(1938-06-24) Gallery Revolving Door
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Summary: Gabby's studying something important in the Armor Gallery and is visited by Cillian. Then Conall. Then Theodore. Then Morgana. Then William.
Date: Mon Jun 24,1938
Location: Armour Gallery

Empty suits of medieval European armor stand guard along every wall here, polished to a shine and proudly displayed upon low pedestals. Though ages have passed since any of these suits has been worn, there is something strangely lifelike about them, as if they could step down from their displays at any moment and start marching about the castle.

Having already grabbed a few small rolls from the dinning room, Gabby's laying on her stomach, with several books open in front of her. Sir Nibbler has perched on the small of her back, and seems to be snoozing. Her legs are up, and swinging slightly as she reads. She's humming softly, maybe it's to keep the puffskien asleep.

Cillian leans in the entrance of the gallery and he's been there for a few minutes, head tilted to the side as he idly toys with a small bouquet of wild flowers tied around a chocolate bar. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head, adjusting his overstuffed satchel and burlap sack of goodies and squinting at Sir Nibbler, pressing a finger to his lips to say 'shhh'.

Sir Nibbler chirps softly. It's hard to tell which way he's facing, but doesn't seemto be in a snitching mood. He just nestles in a little deeper into Gabby's back. She'll smile softly as he does, but continues reading, only stopping to turn a page.

"Summer's comin', next year I'll be twelve." Cillian offers softly. "But m' still 11, so I got you only 11 flowers, the candy bar's pretty think though, so it makes up for it."

Gabrielle turns when she hears Cillian's voice, not enough to knock Sir Nibs of, but enough for him grab a hold of her shirt. She'll smile, tilting her head, "Why are you bringing me flowers?" she doesn't sound annoyed, more perplexed. She'll move to start sitting up, but Sir Nibbler will have none of that. He was comfortable. She'll give the critter a small glare, but not move again to disturb him. Instead, she'll pat the ground next to her for Cillain. "You know if I can, I amgoing to try to come visit you at you father's bar." She'll blink, wait…was it his father? Or his Da?

"Because you're a woman…" Cillian shrugs helplessly. "And a fair maiden so its politely." He moves more closely to settle down on his knees next to Gabrielle, eyeing the critter on her back as he offers her the bouquet and then rummages around in a pocket for a small biscuit which is offered to Sir Nibbler. "Here ye are, more fat for your fluff mate…" Then he looks back to Gabrielle. "Hm? Ahh, me Da's pub? That could be fun. We may go hikin'."

Gabrielle 's eyebrows go up a hair, but she'll smile and take the offered flowers. She'll inhale and then grin, "They're very pretty…you've not got Ogg in an uproar over these, have you?" There's a twinkle n her eye, like she's trying to not giggle. Sir Nibbler turns slightly and chirps happily as he swarms the offered treat. Grunts and purring can be heard as the biscuit quickly disappears. Gabby will nod, touching a few flowers, "If I can, I'd like that….I'm not sure what's happening with Ripley, so I may have the whole summer free." she'll shrug slightly, "unless I can find a job, that is." She'll look up, still smiling, "Hiking's fun. Any other plans?" The books surrounding Gabby don't look like her usual. Usually it's Potions or Divinations, which are pretty easy to spot, even when open. These look like…History, maybe?

"I'll figure out how to appease Ogg next year, somethin' to study over the summer." Cillian offers a small smile before hmming and shifting to sit on his bottom. "You'll like me Da. He's got the mouth li-like a sailor but a good 'eart." A wistful smile goes here. "But then me Father may want to spend time with me too. He usually gets fall and winter. He missed me." He squints as he notices the books and as one of those firsties who spends hours in the history sections of the library he, tilts his head curiously. "Are ye studyin' for more tests?"

Gabrielle does giggle a bit at that. Poor Ogg. She'll nod, "I'm sure I'll like both of them, if I get the chance to meet them. Maybe they can both take you hiking?" Gabby's not sure, but the way he talks, maybe they'd get along, in short sessions…Gabby's head turns over towards the books, her smile dropping some. She'll think for a moment, then nod, this she can share, "I'm trying to determine what magic is. Where it comes from. How we access it." She'll give him a small smile, "You'd think as wizards we'd know…but I'm not finding a lot."

"…me Father might…one day want to do a hike. But I doubt it. Me Da likes outdoors more." Cillian tries to explain, worrying his bottom lip for a moment and he watches Gabby like a hawk before looking to the books and hmming softly. "Magic comes like your…being a girl or a boy, its inside you when you're bein' made. Like an essence, a part of you that's…at your core." He reaches out to select a flower, plucking it from the bouquet and then turning it slightly to peer in its center. "I can help you look if you want. Magic is part of who we are, its why there's muggles and squibs, sometimes when you're being made…like a recipe, it's left out."

Gabrielle nods, a bit more enthusiastic, and will talk, using her free hand to make make her point, "Exactly, but whatis being left out of the recipe? That's what I want to figure out! Is it…something outside of us, that's added in? Is it a natural thing? When did Magic start? can it be added later?" Gabby bites her lower lip, having a thought suddenly hit her, "If it can, is there really a difference between squibs and muggles? Or even wizards?" Merlin, if she can figure this out, it would solve so much.

Cillian considers what is being said and he arches an eyebrow. "Have you ever read the Wizard of Oz? Well…the Scarecrow wanted brains, the Tin Man he be wantin' a heart…and the Lion wanted some courage. These are tings you can give somebody, they have them whether they can feel or see 'em, but if you try to find a tangible proof of something existing….sometimes it makes it easier for you to understand what you do have." He muses this over, unshouldering his satchel and rummaging around for a quill and some parchment before shaking his head. "People be people, just with different ingredients. Hmmm, so we'll need to find the history of the first recorded wizard…and you /may/ also want to look in fairy tails." He taps a finger against his chin. "Its like how there's dark magic and then regular magic…the magic is the same, a basic ingredient that makes usin' a wand or mixin' a potion easier…but there are extra ingredients in each cake that make them turn out differently…so…hmm, do you tink you can get a better grade in tings next year if we figure this out?"

Gabrielle smiles, "Is there dark magic? Or is it just useddarkly? It's all theoretical…but, yeah. Maybe fairy tales, that's a good idea.I'm been looking at some History. And Magic Theory." she'll shrug, "I bet turning in a paper on this could get you a bunch of extra credit."

"There's always darkness. Dark feelings, dark magic, dark days…without darkness there could be not light and without light…the darkness would smother us all. We couldn't see and we couldn't breathe. Its why dark wizards are so cranky…they are feelin' smothered in their darkness. Because they cannot be seein' light anymore…without a person to help see them through and back to the light." Cillian explains softly, hesitating before looking to Gabrielle and blinking and then blinking again. "I…well that's what I know in my heart." He worries his bottom lip before quirking an eyebrow. "And then…it hurts…here…" He moves a hand over his heart. "Everytime it beats, I hear a teardrop fall…" He tears up a bit and idly wipes his eyes with his sleeves. "Ahem, but it doesn't matter, we'll figure this out."

Gabrielle tilts her head as Cillian gives his views, something he says seems to touch her and she'll nod, "Yeah…I just meant, is Magic is more like a tool? Can it can be used for good or bad…." she'll nod, but frowns slightly, "Maybe darkness can be lightened?" She'll sigh.And then make a slightly awh face, "Oh, Cillian…it's ok…" She'll lay the flowers down, Sir nib squealing as she turns over from her stomach to hive the firstie a hug. Sir Nibs thumping gracelessly as he hits the floor as he scurries over to one of Gabby's books.

"…how you use it reflect-reflects how you feel inside…you can't fool magic." Cillian intones gravely, sniffling and shaking his head. "You can 'elp somebody out of the darkness or hold a light for them to follow, but dark is dark and light is light…and that's why it hurts." He accepts the hug, blinking away the tears and sighing. Crying is so embarrassing. "We're gonna help you write the best paper ever…so you can win awards…and make money and we can go to Paris."

It is about then that Conall is making his entry. Seeing Nibbles scurrying off and the two hugging inside. Perhaps hearing the sound of the sniffling as he raises a brow at the two of them. "Everything alright?" He asks of them as he takes a moment and just stands at the door. Satchel over his shoulder as usual.

Gabrielle has her arms around Cill, so he doesn't see her frown slightly…she never saidshe was writing a paper, but she'll let him believe it. She'll nod,stroking his head slightly. "Magic is pretty smart, huh?" He is a boy after all, she'll let him have his moment, or as long as he needs to get it out of his system. Maybe she can lighten his mood some, "Paris is going to be brilliant. Do I get to add salt to the snails? Or is there a dipping sauce?"

Gabrielle looks up and will nod to Conall. "I was just upset about Ripley …Cillian was trying to cheer me up." She'll give Con a soft smile, and a look that says don't push it. She's trying to save face for the Captain.

Conall raises a brow as he listens and hears the part about Ripley. "Everything alright between you?" He asks but nods to the look from Gabby. Staying still for the time being and just watching the two.

Cillian pats Gabrielle on the back. "Of course, we can dip them in a special sauce. Something French." He swallows and takes a deep breath, pulling back a bit to peer curiously at Conall before blinking and waving a hand. "Mm…yes. Ripley's still a tosser. I was talking about ways to spank 'im and then got too graphic for meself. Scare meself pissless."

Conall raises a brow as he listens and hears the part about Ripley. "Everything alright between you?" He asks but nods to the look from Gabby. Staying still for the time being and trying to judge the situation and taking the two of them in. Letting his gaze go from one to the other. Nodding to Cillian's words and just studies them both for a bit. Not pushing it for now though. Only smiling at them. Wandering a bit closer. Not really one to enjoy seeing people crying or being sad.

Gabrielle will nod to Cillian, rubbing his back as well, "And afterwards we'll try creme brulle ." She'll sigh softly, "Rip's just been really..upset lately. "and she'll leave it at that…no need to throw him under the bus more than she has here. She'll give Con a small smile, "How's it going?"

"We need to be learnin' how…how to make creme brulle. That could be fun. W-with some crepe tings?" Cillian offers a small grin before shaking his head at the mention of Ripley. "He's lost his other half, he feels like half a person now. His 'eart is broken and all the glue in the world can never fix that…"

Conall nods and feels bad for Ripley as well, "I understand. He's had it tough as well." He offers andd just smiles at the talk of different food and desserts. Nodding to Cillian's words about Ripley as well and he does glance around a bit. "All of that sounds tasty." He offers as he opts to keep the topic to the food for the time being. Though his smile is just a small one as the thoughts around Rip i still there.

Gabrielle pales slightly…she knows enough to know she needs to notbe around the dessert when it's being made. She'll take a deep breath, delving back to the Ripley discussion for a moment, "I asked him, and he said it was ok. I'm going to start on Leander's moving portrait as soon as I can get the canvas and paints." She'll give a sad smile, "I hope it helps…I"m going to ask if it turns out, if it can be hung her in the castle somewhere." She'll sigh, quickly going back to food, "And croissants… and isn't onion soup french?"

"Th-that is very kind of you." Cillian offers to Gabrielle about the painting before his nose wrinkles and he's trying to figure out what a creme brulle /is/ anyways and quickly gives up on that before snickering softly. "I suppose we'll know when we get to Paris." He carefully gets to his feet, dusting off his pants and rummaging around in his burlap sack or another bar of chocolate, leaning over to set it near where Conall is and then he waggles his fingers before picking up and shouldering his satchel. "I 'ave some more bouquets to make and need to make sure I 'ave all the chocolate wrapped for when school gets out, it takes a bit of time." He offers a deep bow. "We'll talk soon!" Is offered to Gabrielle before he looks to Conall and waves, then he's skittering off rather quickly, humming happily.

Conall nods slowly about the portrait of Leander. "He deserves it." He offers before sighing a bit, about the whole hanging the portrain in the castle. Agreeing and hoping others do as well. "I am no cook. Not quite sure." He admits with a smirk. Still a bit lacking but he is making an attempt. Smiling a bit at the young kid before nodding. "See you around, Cillian." He offers and watches him skip off before turning towards Gabby as he gives her a soft smile as well, but staying relatively still for now, and quiet as well.

Gabrielle will sit up some, straightening her rumpled shirt. She'd been laying on the floor reading before cillian came in. "Take care Cill. We'll talk later, promise." She'll give him a smile as he leaves, and then turns to Conall, "Is everything ok?" He's being awfully quiet.

As Gabby asks a question from Conall he just raises a brow at her. "Yup, everything is fine. Been studying a bit about this and that, is all. Have me a bit tired. How about you? How are you and everything?" He asks with a small smile on his lips. Moving to sit down himself.

Gabrielle nods, and will give Con a smile back, "I'm ok, considering I have no idea what I'm doing, or where I'm going to end up….I tried talking to Ripley…He isn't ready to really talk about anything…" She'll look down and pick up the chocolate bar, "I think , at least for a while , things need to be decided without him." Her voice is soft, and down. But, what can she do? "I've been trying to get any kind of ideas about the concepts of Magic, where it comes from…but it's not a very easy read." She'll smile down at the chocolate bar as she opens it, "If I was a better Ravenclaw, I bet I'd have already figured this all out."

"Well, you could always say that it runs through each person like blood. Hence the names. Purists and all that. Although that is only the simpler method about it all I suppose. As far as I know magic, in it's theory, is a concept much harder to interprit. Like a an oddity that some have and others don't. If you compare it to muggles I mean. I don't know if there is a certain source. It can possibly have originated from several places and being one of the reasons why there are so many different kinds. Even if they originate from the same. I mean some things and magics are quite specific. Seers and Metamorphmaguses to name examples." Comes Conall's quite long summary of what he believes. Having studied magical theory for some bit and knowing the basis of what he speaks of at least. "Magic in itself is pure as well. It is the wielder that changes it. Just like a wand it seems." Speaking quite passionately about it. As for Ripley. He will just nodd and hope for the best.

Gabrielle nods, "It's…If I can understand, then maybe we can understand what the difference is, show that the purists have the interpretation wrong. Maybe fighting this isn't about fighting as much as it is just proving them wrong?" she'll sigh, breaking off a piece of the candy. "I just wish I knew what direction I should be going in..I feel like I'm just floating around."

The door slowly creaks open, revealing Theodore, his back against the door as he slinks inside, looking up and down the hallway like a guilty puppy. He has a jar clearly labeled, "Epoxy" in his hands, and once he's sure no one saw him enter, he turns, letting the door close and he spots Gabrielle and Conall. He freezes, his eyes just a little wide. Slowly, he moves the jar behind his back. "Heh… Um… Hey…" Smile.

Conall listens and nods to her. "Yeah, perhaps. Although I do think that we still need to be careful. Push too much and perhaps they wish to experiment with the magic to turn all like them." He says and shudders at the thought. Knowing at least that playing around too much with that kind of magic can be dangerous. Though soon after the creaking of the door can be heard. Turning to raise a brow to Theodore. "Hi there. What are you up to?" He asks a bit cautiously. The constant wonder, seeing as Theodore always shows up with different equipment all the time. Eyeing the jar for some time as well.

Gabrielle nods she knows. It's a dangerous path, no matter which way they go. She as well raises an eyebrow, but is smirking at Teddy. She can only imagine what it's for…"Hi Teddy. We need to get you deeper pockets to hide things." She'll take a bite of her chocolate.

Conall was thinking more in the way of everyone turning into beasts or worse. Things that could alter it's person and perhaps not in a positive way. Though for nnow he does drop that and just look suspiciously at Theodore. "We were just… Talking. Cillian left moments ago. A lot of talk about french cuisine." Grinning a bit about love birds. Since all of them probably knows that to be false. "Sure that you are not trying to build something? OR trying to charm someone?" He offers in a tease in return.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, chewing on her chocolate. How does Cill get such good chocolate, anyway? She'll give Conall a confused look, "Charm someone? With glue?"

Theodore smirks, "Sniff enough of this," he lifts the jar a bit, "and I imagine anyone would be charmed." He laughs and shrugs, "Just… buildin' stuff." He shrugs again, "Why are you two in the armory? I mean, raidin' Popeye's chocolate aside, there's not a lot of reason to hang out here…"

Conall chuckles and shrugs, "Hey, I am sure that people have charmed some with worse." Grinning a bit at that and looking over to Theo with a smirk of his own. "Well, I was just heading here to try and escape for a moment. Gabby was already here with Cillian." He explains and still is quite curious about what Theodore is making. "If it turns out that I should had told about your device your building I will come looking for you." An empty, sort of playful, threat. Still grinning quite wide.

Gabrielle wrinkles her nose, that doesn't sound pleasant at all. "I'd think firewhisky would be easier…and more pleasant." Conall answer why they're here, her books off to the side, apparent now. She'll frown when conall starts to make his threat, playful or not, she'll break off another piece of chocolate and throw it at his head. It bounces of, and Gabby looks surprise she even hit him, much less got where she was aiming. "Don't get all prefecty." she'll look to Theo and offer a piece as well," chocolate?"

Theodore jerks his arm out to the side, catching the chocolate that rebounds off Conall's head. He looks at Gabby, holding it up, "No thanks. This one's aces." He shoves it in his mouth and speaks as he chews, "Well, I'm shertunly not gunna mesh wiff thish wiff a pwefect in the room," he says through his brown, gooey teeth as he sits the epoxy jar on a shelf. Glancing back at Conall, he swallows and adds, "I'd hate to accidentally get in between your goody two shoes." He winks.

"Ouch!" Comes Conall's reaction to the chocolate to his head. Grinning at Gabby a bit. "Hey! I am still a prefect. Got to have some standards. It is somewhere that it could be dangerous that I draw it." Which might be a bit too late according to some. Eyes to shift to Theo as he is eating on the one that bounced off Conall's head. "Hope there is no hair in it." He teases. Grinning at Theo and just shakes his head. "You're fine. Just… Don't burn down the castle."

Gabrielle chuckles as Theo eat the candy and will break off a piece to offer Conall, "You don't always have to remind everyone. We know you have a shiny badge." she'll offer his the chocolate. She'll pale a fraction of a second, why is everyone mentioning things burning today?!? "Teddy would never do anything like that."

Theodore shrugs, "Not on purpose." He smiles innocently. "Weren't you goin' steady with Eibhlin?" he asks Conall before waving his hand a bit, "You don't have standards." Then he laughs.

Conall grins and watches the chocolate for a moment. "Nah, not at the moment. Thanks though." He will offer a bit of a smile. Nodding about Teddy not going to burn it down, on purpose. As for his badge, he chuckles. "It got to serve some use after all." As for mentioning Evie, he does frown. "Not any longer." He says and the sort of joke falls a bit short, but he does try to offer a small smile at least.

Gabrielle winces slightly at Teddy's jab. She doens't know if that was intentional or not. She'll quickly wrack her brain for a change of topic, "Any plans for the summer, Teddy?" She's got the chocolate bar in her lap, and doesn't notice the small custard colored fluffball that has sniffed the sweet candy and is slowly stalking his way towards her.

Theodore shakes his head, "No plans yet. I was gonna get an internship at the Ministry with Father, but…" He shrugs, and doesn't really finish saying why that would no longer really be a good idea. "What about you?"

Conall smiles at Gabby, perhaps glad for that change of topic. Instead looking to Theodore with a curious expression about the whole summer thing. "I see. I sort of put my own request for an apprenticeship on hold." Not elaborating further either. "As for my plans now…" HE shrugs and looks to Gabby to let her answer.

Gabrielle blinks, that kinda backfired, "I'm…not sure yet. If I go home, I'll be getting a summer job. The house needs a new rood desperately. Aunt Irene won't say how bad it is, but they let sleep last time it rained that they had to put pans around to catch the water." Gabby's frowning as she's saying this. "I'd like to try to help them get the garden in order too. I"m ok enough with Herboligy now…maybe get enough to can for winter." She'll shrug sadly, "I was going to go with Riply and his family on holiday, but I don't think that's going to happen."

Morgana has been keeping herself busy, since lately she has been impatiently waiting on a few owls to return to her so she would know her summer plans. Now that she finally has those owls, she's impatient to share the news. However Conall is not in the normal spots where she finds him. So she's been wandering, wondering if he's stuck in his common room when she passes by the Armory. Hearing a familiar voice she slips in. "There you are." She says as she takes a few quick steps toward him but pauses and slows down when she notices he isn't alone. "Oh, hello, Gabby, Theodore." She greets, folding her hands behind her back.

Theodore lifts his brow a bit when the door opens and Morgana enters. "I didn't do it," he offers her with a playful grin. He looks back at Conall, "Why aren't you going out for an apprenticeship?" Then to Gabby, "The Fox's canceling their trip because of things?"

Conall ahs at Gabrielle's words about what she will be up to this summer. Hearing what she has to say but keeping a small encouraging smile. As Morgana steps in he will offer her a smile and wave. "Hi." Gesturing for her to come over. "How are you?" Then finally he let his gaze rest upon the Slytherin. "Not sure. A few things I suppose." Not asking Gabby about the planned trip with the Fox family.

Gabrielle looks up as Morgana enters and gives her hosue mate a smile, "Hi Morgana." the smile drops as she turns towards Theo, "no…I mean, I haven't asked, but I"m assuming they're not going.."

"I'm well, I just.." Morgana stops though, because she hears what Theo asks Conall. "I thought you were going to try and get into the CEC?" She asks, this obviously being news to her and her surprise shows in her face. "I just got my letter of acceptance to the IMC, for the summer." She says, sounding some what less excited about the news.

Theodore nods at Gabrielle, "Yeah. That's rotten. The Captain's not havin' a good handle on things. I tried to help, but…" He shrugs and sighs before falling quiet and just letting Morgana and Conall have at it.

Conall nods, "I was going to I just haven't gotten around to it and not sure. It might be too late and if so I will just wait and hope for this winter. I got a couple of things that I might need to do during summer as well." He shrugs and just smiles for now. Though the conversation between Theo and Gabby does catch his attention as well.

Gabrielle frowns, glancing at Conall.She didn't know that he was going to apply then didn't…She'll look back to Theo, "Yeah…well, who would? Losing family's hard. And like that?" She'll shake her head, her voice carries a hint of understanding, "It's horrible. "

"I see." Morgana responds to Conall, frowning as she does. While she is disappointed, she is not going to get into it now, in front of other people. She takes the two envelopes she was holding in her hand, one with the obvious ministry seal on it, and slips them into her satchel for now. "I can't imagine what he is going through." She says, joining into the other conversation.

Theodore shrugs, "I dunnow. I'm an only kid." He sighs, and then moves to the door. "Well, I should prolly get back to the dorms." He gives them all a nod, "You kittens enjoy the chocolate, eh?"

Conall let the talk of applications drop for the time being and listens into the other conversation. Nodding a bit. "I feel like it could be quite terrible. I have not experience that but I think it would be quite bad." As usual not going into much about himself. Nodding a bit to Theodore as well. "I will see you around then, Theo. Keep safe." He offers with a grin. Nodding about the chocolate.

Gabrielle looks down at the half a chocolate bar in her lap, "He's going to let me do the Portrait of Leander…I half expected him to say no..so that's good, right?" She'll give Theo a half wave, "We need to go jogging again before school lets out. I bet I'll be able to keep up with you for about 30 seconds now!"

Morgana gives a half smile to Gabrielle as she mentions the portrait. "That's good." She says quietly. "I am glad that he'll let you do it. Did you get the sketch finished?" She asks before waving to Theo and bidding him goodbye. "I still feel like an only child, even though I am not, so I really can't put myself in his shoes."

From the corridor and into the Armor Gallery, William emerges. Half-eaten apple in one hand, dilapidated bookbag over one shoulder, the tie at his neck loosened considerably and his hair wild enough to indicate that he's just come in from where it's a tad windy outside. "Well hello there," he says by way of greeting to those present. Footfalls stop. Bite is taken from the apple.

Gabrielle shrugs, "I think I"ll probably be working on it till I start painting..If I can get the money together to get the canvas."That's something she's worried about, stupid canvas and paints costing so much..She'll look up and smile when she sees William walk in, "Hey Willaim, Windy out?" Gabby's sitting on the ground, with several books open around her. She has a half a chocolate bar sitting on her lap, and a fuzzy puffskien that's stalking up to attack the candy in her lap…at least as much as fur balls can stalk.

"Oh well…" free hand goes up to his tousseled hair, and William smiles, "Yeah. But mission accomplished. I do believe I promised that I'd be checking up on you again, and here I am." He bows, with a flourish, his tall, lean form moving with an elegance which indicates that perhaps his motor skills are catching up to his height, finally. "And hello Conall, Morgana. Hope everything's going swimmingly with the two of you.":

"Those are probably very pricey, though I don't know how much they are." Morgana comments. "I'm just glad that you'll get to do it, I think he will be very grateful for it." When William enters, she gives him a wave. "Hey William, what sort of mission were you on?"

Gabrielle nods a little sadly…to bad she's not talented in something cheap. Like singing. She wouldn't need to buy her voice. She'll roll her eyes slightly at William, "I'm fine. I told you." As she says this, the Puffskien makes a dive for her chocolate, "Hey!" Quick as Gabby is, Sir Nibs is faster. She'll frown holding onto the furball as he devours her candy. He's already started to purr contently. "Oh!Thank Merlin Cillian didn't see that!He'd try to skin you!"

William eyes Sir Nibs, after a flicker of his eyes up at Gabrielle at his words, and he looks to Morgana, "Oh, nothing of great importance, apparently." He kills off the remainder of the apple and then produces his wand. A tap of the tip to the core, and it disappears in preface to said wand being put away.

Morgana chuckles as Nibs goes after the chocolate and shakes her head. "Hey, few can resist the pull of chocolate, I am sure he would understand." Morgana says lightly as she shifts the weight of her bag on her shoulder just a touch before she nods at William. "Ah, that is less exciting then." She says lightly.

Gabrielle is frowning down at her pet, clearly not thinking this is as cute as everyone else, "No…Cill doesn't like him. I think he's jealous of him? I don't know…All I know is that when I fell down the stairs last month, Cillian had him. I was worried till I got him back. He said something about dropping him out a window or something." Gabby will shake her head, clearly not understanding boys at any age with their jealousy. She's not too angry at the puffskien as she starts petting him right away. Looking up she'll give a grin to her housemates, "At least I got half the bar this time!"

"Well, ladies, I was just popping in to say hi to… you lot," William intones mildly, "And to be creeped out by the suits of armor, of course. Bloody hell. At any rate, I've got a sculpture to complete. So for now, I will say good night." He stands straight, doffs an invisible cap, "Good night." And with that, he turns on the ball of one foot and then heads out the way he came.

"It's odd to think of someone being jealous of Nibs." Morgana says quietly. "Unless they really just want to be able to consume that much food and still be that small." She says with a smirk before she nods to William. "I will see you around. Perhaps we'll get a chance to play some music before school is over?" She comments.

Gabrielle nods, "Well, I'm hoping it's just a phase. Cillian can be …sensitive. I just need to spend a little more time with him, is all." She'll look up, surprised at William's rather quick departure. "Oh…ok.See you around?" She'll frown a little, glancing over to her open books a moment then back to Sir Nibs, who is purring happily.

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