(1938-06-16) Leander's Trunk
Details for Leander's Trunk
Summary: Ripley goes through Leander's trunk.
Date: June 16, 1938
Location: Slytherin Boys' Dormitory
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Slytherin Boys Dormitory, Hogwarts Castle

Even the Boy's Dormitory has the same low ceilinged, dungeon-like atmosphere. Ancient four poster beds that creak and moan even empty at times are spaced out quite a bit and antique tapestry, many of which depict adventures of Slytherins of old hang on the walls as well as hang in the spaces between the beds to add all the more privacy. Merlin, a Slytherin House Alumni, is depicted more often than not on these tapestries. Within these tapestry cubicles besides the bed is a writing desk, low dresser and above each desk a display case and shelves are mounted for the resident's achievements to be displayed. Silver lanterns provide cool illumination.

Ripley is sitting down at the front of Leander's trunk, his hand sweeping back and forth over leander's emblazoned name on his trunk. Walthron is standing at the door and the trunk in front of Ripley is still closed, "It's just hard to think of him as a bad person anymore. I shouldn't. I mean, the guy saved my life." He looks up to the ceiling and sighs again. "All sorts of things are coming from this that I am finding out…"

"We all do good and bad, and it's the balance of the two that determine whether we're good or bad or just a person." Walthorn says shaking his head a little bit at Ripley,"Think too many go for 'Oh he was good' and 'Oh he was a bad guy' way too fast."

Lucian steps into the Sixth Year dormitory, squeezing around Walthorn and giving the Second Year an arched eyebrow. "Good and bad don't mean anything in the real world," he chimes in. Everyone is out for themselves anyhow. It's pretty rare that you'll find someone who will really stick their neck out for someone else when things get ugly."

Ripley turns and looks to Lucian and gives a nod, "Saved my life. He stuck his neck out like you wouldn't believe. It would have been me that was dead." He looks to Lucian for a long moment, "Hello Lucian." And then to Walthorn, "Balance is a thing that doesn't exist. Each moment is what matters."

"That's because most people are selfish and don't see a reason to do something for other people if it doesn't benefit them in some way." Walthorn says shrugging but moving to make it easier for Lucian to get in.

Lucian flops down on his bed, lazily using one foot to shove the shoe off of the other. "That's right, kid. That's how the world works. You've got a good head on your shoulders if you know that already." He glances over at Ripley, brow furrowed. "It takes real love to do something for someone else with no expectation of reward."

Ripley looks to Lucian, "Yes. It does." As he reaches and finally opens the trunk and begins to look inside. He moves some things about, clothing and the like, obviously reliving memories as he does so.

"It takes courage to do it too." Walthorn says shrugging a bit,"People just want what they want, doesn't make them bad, just selfish. Good and bad are kind of vague to me. I hate plots though. Using people is stupid."

Lucian snorts. "Then you should have a talk with the Sorting Hat, kid. Plots and schemes are Slytherin bread and butter. But I guess as long as you can see them coming, you can avoid them." He can't help a bit of curiosity, peering over at Leander's trunk and those things Ripley is going through.

Ripley moves a piece here and there and finds a leather bound book down in the trunk. He sits back and opens t, reading a little bit and then his brows knit together a bit, "It's his journal… maybe I shouldn't read this…"

"I have ambition, and I do may plots, but generally try and make sure that the person isn't flat out used the way some people do." Walthorn says grumbling a little bit. It's pretty well known he's an abysmal liar."I should get back to my dorm. I have to write to my Aunt." He pauses for a moment before he says,"If you want to know him read it, if you don't want to know what he thought, don't." With that he walks off.

Lucian shrugs. "If anyone has a right to read it, it's you. I know I would, in your place. No other way to know his thoughts now, right?"

Ripley gives a nod and looks to Lucian, "I probably will, then…" As he flips through it a little more. He looks off to one side and notices Leander's wand that had been placed there after he had been brought back. He picks it up and holds it, running his hand over the wood, "That was an interesting day. When they handed Leander this… He lit up and just… He looked so complete."

Ripley gives a nod and looks to Lucian, "I probably will, then…" As he flips through it a little more. He looks off to one side and notices Leander's wand that had been placed there after he had been brought back. He picks it up and holds it, running his hand over the wood, "That was an interesting day. When they handed Leander this… He lit up and just… He looked so complete." He's sitting in front of Leander's trunk and is looking through it. At the moment, a leather bound journal sits at his side as he holds Leander's wand.

Things are getting dangerously close to sentimental with Ripley and Lucian. Somewhere a Seer must be spouting the end of days. But meanwhile, Lucian just nods sympathetically. "What are you gonna do with it?"

Theodore enters the dorm. He's in his Slytherin sweat pants and a wife beater, a black bathrobe draped haphazardly off his large shoulders. His hair is a litle messy and his eye is swollen and black. He has a piece of white medical tape across the bridge of his nose, which is a little swollen but has had the bone mended magically. He's finally been discharged from the infirmary, and as he walks in, he pauses just a moment, looking at Ripley, before simply moving to his bunk.

"I don't know. What do you do with someone elses wand?" Ripley says and feels it around with his hand. Then Theo comes in and Ripley looks to him, "Theo, I…" He begins and then winces as he sees the bruise. "Thank you…"

Lucian shrugs helplessly to Ripley's question. But he, too, is distracted by Theo and his face. "Bloody hell, DuPont. You're a right mess. Heard someone tossed you down the stairs."

Theodore slips the robe off, tossing it onto the corner of the bed and looking back at the other two. He shrugs, addressing Ripley first, "Forget it. I was just takin' one for the team." Then to Lucian, he smirks, "You should see the other guy." He furrows his brow just a little, noticing the wand. "Burying it with him?" he asks.

Ripley looks at it for a long time and nods, "Might be good to do that. That would be appropriate." As he puts the wand down and looks curiously down in the trunk. He moves a few things about and then pulls something out that is wrapped in an old linen piece of cloth. It's a little pot metal fox and as Ripley looks to it he draws in a deep breath of sadness.

Lucian takes a deep breath, glancing between the other two boys. "Look…Ripley…if you need anything…" A twisted mixture of emotions tighten in his gut as he puts himself out there. His history with Ripley hasn't been exactly smooth sailing.

Theodore sits on the edge of his bunk, watching the other two for a moment. He purses his lips, opens his mouth to say something, and then doesn't. Instead, he just sighs, and lays down, staring at the ceiling.

Ripley looks to Lucian and nods, "Thank you." he says with sincerity. He looks to the small fox and swallows pretty hard, "I gave him this… When I was five. For Christmas."

Lucian stares at the little metal fox with an inexplicable frown. "Huh…he kept it all this time?" As if the scene becomes too much to bear, he turns away, laying back on his bed and fumbling for a book as if its contents became suddenly pressing.

Theodore furrows his brow as he listens, and then decides maybe his best move is to just roll over, pulling the covers up, and letting the other two deal with things.

Ripley looks down at the little fox in his hand. He holds it for a long moment and then moves to slip it into his pocket. "He did. It's really interesting to know all these things about my brother… I just wish I had known them when he was alive."

Lucian glances up from the book. "I thought you two lived in each other's heads. I know things got dicey this year…but isn't that how twins are? Always knowing what the other is thinking?"

Ripley thinks about this a bit, "I think I lived too much in my word and just overshadowed him." He takes in a deep breath and shakes is head a bit, "I knew when he was sad, when he was in trouble… But over the past few years he didn't let me in like he used to. I still knew when he was feeling things… Scared and all. That was how I knew something was up that night. He was super nervous."

Lucian sits up, now curious again. "That night? Which night? Durmstrang, or…?" He hesitates before mentioning the events that caused so much turmoil between them.

Ripley shakes his head, "THAT night. The vow." He looks to Lucian, "That hurt me more than anything because Leander didn't come to me to talk to me about it. It was the first time he never did…" He shakes his head, "That night… I lose a bit of him."

Lucian sighs. Damn. He did mean that night. "If it means anything, he really was trying to protect you. But he doesn't protect people the way you and I do. He used his brain, just like everything else he ever did."

Ripley nods, "I realize this. But it was the first time we didn't communicate. We didn't talk about it. He just went off on his own."

Lucian smirks. "You weren't exactly listening to reason at the time." He sighs, shaking his head. "Sorry…bad joke."

Ripley gives a little smirk to this and nods, "Right. You knocked me out. I only know what people have told me. I still don't really know all the details. Just there was a vow."

Lucian rubs his neck, grimacing at the memory. "I barely remember any more. It was ages ago. Look, lets not drudge up all that. It's over. We're more or less not taking jabs at each other."

Ripley nods, "Sorry." As he moves to close the trunk and then walks over to sit on the edge of his bed and sits down on it. "Been a while."As he looks about the room.

Lucian leans back again, settling in once more. He smirks a little, nodding toward Theodore and keeping his voice low. "So…is it true? Was that you?" Anything to get off of the subject of their dismal history.

Ripley gives a nod, "Yeah. That was me. But it wasn't anything special. He just sat there and took it." he shrugs a bit, "He was goading me into it. Thinking it would do me good to work some of my issues out."

Lucian blinks, staring over at Theo disbelievingly. "Bloody hell. He's got some stones." A proper Prefect would be docking Ripley house points right now. But Lucian has always striven to be a good Prefect, not a proper one. "So did it work?"

Ripley gives a bit of a shrug, "Actually… The one that did the most good was Pringle." he says and then lays back on his bed in robes and all. "I was so angry at the points we all got because Leander died. At least, that was how I saw it. I never thought of all we went through to get out of there and how lucky we were to get out alive and only one of us dead. I think… I am just confounded by the fact that he gave his life to save me. That he loved me that much… I was the one who always protected him… Not him of me."

Lucian has to restrain himself from declaring "bollocks" at the notion that Pringle was helpful. But at Ripley goes on, Lucian can't help a soft smile. "I think he protected you more than you ever knew. He was sublte like that."

Ripley nods a bit, "Yeah. It helped." And he begins to drift off as he lays there on his bed, "Still going to kill that girl…" He mumbles as he drifts off to sleep.

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