(1938-06-25) Fashion Is the Best Offense
Details for Fashion Is the Best Offense
Summary: Elspeth finds Ophelia to fix her hair, and they decide to making Elspeth's new short hair modern and stylish to show those purebloods that they've just made her look better instead of worse.
Date: 25 June, 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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The Common Room isn't as quiet now that exams are over, there is no studying to interrupt, and those Ravenclaws that are reading are generally so deep into their books that they are practically oblvious to the minor mayhem going around them. It's this mayhem that Elspeth takes advantage of to enter from the corridor quietly and practically unnoticed. She carries holds her satchel close in front of her, and her hair hangs down around the face. This is odd, not just because she always wears it in the long braid or a ponytail, but also because it's uneven and… short. She bites her lips and looks around to see who is there, eyes darting uncertainly as she tries not to draw attention to herself.

The studying would have gone on long into the night for Ophelia, who still has more projects than she can really handle on her plate. But Whizbee had other ideas this evening. Only a few seconds after Elspeth enters, the small kitten (who is growing quite a bit larger by the day, now) dashes into the mayhem of the common room, a crumpled piece of parchment batted playfully between his paws. Ophelia, laughing, bounces down the stairs after him. She reaches for the kitten, but he manages to escape, and so she looks up, noticing Elspeth with a smile that quickly changes into a look of surprise, and then sympathetic pain. "Oh, no."

The antics of Whizbee brings a teary smile to Elspeth's face as she watches him. She reaches down to scoop him up, and at Ophelia's look, her face crumples again, but she rushes forward to try and quiet Ophelia before the girl can inadvertantly bring more attention to her. "Shhh… are you having a pair of scissors, Ophie?" She asks quietly and urgently, even stepping onto the stairs and leaning against the wall, bending her head to give the cat kiss that is more seeking comfort from the feline than giving it… hoping that Whizzbee isn't going to scratch her in the process.

Whizbee looks up, and with his prize still held between his paws, tilts his head to lick Elspeth's chin, then settles down to clean himself in her hands while purring contentedly. Ophelia hurriedly nods and gestures for Elspeth to follow her back up the stairs. She keeps her mouth shut tightly until they reach the empty fifth year dorm room, at which point she turns back to ask quietly, "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

Elspeth shakes her head with a sniffle, but she lets Whizzbee down gently on Ophelia's bed. Reaching into her satchel, she pulls out the braid that was chopped from her head. "No, they were just cutting the hair. Severing charm, I am thinking. They were hiding behind the bookcases in the library." She bites her lip, but now that she's alone with a friend in the dorm, the tears start to slide down her cheeks.

Whizzbee lets out a small mew of protest at loosing his warm and comfy place, but settles down on the bed anyhow, returning after a moment to his bath. Ophelia glances at him, but her attention returns quickly to Elspeth. "Who did it?" She asks, as she reaches her arms out to pull her friend into a hug, "Do you know?"

Elspeth hesitates a moment, then she puts her arms around Ophelia and nods against her shoulder. "Pursaline and Helmsley. They came over to brag about doing it." Her voice breaks a little more, as her tears gain strength with the comfort offered. "They were saying that they are thinking that… how were they saying? 'short, raggedy hair will be all the rage with mudbloods'. I do not think I am going to be the only one they are going to be cutting off hair." She sniffles again. She isn't a vain girl, but her hair is a pretty color, and it was a nice, long braid.

Ophelia holds Elspeth tightly for a few moments as she listens, both to comfort her friend and to hide the growing need to hunt down and curse those two that is showing quite clearly on her face. Once she is calm enough she pulls back, drawing Elspeth over to sit on the bed before she reaches into her trunk to find some scissors. "I stil do not understand why this even…. " Breaking off, she sighs. "I'm so sorry, Elspeth. We'll fix your hair up. And I'll write to mum, see if she can find some re-growing potion for you."

Sitting on Ophelia's bed next to her, and reaching into her satchel, Elspeth draws out her handkerchief and blows her nose. She dabs at her eyes and generally tries to clear her tears, the faded bruise around her wrist visible as the sleeve slides downwards. Another quirk, lately, is that Elspeth has been wearing long sleeves no matter what the weather was like. "Thank you, but I am thinking that if I am growing my hair back, they will just be cutting it again. I am just wanting to make it straight. Maybe I can be buying some alice bands at Hogsmeade this weekend." She sniffs again, and makes a last pass over her face with the little white square of material, then stows it away and reaches for Whizzbee again. "Maybe, I can be taking a potion when I am going home. I am not wanting to worry Ima and Aba."

Whizzbee climbs happily into Elspeth's lap, nuzzling her stomach before he curls up comfortably. Ophelia meanwhile pushes aside a few rather heavy-sounding things, and finally comes up with a pair of scissors. She climbs onto the bed, scotting around behind Elspeth. For a moment she just looks at the hair, chewing her lip and thinking. Then she nods, "I'll make sure to have it for you by the time we leave. And, you know, in the meantime… we could just make sure hou have the /cutest/ short hair possible. Just to spite them."

Elspeth gives a still watery smile as Ophelia proposes to make her hair look cute. "I was knowing- I knew that you could make it look nice. I was hoping I would be finding you to fix it." She resorts to her new nervous habit of pulling her sleeves down around her hands. "Are you thinking it can be looking cute?" Once sleeves are secured, she smiles down to Whizzbee, and begins to stroke her fingers along the top of his head and around the smoothe curve of his curled up back.

Ophelia reaches up, but pauses to smile. "I'm glad you did." While Whizzbee purrs even more loudly and tilts his head to feel more petting, she settles herself a little more securely, then starts cutting. And while she is no expert on hair, she possesses a far steadier hand than most, and is very careful in her work. "I've been reading muggle fiction lately, you know. There are some pictures… I think you would look rather adorable with some of the hair cuts they have."

Elspeth almost nods her head, but then she remembers that might cause the scissors to cut awkwardly and catches herself at the last moment. "Do you really think so? I would like it if I could be looking adorable. I would like to be… well, I do not want them thinking they are getting the better of me. If I am looking well even with my hair being chopped off," she falters at the last two words, but then goes back to talking, "it will be showing them that I am not being weak."

Ophelia pauses, lowering the scissors to place a hand on Elspeth's head. "Exactly." She agrees. She then returns to cutting, and in no time at all has given Elspeth a simple, if a bit no-nonsence, bob. Setting the scissors down, she pulls a hand mirror from the trunk and hands it to Elspeth, then starts rummaging around for the books in question.

Taking the mirror, Elspeth turns her head back and forth, looking at the strange reflection of a redheaded girl with a bob and freckles. She winces at first, but she keeps looking, trying to get used to her new reflection. "Thank you, Ophelia. It is looking quite nice." She lays the mirror on the bed next to her, and looks down to Whizzbee. "I love the sound of their purring," she says, and a 'brrt' is heard as another cat jumps up on Ophelia's bed, Neko stalking across to her girl. The tawny cat still hasn't grown completely into her ears, but it looks like she probably won't ever, they're just destined to be a little bit large for her head.

Ophelia reaches over to pet Nekko, offering a smile that is almost a wince itself. "I'm sorry its not more yet. But it will be, you'll see." With a bundle of books, she scoots over to sit beside Elspeth. "I like it, too. Its like… I don't know. Just so comforting, but I don't know why." Laying out the books, she points to a few of the women with their modern, stylishly curled bobs on the covers. "Like this, see?"

Elspeth smiles as her cat bumps her head underneath Ophelia's hand, then comes over to flop against her leg, letting Whizzbee keep the lap. Her purring is added to the comfort that the orange cat gives, as if the two cats are not going to let her be sad for long. She turns her head to look at the hair styles, and purses her lips as she nods. "They are looking like a lot of work," she mentions dubiously. "What are you thinking? How would I be doing this?"

Ophelia shakes her head, "I'm not sure yet how you do it. But muggles do it, so it cannot be /that/ hard?" She bites her lip, going through the pages, "There might be books on it in the library. And I'm sure between our…. Gabby."

Elspeth sighs at the supposition of it not being too hard, but she nods. Her hands are both occupied, one to each cat, subconsciously petting them and soaking in the purring comfort they offer. "Gabby?" she asks, looking up.

"Gabby." Ophelia nods. "She knows a great deal about hair, I am /quite/ certain she'd be able to help you."

There's a short silence from Elspeth. "I was not knowing. I do not know a lot about Gabby. I am not understanding her, when she is wanting help, or wanting to help, or… how are you saying? 'what is making her tick'?" She gives a shrug and looks back down to one of the covers and points to the picture. "May I be - may I borrow this one?" she asks. "I would like to show it to Gabby and be asking her."

Ophelia nods. "Of course. Take any you like." She continues to nod, sighing a little, as she makes herself comfortable once more. "Gabby can be difficult to understand. But she means well, in the end. And I think that is the important thing."

Elspeth smiles her gratitude. "Thank you." Her eyes drop down to the two cats as she pets them. She takes a breath and opens her mouth, then sighs and lets it out. "They are sometimes, they seem to know when people need comfort." Her fingers are gentle as they smooth the fur over the little feline heads, down their backs. Neko gives a mrow, and rolls over on her back, exposing her tummy for rubs.

Ophelia giggles softly, and reaches over to rub Neko's tummy with a single finger. Whizbee stirrs momentarily, and leans over to start licking Elspeth's hand contentedly, his little eyes still squeezed shut with happiness. "They seem to know many things. It surprises me, almost every day."

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