(1938-06-29) Hogwarts Closing Feast - 1937-38
Details for Hogwarts Closing Feast - 1937-38
Summary: Hogwarts wraps up the 1937-38 school year. ((OOC: If your character received an award, but you weren't online to RP it, please feel free to add an acceptance pose in the log.))
Date: June 29, 1938
Location: Great Hall

The last dinner bell of the Class of 1938 has rung. The Great Hall is packed with students and professors alike in a sea of ceremonial tipped black caps that bob and weave as everyone gets to their seats, the graduating Seventh Years all wearing mantles in their house colors and the professors in their own ceremonial finery. Before the High Table are pedestals in front of each professor is a collection of trophies, plaques and scrolls. One of the larger trophies on the Defense Against the Dark Arts pedestal is clanking around bucking about from within, containing a Boggart no doubt. The Heads of House are filing their student to the proper table. Mopsus ranging from light pats to more attention getting light whaps with his staff to get the Ravenclaws in order. Slughorn is surrounded by many Slug Club members as he's trying to get last moment networking done. Dumbledore is gesturing from the podium, "Settle down, settle down. Thank you. Well, Students and Staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, another year has come and gone and what a year it is. With little adieu we will get to the food and if we can have order, we will have speeches and presentations during and after the feast. Now, a little tradition, if anyone would like to raise your glass and give a toast…that's appropriate…" His eyes can't help but cut towards Colton Higgins when the last is tacked on. "…please stand and raise your glass. Meanwhile, enjoy!" He flicks both of his hands and the feast begins to materialize.
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Josie, as a Slug Club member, did indeed stop by Slughorn to say goodbye, but when they're all called to their individual tables she hurries over to the Gryffindor table, quickly slipping into a seat near Cillian, on the side of the Gryffindor table closest to the Ravenclaw. She grins to Colton when Dumbledore focuses on him during the speech, then she looks around as if to see if there's going to be any toasts.

Of course there's going to be toasts. Gabriel hops up from where he;s sitting near Cillian and Josie, but at the Ravenclaw table, of course. With a glass of pumpkin juice in hand raised high he calls out, "To the memory of leander and to Evil Princess #1 and all the others that weathered the storm at Durmstrang with courage, ablomb, and stead-fast nerve." He wasn't there of course, but in his mind he's clearly built up a picture of exactly how his schoolmates behaved during the crisis. And one that's he seems to be proud of.

Angelus is calm and collect as he enters, following no one in particular into the Great Hall. His blue eyes glance between the tables. His expression is, for the most part, solemn, but his gaze does linger on the Slytherin and Hufflepuff tables for a bit longer than the others. He takes his seat at the Gryffindor table, offering an easy smile and a nod, before looking toward the podium as the Professor starts speaking.

Briar is one of the last to sit down at the Hufflepuff table once everyone's settled there. Taking a deep breath she smiles as she listens to the acting Headmaster and can't help but look a bit relieved that the year is over. While she might not have a big public toast, she lifts her glass to all of her housemates. But before taking a drink she lifts it again to the young man she's sitting beside and makes the younger students get all eye-rolly gaggy when she murmurs a toast to Xander sitting next to her. When Leander is mentioned she gives a sad smile and raises her glass again in a salute to the Champion of Hogwarts.

Gabrielle closes her eyes, but will raise her glass. She came in as late as she could, so she's sitting at the ravenclaw table, but not near any of her classmates. She's keeping quiet otherwise, worrying at a small letter in her hand, just glancing over to the Slythern table, but not seeming to find who she's looking for.

Cillian has been fiddling with his coney hat for some time, trying to get the right angle before he notes Josie and Gabriel, grinning and waving as he rolls his good eye and pays attention to what Dumbledore is saying, nodding slowly and letting out a cheeeeeer when Gabriel speaks up. Then he carefully stands up best he can where he's sitting, hmming softly. "For long hours of 'istory and mountains of parchment, Professor Binns is long winded but you better listen, it'll come up on a test with or without yer permission! The birdies that fly and the huffles that puff, the snakes that slither and the lions that be rough…doesn't matter yer house, we're all in the same castle so when one student falls, we're all on the frontlines of battle! Our swords be made of wisdom and our shields be made of love and our armor's knowin' without hurtin' another, we're better than they will be ever. So be raisin' yer glasses but don't be saying goodbye…just say see you later cuz we'll be back in no time!" He pumps a fist up and lifts his glass before cackling merrily.

Artemis, acting more cheerful than she actually feels, smiles fondly at the Hufflepuffs near the seat that she chooses. She sits down, a little bit out of breath because apparently getting some quick library time in, she had to race down to the Great Hall. She bows her head, staring down at the table, as she listens to Dumbledore, trying to keep to cheery thoughts.

Randy is seated at the Gryffindor table already, no dues to pay any party. She looks down the way at whatever commotion/speech is happening at the Ravenclaw table, but can't make heads or tales of it. As the Professor speaks, she glances left and right at her table, and raises her glass to the toast. She shifts uneasily until the little lion speaks. "Here here," she shouts and raises her glass.

Once the dinner is in full swing and Ripley can manage it, he slips into the hall and sits at the very end of the Slytherin table, as close to the doors as he can. His hand reaches out and he pulls a bit of food close, whatever is nearby and snacks upon it as he sits there looking down at the plate only. He speaks to noone and watches quietly.

Morgana got to the Great Hall on time, and was even early enough to take out that notebook she's been using for the last week or so and jot down a few last minute ideas. She does nod at Gabrielle as she enters in a bit late, but it is toasting time, and while she herself has nothing she wants to say, she does raise her glass when it is asked for.

Colton winks over to Josie and reaches over to give her pointy hat a crumple to ruffle her hair. He points to the prime rib and the Irish Traveler that will be spending his summer probably doing plenty of unscrupulous things to make sure he and his family gets fed is enjoying the last feast and he practically has a whole prime rib roast on his plate.

Tiffany is seated amongst the other ravenclaws, appearing somewhat distant as she pulls food and onto her plate. She looks up momentarily confused at the speeches by the head master and the subsequent toasts before looking back down. She either doesn't notice or doesn't care that this is the closing feast, treating it more like a normal meal.

Gage doesn't want to be here. His slow trudge into the Great Hall, shoulders slouched, shows that. He's holding his robes as if he were carrying something inside them, but the grey kitten is underneath them until he sits down at the table. He holds the kitten under the table on his lap, locking his gaze on the table with a scowl and not looking anywhere else.

Gabriel cackles along with Cillian, raising his glass in response to his and all other toasts that might happen. in between he spends his time putting on his plate with little nibbles of food here and there, leaving most of his appetite available for th desserts.

Noalan hovers around the outer edges of the Slug Club as his head master speaks to various members. The club socializing isn't usually where he would be, but his thorough alienation from his other friends at the moment means he doesn't really have anywhere else to hang out. He's quite relieved when the head master begins to speak and he has an excuse to sit himself down at an out of the way portion of the Slytherin table, seated facing away from the other tables in the hall.

Conall is sitting along with the other Hufflepuffs at the table and smiles to them along with offering nods and the occasional comment to something they say to him. Though other than so he is mostly just looking around without actually saying much of value.

Josie raises her cup to Gabriel's toast seriously, but Cillian's gets her giggling as she nods quickly. She grins to Colton again but then she quickly loads up her plate as well, practically filling it before she digs in.

Llewellyn glances to Noalan, nodding silently as he passes by— and then he rises to his feet in turn, raising his glass. A short toast from a short kid: "To the Mud Club!" Let's see what they make of that, then.

If looks could kill, Llewellyn would be a corpse. Many of his house-mates send menacing glares his way, promising retribution later among hisses of "blood traitor!"

Arevan's usual joyous attitude is somewhat subdued at the closing feast, the coming return to mundania is always somewhat depressing. She chats calmly with one of the students across from her as the speeches and toasts go on. Her plate is loaded down with food since the lean times will be coming soon.

Nearly-Headless Nick hovers around the Gryffindor table, giving well-wishes and fond goodbyes. The Fat Friar jovially encouraging many Hufflepuffs about the upcoming summer. The Grey Lady drifts down the middle of the Ravenclaw table, silently nodding her respect to the soon-departing students. Meanwhile, the Bloody Baron looms ominously over the Slytherin table, dripping silvery, ethereal blood onto the food.

Soleil has very much been very quiet, having kept to herself since returning from Durmstrang. Though jaded as she is, the toast Gabriel gives has her hand trembling as she lifts her pumpkin juice to her lips. "Llewe, you idiot, sit down before you embarrass this House any further than you already have." She then turns her venom on the others hissing at Llewe. "Shut up. Do you want us to lose points before we get the house cup, give Dumbledore any excuse and you know he'll do it. I swear if anyone diminishes a single point earned, you'll be vomiting slugs all summer."

Cillian is waving his glass when he can and working on shoveling food into his mouth…neatly, he has a napkin. The young boy with the eye patch is filled with jokes and grins this evening…probably to cover how sad he is, but in any event he ponders and scratches his head before removing his hat to tug something out of it…a few somethings…and then placing the hat back on his head as he cackles and holds up a few candy bars and then cracks up as he offers one to Josie and tosses one towards Gabriel and other pirates where they are sitting…some will of course fall short but its the thought that matters.

Alphard looks rather smug with an air of self-importance about him as he enters. His eyes are on a spot at the Slytherin table, stopping beside the bench near the end of the table. He stares at down at a student too close to the end. "Shove down then, move to aside." He stares sharply, expecting him to move down one before he will sit.

Gabriel hasn't add his name to the Mud Club roster; yet. And mostly because like a good first year Ravenclaw he's had his focus on nothing but his tests over the last few weeks. But he clearly supports the idea. And the way he clearly supports it is the same way he cllearly supports anything else he thinks is worthwhile, openly and loudly. So once again he's on his feet with his cup held high, responding to Llewellyn this time instead of making his own toast. "To the Mud Club!"

Noalan does a very slight inclination of the head to Llewellyn in return followed by a tightening of his mouth at the toast the boy makes. His eyes do a partial roll and his head the slightest of shakes in displeasure at its mention of the Mud Club. This is followed by a resigned sort of slump in his seat. He pays unusually close attention to his glass of water twisting it back and forth, as his eyes staring into nothing. Even Alphard's arrival goes unregarded.

Randy does not raise her glass to the Mud Club toast. She uses the opportunity to spot the person surely most of the room thinks is…well not so smart…at least in the sense that it wouldn't be smart for any Slytherin to put in their lot. She shakes her head at the people who lift their glasses and shout, spotting the people glaring with equal notice.

Morgana listens to the various toast going on around her, smirking at Cillian and his contribution. Though the hisses about the blood traitors does get her to raise her brow just a touch, however she says nothing to those who are hissing about. She does however wave to the house ghost, and bow her head in show of respect. She does peek over to the Hufflepuff table, to see if Conall made it or not.

Already seated once again, Llew glares right back at Soleil. "What?" he replies, though he keeps his voice low enough for the lingering jeers to largely drown it out. "Nothing wrong with trying to overcome a disadvantage."

Colton is glad to catch one of the fallen short Candy Bars, but it's only in his hand a blink before it's snatched out and used like a billy club up the back of his head by Pringle to slings venom at Cillian, "This isn't some pirate feast Mr. Peele ye disrespectful little curr… act with some respect for this institute or join me in the dungeon til the very last moment when I'm forced by law to let you get on the train. Do I make myself clear?" Colton just rolls his eyes and is about to get beat by another chocolate bar when Dumbledore clears his throat. "I'll handle this Apollyon thank you. 5 points from Gryffindor, for inappropriate behavior." When Pringle goes back to his corner to glower and sneer Dumbledore gentle squeezes Cillian's shoulder. "Subtlety is a virtue every good captain possesses." Then he returns to the High Table.

Josie grins as she takes the candy bar from Cillian, "Thanks." She considers, then stuffs it into a pocket, "I'll save it for later." She does raise her cup to the mud club toast, but only after Gabriel makes the toast, and she seems a little subtler about it, like she's nervous about calling attention to her support. She blinks up at Pringle at his threats to Cillian, almost opening her mouth to say something she'll regret, but luckily Dumbledore steps in and she shuts up. For a moment, anyway. Perhaps to try to distract from that, she stands up a moment later to make a toast too, "To Professor Dippet, and Gareth and Lois, and everybody else still stuck at Durmstrang. Hope they're home soon!"

Cillian blinks several times at all the…commotion going on with the chocolate and the Pringle and the small boy just quirks an eyebrow, head tilting to the side curiously before he shakes his head slowly, dumbstruck. "…" He has no words in response to Dumbledore, really he just blinks some more and sniffles and then blinks some more before placing a few chocolate bars in front of him on the table and pushing his plate away and toying with his fork as he frowns and fidgets abit with his fork before sniffling and dabbing at his eye with a napkin and then sniffling some more. Smiling softly as he notices Josie and and he lifts his glass as well to the toast. "Here…*sniffle* here…"

Peeves swoops in to snatch a candy bar from the table before a poor First Year is able to grab it. "Wheeeee! Nummy sweeties from the ickle pirate captain! Got your booty, sailors! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Gabriel after catching the candy bar meant for him, leans back and slightly around to offer Cillian a cup of pumpkin juice, "I thought it was a grand gesture Cap'n. Here, have some pumpkin juice. It always makes me feel better."

Gabrielle will glance over, nodding to Morgana as she passes. and will give Gage a concerned look, but won't comment. While she doesn't fill her plate, it's more that she's ate in a long time.

As the feast progresses and winds down a little after the initial feeding frenzy Madam Hooch stands up and takes up the Quidditch Cup that was on her pedestal. This gets a pretty good hush down about the hall. The Jocks and Quidditch fans both making sure people are at least quiet enough that they can hear the Coach's speech. "It was quite the year, hectic and strained for everyone as many of the teams were new to each other. Some behavior was questionable, but on a whole, we had some good clean fun. So it is my pleasure to award this year's Quidditch Cup to House Ravenclaw! While their Captain Claire comes up to accept the award, I would also like to say that Miss Cameron has shown an exemplary amount of drive and skill and is a credit to her House, her Team, and the Sport of Quiddtich. So it is my pleasure to present her with the Most Valuable Player Award. Congratulations Miss Cameron, well done!" She claps and presents the award over.

Hephaesta claps loudly in a sudden burst of cheer, smiling brightly and calling out to Claire, "Well done, Captain!"

Noalan applauds politely for Ravenclaws cup victory. If it couldn't be Slytherin, Ravenclaw would have been his second choice. At least it wasn't Gryffindor. Not that he turns to watch the passing of the cup.

Gabriel lets out a piercing whistle in lieue of a cheer for Claire. Or, rather, before his loud cheer for Claire. "Great job, Claire!"

Josie sits back down and smiles to Cillian, saying softly in agreement with Gabriel, "It was nice, guess just wrong timing." She quiets quickly again as Madam Hooch steps up, and she joins in the applause for the Ravenclaws. Still, she says to those at her table, "Next year, it'll be Gryffindor."

Colton smiles over to Cillian, "Don leh tha ol' vipe-ah gityeh. Eat y'r choc'late, we needs ta eat it wif de likes of'm round!" The closer it gets to 11 AM June 30th the more Colton lets loose his more casual familiar way of speaking which is thicker and thicker in the Shelta dialect and accent. He quiets down for the speech and gives a loud lion's share of cheering for Ravenclaw Team and their captain. "Next year mates." He promises his own house a better turn out in the Quidditch department.

All the way on the other end from where the Slytherin table is, Artemis still shoots a glance over. Until she catches sight of her brother and of Noalan, and then over to search the Ravenclaw table, applauding. She smiles, looking for Elspeth, before turning back to her own table. She draws in a deep breath, eating very little. She's not going to cry. She's not.

Cillian claps happily for the person who won, yaaaay! He clears his throat which was thick with his trying not to cry and he exhales softly, taking the pumpkin juice and clearing his throat so he can give a cry very similar to that of a Raven's cry - he's been working on it, okay! And he pumps a fist up before he turns back to his table, gasping for air and coughing before nodding. "Next year, aye. It gives me the summer to figure out 'ow to roar…" Then he grins at Colton, tilting his head to the side and nodding slowly.

Gabriel once again leans back and around to talk with Cillian. "And besides, you know Pringle just wanted to steal the chocolate for himself and is just using 'discipline' as an excuse. In the end its a good deed. He needs to sweeten up some." All this, of course, is said at a low volume and only after Gabriel has looked all around to make sure Pringle is no where nearby to overhear.
Morgana gives you a cookie.
Briar gives you a cookie.

Kimiko giggles at Cillian's raven call. "That's very good, Cillian. Though if you really want to impress them…the Ravenclaw bird is an eagle."

Gage focuses on eating, his emptying plate once again full as he takes seconds. The boy keeps his gaze away from anyone else, except to scowl over at the Slytherin table at the responses from Llewellyn's cheer. He suddenly slouches further, slinking as if he could hide, when his dark blue eyes shoots a quick look toward Pringle. He tenses for a second, but then plucks a piece of meat of his plate and passing it under the table to the little cat.

Having let the feast get enjoyed Conall has been keeping quiet silent. Chatting a bit with his friends around the table. "So, Briar, how has things been for you lately? Haven't talked any." He offers and perhaps not having been paying much attention to the going ons around him and the food. For once.

Angelus can't hide his displeasure as he glances over to the Ravenclaw table. But it quickly fades into a simple smile, and he applauds lightly, shrugging his shoulders.

Cillian actually snorts and giggles as he rolls his eye and laughs. "Well, I'm working me way up to Eagle, its 'ard on the lungs!" He then looks to Gabriel and actually chokes on a sip of pumpkin juice.

Briar seems both happy and wary for all of the toasts to the support group she's started. She'll drink to every toast though. A source of support and comfort is the hand she keeps under the table kept in Xander's. "It's been quite the last few months, huh Conall? They've been going great. I'll be throwing a party over the summer, sort of a Mud Club mixer. Would you be interested? I don't get why people don't understand we're about equality and not superiority. Like purists trying to join like it's some sort of insult to us, or something to infiltrate, it's pretty pathetic. We're about hope for a better future for everyone. Stopping the bullying and be there for each other against hostile divisiveness. Who knows what they thought they'd achieve by joining under false pretenses. I wish them well."

Being right by Briar's side, Xander joins in the conversation with Conall. "What about you, Quinn? Any big plans for the summer?"

Considering he's sitting at the Ravenclaw table on the side closest to Hufflepuff Gabriel catches enough of what Briar says to Conall to turn around and butt in. Calling out over the tables he says, "Because, like my Mom says, a thief judges on his own condition. In other words, that's what their version of the Mud Club would be all about so they think that's what its about."

Conall ahs and nods to Briar. "Well that is good and we will see. I think I might be busy during the summer. But if I have a moment then I will consider it." He offers before letting his gaze wander to some of the other students. Though soon he hear Xander's words and nods in return, "Mostly just trying to enjoy it." Never having been one to share too much. Agreeing with what Gabriel says before turning back to Briar.. "I promise to be there if I am not kept away for other reasons."

Josie glances back to Gabriel as he calls out to the Hufflepuff table, frowning and sinking a little in her seat at the mention of thieves. She doesn't join in the conversation, not yet at least, just focusing on her food for the moment.

Briar gives a warm smile over to Gabriel after craning her head to see him better. "I hope your Mom and you will come to the party?" When Xander asks Conall about his summer plans she's quick to get off her soap box and adds, "Xander and I are planning on going to the Royal Gardens. You should invite Morgana and we'll make a double date of it…if that's what's going on between you two these days. Can't keep up." She gives her friend a wink and then adds, "Do something more summer, oooh, we can go to the beach?!" Dating Xander certainly has put her back into more Hufflepuff spirits. The whole entire Hufflepuff table and tables beyond (though to doesn't seem to have much strength towards the far end where the green and silver lie) seems to be invited to the parties and plans this Prefect is conjuring.

Xander gives Gabriel a nod over his shoulder. "Probably true. Guess we can just hope some might realize how silly the whole thing is, and decide to show real support." He arches an eyebrow as he notices a few Slytherin glares narrowing. Apparently their conversation is being noticed.

Gabrielle looks up at the different discussions, and will pale slightly at the overall invite to the beach. She'll glance over the table towards Ophelia, but can't seem to catch her eye. She'll frown down at her food then offer to Gabriel a small conversation change, "I'm planning on trying to visit Cillian over the summer, maybe I can pick you up and we can both go?" She'll put the letter that was in her lap in her robes and give the firstie a smile.

Cillian works on making a tent with bits of bread and chips and he giggles to himself.

Sir Nicholas' head emerges through the table, peering curiously at Cillian's starchy tent. "Hello, Captain. Planning your camp for some island treasure hunt, no doubt?"

As dessert appears on the tables the rest of the more academic awards are started to be passed out. Professor Aczel stands and bring forth a trophy that looks like some strange sort of abacus mixed with those child toys with the beads on bendy wires with names and years carved on the bobbles and 'beads'. "I would like to present…" The professor pauses for affect, or to muster up the courage to continue speaking before such a large audience, after all Arithmancy isn't exactly a packed room and even then he pauses a lot to compose his thoughts. "Miss Eibhlin Shine with this year's Excellence in Arithmancy Award.

It takes a moment for the matter to really sink in for Eibhlin. She was busy eating and largely staring off into space. She had quite the summer planned and it already weighed heavily upon her mind. It takes a bit of an elbow-nudge from another student before she realizes that Aczel named her for the Arithmancy Award. The redhead's cheeks color a bit, but she finally gets to her feet and makes her way towards the front of the Hall. She moves quickly, relying on dessert to be enough of a distraction to keep too many eyes from being upon her. "Thank you," she offers to the Professor, clutching the award as she heads back to her seat. She stares at it, expression a little blank. Suddenly, then (largely to herself): "Be tricky explaining this to Mum, but she'll be proud nonetheless."

Gabriel's attention is definitely gotten, even if he looks a little confused for a quick moment. But the idea of visiting his friend over the summer is enough to make him forgo clearing up his confusion. "ooooo! Yes, please! Did you hear that Cap'n!? I get to visit you over the summer!" But sadly for Gabby catching Gabriel's attention means catching Gabriel's /attention/ and he sees the note disappearing into the folds of the robe, "what's that?"

Since there seems to be a lull in the speeches, Morgana decided to work on her notes a bit more, quietly scribbling away on her note book while she eats. However something catches her attention, and she thought she heard part of her name so she turns to look in the direction of the Hufflepuff table. When she spots her year mates, she does faintly smile at them and raise her hand to wave at them.

It takes Professor Lunet some time to realize she's up, and some time more to suckle the chocolate from her fingertips on her way to gather up the Astronomy Trophy. "My shining star this year in Astronomy is Miss Artemis Le'darre!" She claps her hands and oops realizing there's some chocolate on the trophy and she quickly tries to buff it away with her own sleeve before presenting it to Artemis with another bit of applause.

A hint of redness appears in her cheeks as her name is mentioned. Artemis slips off the bench, drawing in a deep breath to let out slowly, whispering to herself when she walks up to accept the award. A soft smile is offered to the Professor, murmuring a soft, "Thank you," before she returns to her seat.

Cillian jumps a bit when there's a head in the table and he grins at Sir Nicholas. "Oh, of course good sir…" Then there's dessert! So he can choose a piece of cake to use as the base as he redoes the tent, using peppermint sticks from his robes to secure the..tent palace. He pauses to look up and peer curiously at those speaking, applauding with a small smile before winking at Gabriel and nodding.

Josie jumps, too, as Nick's head appears near Cillian, but she giggles a bit. She starts to gather some of the dessert that's appeared, then she looks up to watch the award presentations curiously.

Sir Nicholas gives Cillian a wink. "Good show. I do look forward to hearing about your adventures next term," he adds before floating off.

Oops! Dessert! Exactly what Gabriel has been waiting for. /Now/ his plate is packed with anything and everything he can reach. A doctor for a father and a nurse for a mother mean's the soon to be second year gets very few chances to eat sweets at home so he's clearly stock piling. And so focused on doing so he looses all track of the rest of the feast.

Kettleburn also takes a while to get up…as he's in a sling and using a crutch. The trophy in his hand is a Dragon curled up around a unicorn on a bed of puffskiens. "If it weren't for this student, I'd probably be missing this leg. I would like to call Mr. Theodore Dupont up here and take this trophy. Well done. Very well done. Don't let the Niffler's get this statue." Even all beat up and bandaged there's a light fluttering of hearts through the Great Hall when the rugged professor gives Theo a wink before passing along the trophy to the sixth year.

When his name is called, Theodore hops to his feet, lifting his fist and letting out a "Whoooo!!!" and a laugh. Several others at the Slytherin table cheer back, shaking their fist in the air. As Theo makes his way to the podium, he high fives several of his pals as he passes. When he reaches Professor Kettleburn, he smiles widely, shaking the man's hand, "Aces, Professor, thanks." He turns and faces the audience of students and lifts the trophy high into the air as if it were a quidditch tournament trophy, again letting out a howl of awesomeness as he strikes the pose of a championship-winning jock. He laughs, and then hops down the steps, bouncing his way back to the Slytherin table, a few more high-fives along the way.

Professor Viridian rises and presents a display case that's the size of a shoe box that has within it on a purple velvet pillow a golden replica of a wand. "This wand is a replica of the Elder Wand. With it comes great responsibility and requires a high level of skill in the Art of Charms. Mr. Conall Quinn, rise and receive this honour."

Conall does hear his name and a brow rises but he does move to take the award he is offered. Bowing in respect as he thanks for it. "Thanks, it is a true honour." As polite as ever before he will move away onc more. Gaze wandering a bit and he does decide to answer Briar now with a nod, "Oh, that sounds quite nice indeed. And yes, still with Morgana." Beaming after saying that. "I will see with her if she would wish to."

For the Defense Against the Dark Arts award, Professor Merrythought taps the banging about trophy, "Oh shush now, don't interrupt." Instantly the trophy stills and she lifts it up and with a big proud smile she calls out, "Would Mr. Julian Edwards please come forward and accept the award for Deep Devotion to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Congratulations, Mr. Edwards."

With a pleasant beat of his staff from his sleeve once he's gotten before the podium Professor Mopsus smiles towards the Ravenclaw table. "Gabrielle, come now…receive your award." From his sleeve he pulls a large crystal ball on a golden pedestal of four hogs keeping the ball up on their tusks. 'Gabrielle Evans - 1938' appears deep within the ball like it was etched before it is joined with every award recipient that's been given this honor since the awards first started.

Gabrielle just shakes her head and says "later" to Gabe about the letter. Her head snaps up, why is her name being called? She'll blush and stand up quickly taking the award from Mopsus, "Oh..uh…thank you sir…" and she'll quickly, eyes down return to her seat . She looks slightly confused at the item in her hand, clearly her Divinations didn't see this coming.

Having been eating and really not paying much mind except for when the Quidditch Cup was announced, Julian wasn't quite expecting to hear his name being called amongst the award listees. As he looks up from his plate of food and begins to slide from his seat, moving up to accept his award from Professor Merrythought, nodding his head quietly toward the woman as she is approached. "Thank you, ma'am," he whispers quietly, his eyebrows arched high as he reaches out to take the award, looking at it for a moment before moving to step back. Surprising, yes.

Peeves is flying circles around the room, occasionally dropping salty beef bouillon cubes into student's desserts when they're not looking.

Cillian carefully gets a beef bouillion cube that's dropped in his chocolate pudding and places it between two biscuits before dipping it back in his chocolate pudding and pulling it out to take a nice big bite.

The Awards for Herbology goes to Briar Crocker and Muggle Studies goes to Ruby Lovegood. Binns who's been droning on and on and on and on and on in the background about the history of the History of Magic award since the beginning of dessert has finally drifted to the pedestal, 'grasps' the award and even though it goes right through his hands he still goes through the motions of presenting, "Cillian Peele."

Gage is pretty much done eating when the dessert shows up. He pushes his plate away from him, tucking both hands underneath the table to pet the feline. One glance is shot toward the doors of the Great Hall, as if wandering if he could escape without notice. He glowers downward, biting his lower lip.

That is absolutely foul…whatever Cillian has in his mouth and he's in the process of discreetly spitting it all back out in a napkin when he hears his name, his eye goes wide and he lowers the napkin to discreetly…spit the half disolved cube back in his pudding and clear his throat, idly stirring his pudding up innocently. Then he realizes it was not a 'WHAT DID YOU DO' call but just his name and he hops of his seat and blinks several times as he clasps his hands together over his heart and makes his way up to accept his award. "Ye didn't 'ave to get me anyting for me birthday, your wisdom and talkin' and ability to talk and talk and talk without takin' a breath or a break is inspirational enough! Thank ye very much professor!" He blows a kiss and skitters back to his table with his award, blinking still in shock.

In all of his grandiose glory Professor Slughorn, "Miss Diana Louisa Somerset." Because using a full name makes it sound all the more formal. "I would like to award you with this golden beaker for your grand talents in Potions."

The elegant display from the Potions Professor is quite the contrast to the next presentation as Professor Flint simply points toward the pedestal where there's a plaque meant to look like a rune stone. "Rashley. Collect your prize. Make sure it gets into the trophy room." He then continues to eat his food that he's very particular about each and every bite.

Morgana cheered for the Ravenclaws that got awards, and of course when Conall got his aware, she cheered as well, just not enough to embarrass the poor boy. She turns back to her notes and nearly misses her name being called by Flint. Either way she gets up from her spot and moves to fetch the trophy. "Of course sir. Thank you." She says to the Professor quietly, before slipping back to her table as quick as possible.

Finally last and certainly not least, Dumbledore steps up with a statue that changes shape from tea cups to horn billed toucans to amorphous blobs. At the Slytherin table there's mutterings of, "What Gryffindor is he going to favor this time?" But they go dead silent when Dumbledore looks towards the Slytherin table, "Lucian Proudmore. You have proven yourself time and again in this past year. It is only fitting that you receive an award as fluid as all your many talents. Come forward and receive this Transfiguration Award."

Lucian lifts his eyes with surprise and a hint of suspicion. But he makes his way up to the podium collect the trophy, giving Dumbledore a solemn nod and a quiet "Thank you, Professor." He makes his way back to the Slytherin table and sets the award down, staring at it with a conflicted expression.

Angelus certainly enjoys some desserts, watching quietly as the names are called out. He frowns briefly at the name called out for potions, but he brushes it off and brings another forkful of chocolate cake to his mouth, eyeing the plate of a student next to him as a bouillon plops into his dessert. A smirk twitches at the boy's lips, but instead of commenting he waits and lets out short chuckle when its tasted. "It's all in good fun," he comments light-heartedly as he shrugs from the look given.

Josie clapped for every award recipient. But when first Gabrielle, then Cillian, and finally Lucian receive awards, she gives cheers and applauds all the harder.

Now that bellies are full of succulent food, and minds are full of plans for the summer, and hands are full of awards, Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore taps his wand loudly. "Your attention, please."

Dumbledore begins to speak. "Now we come to the awarding of the House Cup. The House Cup is a venerated tradition, dating back to the earliest days of Hogwarts history. The house that earnes the most points by demonstrating the greatest skill, courage, and spirit is given this honour. The points stand thus. Gryffindor, 471 points. Hufflepuff, 300 points. Ravenclaw, 288 points. Slytherin, 705 points. The House Cup goes to Slytherin." In that moment, every banner and tapestry in the room ripples and shimmers, changing to the green and silver colours of Slytherin, and bearing their serpentine crest.

Dumbledore gives a heavy sigh, his demeanor quite somber. "Normally, I would award this trophy with cheer and great congratulations. But this year, honour comes at a heavy cost. The greatest gains in house points were earned by a handful of students that faced grave danger together. But the Triwizard Champion and his entourage showed exceptional bravery, and kept their wits about them even as they faced enemies on all sides. But our Champion paid the toll for his friends' escape from Durmstrang, with his life.

"Leander Fox was an extraordinary young man. In life, he was an exceptional student, a keen intellect, and a steadfast friend and ally. He demonstrated the courage not only to put his name into the Goblet of Fire, but also to bridge the gap between houses, encouraging cooperation to assist him in his tournament tasks. In death, he made the ultimate sacrifice, saving the life of his brother, and ensuring the safety of his comrades.

"There is no cup, no trophy, no accolade that can honour Leander enough. But what we can do is to be certain that his sacrifice will never be forgotten. In addition to the House Cup going to Slytherin, a special trophy has been fashioned this year, which will be displayed proudly in our trophy room in perpetuity." Caretaker Pringle steps up, placing upon the podium a silver statue in the shape of a fox atop a miniature plinth bearing the Slytherin crest, and a plaque reading: In Memory of Leander Fox, Hogwarts Champion.

As the cup comes out and is awarded and such, Cillian sobers up, expression grave as he looks thoughtful and takes a deep breath and tugs out of his robes a special flute, worrying his bottom lip and exhaling softly. He raises the flute to his lips and very softly starts playing the familiar yet haunting melody of…'Oh Danny Boy'.

As the music comes up in the hall, Ripley slowly rises and makes his way out, slipping out the doorway as quietly and unnoticed as possible. The only notice is a cough in the hallway as he is out of sight.

Dumbledore waits patiently for Cillian's mournful requiem, casting a stern eye to any that seems about to disturb it. As the song comes to a close, he continues. If it's possible, Dumbledore's tone turns even grimmer. "We must never forget what Leander sacrificed himself for. Though Headmaster Helstrom continues to deny any wrongdoing, one thing that is certain is the involvement of Gellert Grindelwald. Those that attacked our students wore his symbol, and he was personally present during those horrific events. This is the future he offers, students. Not the brighter world he promises, but death and darkness.

"As you return to your homes tomorrow, think on this. There will come a time, very soon, when we will all be tested. Grindelwald's message has already reached our isles, and it will spread. The measure of a witch or wizard will be his or her ability to discern truth from lies, and to look to one's own heart to do what is right. But what is right is rarely what is easy."

With a heavy heart, Dumbledore steps down from the podium, and Mr. Pringle collects the statue to take it to the trophy room. Then Professor Slughorn takes the podium. "Miss Ophelia Summerbee has prepared a memorial service for Leander Fox, to take place this evening after the feast. All are encouraged to attend. Thank you."

Gabrielle glances over to Ripley, but can't seem to get his attention. She just closes her eyes and lets a few tears fall quietly.

Randy is pretty much quiet the whole night. When Dumbedore gives his closing speech, she pokes at her food solemnly.

Charlie, for her part, joined in the song with Cillian from the Hufflepuff table, not shy to lend her voice to the effort.

At the last speech, Artemis can't hold back any further. Tears pool in her eyes and start to roll down her cheeks as she breathes deeply.

Peeves floats off through the wall, looking sullen. Whether it's out of respect or just because he knows he can't get a reaction with the current saddened atmosphere isn't clear, but at least the poltergeist isn't disturbing things any longer.

Since he can't leave without being noticed, as his dark blue eyes glaze, Gage slides off his seat completely so that he's under the table. He pulls the grey kitten up close to him.

Josie, after Dumbledore's speech, is quiet and thoughtful, finishing up the last of her dessert in silence. She's a little sad, but mostly she just seems to be thinking everything over.

Tiffany 's distracted air has gotten her three bouillon cubes added to her vanilla ice-cream, now a brown color. She doesn't seem to notice the difference and continues to scoop it up, even getting a large chunk of un-melted cube in one of her spoon fulls.

Colton slides over when people have started to vacate to give Josie's hat and hair a bit of a smooshing ruffle again. "'ey poppet. Getta go 'ome now aye? Muckin' horse shite an' all that "grand" stoff."

Cillian sits on his bench, watching people with his good eye and working on shoving chocolate into his cheek, kicking his feet and looking like a lopsided chipmunk before covers his face with his hands sniffles once more. Oh god, he has to go home now soon. He dabs at his cheeks and chews slowly so he can swallow. Another long pause before he sighs and leans backwards to try to see Charlie and other pirates before falling off his bench.

Josie looks up to Colton at the hair-ruffle and grins again, nodding quickly, "Yep! That, and learning to play Quidditch, and spending time with my dad… I can't wait to see everybody." Unlike Cillian, she seems extremely happy about this return home. She blinks as Cillian falls off the bench, and then giggles, reaching to try to help him up. "You need to work on your balance."

Gabrielle just sits there, staring at her name, frowning slightly. She's not bothered to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

Charlie bounces at her seat. Summer means hunting and seeing Mom and Da and…so so so much. Her curls bounce before she hears the tiny crash…the giggling. She turns with a biscuit in her mouth, fingers poised to take it. Her eyes widen at Cillian's fall and she snatches the biscuit out, "Oh my goodness!"

…in the sobby sniffles from Cillian can be heard 'A-and there won't be anymore homework o-or history…history lessons…or cur-oh god, I'm gonna miss Pringle, that old prune….' - But he does accept help back up as he wipes his cheeks. He waves to Charlie and flashes her an encouraging grin and then looks back to Josie. "No more homework…" He sniffles.

Colton smirks down at Cillian after he's fallen, "Cozy down dere aye?" He's no hero and made no effort to help the lad from toppling over though he does also reach down to help Josie pull him back up commenting on the lack of things Cillian's lamenting, "Aye, til next year… summer is a whizz in time lemme tell yeh." He bobs his head and reaches for some of the chocolate to add to the collection of other not too perishable things from meal he's been hording away in his robes and pockets. "Tink we'll be campin' in Hogsmeade, iffin just for a wee bit Poppet, we kin paint da town red, aye?"

Josie smiles to Cillian, "It's only a couple months." Sounds like she wishes it was longer, but at least she doesn't say so to Cillian. "And ya won't be alone, already said ya can visit anytime, and I'll be visiting you too when you get the boat… haven't asked Camilla or dad yet, but know they won't mind." She looks back to Colton then and nods quickly, "That'd be brilliant!"

Cillian nods and slips a few treats into his pocket before hmming and returning Gabrielle's hug tightly. "Be safe fair maiden." Then looks back to Josie. "Well." A long pause. "If school was this interestin', summer's bound to be even more so!" He nods firmly. More hope in his heart.

Josie nods quickly in agreement with a grin. "Yep! Don't worry, it'll be interesting!" She grins still as she hops up, and adds before she goes off too, "We'll make sure it is."

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