(1938-06-23) The Wrong Not Choice
Details for The Wrong Not Choice
Summary: Nova an Hadrian run into each other at the bookstore. It doesn't go well.
Date: Jun 23, 1938
Location: Flourish and Blott's

Flourish and Blott's is the premier bookstore for anyone purchasing books in preparation to attend Hogwarts. The bookstore's two stories of walls are completely lined with shelves, most of the accessed by a rolling ladder with the exception of the back wall which has a loft attached to it that can be reached by climbing a graceful curving staircase. The open floor space in the middle of the store has freestanding bookcases that house the newest releases as well as the books currently assigned for the present year at Hogwarts to make them as easy to find as possible.

Nova's got enough reading now, thanks to Isobel, but she just really needed to get out of the house. Something's not right there, and she can't put her finger on it. Octo's being weird, and there was no practice today, so…book store for now. Maybe brawl fight later, paper's be damned. She'll sigh softly as she tries to reach for a book on the top shelf, standing top toes. ladders are for chumps.

Stepping in from the outside, Hadrian is dressed rather simply today, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Moving a bit to the side of the door now, he pauses for a few moments as he sees Nova, and heads over in her direction, moving a bit slowly and trying to keep out of the way, it would seem. There's a bit of a smile on his face as he moves, though.

Alright, who ever thought bookshelves should be this high was clearly a half giant. Nova will huff and frown. Glancing down, she'll consider just climbing the thing. She doesn't weigh that much, it shouldn't tip, right?

Moving to come to a stop right behind Nova now, Hadrian's smile widens a bit more. "Any problems there?" And before she can answer, he tries slipping his hands around her waist, to attempt lifting her up towards the shelf she's reaching for now.

Nova starts to turn around when she's addressed, but then she's being lifted. Hadrian can feel her tense, and then huff once she realizes who it is. She'll twist slightly to be able to grab the book, some unknown poet. "I could have gotten it." She sounds a bit…pouty.

"Hello to you too," Hadrian replies, a bit lightly, before he adds, "And you're welcome." Nodding a bit at what she says, as he lowers her to the floor again.

Nova narrows her eyes slightly. she been pretty much in a foul mood since the Cannon's game. At least from what Hadrian's gleamed at practices. She'll turn as soon as her feet touch the floor to look up at Hadrian. Her face is hard to read, she's got alot of different emotions crossing over her eyes, but she'll settle with annoyed.Weather he moves his hands or not from her waist, she'll cross her arms, the book still in her hand.

Letting go of her waist now, Hadrian sighs a little bit. "Sorry… I just…" A brief pause, before he changes tactics a little bit now. "What's been wrong?" he asks, after a few moments now.

Eyes still narrow, Nova shakes her head, "No. You have barely spoken to me since I showed you. You do not get to act concerned now." She'll shift her weight to one foot, giving her a stance with a touch more attitude.

Hadrian grimaces a little now, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Sorry…" he repeats, looking a bit unsure of what else to say now. Glancing around the store again for a few moments, then back at Nova.

Nova rolls her eyes, yeah…that's what she thought. There's a flash of hurt in her eyes, but she'll quickly cover it it, "I will see you at practice Hadrian." She'll start to try to go past him, towards the register.

"Look… I…" Hadrian begins, reaching out a hand to try stopping her for now. "I've been a thoughtless idiot…" He doesn't say much more for now, pausing for a few moments, as he glances around, and then back to Nova again. "I'm so sorry."

Nova 's jaw tightens, breaking their seeker's hand would be bad. Clav would be mad at her. She'll stop, not looking at him, "It is fine. I just…if you did not want…whatever it was…" Her eyes travel down to the book in her hand,clearly trying to find something to look at that's not Hadrian , "You should have just said so. I am a big girl, I am not a hysterical fan. I just needed to know, not…guess at it."

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that, letting out a bit of a sigh. "I know… I just…" Pausing for a few moments, he reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder now. "To be honest, I don't know what I was thinking. If I even was thinking."

Nova shrugs, he can feel the tension in her shoulder as she does so, "It is all right. I am not throwing myself out a window." Her eyes go up, but it's to look behind him, checking on if anyone is watching. she'll swallow, some of her anger dissipating with his touch. "It has been a stressful season for everyone."

"It's been stressful for all of us, that's true," Hadrian replies a bit quietly. "I'm sorry that I've been… less there…" Keeping his hand where it is now.

Nova stumbles over her words, her eyes travel from behind him, to his hand on her shoulder, "It is not-You don't have to-" She'll close her eyes at she makes an angry face, mostly at herself. "What you chose to do off the pitch is none of my business." She'll shrug again, "As what I do is none of your's. Our paths crossed, that is all." It's hard to tell if she actually means that, or is just saying it to give them both an excuse.

Hadrian nods a little bit, before he sighs. "Simple as that, then?" he asks, to the part of the paths having crossed. "Nothing more, nothing less?"

Clenching her jaw again, Nova's eyes flash some as she actually looks up at Hardian's face finally, "Don't. You chose this. It was to be what you wanted it. You chose less." Her voice cracks some from trying to keep it low, "I was foolish. You…" she'll trail off, shaking her head, "I should not have burdened you with the knowledge. It is my fault." Her hand is tightening on the book.

"I didn't really make a choice," Hadrian replies quietly now, before he adds, "But it seems by not doing so, I made the wrong one…" Moving his hand away from her shoulder now, he takes a step back.

Ah! Emotions! Nova's no good with them!Well, except with the angry ones, which she embraces out of comfort. Her chaser skills are renown enough that it shouldn't surprise him when she whips the book at the empty space above a row of books on the case and it sticks. As the book collides with the back of the bookcase, it make a huge whopping noise, startling everyone else in the bookstore. She'll snarl, not caring who hears, "Or perhaps it was the right one. It is easier to step away than deal with me." She may have short legs, but they move fast and she'll go to storm out.

Hadrian blinks a bit as he sees that reaction, and hears what she says. Looking about to say something, he stops when she storms off, looking a bit confused. And making a mental note to go speak with her soon.

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