end of school, it'll be nine months to the day that I asked you out. Right here." He stops on the very spot where he first made his move, and from under his robes, produces a familiar box of chocolates shaped like the Slytherin crest.

Sporting her wide brimmed hat again and a pair of sunglasses, Ria keeps a close grasp on Lucian's hand and whistles as they walk along enjoying the good weather. If this whole ordeal was planned out, she hadn't noticed, thinking instead that it was one of their usual walks along the grounds. And she smiles, clearly approving the choice of the boathouse dock. A perfect spot to hang out. It's only when they stop ad he pulls out the chocolates does she realize what's going on. "Oh Luc!" she grins brightly in both surprise and delight at the box. "Oh Merlin, was that really nine months ago?" Ria's grasps both his wrists affectionately before planting a soft sweet kiss on his cheek. "I-I totally lost track this month and forgot…"

Lucian chuckles and nods. "I know, I could hardly believe it myself. We've lasted a hell of a lot longer than most couples at Hogwarts. I just…I want you to really know how serious I am about you. I'm crazy about you, Ria. I want to…I just want to be sure we're going to see each other over the summer. You can come out to the farm, and I'll find ways to come into London whenever I can."

"Yes well if you don't count Charlus and Dorea," Ria snickers, and gets down the business eyeing the chocolates in his hand. She releases his wrists only so that she can accept (or more like snatch) the box from him, only to pause half way and look back up at him. "Of course I'm going to see you. I might have an internship and I'll be trying to spend time with mother and father, but we just learned to apparate so getting to Hogsmeade isn't a problem," she assures with a sweet smile but then tilts her head in concern, "Are you worried about something?"

Lucian presents the chocolates for snatching, lifting his freed hand to stroke her cheek. "Well, like you said, you'll have the apprenticeship, and there's your family. With what happened in Norway, I just picture your father trying to keep you from wandering too far away. Besides, I just want to see you as often as I can."

With a sheepish smile, Ria does take the chocolates, unceremoniously opening the box and taking a bite out of that first chocolate. In the same manner as nine months ago, she offers him one too to share with her. "Those are all valid concerns. It's possible that father may want to keep me close, but I believe he trusts me enough. I've been working hard and he'll be really pleased if I land this apprenticeship with Cassius Malfoy. And besides. I'm of age. There's only so much he can do." Yada Yada, rebellious teenager talk. "I promise I will see you whenever I can. Only we have to be realistic. It's not like being at Hogwarts where we can see each other every second of every day. You'll have to be patient with me, and I with you, but as long as you can promise me that, I'll be sure to visit often." She gives him a reassuring smile, nuzzling her cheek against his touch. "I like it when you stroke my cheek like that." It makes her melt into lazy kitty.

Lucian smiles. He knows very well how much she likes it. He keeps his hand there, cupping her face and stroking his thumb lazily along her soft skin. "I know…I'll try to be patient. I'll have duties on the farm, too. Not to mention my Animagus training…our Animagus training." He gives her a conspiratorial smirk. "Do you think he'll allow me to visit? Your father, I mean."

Ria lets out a soft purr in the back of her throat, feeling lazier by the second. "Why are we standing? Sit with me," she snickers, finally giving in and holding a hand out for Lucian to come sit with her. "I think maybe you should come to dinner first, and we'll see how things go from there. Okay? And speaking of animagus training. I know I was sort of against working with Camilla before, but…I think maybe I'd be willing to join in. If she allowed me…that is."

Lucian clambers down to sit beside Ria on the dock, one leg dangling precariously close to the water. "Dinner, then. Sure, we can do that. Any chance we can plan it for sometime when Xavier is out of the country?" He smirks, and it spreads into a smile. "But yes, if you want Camilla to teach you, I'll bet she'd be up for it. You'll need to meet with her about it. She's sort of particular about the reasons for wanting to learn. You have to show her that you've got an animal inside that needs to be released, and that you can control it. Most of my work with her has been about controlling my anger. At least…that's what she wants. She's a fox Animagus. I don't think she really gets what it's like having something angry inside. If you ask me, I think she's going about it a little backward with me."

Ria will leave her feet crossed on the dock, away from the threat of water, thank you. Instead she choose to snake her arm around his waist and rests her head on his shoulder. "Well Xavier's always out of the country, so yes it's likely you'll be in luck," she snickers, watching out on the water. Scrunching her nose she ponders a moment, "Well I'm sure I've got some manifestation of an animal. I know I want to get it out, but it's not scratching at me. I just know that I really, really want to be able to do it. I want to transform so badly, and I've been studying about it this whole time. Though I'm not really angry about anything." Listening on to Luc, she asks, "Oh? Well are you trying to say letting your anger loose will help you accomplish this?"

Lucian shrugs, then nods. "She says I'm a predator. Predators focus their anger, they don't wash it away. As for you…I don't know if just wanting it badly will be enough for her. It's all very spiritual with Camilla. You need to be ready to open up to her. It'll be uncomfortable at times. But…it's good. She knows what she's doing."

"That sounds like a fairly reasonable concept. Focusing is important. And unfocused anger could be dangerous, especially to yourself since you're transforming into an entirely different being all together. I feel like she's doing that for your own protection," Ria suggests with a shrug, massaging Luc's shoulders as she talks. But details of how Camilla works makes her grimace. "That sounds terrible. I don't know if I could handle that. I mean, you know me. I'm not the…spiritual type." Pondering a moment Ria sighs and says, "I mean its more than just wanting it. It's…, meh never mind. It's dumb."

Lucian wraps his arm around her waist, holding her close. "No, tell me. Whatever it is, it's not dumb." He tips his face to better see hers, trying to glimpse her eyes.

Ria leans into Luc, turning pink a little as if she's clearly unaccustomed to divulging such information and his eyes on her don't help her nerves. "It's … I don't know. I've been reading about this stuff all the time. I look for books, search through archives. Do most of my reading before bed, and when I fall asleep I always get the same dream about being really high up in the air…," she speaks quietly, trying to avoid eye contact. "It's sort of thrilling because I'm not Jocunda. I've never been good on a broom, but I like being high up like that…" Turning a bit redder, she paws at his cheek to make him look away as she giggles, "I told you it was dumb."

Lucian kisses her pawing fingers and smiles. A full, genuine, happy smile. "No, it's not. That's fantastic, Ria, and you need to tell Camilla about it. I wish you'd tell me about your dreams more often." He chuckles softly, giving her an affectionate squeeze. "I've got something else for you…" He awkwardly tries to fish into his inner pocket with one hand, his other being occupied at her waist.

Ria snickers at his puckering lips, allowing her hands to be kissed before she pokes at his dimple when he gives her that bright smile. "I can't get enough of that," she smiles back. But her nose scrunches once more when she adds, "I don't know how comfortable I'd feel telling Camilla that. And besides, I never really have dreams anyway." Mostly because Ria doesn't have a soul. Her brows raise though, with her eyes following where his hand goes, "Oh?"

"Trust me. If you want her to teach you, tell her about those dreams." Lucian finally stops digging, and his smile turns a bit softer. "I met with Ol' Sluggy earlier today. He told me to give you this." He pressing the palm-sized object into her hand — a silver and green badge emblazoned with a bold "P".

Ria silently considers sharing the dreams as she wait for Luc to give her said surprise. But she doesn't even have to look at it to know what it is. The smooth, metal texture. The embossed letter. The feeling of how suddenly everything is right within the world again. It's her badge! Ria stares at it for a long while in her hands, blinking and then looking up to blink at Lucian. And then she lets out a long, heavy sigh, runs her hand over her face and shakes her head. "Merlin's beard, this was one of the craziest years ever, wasn't it?" Her eyes tear a bit as if everything's hitting her all at once. The messy road to dating Luc, unbreakable vows, losing her prefectship, Durmstrang. All of it.

Lucian curls his arms protectively around her, nodding against the top of her head. "Yeah. Bloody mental." For the both of them. The uphill battle of winning Ria, Unbreakable Vows, the dueling tournament, killing a man, Durmstrang…oh yes, they've been through gauntlet. "I love you so much. I don't think we'd have made it without each other."

Grabbing his arms, Ria pulls Luc a bit tighter around her, very much lavishing in the feeling of safety and protection. She still eyes the badge in her hand. That shiny perfect thing. Smiling though, she looks back up at him, "I love you too. You're the only thing that turned out right about this year."

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