(1938-06-16) The List Comes to Light
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Summary: Elspeth, Gabrielle, and Lucian come to Dumbledore about a suspicious list.
Date: June 16, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office
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Even though she decided that the piece of paper needed to go to Professor Dumbledore, that he would be able to figure out what it meant, Elspeth still had to get her courage up to approach the Headmaster's office. Finally, after dinner, she went to her room, took her satchel with her drafting book inside and resolutely turned her steps to the office. Her once long hair is now held back an alice band, falling just to her shoulders and curling slightly at the ends. She bites her lip as Dumbledore allows her inside, and when she looks around, she can't help stopping to /look/. Her eyes widen and her fingers slide up the strap of her satchel and curl around the leather just in front of her shoulder.

Dumbledore sits behind the large, mahogany desk, surrounded by stacks of parchment. He is currently hunched over one such parchment, a long quill in his hand making little marks on it. It should be recognizable enough. It's the Fourth Year variation of the end-of-year Transfiguration exam. Apparently, Professor Dumbledore is catching up on his professor duties amidst his Acting Headmaster duties. "Ah, Miss Rosen," he says, glancing up briefly. "Welcome. Please take a seat." He finishes up a few marks as Elspeth gets settled in, then puts his quill and parchment aside, folding his hands on the desk before him. "What can I do for you?"

Elspeth pulls her sleeves down in an unconscious gesture she's developed whenever she's nervous, as she takes a seat. She doesn't exactly make herself comfortable, sitting at the edge of the chair, and still looking around as she waits for him to finish marking the exam. When he does, she bites her lip, her eyes still wide, but this time from consternation. She reaches into her satchel and pulls out her sketchbook, flipping through to the page where she had let the sugary stickiness of the scrap of parchment stick itself. Carefully, she tears the entire page out, and, giving it one last look, she hands it over to Dumbledore. The next page has a copy of the 'list'. "One of my friends was finding this, sir. It is very worrying to me, to us. Maybe… because so much of it is missing, what… little is being left," she bites her lip again and does her best to look up to the man she's giving the page to, "is seeming to be… ominous? in nature."

Dumbledore lifts out of his seat a bit to reach for the page. He squints at it for a moment, then sighs, fetching a pair of half-moon spectacles from his pocket. "Needing these more and more." He puts on the glasses, then examines the list, maintaining a very neutral expression as he does so. At the sound of a throat clearing, his eyes shift to the wall of portraits, where one of the Headmasters of Hogwarts past is gesturing toward the door. "Ah, thank you, Phineas. We have another visitor. Chocolate Blueberry Morsels!" He calls toward the spiral staircase that leads up to this office. A grinding sound can be heard as the gargoyle below shifts.
You paged Gabrielle with 'Feel free to pose in now.'

Gabrielle , arms folded, comes walking in. Her face is plaster with a very controlled neutral look, and behind her is a rather angry looking Lucian. Her head tilts some and she'll let out a small sigh as she sees Elspeth, but the frowns when she sees the girls hair. This is Lucian's party. He can talk first.

Lucian has composed himself by the time they reach the Headmaster's office, but his expression is still quite stern. "Sir, I have to report-…oh, I'm sorry." He seems to have just noticed Elspeth as well.

Elspeth remains seated in her chair, and after seeing Gabby, she catches a glimpse of the prefect with her, and hastily turns back facing forward, intent on hiding her face away from Lucian with a swing of hair… the shorter length coming in more useful since it isn't pulled back from her face as much. Her fingers find their grip around the strap of her satchel again, and she just sits, quietly trying to make herself as small as possible.

Dumbledore beckons Gabrielle and Lucian in with one hand. "Come in, Miss Evans, Mister Proudmore. I'll be with you momentarily." He turns his attention back to Elspeth, holding up the page with the torn paper stuck to it. "It was good of you to bring this to me, Miss Rosen. You mentioned that a friend of yours discovered it? I should like to speak to him or her. Who might this friend be?"

Gabrielle blinks, eye balling the situation and the paper. She may not be the smartest Ravenclaw, but she's quick. "Sir? We're here with more information the list. I did a divination." Merlin, why is she trying to save face for Lucian, anyway? Her ams unfold, and she'll twist at her right sleeve, unintentionally.

Lucian sighs, stepping up beside Gabrielle and giving her a momentary frown. "Sir, it sounds as if that's the same list we're here about. There's a safety concern."

"I am thinking a very big safety concern," Elspeth says quietly, but firmly, something almost resolute in her tone. She glances up to Dumbledore when he asks for a name, and then to Gabrielle for a moment. "We were having to find it with a friend of his, and…" she pauses and chews at her lip. "It was being Gage Hart, sir," she finishes, her voice dropping again.

Dumbledore nods soberly. "You said you found it with a friend of his? Where was it found? What do you know so far?" His eyes are shifting between all three students, looking for answers wherever they might come from.

Gabrielle frowns slightly and will step forward, closer to the paper, "I believe it was found underneath the Quidditch stands. Some time around when the Hufflepuff's had a game. Their colors were still flying. "She'll stop twisting her sleeve long enough to point to a stain, "I think that was caramel." She'll glance to Elspeth a moment then dive into what she knows, "It's not the MudClub rooster, like everyone thinks. It was written by someone who didn't want to be known. When I divined, the quill didn't have a hand, just…those symbols. Dividing everyone." She'll bite her lip a moment, "The exclamation points mean brown mud. the dashes mean red mud. The 8's mean stones and the 4's mean fire." Her voice gets a bit timid sounding at the end.

"Sir, Evans came to me about the list," Lucian explains. "She was very concerned about it, and wanted to make sure the right people knew."

Elspeth gives a short shake to her head, still keeping her gaze averted from Lucian. "Who is thinking this is a roster for Crocker's club?" she asks in puzzlement. "Why would they be wanting to watch people who are known for being… sympathetic to muggle born? Or making muggle born targets?" Suddenly her brows furrow, and her knuckles whiten in their grip on her bag. "Stones?" her voice that had been solid and it's thoughtful reasoning tone a moment before shakes. "What are you meaning by stone and fire?"

Dumbledore nods firmly to Elspeth. "All questions I'd like answers to. The list seems full of contradictions, and I'll not conjecture on the meanings behind the symbols. I'll need to speak with Mister Hart, of course. In the meantime, Mister Proudmore? Spread the word among the Prefects to keep an extra eye on security. I'll have orders for our Head Boy and Head Girl to disseminate soon." He nods gratefully to the two girls. "Thank you both for your diligence. Is there anything else you'd like to add?"

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens some, and she'll take a deep breath, "the other half, in the Divination, went up in fire. On purpose. And there was an owl, with a red envelope. I felt that it was bringing something to hogwarts….." She'll glance to Elpseth again, not wanting to frighten the girl more , but…"A pair of trolls sleeping in the garden, wolves like shapes running along the beach, a dragon's nest in the courtyard.I don't know what any of those could mean, but they followed the list." A rather quick glance to Lucian which is hard to read, then she's looking at the Headmaster again, "It ended with a group of students inside Hogwarts fighting three dark robed figures. Spells, red streaks of light go back and forth, then a student is hit. and then the vision shattered into white mist." Her hand tightens on her wrist, squeezing tightly. She just hopes he listens as much as Mopsus would.

Lucian nods firmly to Dumbledore's orders, standing silently and waiting to be dismissed.

Dumbledore listens carefully to Gabrielle's description, nodding with each point, making no commentary. "The other half of the list was found…but destroyed deliberately?" Dumbledore's brow furrows in displeasure.

Gabrielle frowns again, "I believe it was, but not found. There is a burst of anxiety and excitement surrounding the paper. It was ripped in half," she'll nod down to the paper in Dumbledore's hand, " and the larger half flashed into fire and vanished. It felt like it was destroyed to hide it." There's a nervous tone to her voice, but that could be from talking about fire this much.

Dumbledore strokes his beard thoughtfully. "Of course, this could all be an elaborate prank." He offers her a soft smile, perhaps merely saying this to put her at ease. "But we shall take it most seriously. I'll confer with the faculty tonight. Unless you have something more, you are free to go about the remainder of your weekend. Though to play it safely, try not to wander about alone, either of you. Mister Proudmore, I'm sure you can see Miss Evans safely back to Ravenclaw Tower."

Lucian nods solemnly. "Of course, sir." He moves toward the exit, pausing to glance back at Gabrielle, waiting if she should have more to say to the acting Headmaster.

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow, biting her tongue for a moment, "I suppose sir. But if it is, they're taking it a bit far." She'll glance to Elspeth as she turns to leave, placing a hand on her shoulder and squeezing supportively, "I have a hair tonic that will give you a few inches back, at least, if you want." She'll not wait for her to answer, but turn and leave, not making eye contact with Lucian as she passes.

Lucian descends the spiral staircase behind Gabrielle, emerging from behind the statue. Once it has shut behind them, he pipes up in a dry tone. "You're welcome."

Gabrielle blinks, and will just turn to look at him, "Are you serious?" She doesn't even sound snarky. she's honestly surprised.

Lucian frowns, hands going to his hips. "Are you? If I'd told Dumbledore what you really did, you'd be in Pringle's hands by now."

Gabrielle just stands there looking at him, like he's grown a second head. "And if I hadn't piped up, you would have been dragging me in to tattle on something that was already in Dumbledore's hands, instead of looking like you were bringing me in to help. Big bad prefect dragging me in for wanting to wait and bring Gage. Cause that's just awful of me. Wanting to have the boy who found it there. Pringle would have had me up by my thumbs for sure." For a Slytherin, he's awful at this stuff.Again, she doesn't even sound mad, just annoyed and baffled at him.

Lucian snorts, shaking his head. "Merlin, you are daft. I was bringing you in there for refusing to answer questions about something you claimed could get people killed. Not to mention telling me you'd refuse to answer Dumbledore's questions, too. I did my job. You tried to get in the way of it. Don't think that'll get you in hot water? We can go back up and test that theory, if you like." He gestures invitingly toward the statue.

Gabrielle tilts her head, giving him a exasperated look, "What do you want Lucian? A thank you? an apology? I'm sorry I chose Gage over your sense of duty for a day?" She'll shake her head, actually looking rather upset, "Do you want to know what I'm sorry for? That I came to you with this. You said you'd protect me. I didn't even get to the point to be able to tell you that my name was on the list. MArked as red mud, whatever that means, before you were demanding things and threatening me." She'll move her hands up, as if she has her sketchbook to use as a shield and then give a slightly upset huff that it's not there. There are no tears, but she looks almost pained, "If you want me to go back up there, I will. Otherwise, I want to go to my bed." She'll pause, almost like she's waiting for him to dismiss her, or open the door.

"People say all kinds of bad things about me. Some of them might be true." Lucian curls a lip. "But one thing nobody can accuse me of is putting one student's poor ickle feelings above the lives of others. You need to sort out your priorities, because they are screwed up in a bad way." He jerks his head along the corridor toward the stairs. "Let's go. I'm done talking to you."

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