(1938-06-24) That Went Well...
Details for That Went Well…
Summary: Raff tries to give Tristan a wake up call of the man's sunny outlook.
Date: June 24, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Raff is off at a corner table, hidden within the dark corners of the Cauldron. The shadows hide his face and he's eating a bowl of some sort of stew as that is all that can really be seen with the shadow cast across his face. He peeks out for a moment as he bends down to get something from his satchel and fingers it a bit before he pushes it into his pocket.

A good looking man enters, Tristan is back, and he looks quite the same. Some say he was away on official business, others say he went to chase a girl, but for now, forget the gossip. "Raff." Tristan says, as he takes a seat next to the man, "How is my werewolf friend?" Tristan's cane is put next to him, as he orders some grub.

Raff looks to the man and gives a bit of a shrug, "Doing the best that I can and failing at every point." He takes a bite of his stew and looks about as all the people in the place are looking at him now and whispering, "And thanks for letting everyone know I was here." He rolls his eyes, "Only a matter of time before Mick throws me out again and here I was getting a good meal.

"No one will throw you out as long I'm here. Everyone being scared of me, well of my knowledge of charms, does give a few perks." His food arrives, and he takes a bite of a chicken leg. "What's new at the ministry?"

Raff lifts a brow to this, "Are you so certain?" He smirks a bit and shakes his head. "I don't know much of what happens there. I'm in the basement away from everyone." Another bite of his food and he looks to watch a table of a mother and father with their two children get up and leave rather quickly. He simply shakes his head and looks to Tristan. "Where you been?"

"I am certain of nothing, but I assume a lot." Tristan says, with a grin. " Rather in the basement than in the charms lab, have a few new co-workers, who I must say, are quite dumb. I'm scared for my remaining limbs." He says, in quite a cheerful tone, as he takes a sip of his ale. " Now that my friend is a mystery, perhaps I was studying Werewolves in Romania." He says, looking at him.

Raff looks up and shrugs a bit, "If you were, I would expect you to share your information." He speaks, tone dry, "Most people say you were running after a woman."

Tristan smiles, " Perhaps. There are women in Romania as well." He puts his hands through his hair, " But I am quite beautiful, why would I need to chase a woman?" He laughs loudly, before taking another bite of his chicken. " Sometimes, charms can be found in the weirdest of places, and that is all I am aloud to say."

Raff looks to the man and speaks dryly, "Because if you speak of yourself like that… You'd need to chase a woman." He chuckles and shakes his head a bit before he heads back to his meal.

Tristan laughs loudly, " True words… I doubt there are many other werewolf ladies around though, must be harder for you to find someone than for me."

Raff looks down to his plate and sighs deeply, "Are you seriously thinking that I should find a woman?" He looks up to the man and shakes his head, "Find a woman who is brave enough to be with me even if the curse could be passed to her through any sort of romantic contact? A woman would be insane and besides… there aren't any werewolf women out there and if there were we still would not be able to do a damn thing." He tosses his spoon into the bowl. "Are you crazy, mate?"

"Romantic contact does not make you a werewolf. Plus, there are women who like living, lets say on the wild side." Tristan says. He then starts looking more closely at the man, "You aren't that ugly." He says, with a grin. Tristan's mood seems to be very very high today.

Raff peers across the table, "What research do you have about this? Because everything that is out there is that if I look at someone they can become one. Romantic contact, kissing and sex are ways to transfer this. That's the research so far that I have been unable to prove wrong. Seven years of nothing in that world." Raff peers at Tristan, "Not ugly? Wow. Thanks for that." He stares for a long while at Tristan, "What I want most in the world is someone to share it with…" He swallows hard and looks guilty even for a moment, "And having that is insane with what I am. I should not have it. I shouldn't have someone who loves and cares for me."

"Raff. If you would kiss me right now. I would not become a werewolf." Tristan says, "And the research should be quite easy to prove wrong." He looks at the man, "There are other werewolves out there, trust me, I've met them." He takes another bite of his chicken, "Also, mind dropping of some blood at my lab tomorrow morning? It seems that werewolves are resistant to some charms."

Raff takes in a breath and leans back in his seat to rub at his face, "Get approval from the Ministry and I will be glad to." he then leans forward to look at Tristan, "It can't be prevent that you will or you won't." He shakes his head, "I have endangered enough people in this world already."

"Are you wealthy Raff? Getting approval from the ministry is easy if you know who's pockets to fill." Tristan says, " Even for you Raff. Money opens all doors."

Raff just shakes his head, "Are you mad?"

"A bit. But only a bit. I have decided to help you Raff. I will go talk to my friends in the Ministry." He adds, twirling his cane in his hand.

Raff continues to shake his head, "There is a lot you have to learn if you think I can just go all around the world and have at with any woman I want like you… A lot to learn." he rubs at his face and takes the last drink of his juice before he wipes out the tankard and places it in his bag. "There are reasons why when this pot goes to the back it will be thrown out. There are reasons why I bring my own tankard to drink from. People are scared of me." he looks to Tristan, "Help me? Go ahead. Have at it. As far as the ministry goes… they gave me a job so they could keep tabs on me. I submit things and they get buried. I try things and I am told I am wrong. So please… go ahead. Be the savour of the werewolf. I wish you all the luck in the world."

"You pity yourself to much. Put your fucking head up, walk around like your proud of what you are. Use their fear of you to get where you want too. Your not helping the werewolves image, acting like you do." Tristan says, getting a bit worked up

Raff lifts a brow, "A bit hard to help the image when we are scorned wherever we go." The wolf moves to his feet and walks towards a table, "Hi. My name is Raff Mingan. How are you today? The weather is great!" And the two men who are sitting there jump up and run out of the door as Raff turns to Tristan. "Call that a good image?" About as this happens, there comes Mick out of the kitchen, "You. Get out. You don't come back here. You filthy beast!" And then Raff walks over and picks up his satchel and throws it across his shoulder, "When you can make the rest of the world see me as you and few others do… When you can make me not a monster, come find me. I'll try not to hold my breath." And with that, Raff is on his way out the door.

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