(1938-06-16) Straining Friendships
Details for Straining Friendships
Summary: Gabrielle finds herself stuck between two friendships, in which helping one could hurt the other.
Date: June 16, 1938
Location: Unused classroom

This classroom appears to be currently out-of-use. More often than not, though, the area proves to be an out of the way gathering place for groups that might disturb the sanctity of the library. Desks here are rarely in any kind of uniform order, having usually been rearranged by the last group to occupy the premesis. Random copies of old and perhaps out-of-date textbooks are stacked haphazardly on the shelves around the room. Littered here and there are also old work books, charts, the occasional love note hidden here in secret and even a few Marvin the Mad Muggle comics thrown in for amusements sake.

Gabrielle got here early. In fact, she skipped breakfast, running in to grab toast for Sir Nibbler and went to the classroom. Her sketchbook is open and has a few different symbols and notes written next to them, Gabby's head is laying on her left arm lazily. She's not dozing, but is zoning a bit. Sir Nibs is enjoying not only the toast, but her pets as well. She's dressed for the weekend, school skirt, long sleeved blouse, but no tie, and her left sleeve is cuffed a few.

Crunch! Lucian's arrival is announced by the loud sound of biting into a very crisp apple. He's looking semi-casual, in a brown pullover knitted jumper. "Evans," he mumbles, mouth still full of apple, and strolls over to sit on a desk facing hers.

Gabrielle blinks away whatever she was thinking of and gives Lucian a small smile, "Hi Lucian. Thanks for coming." She'll sit up, not quite having marks on her face from laying there, but close. "Having a good morning so far?" Sir Nibbler pauses on the toast, and make a small grunting noise at Lucian, his food radar going off. Gabby's small smile turn a touch bigger at her pet's noises. She'll lift her hand as he starts making his way towards Lucian.

Lucian holds the apple away from the puffskein, giving it a warning grunt. But…he sighs, and bites off a chunk, placing on the desk before the little fuzzball. "So. What's up? I got the feeling your message was supposed to be a secret. Are we spies now?"

Sir Nibbler makes a high pitched happy noise. Clear he's never fed, ever. And will descend on the apple chunk. He'll start purring at the two pink food givers discuss how to get him more food above him. Gabby giggles softly at Nibs, having seen this with just about anyone that has food around him. She'll purse her lips slightly, so much for friendly talk. "Well…it's two things." she'll neither confirm nor deny the spy comment, "First isn't a pressing, but…Will there be any more dueling club meetings? And id there isn't, do you think you could show me some basics?" Her cheeks tingle just a pinch pink. It's only embarrassing because she knows she could have been going to the club, but with everything else… and certain people that were there that would have just caused drama at the time…

Lucian nods. "There'll be a couple more meetings. More informal, now that exams are through. But for those of us that like to stay sharp, we still get together. So, I'll see you there, right?" He arches an eyebrow expectantly at her.

Gabrielle inhales, looking down at he right hand, "Yes. I think it'll be ok to go now. Christmas hasn't approached me in a while…" she doesn't sound scared or anything, more like she was just trying to dodge drama. Her eyes flicker to her sketchbook and she'll wrestle with something for a moment. Deciding to stay on topic for the moment, "I think Ophelia and Conall want to come too. It would be too weird to have us all show up at once? I don' want to overload the meeting." She really has no idea how they go.

Lucian scowls at the mention of Christmas. It's no secret around school how much Lucian has hated the boy since their duel in the No Magic in the Halls Tournament. "Bring 'em all. Everyone who wants to learn is welcome. So, what's the second things?"

Gabrielle nods, not wanting to focus on Christmas. Hopefully Lucian will not ever ask why they didn't actually date. She doesn't want Chris and Lucian fighting more. "Ok. I will." She'll bite her lip a moment, "How…uh…" she'll glance again at her sketchbook, then sit up a bit straighter, "Ok, this is just going to be odd to ask, but hear me out? Have you seen any…" Gabby stops a moment looking for the right word, "harassment of students because of the Mudclub? Or has anyone talked to you about anything like that?" Her expression is hard to read.

Lucian swallows another large bite of apple, nodding. "Of course. I'm a Prefect. I disarmed one of my housemates just yesterday after I caught him jinxing one of the blood traitors in the bathroom. He's 'hanging out' with Pringle today." He literally does air quotes when he says "hanging out."

Gabrielle 's eyes go up rather sharply at Lucian's casual behavior and his name calling . She can't immediately cover up the surprise that crosses her face, "Oh…right. I suppose that's happening a lot, huh?" Her face goes back to that almost neutral, hard to read, but her eyes drop to her sketchbook and she'll close it.

Lucian nods with a sigh. "Yeah. It's pathetic. Not to mention completely stupid. They hate the Mud Club, so they give it ammunition by attacking it. Bloody idiots."

"There's a rumor going around. Students, especially the younger ones, are afraid. It's some kind of a ….target list." Gabby swallows, the subject an upsetting one. "It's got names of who to go after…who to watch…and who to recruit…" She'll watch Lucian, trying to read his reaction to this.

Lucian arches an eyebrow. "A target list? Yeah, it's called the Mud Club roster. They put targets on their heads the minutes they signed up. Especially the pure-bloods. I don't know why they're surprised that the purists are up in arms."

Gabrielle blinks. Well. There's that. So much for her being all defensive of Lucian. "Right. That must be it." She'll reach for her sketchbook, to keep her hands busy, and from betraying her disappointment and nerves by fidgeting with her sleeve. See? She learns! "I'll just tell them to calm down and lay low then." She'll smile, glancing to Lucian. Depending on how much he pays attention, the smile doesn't reach her eyes. She'll drop her eyes as she starts to push her chair back.

Lucian blinks. "Seriously?" He shakes his head, sighing his own disappointment. "You're gonna tell them to hide? You should tell them to come to Club and I'll show them how to defend themselves. If they run now, they'll be running forever."

Gabrielle stops. She'll look up, confusion now evident on her face, "You….stop giving mixed signals. I'm not going to tell people to come to you to learn if you're calling them blood traitors." Unconsciously her right arm does twitch some.

Lucian snorts, rolling his eyes. "It's easier than saying, 'the pure-bloods that joined the Mud Club.' They're blood traitors in the eyes of the purists going after them. Gabby, I honestly couldn't care less about the whole damned blood status thing. But I don't like bullies."

It's Gabby's turn to roll her eyes. "It may be easier, but Merlin! Things are confusing enough. If you speak like that, they'll pursue you for sure for recruitment." She'll take a deep breath, "It's not just the roster. It's a whole…plan of attack. There's at least three names of the recruitment list that I think you'd be interested in." She'll not mention the one on the target list. No need to get him worked up, if he's on board.

Lucian snorts. "Let them try to recruit me. I don't have a dog in their fight." He pauses, arching an eyebrow. "Let me guess. Ria's on the list."

Gabrielle nods slowly, but then says, "Well, the name Sykes is. Along with Proudmore….and Davies." She'll set her book down, not needing to hide behind it. "I mostly just wanted you to know, because of Josie." She'll rub her right wrist some, "I don't think they've done anything with the recruitment listed people. But just incase." She'll shrug, hoping this is enough, "I know it's all frustrating and kinda ridiculous, but I just thought you'd want to know."

Lucian stands immediately, a darkness inflaming in his eyes. "What about Josie? Is she on the list? Is she a target?" If Gabrielle's intention was to invoke the lion's wrath within him, she's apparently succeeded. He's gone from ambivalent to wrathful guardian in two seconds flat.

Yeah….that's not what she wanted, "No! I said those three names were on the recruitment list!" She doesn't mean to , but when he stands, she'll finch backwards slightly, her left hand tightening on her wrist. Gabby's definitely not telling him about her name then.

Lucian frowns. "She's on the recruitment list? What the hell?" He takes a deep breath, perhaps to steady himself. But he doesn't look any calmer. "Show me the list."

Gabrielle nods at the absurdity. Dragging firsties into this is just wrong. She'll give her wrist another nervous turn, why does it seem he always ends up like this around her? "I don't have it…the only possible Slytherin names were your's , Sykes,Einon, Fox and Riddle." She'll take a deep breath, hoping if she gives off a calm air, it'll help him, "And Fox and Riddle were both on the watch list." she'll not mention he adults listed, yet.

Lucian's frown deepens, his posture stiffening, his voice taking on an authoritative tone. "Where is the list, Evans? Where did you see it?"

Something about his tone, his shift from what she assumes is talking to a friend to his prefect mode, makes Gabby stiffen as well. "I don't have it, Proudmore." Her eyes narrow as she grabs for her sketchbook again, "It's not my place to say," Technically, it isn't. "I promised to not tell anyone, but thought you should know, for Josie and Ria." She'll start to stand, she's mad, not furious, but definitely mad. Why is it every time she tries to help him, he ends up yelling at her, or demanding things?

"Don't even think of walking out on me. You know where I can go to find it. What the hell is the point of telling me anything if I can't actually do anything about it?" Lucian's jaw tightens. "Tell me where you found out about it."

Gabrielle 's eyes flash. Did he just order her? "I told you so you could watch out for them. It's all any of us can do right now. This isn't something one person is doing!This isn't something that can be stopped by one person. They're on the recruitment list. They're not in danger." Bringing her sketchbook up, not quite defensively, but that may be a conscious effort. She's standing , but won't make a move towards the door yet.

Lucian glowers, his anger heating. "If they're on the recruitment list, then someone is recruiting, and it doesn't sound like they're recruiting them for something safe and harmless. Evans, I'm trying to do this as cleanly as I can without getting you involved. But I am a Prefect, and those are my friends."

"Damn it it,Lucian! Teachers are involved! This isn't just students!" She'll take a shaking breath, "I will talk to the person who has the actual list, but they're afraid of anyone's name who's on the recruit list. I mentioned your name to go to and they freaked. Your house is in this. I know that most of the attacks we know of have involved Slytherin! No Slytherin name is on the Target list." Gabby's eyes are flashing, "I told you because they're your friends. Do you know how many names are on the Target list? 7. Do you know how many of them are Ravenclaws? 5. Gabriel's is, so don't…just don't."While her eyes still have that anger, tears are starting to form in the edges. There's something else, on top of all this, that's upsetting her.

Lucian's hands clench and unclench in frustration. "So let me do something about it! I guarantee you Dumbledore isn't part of this. Nor Slughorn. Damn it, Gabby. I have to do something. Even if Ria and Josie weren't on the list, and I would have to. It's my duty. I'm asking for your help. But I'm telling you right now that I won't wait around for this mystery person to grow a pair and figure out I'm not the enemy. It's on you now. Do the right thing."

Gabrielle says, "I am trying to do the right thing. I'm trying to get them to go to Dumbledore. I'm not going to go over their heads though! Divided is how people are going to get hurt! I've seen it. If this is rushed, people can die Lucian. Students." She's breathing hard, the tears are not falling, but are there in her eyes. She shifts her sketchbook to her left arm, still against her though. Her right hand clenches , fingers touching the scar on her palm. "We're working on moving in pairs for now. I'll convince them to all come to Dueling club. I'll work on getting them to Dumbledore. I'm doing the best I can." There's a slight tremble in her voice at the end…it's just a lot to try to fix/save. she's supposed to be saving the world from Vengals, not this."

Lucian stares at the ground for a few moment, just thinking silently. But finally he shakes his head. "No. I don't accept that. If lives are in danger, playing these silly games is what's going to get someone killed. This is what Prefects are here for, Gabrielle. I'm sorry. But you can point me to the person with the list, or you can point Dumbledore when I take you to him. Please don't force my hand."

Gabrielle 's heart starts pounding for a moment, and then she'll close her eyes. after an internal struggle, she'll shake her head no. She can't betray Gage like that. It would do more damage than just about anything else to him. She'll pale, realizing that she may actually end up hanging by her thumbs for this, and swallow. Lifting her chin up, trying to give herself a bit of strength, "As you've said yourself, you're not my prefect. If the Headmaster wants to speak to me, I'll go. But I won't say anything unless I'm given the ok by who has the list." She'll reach over with her right hand to pick up Sir Nibbler, who sensing the tension has been quiet.

Lucian clenches his jaw, anger flashing in his eyes. "Damn it, Gabby. Why do you make everything harder than it has to be? Fine. I've got no choice now. Your Prefect or not, I'm still a Prefect of this school, and this involves my house." He stalks toward the door, pausing to look at her and gesture to it. "Let's go. To the Headmaster. No stops on the way." He sighs. "Unless you come to your senses and tell me what I need to know."

Gabrielle 's jaw is just as clenched, "And why can't you ever have faith in me? I'll get him to Dumbledore. It just won't be immediately!" Placing Sir Nibbler on her sketchbook, who makes a soft whiny noise(clearly not happen with the tension in the room now), Gabby's glaring up at Lucian, "And what would you do if I did tell you? Go demand the list? Like that would instill any kind of calm or credibility to you not being a purist in their eyes?" She'll start moving towards the door, "I'm not bring Sir Nibbler to the headmaster's office!"

Lucian glares hard at Gabrielle. "I never have faith in you? Excuse me? Who the hell spent months tutoring you in Transfiguration? If I didn't have faith in you, I wouldn't have bloody well bothered! But this? You're telling me people could be in danger, and you want to sit around on our thumbs in the hope that your friend stops being an idiot? I don't bloody think so."

Gabrielle stops moving to look at Lucian, "Do you even listen when people talk to you?" She'll tighten her hold the the sketchbook, but doesn't pull it closer, as the fluff ball would get squished, "I never said I was going to sit around doing nothing. I started by telling you, in hopes that you could keep an eye out, but you're too…you to ever consider that this is a delicate thing. This harassment has been going on for months. I just wasn't connecting it to blood purity idiocy." She'll sneer up at him, "Do you know what your house calls me? Slytherin's pet Ravenclaw. They throw birdseed at me, thanks to you, Teddy and Ripley. And I won't even get into the tricks I supposedly preform for the three of you." she has an obvious disgusted look, as the tricks aren't PG. "So don't act like I'm endangering anyone, I'm trying to fix this, in the best way possible. Not just knee jerk to the most powerful wizard I can find. You keep saying yourself that we need to learn to defend ourselves , not hide. Then let us!"

Lucian rolls his eyes. "Here we go again. Poor, poor Gabrielle Evans and all the abuse heaped upon her. And guess what? Apparently it's my fault! Sorry for giving a damn! But it doesn't have a bloody thing to do with this so-called list. You don't have to preach to me about the harassment. Prefect, remember? I'm the one one the front line dealing with it, and if your idiot friend had a bloody clue, he'd realize that I'm the one putting the purists in their place when they do it. So no, I'm not waiting for your pleases and thank yous to get him to talk to Dumbledore. Take me to him, or I'm taking you to the Headmaster. Now."

Again, Lucian says something just right, and she'll stiffen, "Fine." Gabby's eyes go forward to the door, realizing she stuck. And possibly losing a friend. She'll school her face to a neutral, and walk towards the door, a clear shift in her demeanor.

Lucian fumes quietly as he walks behind Gabrielle, leveling a menacing scowl at any poor student that happens to cross their path along the way.

Gabrielle does stop at the first random Ravenclaw girl they pass to hand off Sir Nibs and her sketchbook to end up on her bed. If he argues, she'll snap back, "I'd rather not either end up lost in the headmaster's office or dragged to the Dungeon."

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