(1938-06-17) What To Do About the List
Details for What To Do About the List
Summary: Gabby and Gage are talking about The List, and Elspeth joins the conversation on her way to meet Evelyn. Things become a little more turbulent when Noalan appears. Luke and Conall pop in, but are able to understand little, due to the reluctance of Gage and Els to talk about The List.
Date: 17 June, 1938

A grey little feline approaches first, and upon noticing Gabrielle, hunches low and moves over before she’ll pounce close, tilting her head back as she lets out a loud meow, swatting out a paw.

Gage looks around as he walks toward the lake shore. “Shadow Mist,” he says, above his normal mutter but he isn’t exactly yelling. He isn’t all that concerned with his state, which he’s obviously been in a fight, but now that he’s free he’s looking for the young cat. He slows when he catches sight of his housemate, gaze dropping down to the feline, and stops at a distance and just stares.

Gabrielle laughs at whatever Luke is saying and will start to respond with a smile when she's being batted at. She'll turn and smile at Shadow Mist, scooping the kitten up into her arms. Looking around and seeing Gage, she'll excuse herself from Luke for eh moment and walk over to Gage. Her smile drops though when she sees the state he's in, "Oh Gage…" She'll sigh softly, letting the kitten nestle in her arms as she inspects Gage, "Are you hurt badly?" Maybe if she keeps him distracted, he won't be mad at her too. She's not quite man handling him, but does place a hand on his arm, trying to see if he's hurt too badly.

Shadow Mist is content to be picked up, letting out a purr as she nudges her head against Gabrielle’s arms. Gage frowns and takes a step back, away from her reach and simply shrugs. “Gran’,” he mutters. His dark blue eyes lock on the kitten, watching her for several seconds as he thinks, and then lifts his gaze to Gabrielle. “Wus jist lookin’ for Shadow Mist.” His gaze then drops to stare at the ground, but then looks up again. “Yer can luk after ‘er?” He returns to looking down to the ground, turning to face away from her.

Gabrielle grits her jaw, unsure what his deal is right now, but she just can't do this with someone else too. "What the hell, Gage?" she'll keep her hold on Shadow Mist comfortable though. "Are you mad at me?" she'll pull her hand, the one she reached for him for back, like he slapped at it.

Gage keeps his gaze away, watching the grass as he brushes a booted foot over it. “She’s ‘appy witcha,” he replies lowly. He swallows before he brings his gaze to Gabrielle, his eyebrows furrowing as he gives her a confused look. “Why?”

Seriously? Are all boys mental? Gabby still has a slightly hurt look to her face, but she'll sigh, her shoulders dropping some. "Why? Why would I think you weren't would be a better question!" She's not yelling, her voice isn't even raised, but there's a slight….quiver to her tone. She almost went to Pringle for this boy, most likely lost a good friend, and now he's behaving like this? "I'm just trying to help you. I act like I care, and you pull away like I'm trying to hurt you. If you really don't want me as a friend, just say so. " Her tone is hurt, but more importantly, tired.

Gage frowns deeply as his gaze returns to the ground, sliding back a foot over the ground. For several seconds he stares down at the ground, considering on if walking away is the best option. He shifts uneasily over the ground, hesitating, before his head suddenly lifts. "'Tis jist a scrap - 'tis al' roi," he insists, lifting his shoulders briefly. He locks his gaze on her, and then drops his gaze to the kitten in her arms as he mews and twists, batting her paws outward. After he swallows and lets out a breath, he asks, "'Av yer figured oyt what ter do?"

Gabrielle will unconsciously lift her hand up, to give the kitten something to play with. Her eyes go from his obviously battered appearance to his face. Her eyebrows go up and then she frowns, "I thought Elspeth took it to Dumbledore. She was there when Proudmore drug me in. That's why I told him, I thought you gave the ok…" Her fingers pause over the kitten, like she's afraid any sudden movements are going to anger Gage as well. She can't lose another friend over his list. So help who ever wrote it.

The tawny cat who's starting to fill out and losing her kittenish look stalking through the grass is the first hint that another person is approaching. The cat's ears are still a little big for her head, but they are the kind that appear they will always be a bit large. Coming around the edge of the shoreline, returning from one of her secret spots, Elspeth walks with her arms hugging around the body of her satchel, the strap hanging almost loosely over her shoulder. She stops when she notices Gage and Gabby, her approach coming from behind the boy so that she doesn't see his face just yet. She pauses, looking at the two and debating greeting them.

Gage falls silent suddenly, staring at her as his eyebrows crease. "Oi-" He starts, but looks down and kicks at the ground. "We didn't nu anythin' aboyt it," he mutters. He shivers and stuffs his hand into his pants pockets. "What if Dumbledore is really workin' for Grindelwald?" He scowls down at the ground. "Bloody Prefect." He backs up a couple steps, not noticing Elspeth since she's all quiet and behind him. "Oi'll take care av it den," he mutters grumpily.

Gabrielle frowns, shaking her head. Her eyes flicker to Elspeth but won't say anything, "Gage. He's not. We have to have an ally. I trust Dumbledore. And while Proudmore's an ass, he's not a purist. He was in fact insulted that anyone would think so. He was actually taking me to the Headmaster for punishment because I wouldn't tell him where the list was, so he could deal with it." She'll take a deep breath, hand moving down to pet the cat again, "We need an ally on staff, wether it's Dumbledore or Mopsus." she'll frown again, "Gage. Please stop. You need to let us help. Going off alone is what's getting people hurt." She'll glance to his scrap, and then to pointedly at Elspeth.

"Dumbledore is not working for Grindelwald," Elspeth says quietly, finally making her presence known. "What are you needing to take care of, Gage?" Her hands shift, letting her satchel slide down to its normal spot at her hip, fingers wrapping around the strap as it takes on the weight of the books inside. Her eyes glance to Gabby, carefully neutral when she mentions Proudmore. The tawny cat, now noticing Shadow Mist in her perch, puts two paws on the girl's leg just below her knee, mewing up to her litter mate.

Shadow Mist meows down to the Neko, and suddenly starts to squirm in Gabrielle's arms so that she can hop down onto the ground beside the tawny cat and give her a playful swat. Gage snorts and shakes his head. "He might as well be," he mutters. He eyebrows lift at the voice behind him and he turns to lock his gaze on Elspeth when he abandons anything he was about to say to just stare at her. "Uh-" He stares for several seconds before he utters, "Why?" He pauses. "What 'appened ter yer?"

Gabrielle sighs. She's supposed to be dealing with these things from another angle, not this. she'll let Shadow Mist hop from her arms.She'll keep frowning, "Why because he's Slytherin? Or because he's a pure blood?" Gabby rolls her eyes slightly when Gage turns and stumble verbally around Elspeth, starting to lose her patience with the whole mess. "Let me know what the two of you decide, and I'll help with what I can." Her voice is laced with frustration and worry. She'll smooth her skirt out and turn to walk away.

At first Elspeth turns to talk to Gabrielle, but then the sight of Gage's face stops her. "Gage? What has happened to your face?" Her hand stirs as if to reach out and touch him, her eyes round with concern. She bites her lip against the sudden brightness in her eyes, and then she shrugs. "Just trying a new hairstyle. What are we deciding?" she asks curiously, trying to change the subject from her hair and not ready to talk about the obvious signs of fighting on her younger friend.

So Luke busied himself with scouting the shallows looking for anything of interest. He'd been tactful, letting Gabrielle and friends have their private chat. Now he's coming out of the water, pants rolled up to his knees and shoes on the shore, looking quite satisfied with life. He didn't find anything but half the fun is in looking.

Gabrielle huffs, looking to both her housemates, "If there's anything else to be done. Or is staying in pairs and watching each others backs enough? Do we let everyone know who's on the list?" She's not stepping on any more toes. She has plenty of bad guy toes to step on, no need to stomp on goodie toes. Gabby will glance over towards Luke. That looks much nicer than this conversation.

Luke comes walking back over to the group barefoot. "You guys look far too serious." He does his best to look serious. Knitting brow too hard. "People who look that serious tend to give themselves heart attacks." He looks to all. "Just saying."

Gage stares at Elspeth silently, thinking as he regards her and letting her first question go unanswered. "What?" he asks sharply in annoyance. His dark blue eyes lock her eyes before he turns and looks after Gabrielle with a frown. "What's 'e goin' ter do den?" he relents and looks to the ground, at least until he's looking back up as his eyes land curiously on Luke. His eyebrows furrow as he looks down to the cats. Shadow Mist baps her paw toward Neko, letting out a meow.

Neko backs away from the bat of Shadow Mist's paw, only to return a bap of her own in the gray cat's direction, before rising on both hind legs to wave her front paws at her 'adversary', hopping around on her hind legs. "Was not Dumbledore saying that we should not be talking about this? It will be… well, it was making Gage defensive around James, and worried that James was going to attack us. We are not needing more reasons for people to be suspecting other people of intending harm." Her eyes go down to the young cats, then back up as Luke approaches and addresses them. She gives him an attempt of smile, pulling a strand of hair that catches in the corner of her mouth when a breeze ruffles the shorter strands.

Gabrielle nods, "Yes….way too serious." She'll frown and look to her house mates. "Just…let me know what you want. I'm not going to force anyone to take my help." She'll shake her head at Gage, "I"m going to deal with my own drama." Gabby will look to Elspeth and sigh. "Gage needs to be filled in."

Luke gives a glance to the group. "Right. Why do I feel like a seeker who can't find the snitch." Flit flit of eyes, shrug. "That's why I'm a keeper. The quaffle's easier to spot."

Gage keeps his eyes on the cats, watching them play, but he can't seem to muster up a smile. He mutters lowly, "Yer- Yer luk gran'," he says of Elspeth's hair, but doesn't look up. He shifts on his feet and bites on his lower lip. His head lifts a bit to glance from Elspeth to Gabrielle, but quickly lowers his gaze again as he starts to inch away nervously. His eyes lift to regard Luke silently before drops his gaze to the two felines. "Oi'll leave Shadow Mist ter play," he says lowly before he turns, keeping his head down, and begins to walk.

Gage's compliment actually brings a smile to Elspeth, and she looks to him, but only nods as he turns to leave. "I will be bringing her back to the common room," she assures gently. At Gabrielle's words, she bites her lip. "I am thinking that if I'm growing my hair again, they will just be cutting it off again. And Gage is saying it looks nice, so I will keep it. But, I am thanking you for the offer. Perhaps I shall be asking for that potion before I am going home, so my parents will not be worrying."

Gabrielle has no idea what Luke is talking about…she thinks it's Quidditch? Gabby will watch Gage start to leave and then turns to Eslpeth and nod about the potion. "I'll watch the cats. Go after him?" she'll nod in the direction Gage is walking.

Luke is still at a loss regarding what's going on but hey there are cats involved and cats really aren't his thing. He's allergic. At least, he thinks he is. Nice kitty, no claws. He looks to the departing Gage with another shrug of nonchalance and looks back to Gabrielle. "All better now? Or is Gage not the he you were having problems with?"

Watching Gage walk away, Elspeth shakes her slowly. "I am thinking Gage is wanting to be alone, now," she says quietly to Gabrielle, looking down to the cats who have now proceeded to rolling around batting at each other after the dancing Neko pounced Shadow Mist and bowled her over. "I was looking for Evelyn," she adds, glancing around the lake shore around them. Luke's question draws her attention, and a furrowed brow, her gaze turning to question Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looks as Gage leaves and sighs, "No…although sometimes I wonder that he might be." She'll log this whole things as something else to fix…later. She'll shrug to Elspeth, "Gage always acts like he wants to be alone." Gabby' will glance around, not having seen their other housemate today.

These robes were meant for walking, and that's just what they'll do. Especially when these robes are attached to a student. More specifically, Evelyn. She's a tad bit later than she meant to be, meeting up with Elspeth. But she has a really good reason, she swears! It may or may not involve reading and/or trying to persuade a prefect to persuade the librarian to let her into the Restricted section. Regardless, she's puttering down the path from the school down to the lake, seeming slightly in a day-dreamy sort of state.

Gage keeps his head down as he walks from the lake, scowling at the ground. But his steps begin to falter. He looks up to stare at the courtyard he was nearing, frowns deeply, and turns to start walking back to the lake. Except that once the group is back in sight, he stops and doesn't approach any further, lifting his hand to scratch at the side of his head as he hesitates, apparently losing his nerve.

"Yeah well.. if that's the way he acts he'll soon find it'll become truth." Luke offers solemnly. Its a horrible fate. At least if his tone of voice is any indication. "Well.. I should mosie along. I was going to meet Artemis. Cheers, okay?" He gives her a smile. "Its not the end of the world and if the end of the world is coming you might as well smile. It'll get bent." He winks and starts walking along the shore whistling to himself.

Elspeth gives a little frown at Luke's assessment of Gage, not that she can argue. "He is not usually leaving Shadow Mist behind, so I will be letting him alone for now. I will be talking to him when I take the cats back." She looks down to the cats, but when he mentions meeting Artemis, she looks up again. She lifts a hand from the strap of her satchel to wave to him, a slow smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she watches him. As her eyes follow him away, they catch sight of Evelyn, and she smiles more, calling out to her roommate.

Gabrielle 's so out of the loop with this circle of students. She can't tell who likes who, or what is happening. So instead of even trying, she'll just bend down to pet both kittens. She'll smirk at Luke's suggestion for the end of the world, "I'll keep that in mind." Get bend. She may use that. She may die but at least she'll have something quippy to say. Turning her head, she'll give Evelyn as small smile and nod.

Soon enough Conall is moving towards the shore. Spotting all the people around. Raising a bit of a brow as he moves closer. "Hello." He says to them all and wanders along with a raised brow. Not fully sure what he has walked into.

Looking down at the lake, Evelyn gives Elspeth and Gabrielle a little wave. She glances about to the others around, but doesn't do much. She's a quiet and shy one, after all. She speeds up, however, and finally makes his way down to them. "H…hello." She mutters to Elspeth and Gabby, giving them both a little awkward smile. "S..sorry I'm late." She murmurs to Elspeth.

"Pssst, hey bud, have you become an outcast too?" The voice is quiet and from a few feet behind Gage. Noalans walk down towards the lake wasn't exactly stealthy, but seeing the figure on its own and then the group caused him to move as nonchalantly as possible. Rather than approach the group, he moved up behind the rumpled looking Gage, more comfortable approaching the boy he's had issues with than some of the people he seems to be spying on.

Elspeth gives Evelyn a little smile as she approaches and shakes her head. "It is being all right. Neko and Shadow Mist are wrestling." In fact, they now appear to be wrestling with Gabrielle's hand, as the older girl has bent down to pet them. It takes them little time, but they seem to decide to shift their attention from each other to working together. There are no claws and teeth used, but they wrap paws around her wrist and kick at her hand.

Gabrielle looks up from the army of kitten attacks on her hands to Conall. She'll give him a slightly relieved smile and then back down to the kittens again. "she'll softly say to the kittens, "I wish I had brought Sir Nibbler out. The three of you would have had so much fun." She's not notice the two spies off to the side yet.

Looking down at the kittens, Evelyn gives a hint of a smile. Only a hint of one, however. Though it's less awkward than her other one. "They're good kitties." She murmurs softly. She watches as they play with Gabrielle's hand, her own hands stuffed into the pockets of her robes. After a moment she looks up and glances between Gabrielle and Elspeth.

Gage isn't brave enough to move closer, so he's going to stay at a distance, watching the group but too far away to hear what's being said. He frowns deeply, dropping his gaze to the ground, when there's a voice behind him. The voice brings out a deep scowl and his jaw tightens, lifting his head to quickly shoot a look toward the group before he spins around, arm sweeping with him so that it'll knock against Noalan, almost looking accidental in his turn. "Stay away from 'er."

Noalan leans away from the swipe. While he wasn't exactly expecting it, it wasn't a surprise either. He leans a little to look at the crowd again, noticing there are several possible she's he could be talking about there, "I've heard that before. No worries, I've been staying away from everyone. And what are you then? Their mother hen, shooing off all undesirables? It doesn't look like it's been doing your health any good."

Gabrielle nods to Evelyn, "They are. I would have gotten a cat years ago if my aunts would have let me." Gabby's demeanor has been very odd latest, She's been in better spirits than she has been, but there's clearly things weighting on her. A soft giggle escapes her as one of the kittens gnaws on a finger.

"I have b- I have found a nice place along the shore where we can be build-" movement on the hill a little catches her attention and she looks. She gives a sigh, and bites at her lip, turning back to see the prefect also joining them. It takes her a moment of indecision, then she turns. "Gabby, please be bringing the cats back with you, they are seeming to have too much fun attacking your hand for me to take them away just now." Giving Evelyn's sleeve a tug, she turns and walks towards the two boys who seem to be having their usual words.

Evelyn frowns and looks once more between Gabrielle and Elspeth, giving the latter a strange look as if to ask 'What's going on and why are we just leaving Gabrielle here?' But she doesn't say anything as yet. She merely lets herself be lead toward…well, wherever it is the Elspeth seems to be leading her.

Conall nods to those around. Grinning a bit at the cats attacking Gabby's hand. Though following Elspeth's gaze to the other boys. Raising a brow and starting to move with them. Giving Gabby a small smile in passing before heading towards the others. "Hello. What are you all up to?" He asks and mainly studies Noalan and Gage, with a smile on his lips.

Gabrielle frowns as suddenly everyone is walking away towards…Gage and Noalan? She'll huff softly and scoop a cat up in each arm, trying to let them have at her fingers to keep them happy. She's a few steps behind everyone though, as she was on the ground to begin with.

Gage turns his head to look to the group again, a shiver hitting him, and watching the Hufflepuff Prefect for a second. His name was also on the list, so he's going to be watched with suspicion. But Gage turns back to Noalan, scowling at the older boy. He takes a step toward him, stuffing his hands into his pockets and muttering, "She nades yer roi' now, Oi tink. Can't yer be a friend?"

Noalan keeps his weight centered on the balls of his feet, ready to backpedal from the next expected swing or jump away from a tackle. "Just chatting with my herbology buddy." He says to Conall without looking away, sure an attack would come when distracted. "He seems to have been on the losing end of a bowtruckle tussle." The lack of a follow up is a little unbalancing, as is the response, "That would be worse, I can't protect… Wait, which is it? Do I stay away or be a friend? Or are you recommending a pen pal arrangement?" He finally looks over to Conall, and notices that they're bringing the whole group down on them. "This is going to be such a drag." He mutters.

Conall gives a smile to Gabby and waiting for her to catch up and then his gaze goes to the boys. Nodding a bit. "I see. Well, why not join us all? I'm not sure what we all were doing, but still. There is always fun with swimming or just hanging out on the shore." He offers with a glance to Gage as well. Trying to study them both but not really doing much right now, as long as there aren't a bunch of issues.

Elspeth isn't quite close enough to hear what Gage says to Lan, but she is surprised when he puts his hands in his pockets, and she slows. She does hear Lan's last mutter, though. She had hoped to be there ahead of Conall and stave off anything that might attract the prefect's attention, but now it seems it's not needed, so she stops, uncertain what to do. Her gaze goes over to Lan, and she considers, pulling her hair out of her face as the wind tousles it. Confused, she turns to Evelyn *it looks like there is not going to be a fight to break up after all* she signs to Evelyn, and glances back to where the young cats continue to maul at Gabby's arm and hand.

-Noalan, is everything okay?- Evelyn is sure to catch her cousin's attention before signing to him, glancing between him, Gage, and Elspeth in confusion, only quickly glancing at Gabrielle and Conall as well to see if they're as confused as she is. -Was there going to be a fight?- Evelyn signs to both Elspeth and Noalan, who are probably the only two who would understand her sign language.

Gabrielle frowns confused, looking at everyone. And the the signing starts and she'll bite her tongue. While she doesn't know what they're saying, she knows they're saying something. Shaking her head, she'll just look down to the two happy cats in her arms, "Come on you two…let's go get Nibs." And she'll turn to leave.

Conall does seem a bit confused perhaps, but he at least keeps his eyes on the others. With a glance to Gabby and a reassuring smile. Seeing her starting to leave and grins at her. "Want me to come help?" He asks before looking to the others again, with a brief studying gaze on Noalan and Gage.

Gage frowns at Noalan and mutters, "Yer can," he interrupts him at the protect comment. "By stayin' close ter 'er so no one has de chance ter 'urt 'er." There's a pause, and he adds in, "She's on de list as a target." When Gage shifts his gaze, he frowns when he notices the lack of distance between the rest of the group. His shoulders tense, moving his gaze to stare curiously at Conall before he's suddenly looking between Elspeth and Evelyn's hand signs. Gage snorts and turns away, looking down to the ground as he walks back towards the water.

Elspeth frowns at mention of the list, "Gage…" she starts with exhasperation, then and she shakes her head to Evelyn. "Not always," she reverts to talking out loud. "But most of the time it is seeming that they are not able to help jabbing buttons. Maybe we should be g- go back to the lake," she surmises. She glances at Lan and bites her lip, but then turns to his cousin, waiting for her.

Gabrielle shrugs to Con, "Your call." She'll give him a small smiel and keep walking.

Where's a herd of drunken centaur musicians when you really need a distraction? His hands from the simple -fine- before going on to adding -I did my best, but no- about the fight. Tone is difficult to add to a nonverbal medium, but Lans fingers practically form a self-deprecating grin along with the words even though his face is mostly expressionless. Gage's words have him rolling his eyes; however, his mind replaying his words in Emi's voice. "Ya, right." He says, making up for his toneless signing by adding extra sarcasm to the words. His aloof expression breaks momentarily into one that might be shock or guilt or fear, possibly all three. "List?" His tone is momentarily sharp before his composure returns, "It's got nothing to do with me. I don't care about any list." He glances over at Elspeth again, now that he's paying attention, he notices things. Primarily, he wants to ask about her hair, but no longer feels it's his place. "Thanks for the invite, but I have other places I need to be." He finally says about the lake, hoping that excuse is enough to escape with.

Seeing as things seems to be fine Conall smiles at the others. "I'll go see it went for Gabby." He offers to the youngsters. Not really knowing what else to do really. He does smile to them all though, in his usual sweet way before taking a step back and starting to hum as he prepares to head off.

The snort from Gage isn't lost on Evelyn. She doesn't know what he thinks about it, but she's not the confrontational type; not the type to ask him why he snorted in relation to the sign language. Her gaze follows him for a moment as she wonders. Her attention, though, goes back to Noalan. -You and I need to have a talk, cousin.- She seems torn. She wants to be able to speak with Noalan, but she was meant to hang out with Elspeth. -Let's meet up soon, okay? If you really do have other places to be.- She finishes off by giving him a little sign to say -See you later.- She sighs and walks to follow Elspeth.

Elspeth knows Lan enough to recognize the joke about not being successful in starting a fight, and she does actually smile a tiny bit. She notes Lan's response to the list, and her look is at first resigned, to shrug it off, but then he regains his composure, speaks again, and her eyes flash sharply. "You are not going to be able to 'not care' much longer, Eibon," she snaps at him. "Your name is being on the list, too, for different reasons. Some people are already thinking that you sitting on the fence is not going to be good enough any more, and then what will you be doing?" The words that she hadn't meant to say are out of her mouth, and realization that she actually spoke out loud hits her a second later, and she claps her hands over her mouth. She turns to Evelyn, wide eyed first with shock, then with regret. She lowers them, "I am being sorry, Evelyn," she tells her friend brokenly. Her stricken glance moves to Lan, and then she runs for the castle before she loses her control completely, leaving all of them behind.

Gage halts before he moves too far away that he can't hear Noalan. He turns and moves back, locking his dark blue eyes on him. He swallows, a fresh wave of fear causing him to falter, resting his head in his hand briefly before he lifts his head to glower at Noalan. "Then maybe dare is a reason Eibon is on de list as a recruit," he snaps, clenching a fist at his side, but then turns from him and glances after Elspeth, swallowing and shifting nervously.

Noalan looks stricken as Elspeth's rebuke slams into him. His hands tremble slightly as his fingers fumble out an almost incomprehensible -Talk later then- to his cousin. It takes him longer to regain his composure this time, but there are cracks in it now, signs of distress showing through his tight control. "I'm hardly the only Eibon at this school." He says, trying for a flippant tone and failing. His fists clench and unclench in time with his jaw muscles, at a loss for something to say even if he had time to try. He should have just stayed in the dungeons.

"Elspeth?!" Evelyn actually calls out to her friend, in one of the rare moments her voice is actually loud. Her eyes are wide, and she then stares at Gage for a few seconds, and then Noalan. "I think there's more than one Eibon that might be looked down on." She mutters and looks down sadly. She signs to Noalan without looking at him, -Something is going on at this school. It has to do with what happened to Elspeth.- She signs to Noalan. Looking back up to Gage she says, "What umm…well uh…what do you um…know about the…the list?" She asks timidly, sounding unsure as to whether she should actually ask or not. If she could just stay in the shadows, she'd prefer that very much.

Gage drops his gaze to the ground, fists clenching at his sides, swallowing back his fear. He lifts his head to look after Elspeth's departure again, and then shoots a glower to Noalan before he's looking onto Evelyn and shifting nervously over the ground. "'Tis stupid," he mutters as he lifts his shoulders. His arms cross in front of him, stumbling back over the ground as a wave of nausea hits him. "'Tis a list av sympathizers, people ter be recruited, targets, an' watched. Rosen an' Evans are targets along wi' others."

Noalan simply nods to Evelyn. Not only does he know, he was warning about this since the start of term train ride. Fitting since he's felt railroaded ever since then. He listens to Gage's explanation and shakes his head. With Elspeth fled, he manages to work up a bit of his old nerve. "And where is this list then? Let me guess, it's some rumor you heard, the list was destroyed, and it just so happened every the entire sympathizer and recruit list was made up of Slytherins." He runs an agitated hand through his hair. He turns to walk away, "I promise I'll talk to you later Vyn."

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