(1938-06-17) Three Gals and a Guy
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Summary: After a long day of being followed (plagued) by Constable Worthingon, Aldercy makes a deal that she will eat with him at a restaurant in return for being able to apparate straight home, alone.
Date: 17 June, 1938
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A table off to the side, requested as far off to the side as possible, has a well dressed couple still with menus but their first drinks (maybe one of many for the blonde woman). The woman wears subtle business robes, tailored to fit her slim figure, and of expensive material, but with almost no embellishment. Her hair is still pulled back, it seems that despite the work day being over, she has yet to let her down. The man sitting in the chair at right angles to her is also still in his work robes and suit. Although they are well cut, they don't have that 'made for him' look of his companions. He also seems to be wearing a less sour expression than his companion. Though Aldercy is managing to keep her lips from drawing down into a petulant frown, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to guess that she's not overjoyed at the moment. The first dinner rush is starting to thin, so that Carter can be fairly easily spotted through the other diners by an observant person at the entrance.

Carter was in a better mood but only slightly better. He was still at work to say. This also meant that he wasn't drinking. He wished he was dranking. He needs to find a charm to sober a person up. He sips his tea quietly and watches the door and the room.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Isobel Strudwick is who! Except she is all by her lonesome on this eve. She has had a long day at work and figured she'd stop off in the Alley for dinner before making her way home. Wearing a set of robes as well, certainly not as tailored as some either, she gets lead to a table near the other seemingly business dressed people. She adjusts her robes as she sits down, seeming to not be too comfortable in them. Once she's as comfortable as she's going to be, she glances down at her menu, brushing some hair out of her eyes.

Nova steps in and immediately wrinkles her nose. this place is nice. she's not gonna fit in. Pursing her lips and then shrugging, what's the worst that can happen, she'll get kicked out? She'll start scanning the room. Not that she usually knows fancy type people , but-oh!there's the goggles guy she owes a drink! Smirking and not even getting all the way around the room with her gaze, she'll walk over to the far table, "I see you have decided to not wear goggles tonight. A most wise decision."

Folding her menu, Aldercy's gaze first falls on Isobel, and her expression smoothes as she has something to distract her from the man sitting next to her. It's called 'try and place the face' as she's sure she's seen the woman around the Ministry, but where is the question. Then it seems Carter is being addressed by a strange woman, and she raises one eyebrow with a curious tilt as her attention slides to her dinner partner.

Carter looks up to Nova, "Well I haven't been flying cross country on a broom. Nor stalking the shadows for fair maidens to ravish and suck their blood. How are you doing Warrior? I listened to the game, That was rubbish. What they did." He looks to Aldercy, "Oh this is Barrister Aldercy Preeves. Ms. Preeves, this is Ms. Nova Tiva, also known as the Warrior of the Appleby Arrows."

There's a glance given by Isobel to the table near to hers, as there seems to be a bit happening there all of the sudden. She first takes note of the people sitting at the table, who look vaguely familiar from the Ministry. And then there's…yep. "Nova Tiva." She whispers. She saw the woman, and met her, the other night, of course. But the night didn't turn out so well, especially not as either had intended. Her gaze immediately snaps to back to her menu.

Nova laughs loudly. She's in a loud mood. "I am well, thank you." She'll nod to Carter, her obvious american accent clear, "It was bad , but now we know. It will not catch us off guard again." Nova will smile broadly at the woman, extending her hand. If taken, her hand , while rather small, is rough and callused. "Nice to meet you." Nova does not seem to notice the strife she's causing to the side, poor Isobel.

"I am aware that there are other players on the Appleby Arrows besides their famous 'heart throb' beater," Aldercy says drily to Carter, but she does take the hand offered. Her own is softly moisturized and while the grip isn't limp as she is not just letting it sit in Nova's, there's little to no strength in the clasp. "It is a pleasure to actually meet you, however, Miss Tiva. Won't you please join us? One shouldn't dine alone when there are friends around." Her voice softens as she addresses the quidditch player, becoming more socially charming than Carter's used to hearing… since she's rarely talking to someone else besides him when he's around.

Carter shrugs, "Perhaps I wasn't raised high society, but I was always told when your introducing somebody, you tell them who they are." He says taking a drink of his team. "Careful she'd got an acid tongue." He says looking at the menu, "So what's good to eat here?" He asks then seeing Isobel he offers her a nod, "Miss."

Isobel gives another glance to the nearby table the 'Miss' comment and nod is given. She gives Carter a nod and a smile in return before glance once again between the others at that table as well. Her eyes, once again, linger on Nova before going back to her menu. Yep. Nothing more interesting than a menu!

Nova raises an eyebrow at the two at the table…maybe she should leave? But first, "I do not understand why the crowd is so obsessed with our Beaters. I have seen the whole team. There are several good choices." She'll glance to Carter to make sure she's not interrupting, and then shrug, could be entertaining. She'll grab a chair to swing around to straddle, catching Isobel out of the corner of her eye. Nova's not a poker player(just ask the rest of the Arrows) and her face goes through a few emotions before she settles on a nervous nod. She'll glance to the two , perhaps realizing now how awkward they're going to be if they continue to snip. What the hell, she's young and famous and people expect her to be rude, right? Twisting back around, in a rather bending kind of way,She'll demand loudly, "Isobel!Come join us!"

"Only when given the proper metal to test it on," Aldercy replies to Carter's warning sweetly. There's only a minor flicker of an eyelash as Nova turns her chair around rather than sitting in it properly, but it's nothing. The barrister has decided to sip her drink as she follows Carter's greeting of Isobel, her hopeful expression doused as he doesn't provide anything further than 'miss'. However, Nova's reaction to the woman is most intrigueing, and she inclines her head with another smile. "Please, there are, after all, four chairs at this table." From the interest on her face, the invitation is extended more from the promise of entertainment she sees possible, rather than just manners.

That and to possibly to keep her from having to be stuck with Carter as her only company for the evening. Carter doesn't seem to mind too much. He takes a drink of his own tea, "Yes please." He shakes his head looking back to Aldercy, "I'll have to keep that in mind, Ali." He says with an evil grin. Then looking back to Nova, "So what are you out and about tonight?"

"I…well, aye, o' course." Isobel smiles softly at the three of them, standing from her own table and taking her menu with her to her new seat. "Thank ya, all three o' ya, for the invitation." She says, looking at each of them in turn. "Isobel Strudwick." She mentions to Aldercy and Carter, offering a hand to each of them in turn. "Pleasure ta meet ya both."

As soon as Nova sees that Isobel is coming over she'll reach for a menu. Frowning for a moment at the selection, don't menus just have meat anymore? Nova looks up to Carter, "Practice is over. I can only eat at the Leaky Cauldron so many times." She'll shrug, "During season, I do not have much time to do much of anything but Quidditch , eat and sleep."

Aldercy's pleasant demeanor does shift, the use of the nickname has twin ice daggers shooting in Carter's direction. She thaws when Isobel offers a hand and her name, and takes the opportunity to stress her full first name, "Aldercy Preves." Her eyes glance sideways to the man to reinforce the not so subtle hint.

Carter looks up to Isobel, "Pleasure's mine, I'm Constable Carter Worthington." He shakes her hand after Aldercy. He turns back to Nova, "Leaky Cauldron's got alright food. Beers better. Though you probably don't do too much drinking during season. He looks back to Isolbel, " Ali's one of the best Barrister's in all the MAC."

"Constable. Barrister. I work for the Ministry as well. Examiner with Magical Education." Isobel smiles. But she frowns when an employee approaches her with a bit of brown parchment. Accepting it, she opens it up and reads it quickly. "An' it seems I'm needed back at the Ministry. Here an' I thought I was done for the evenin'. Constable Worthington, Barrister Preves, Miss Tiva. Pleasure. An' I do apologize for the abruptness." She sighs and makes her way to the front. No more than a few steps out the front door and there's a loud cracking sound, indicating she has apparated.

Nova tries to hide her smirk at the jabs being thrown by the ministry workers. Good to know all wizards are petty jerks some times. She'll neither confirm nor deny the amount of alcohol she partakes in during the season. She'll tilt her head and watch as Isobel leaves, a slight frown on her face, she'll sigh and turn to look at the other two, waiting to see what they are doing.

Aldercy gives a nod as Isobel mentions where she works, "I knew I've seen you around somewhere before," she comments and then her eyes darken again, the stone cold lingering this time, although she does allow Isobel a nod at her leave. Then she places her napkin on the table and stands. "Sadly, I must depart as well. I have some casework waiting for me at home that needs reading before bed. The two of you should stay, however, and enjoy yourselves. I'll even have your food put on my tab, I insist," the last is uttered with a hand that clamps down on Carter's shoulder, reminding him of his promise. She does, though, lean over with a few last parting words for Carter alone, her fingers squeezing at his shoulder, then she gives a nod and a smile to Nova, and excuses herself. Her trip to the door is only paused at the maitr'd's station to leave instruction for the payment of their bill.

Aldercy whispers, "I have not taken the liberty of assigning you a nickname, so I would appreciate it if you would return the same courtesy to me, or I assure you, you shall find speaking very difficult." to Carter.

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