(1938-06-16) Red Chess Club and Muggle Killers
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Summary: Aldercy finds yet another person to exhange pleasant remarks with, and Constable Worthington meets the infamous Inspector Lovegood's approval.
Date: 16 June, 1938
Location: Diagon Alley
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Diagon Alley is quite the busy place after all the ladies and gentlewizards get off of work. Shoulder to shoulder, shuffling to and fro. Either heading back home or heading somewhere to grab a pint of something smelly and brain-numbing. Among the crowd a slight chill can be felt. Almost at an individual level. It's the prick at the back of your neck that indicates someone is watching you. But just who is being watched and by whom?

Aldercy doesn't get prickly, cold feelings. She /is/ prickly cold, therefore, she is completely unaware of being watched as she steps out of Madame Malkin's with a shopping bag over her arm. She gives a slight frown at the crush of people, but then squares her shoulders and lofts her chin, stepping into the foot traffic.

Carter walks through Diagon Alley with the rest of the masses of wizading World. He'd been working the day shift. He makes his way through the group and stops to frown as he feels chilled. Then he looks up to see Aldercy, "What did you do?"

A brief gust of wind brushes past a handful of people at a time, seemingly shifting directions as it moves between them. "Constable Carter Worthington. I've been following you for the past forty five minutes. You've taken no bribes, accosted no innocent people, and you seem to have your wits about you, aside from not having seen someone tail you for forty five minutes via rooftops and alleyways." From seemingly out of nowhere, Elijah appears, somewhere between Aldercy and Carter, smoking a pipe and twirling a pocket watch. "What I mean to say is that I'll work with you."

Aldercy shifts quickly sideways when she suddenly hears Carter's voice. She does /not/ jump, mind you. "I have done nothing," she tells him, somehow seeming to look down her nose at the man, no matter that he has a few inches on her. She doesn't have the opportunity to continue as there is suddenly an Inspector between them. She gives him a steady gaze as he assesses the Constable and gives a snort of irritation. "Of course he hasn't done anything out of line. It is his blood that is dirty, not his work." With another sniff she turns to continue on.

Carter frowns, "Maybe it's just your icy demeanor, Frost Queen." Then Elijah's there. He turns and raises an eyebrow, "Inspector? Well I'm glad that I past the mustard. I do try to be a generally honest and competent hit wizard." He smiles at Aldercy, "Why thank you. That's the nicest thing you've ever said about me, Miss Priss."

"Many people try many things, Constable. It is failure that defines us as a species. Such as Miss Aldercy's failure to greet people in a civilized manner representative of her upbringing." Elijah's done some research, it seems. Elijah produces a cane from inside of his jacket and leans against it, looking between the two of them, "Now, if you two would like to set aside your childish banter, I'd like to get to work."

Aldercy raises one eyebrow at Elijah, and instead of continueing on her way, she turns and glances to him. "My apologies, I'm afraid my nanny skipped the lesson on how to greet people who suddenly show up and interrupt a conversation without preamble or apologies. Please, Inspector Lovegood, would you care to enlighten me as to how I should civilly greet such rudeness?" She places one hand lightly over the other, holding her shopping bag in front of her. "But, wait, I'm sorry. It would delay you 'getting to work' so perhaps we can skip the pleasantries and go to the reason you barged in between us and are condescending to work with Constable Worthington?"

Carter shrugs, "I rather thought it was part of our charm. Well I doubt that it will be so simply set aside been arguing with her longer than some married folks been together." He rolls his shoulders, "But your mentioning work. I take it you've got something on the red pawn?" He looks up to Aldercy, "Seriously? Condescending to wor… I don't think your assisting in the way you think you do."

Elijah turns to look at Aldercy and says, "Oh, well it's simple. Don't be a twat. Lesson concluded." With that, he turns and begins walking in Carter's direction, cane held just above the ground. "Oh, I already know the things I know, Worthington. I wouldn't dare bore myself by talking about it again. Tell me, Constable. What have /you/ learned about these red pawn vagabonds. They seem quite the nefarious bunch of killers and thieves."

"Well, then. If that is all there is to it, I can rest easy I've kept up my family's good name," Aldercy replies complacently. She glances to Carter, and although she doesn't lift a shoulder in such a plebian gesture as a shrug, the attitude is conveyed well enough. "It is of no matter, Constable Worthington. I am sure you are capable of helping yourself. Speaking of which, I do have reservations at Farrin Braw for dinner this evening, so if you gentlemen would excuse me," and she turns, whether or not they do.

Carter watches Aldercy turn and storm off. He turns back to Elijah, "I'll have to remember that." He says with a simple smirk. He looks back to Elijah, "Oh the red pawns. That isn't completely sure if that's the gangs name or not. But they leave their calling cards whenever they kill a victim often to spread fear of the gang. They often use magical and non magical methods of murder, which ever is the most convincing. Though commonly known for their red pawns and used against civilians. They have been known to use knights pieces as calling cards for rival gangs and rooks for hit wizards."

"The name of the group is left entirely to the journalists that write about them, dear Constable." Elijah says this as he looks over his shoulder to Aldercy, "Do save us some seat, then." With his attention back to Carter he says, "It's a recognizable symbol, that's for sure. A bit of poetry to it. That means that someone with at least half half a brain is running the organization. That means these attacks aren't random."

Carter nods, "I would agree. This reminds me of something of out of a muggle novel I read once by a chap named Doyle. So I would believe that not only have half a brain but somebody who has a bit of the flare for the dramatic to make, an impression." He frowns looking back at the Barrister who is retreating, "Dandylion was her witness. You don't think she might become a target? Though I don't know what would be worse being on the receiving end of her charms and curses or her acid tongue."

"Muggle killers, Constable Carter. That's what we're dealing with here. Degenerates who are looking to make a name for themselves. Most likely out of some desire to be among the pure-blood high society. Undoubtedly born to a lower "caste" as it were, very much like yourself. These knight kills are to be expected, as with any gang, they are fighting over dominance over certain avenues of sale, etcetera. The rook kills, however, are of a most unfortunate nature. We're encroaching on their trade and they're fighting back." Elijah's voice remains the same cool, calm, collected tone it always is, even when discussing matters such as murder and gang violence. The Inspector, continuing his walk, looks over to Carter, waiting on him to provide his two cents.

Carter raises an eye brow, "Muggle killers? Somebody cursed my security team to be stiff as a board when they killed Dandylion." He looks both ways, "And I've talked to a muggle. I'm pretty sure they're not aware of the pureblood and mudblood thing. Well they in an argument over pure blood versus other blood. But it's even more hogwash that our argument." He blinks, "Lesser cast? Dad works for the MAC and Mum's with the Owl Postal Service. I wouldn't exactly call myself a Hoxton hooligan." He shakes his head, "Maybe and maybe some down and out wizard maybe two working with some disgruntled Squibs."

"I believe you misheard me, Constable. They're killing muggles. Not muggles who are killers." Elijahs shakes his head with a smirk. "And I was channeling the dear Miss Aldercy. I for one have no use for blood purity. Grindelwald can shove it up his ass for all I care. I prefer to make my own judgements when it comes to the character of a man."

Carter nods, "Oh well, you could see how it would be easy to make that mistake. But I would see it fitting in with them. Why not? Wizard or muggle." He considers for a moment, "Could you please not? It heard enough hearing it out of her cute mouth." He shrugs, "The question is though Thomas Chimney, the man Dandylion ratted out. They let Dandylion testify before they removed him from the board. So is he a member or is Chimney just another pawn?"

"A few of my little birdies suspect he's in league with them, but there's not enough solid evidence to bring down. yet. I shall have to gather more information on that front, myself." He stops and leans against his cane, his free hand moving up to stroke the fine amount of stubble on his chin.

Carter nods, "Well then… I would say we've done a fine job comparing case notes. Then what would you suggest be the next step. I'm wondering is we need security for our favorite barrister? Keep them from killing her to make the trial go their way?" He thinks for a moment. "But It sounds almost if it's best of us to pool our resources by not letting them know we're working together.

"Oh, I'm not working on this at all. I'm on vacation. If they found out Elijah Lovegood was assigned to their case, they'd be tripping over themselves on the way out of the door." Elijah stands up straight, his hand relaxing around the grip of the cane, "How good are you in a fight, Constable?"

Carter shrugs, "Fair enough, I was a Beater on Gryffendor's Quidditch team. I've learned a few things since then." He shrugs, "I"m good with a wand."

"Well, until I instruct you otherwise, I want you working security detail for Aldercy. Once I've found out a little extra information about Mister Chimney's supposed connections, I'll be along to assist you. See if you can't get ahold of Auror Bannon. He may be willing to offer you a helping hand in dealing with the woman." Elijah hands his cane off to Carter and says, "And do something with this, I don't know where it came from." With that, Elijah essentially disappears again, like a vapor into the crowd.

Carter stands there holding the cane. He's usually a bit more quick witted but he shrugs, "Sure…" He shakes his head, "I can't wait to give Aldercy the good news." He says as he moves along the way with the cane as if he were a gentleman pure blood wizard.

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