(1938-06-16) Paper Flower Offers
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Summary: Nova and Clavin have a drink at Cethin Seether Pub and chat with the local barkeep.
Date: Jun 16, 1938
Location: Cethin Seether

Stepping into Cethin Seether is like stepping back in time. Long roughly hewn wooden tables line the sawdust covered floor with benches set to either side for people to sit on. The thatched ceiling is low and the smoke-stained, exposed beams under it make it feel lower still giving the whole pub a slightly tight feeling. Along one wall is a long bar set with cheap wooden stools in front of it and two huge casks of ale behind it. A large fire place fills the opposite wall empty and dark during the day. The normal clientele of Cethin Seether Pub is as absent during the day as the fire and the light coming in the windows only serves to highlight the unsavory nature of the establishment.

With one day of rest having past it has now been another day with training, preparing for the next game. Taking it easy with mostly theoretical training today. But with a bit of normal practice as well. So as the quidditch day is over Clavin has made his way to find something to drink. Running a hand through his hair as he finds the bar. Seemingly looking for something that seems to be missing. For now just sighing and knowing that he has to deal with it later.

The time already being after dinner, with Clavin having eaten right after practice.

"… and that is the last time any of the Blacks ever messed with my family." Zin Avaris, in all of his bartending glory, is leaning over the bar and talking with one of three females that are hanging about and around him. He's dressed too flamboyantly to actually be the bartender, but he doesn't seem to mind it a bit. As they giggle at him, he just cracks a big smile. "I'm serious! I don't mean to brag, but my Great Grandfather was an amazing wizard. One of the greats, actually. Why do you think my parents named me after him?" A wink is included as he pours a couple more drinks for that gaggle of giggling girls.

Clavin raises a brow as he can hear part of the words from the bartender. Rolling his eyes a bit. "Well, can still make a good drink?" He asks the bartender. "Or are you just the poster boy." Smirking at the man. The short coach just moving to be able to lean against the bar. Taking a moment to assess the bartender. Perhaps able to get a decent read on the man. Continuing to study Zin.

Zin pretty much is everything that one gets to see. He doesn't particularly look as though he's got much to hide, his attitude shifting into a big smiling one as he steps away from the girls with a, "Duty calls. Miss me or I start charging you full price." As his feet slide across the floor to bring him down to where Clavin is, he pops a glass up, twirling it in his palm and plants it down on the bar. "What can I get you?" Almost immediately, though, he pauses and holds up a finger. "Hold that thought." He knocks the glass off the bar and into his hand, before popping another one up from under he bar. It's taller and wider, looking more like a clear goblet than an actual glass. This one gets the same twirl and is slammed on the bar. "Big glass for the big man." He grins. "Now. What're we drinking?"

Clavin rolls his eyes at Zin's words, "Original." He says a bit sarcastic before shaking his head. "Bartender's choice. Pick what you think I will like." He says with a curious gaze on the youngling. Perhaps trying to see his skills. Bartenders do need people skill as well as knowing how to appease people after all. So for now, he tests that theory.

Nova 's all healed up from any bruises she got from the match and is looking to blow off some steam. It was this or dancing, but none of her usually dance partners were available. She'll come in, arm linked with some average looking joe wizard who's eyes are very wide(in either excitement or fright, it's hard to tell). She's dressed casual, tight shirt, loose pant and her hair in her signature thick braid down her back. She'll laugh loudly, and in a very clear american accent, "I do hope that you are able to work the levers correctly after that! It would be a shame to waste such a ride!" If there was any doubt, her loudness should tip anyone off, it's the Arrow's Chaser.

Zin's eyes are drawn up towards the loud entrance of Nova, even while he's grinning at Clavin. "Challenge accepted." He backpedals towards some bottles behind him, grabbing them up and sliding back to the bar to do some pouring. One after another. They get slid back into their bins, he grabs up a couple of other things, sprinkles them inside the glass and then hurls in a couple of ice cubes. Four, to be exact. There's a quick stir and then he's pushing the soft yellow drink right towards Clavin. "Sunrise's Nipple. If you don't like it, it's free." All of this is done without him ever taking his eyes off Nova. Which is okay because she's loud enough to keep his attention. And probably the reason why he's grinning.

Clavin turns and grins to Nova and the one with her, grinning a bit. Giving her a nod but not disturbing her and her prey. Turning back towards the bartender. PAying for the drink and sipping it. "Tastes quite nice." He says and grins. "I am taking it that your eyes are currently on the loud one? And I am guessing you might know a thing or two about convincing people?" He asks curiously. Turning now to look towards Nova as well, with a grin.

The poor fella with Nova really doesn't stand a chance. He looks like he's got a lion by the tail and has no idea what to do. Nova's gaze go around the room and she spots Clavin, She laugh again at the young man on her arm and lean over and whisper something in his ear. He turns bright red and nods quickly, turning and bolting out of the pub as fast as he can. Nova stands there, hand on hip, which only accentuates her short height and curves. She watches him run, an almost wolfish grin on her face.

Grinning a bit, Zin grabs the coins and pops them where they're supposed to go and is already wiping up the counter where perhaps any of the liquids he was pouring have spilled. He shakes his head as Nova's prey makes a run for it, but his words are sent to Clavin. "She's nowhere near loud enough. I'm pretty sure I can change that." Zin tosses the towel onto his shoulder and leans onto the bar, between Clavin and the previous Giggling Girl Trio. "Convincing people? Not so much. I just give people what they need." His shoulders shrug and he turns his eyes back up towards Nova and he goes for it, "You realize I'm going to have to charge you double for everything you drink tonight now." He grins. "Scaring my customers off like that. For shame."

Clavin laughs as the young man runs away and raises a brow to Nova, "Scaring them away now? You're worse than me." He says and smirks. Raising a brow to Zin as well. "Perhaps." Leaving it at that. Chuckling and drinking some more. "Then let me ask, got any street smarts or know such things as parlor tricks or card games?" He asks with a raised brow. Chuckling a bit at his words to Nova.

Nova raises an eyebrow, but is still grinning. She'll make her way over to the bar, on the other side of Clavin, but where she can eyeball Zin, "That is a shame for who ever is buy them then." Nova rolls her eyes at Clavin, "He would not have lasted the night anyway. Now he has a good story to tell his co-workers that can neitehr be confirmed nor denied. " And then she'll laugh loudly again, "No one is worse than you, Clavin."

"No story is worth the words without the details to go with it." Zin remarks, pushing back from the bar and moving off to grab some bottles and refill the glasses of those girls that he was conversing with earlier. He shan't forget them! It only takes him a moment to get back to Clavin and Nova, though and he regards the short man with a small raise in eyebrow. "Tricks? Me?" Zin actually chuckles at that and shrugs, cleaning out a glass. "I just pour the drinks, man. That's all." Though, there's a hint of non-innocence in his eyes.

Clavin grins and nods as he seems to agree with Zin. Laughing a bit at Nova's last. "He would not have lasted, but died happy." Winking at that. "And hey now, I am quite nice. Even if I prefer to make myself happy first and foremost." He says and grins. Taking another drink from his glass, having drained most of it by now. Looking back to Zin and nodding, somewhat not believing him. "If you say so. But if you got skills in convincing poeople there might be things to discuss. Though I suppose you do not fit the discription then, if you do not."

Nova just shrugs at Zin's words and then snorts at Clavin's. While Clavin and Zin banter, Nova reaches over and snags what's left of Clavin's drink from his hands. She'll throw it back in one swallow. and grin at him, "Are you looking to gamble or something?"

Wrapping up the cleaning of the glass, it gets put away and the towel is given a bit of a twirl, before he pops it at the bar. As the towel extends, a single flower is rolled out of it and onto the bar. It's fake, obviously, but it had to have come from inside the towel somewhere. Somehow. "If you have an offer I can't refuse, go ahead and make it already." Zin smiles just a bit more. "I can't continue to keep my adoring public waiting." There's a nod that's tossed in the direction of the girls that are starting to look more and more bored as they don't have Zin there telling them stories anymore.

Clavin chuckles as Nova downs what is left in his glass. Chuckling and shakes his head, "Not exactly. There are uses for such skills elsewhere as well." Tilting his head to Zin and shrugs. "Just curious. Don't suppose you have thought about doing something within law or media?" He asks a bit curiously before looking to Nova. "By the way, I don't suppose you've seen something of mine?" He asks curiously.

Nova grins at the flower, cheap or not, it's fun. she'll lean over Clavin to grab it. she'll twirl it between her fingers a moment before tucking it behind her ear. She'll give Clavin a curious look as he questions Zin, but then laughs, "Yes. I found it when I was looking for my damn keys. Under the bloody couch." she'll shake her head, "I'll bring it tomorrow to practice."

The towel is once again plopped down on his shoulder as Zin is pretty sure his tricks have been noticed enough for people to understand that he knows a thing or two. "Law, Media, Birthday Parties— if it pays well, I'm more than considering it." Zin sounds like he's being completely honest here. "What do you have in mind?" It's taking a bit of focus to keep his eyes on Clavin and not on Nova, but he's working on it. Even going so far as to cross his arms over his chest to make sure he doesn't get too distracted.

Clavin chuckles and nods to Nova, looking a bit amused about how it ended up there. "Well, either if you are considering law you could always come talk to us after you have a bit more skills in the field, as being a lawyer." He says and grins. "Or you could most likely do well with media or marketing." He says and shrugs. "I am sure that you know, miss Nova Tiva of the Arrows? I am their assissting coach, Clavin Umbre." Just to clarify things. Turning back to Nova with a grin.

Nova rolls her eyes, "Really? You're scouting? Now?" She'll make a blah noise and look around the bar. Someone else must be here to have fun, or get into a fight, or buy her a drink. Or something.

"Whova?" Zin says this with a straight face. He looks as though he doesn't even know who Clavin is talking about. Though, he's pretty good at putting two-and-two together and it takes him a visual moment of realization creeping onto his face. "Oh! This loud one right here?" He's then tapping his chin with that same pointing finger that was just indicating Nova. "Marketing? You mean like… promotional antics or publicity shenanigans? That kind of deal?" Looking at Zin long enough for a moment will show that he's already starting to let the wheels in his head turn.

Clavin nods to Zin, "Something like that. Give it a thought." He suggests before he is laughing at what Nova says. "And buy the lovely lady here a drink." He says and grins. "I can do both, dear." He says with a wink to her. A bit amused at the way Zin says her name.

Nova slowly turns back from scouting the room to tilt her head and look at Zin. It's almost like she's sizing him up, noticing him for the first time. She'll lean forward, and give him a predatorile smile, "I am not loud. You are just used to proper English witches who only speak in a whisper." She'll nod towards Clavin, while keeping her eyes on Zin, "I believe he's getting charged double. I'd like a Gingerbread Tonic."

Zin leans right back on the bar, unwavering from any predatory looks. "Oh, you'd be surprised at how loud some of the witches I know can get. Though, I'm willing to consider letting you try to beat their record. That is, of course, assuming you're a screamer." Zin has absolutely no qualms about talking this way in the bar that he's a staple of. It's just the way he is. "I'll make her whatever she wants, but there's no chance I'll be paying for Gingerbread Tonic." This is said to Clavin, even as Zin attempts to not break eye contact with Nova. "Not until I see this lovely lady, at least." Grin.

Clavin chuckles at Nova with a raise of his brow. "At least you're moderately loud then?" He suggests with a grin. Nodding as he does pay for the drinks. Listening to Zin as well with a bit of amusement. Leaning back a bit and stretching. Looking between them both. "Can you really handle it, kid?" He asks Zin a bit teasing.

Nova laughs at Zin, his brashness not detouring her. She breaks eye contact to turn to Clav and quicker than a normal person could, smacks him loudly in the arm for his verbal jab, "Watch it, Umbre." While her hit is //hard, it actually rings a bit through the pub, there's a warmth to her voice, even with the warning. She'll turn back to Zin, and lean forward on the bar again, "I don't scream for anyone who can't pronounce my name."

"Lucky for me, I can do anything I put my mind to." Zin responds to both Clavin and Nova, before pushing away from the bar and moving to pour the Gingerbread Tonic drink. It takes only a half moment to do this, considering just how easy the actual drink itself is. He's then spinning back to the bar and setting the glass down. "You tell anyone I made this for you—" Zin trails off as if that would be the worst thing in the world. He doesn't even want to think about someone drinking such a simple drink.

Clavin laughs and rubs at his arm, "It was just a question. I mean, from what you say it sounds like it." He continues to tease her with a grin. Not really seeming to mind too much, despite it having been quite a hard hit. Grinning and nodding to Zin, "I thought bartenders usually prefered easy ones, at least to drink themselves. If perhaps not this." He says and just watches the young one for a moment longer before looking to Nova. "Ah, is that how it is?" Teasing her a bit more.

Nova tilts her head, waiting for him to finish the threat. she'll laugh and shake her head, "Then my next one will have to be something more." She'll pick up the drink, "Can you do something with honey?" Oh… the way to Nova's heart! she'll narrow her eyes at clavin as she take a sip of her drink. Once she's gotten a few swallows she'll stick her tongue out at him. It's not very lady like, or even very mature. when she's not looking pissy, she actually looks her age.

"I can do a lot of things with honey." Zin says this with a smile, before turning to head down the bar and back to the girls that he was previously chatting with. He does stop, though, before he leaves Clavin and Nova to their own devices. "And with whatever's left, I'll make you a very special drink." The wink is tossed at Nova and a nod is given to Clavin, all before Zin takes the step needed to signify his return to pouting witch mountain.

"Ladies, ladies. Let's turn those frowns upside-down. Your Knight in Tailored Armor returns…"

Clavin smirks as he looks between the two. "Sounds quite nice, you'll have to make something special at some point then." He suggests. Letting Zin slip away for now. Turning back to see Nova sticking out her tongue at him and causing him to laugh. "Such a silly girl." He teases her a bit more and finishes his. "If you are not busy I could get the wand today, if you wish? If you are busy then it can wait." He assures her. "By the way, where was that key of yours? I remember you having a hard time to find it." Guessing that she has found it.

Nova watches Zin go. she's trying to not smile, but it's hard not to. And if her eyes wander down to make sure he's got a nice butt, so be it. She'll turn to Clavin, "Sure, if you would rather. I doubt my date is going to be returning." she'll look to the door where the young wizard had run out. She'll sigh, smile slipping from her lips, "No…I think Octo hide it, bit I am not sure. It is not in his nest, or any of his normal hiding places." She'll shrug, "I have a spare, I would just like to know where it went to."

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