(1938-06-28) Picnic Before Summer
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Summary: Cillian and Josie sit down to a final picnic before the end of the school year.
Date: June 28th, 1938
Location: Cliffs

School is almost over. For some, that's a good thing! For individuals like Cillian, it is a bit sad as he sits on a rock near the edge of the cliff, a picnic spread out nearby with the usual hot chocolate pours into a tea pot and piles of chips and biscuits and carrots. His shoes and his outer robes as well as his satchel and burlap goodie sack are also resting on the picnic blanket…but the boy sits on a rock. At his lips a thin flute as he plays a soft and sweet little song…almost haunting in its melody.

Josie comes running out of the school, not the panicked run of urgency but just of an energetic twelve-year-old. Her run taking her down by the cliffs, she changes course as she spots, or perhaps hears, Cillian. Practically skidding to a stop by him, she drops onto the picnic blanket and says, breathless from the run, "Hi."

Cillian looks up from his playing, eyebrows raising as he laughs softly and lowers the flute. "…how far did ye be runnin'? Easy easy now…have a sip o' chocolate and a biscuit!" He hops off his rock to slip to his knees on the blanket.

Josie grins and says, "Just from the door. I couldn't run inside, Pringle was hanging around. It's ok, just tryinbg to get back in practice. If I visit the city in the summer, never know when I might have to run." She quite happily accepts the offer of chocolate and biscuit, though, sipping and taking a bite.

"Ahh, Pringle…that grumpy prune. I tink if he ate more chocolate, he still wouldn't manage to be sweet." Cillian giggles and snorts before offering Josie a napkin and then selecting a carrot for himself to dip in his cup of chocolate, nibbling happily. "Back to the city in the Summer? I mean…do ye be 'avin plans? M' tryin' to convince me fathers to borrow or rent a boat for us for a couple of days. Just to have a bit of fun."

Josie giggles and nods quickly in agreement. "Nothing'll make him nice. He likes hurting people, I can tell. I known people like that." She then nods quickly, "Well, I'll be living at home, probably." She indicates Hogsmeade across the lake. "But, we got floo, so I can visit the city whenever I want. You live in the city, right? Or were you just there shopping the day we met?" Then she shrugs, "Only plan I got is trying to convince my dad to let me meet my grandparents. That won't take the *whole* summer, so that'd be fun! I've never been on a boat before, except the one the day we started here."

Cillian sighs and shakes his head. "That poor man. We should send him gift baskets over the summer." He muses this over beore waving his head vaguely. "I sometimes be livin' in London…or wit' me Pa wherever he is or wit' me Father…Idunno where they are. They may get a place in London together so they both can spend time wit' me before I have to go back to school." Then he perks. "Yer grandparents?! Ooo…that'll be exciting!"

Josie nods quickly and smiles, "Yeah, we should! But we shouldn't say who it's from, or he'll just think we're trying to get on his good side. I'd *like* to get on his good side, but think he'd just be mad we were trying." Then she nods emphatically with a smile, "Yeah! I don't think my dad gets along with them too well, but they're family. I wanna meet *all* my family. Spent most of my life alone 'cause dad didn't know about me, not gonna let that happen again."

Omnomnom, the carrot meets its end beore Cillian now selects a chip to dip in his chocolate, stirring it a bit and he hmms thoughtfully. "I tink that's a good idea. Mystery baskets." He worries his bottom lip but looks very tickled for some reason before turning his attention to the more important topic. "Are you gonna wear a dress when you meet them? Or a skirt?"

Josie takes a bite of another biscuit as she hinks about Cillian's quesion, "Well, I'd like to wear pants. But, I think they're old-fashioned muggles, so I guess I better wear a dress. I have a nice one, Camilla bought me it last year."

"Oh that's a good thing. I do not 'ave any dresses but I tink the fooofy ones can be kinda nice for some. All the frills like a layered cake but…I tink normal dresses are good as well. For muggles." Cillian taps a finger against his chin. "What color dress is it?"

Josie shrugs a little, "Never worn a dress like that. Well, that I remember, might have when I was little. I wore dresses all the time before my mum died. But we were poor, and think that kind are expensive." She smiles and says, "It's green, with yellow edges." Trim, of course, she means. "Those are my favourite colours. But I like purple too."

Cillian hmmms as he tries to picture that and his eyebrows raise. "Green and yellow? I'll 'ave to remember that!" He shifts where he's seated and he looks thoughtful for a few moments before nodding slowly. "And purple? So what kinda flowers do ya like?"

Josie nods quickly with a smile. Then, after another bite of biscuit, answers, "I dunno many flowers. But I like one that's around here. Really big white petals, with yellow… I dunno, they look like hairs in the middle. They're always in the rocky areas, so it's like life going everywhere." She's describing mountain avens, also sometimes known as white dryads. "They're really pretty."

"…" Cillian tries to picture the flowers in his mind, tilting his head to the side curiously before smiling dreamily and nodding slowly. "They sound…so beautiful…" He sighs softly. "I tink I've seen that one before, mebbe you can get some seeds and have a pot of them at home with you…"

Josie nods and smiles, "They are." She shrugs and says, "I live right over there, so they're all around anyway." Again, she indicates Hogsmeade. Then she says, "Oh, wait! There's one flower that's even more my favourite. It's a magic flower, dad gave it to me. Only one there is. It grows from a seed when you add water, then bursts into a bunch of beatiful fireworks. I have it by my bed all the time."

A glance goes towards Hogsmeade before Cillian tsks and shakes his head. "You're lucky to /live/ in Hogsmeade I think…." Then when he hears about the magic flower he just blinks and blinks again. "…" Then there's some more blinking. "…does it help keep bad dreams away?"

Josie looks towards the village, and says, "I like it there. It's… safe. Well, sort of. Not safe against dark wizards, but bad muggles anyway. Nobody's gonna get stabbed just for a bit of money there." She looks down to the lake below a moment, before looking quickly back to Cillian at his question. "No. I wish it did. But it makes me feel better after bad dreams. And after bogarts. He gave it to me after one scared me."

"…I sometimes have bad dreams, but no matter where I am. I dun feel safe." Cillian admits softly after a few moments. "But at least outside me head, like you be sayin'…there's safe places like Hogsmeade and the like." Then he sighs softly. "Bogarts are silly scary tings aren't they? Seems a shame spendin' yer entire like tryin' to scare people."

Josie looks to Cillian a moment, and then says, "Don't think anywhere's safe from bad dreams. But you shouldn't feel in danger. You're my captain, not gonna let anybody hurt you." Then she nods quickly in agreement about the bogarts, as she scoots over to sit at the edge of the cliff and look over.

There's a weak smile and then a chuckle. "Alright then…I'll hold you to that! And its mutual by the way. You're the first mate after all." Cillian crunches down on a carrot before peering in Josie's direction and staring out towards the water wistfully.

Josie nods and smiles again to Cillian. "Deal." She looks down at the water and says, "You'll write a bunch this summer, right?"

"Aye! I will write as much as I can and I'm good at writing so I'll try to draw pictures as well. Try to see if um, your father or the ones who watch over you would let you come and stay on the boat for a couple of day if we get it." Cillian nods firmly.

Josie nods quickly with a smile, "I will! I'll ask first thing, as soon as I see them. I bet it'll be fine." She then says, "And maybe you can come to the farm to visit too. You could come to creature camp, for sure, if they're doing that again this year."

"I'd love to come and vi-visit the farm! I could bring tings for the animals. Well I'd have to know what sorts of treats they liked…mebbe I could learn what sorts of treats they be likin' at a creature camp ting?" Cillian muses this over. "Anyways, even if I can't come to the camp, I'll visit and bring /you/ and yer family there treats."

Josie nods quickly and grins, "Bet you'd learn a bunch at the camp. Um… I know the thestrals like raw meat, the bloodier the better. The hippogriffs like fish, I think. Can't remember any of the others." Then she smiles happily and nods quickly, "Yeah, you can come visit anytime!"

"…mebbe we can go fishin' and give them to the hippogriffs?" Cillian suggests, already planning things in his head before he nods slowly and hmms softly before looking back to Josie with a smile. "You were my first friend ever…that was a kid like me. Thank ye so much…even though school's endin', m' still happy."

Josie nods quickly and smiles, "We can! That'll be fun. Just always remember to bow before you get close to a hippogriff. Always gotta bow, show 'em respect. The hippogriffs on the farm are Lucian's, at least some of them, there might be more than his there now. But a bunch of them are his. So maybe we could ask him, just to be sure, what they like for snacks. But I'm pretty sure it's fish." Then she blinks, but then smiles to Cillian's words, and says, "And you're my best friend, so thanks too. And we'll always be friends. Forever."

Cillian nods slowly and smiles before he squints towards the castle and then looks back to Josie. "Before you leave, make sure ye be gettin' yer…well Gabriel…Gunny, he made some belts and such for us to wear under our robes where we can stash a sword or knife and our wands and such when we go on adventures. I'll make sure ye be gettin' yours."

Josie grins at that and says, "Really? Brilliant! I hope my climbing gun fits on it. But that'll be great! A wand's easy to hide, but not a sword. And we can't actually use our wands during the summer except for life-and-death."

Cillian nods sagely to Josie. "Exactly, but we still 'ave to be able to take care of ourselves, hence the special belt tingies. To make things a tad easier. Your gun should fit well on it."

Josie smiles and says, "Brilliant. Can't wait to see it." Then she says, "I don't think I'm gonna be riding back on the Hogwarts Express, 'cause I live in Hogsmeade. I only came here on it the first time for the fun and everything. So, we gotta say bye before that."

Cillian looks a bit sad at the news, ohing softly and hmming. "Well there is gonna be a feast. I may sing a song or play a song or somethin', make it memorable…and I'll be sure to say bye before I 'ave to leave for the train." He sighs and shakes his head. "For now, lets enjoy our picnic! I dun believe in goodbyes, just in see you laters…is less sad and always means you'll be back."

Josie smiles again and then suddenly leans over to put her arm around Cillian, as long as he lets her, "That's better. 'Cause we will be back. We'll see each other lots in the summer, just like we said, and we'll be back here in September!" Then she nods quickly and grins as she reaches for the food again.

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