(1938-07-02) Failed Schooling and Unnerving Transfigurations
Details for Failed Schooling and Unnerving Transfigurations
Summary: Hadrian stumbles across Nova, and managers to oust one of her more personal setbacks. And from that they go into the world's most awkward date…sorta.
Date: Tue Jul 02, 1938
Location: New London Bridge

928 feet long and 62 feet wide, New London Bridge (also known as Rennie's Bridge after its 19th-century designer) is one of the key bridges over the Thames and one of the busiest places in the city. During the day, both foot and vehicle traffic is almost constantly passing over the Victorian-styled bridge, as ships pass under the giant stone arches below.

Nova 's taken to wondering. after practice, there's not much to do. Especially now with her current financial situation. She's dressed in a pretty skirt, which is uncommon enough for Nova and her hair is down. If her height and skin were not so different, she may actually blend in for a change. She's standing watching the water underneath her, not paying too much mind to people passing by.

Having been walking for a while as well, Hadrian is now coming from the direction of the Tower of London, humming a bit to himself. Looking around, he offers a bit of a nod and a grin to Nova as he spots her. "Hey…"

Nova blinks, always a bit surprised on the muggle side when ever she runs into anyone. "Hey Hadrian. How are you?" she'll turn to face him, leaning against the bridge. She'll grin a bit, "You seem to be in a better mood."

"You know, a good walk often helps," Hadrian offers with a bit of a grin. "And besides, walking around by the Tower is always an interesting thing." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm good, thanks. How about you?"

Nova glances over to the Tower, raising an eyebrow slightly, "I suppose so." She'll shrug, "I will survive. I am antsy for our next match." She's been acting …off lately. "No hoards of media following you tonight? I'd think they'd be getting worse with the season and all."

"Anything wrong?" Hadrian asks a bit quietly. After all, he's noticed that acting off thing. Sounding a bit concerned as well. At the mention of the media, he shakes his head a little bit. "I think I managed to shake them this time," he replies, with a grin.

Nova has never been a good liar. she knows this, so instead of answering, she'll just skip the question, "I have yet to really look closely at the Tower. It's history seems ..dark." She'll shake her head,and keeps her voice low, "They have been easy to shake recently. I thought I was going to be roasted for sure when I broke that muggles nose."

Hadrian chuckles at the mention of the breaking of that nose. "Ah, everyone thought that would be blown up a bit larger," he offers in agreement, before he adds, "And yes, the Tower has a bit of a dark past, that's true." Smiling a little as he studies her again now. "But you didn't answer my question," he points out. Yes, not going to let her ignore it.

Nova shrugs,"He deserved it. I told him to let go." She'll grin a bit, "Even Clavin admits he deserved it." Her smile drops , and she'll shrug, "I told you, I'll survive." Hardian can detect worry though at the edges of her eyes. She's looking older than her age, and for once it's not because she's angry.

"Hey, you can talk to me, you know," Hadrian offers a bit quietly now, placing a hand on her shoulder if she lets him. "I know you well enough to see there's something worrying you."

Nova has a slightly panicked look that she tries to cover up by looking back across the water, "There's nothing to be done. I attempted something and failed. All I can do is move forward."

Hadrian blinks as he hears that. "What was it?" he offers after a few moments of pause, keeping quiet as he keeps the hand on her shoulder now.

Nova inhales and holds it, clearly tying to decide what to say, "What are you leaving behind? When you are gone, what is left to say you were here? Besides Quidditch numbers… " she'll shake her head, still not making eye contact, "I do not even have family to continue on through….I just thought, if I could make it better…anything better there. Perhaps I could…" She'll shake her head, trailing off in her sentence. She'll bit her lower lip, trying to not get too emotional.It won't do any good. It's done.

Hadrian pauses as he hears that, nodding a little as he listens for now. "What did you try?" he asks, words very quiet from now. Hand remaining where it is, to offer support and comfort.

Nova clenches her jaw, it's so much easier to be angry than upset, "For the past 4 years, I've been sending most of my paycheck back ho-to the reservation. To build a school…."She'll drop her eyes a moment to look at her hands, which are clenched. She'll force them open, "Two weeks ago I received word that it had been burned down. No one was in it at the time, thank the spirits." She'll take a deep breath, and shrug, "So….it is done." Suddenly Nova's crappy housing situation and the fact she rarely buys things besides food make so much more sense.

Hadrian winces a bit as he hears that. "I didn't know that." It's offered a bit quietly, before he adds, "I'm so sorry. But I'm glad to hear nobody was in it." He reaches out his other arm as well, to put the hand on her other shoulder now.

Nova shrugs and will turn to look at Hadrian when he places his other hand on her shoulder. Her emotions are bouncing from clearly being upset to trying to not care. "It would be different if those that did it would be punished. But they will not. They never are." Her jaw tightens again, "and it is not as if I could return to even help. They do not wish me there." She'll shrug again, looking to the side, not wanting to maintain eye contact. She's too ashamed. "It is done." It's hard to tell if she means the school, the incident , her helping the reservation or something else.

Nodding a bit as he remains where he is now. "Someone set a fire to it?" Hadrian asks now, grimacing a bit, before he listens to the rest now. Then, he simply pulls her close, to hug her for the moment. Probably not his most normal thing to do, but these are not too normal circumstances, right?

Nova just nods. What else can she say? She'll blink, surprised at the hug, but she'll slowly sneak her arms around to hold onto him as well. She'll close her eyes, she will no cry, but her grip on him tightens a moment before letting go. "I am sorry…this should not be affecting me so much. I have been awful at practice. " Well, maybe not awful, but she has been nailed more times with a bludger this season in practice alone than most whole seasons. She'll attempt to put the tough girl facade back up. No use crying over burned schools, right?

He doesn't seem to mind the tightening grip at the moment, but as she lets go, Hadrian takes a step back. "Don't worry about it. There's always things that affect us, no matter if we think it should or not." A brief pause, before he adds, "You can't always be the tough one, you know."

Nova gives a half smirk and will push back her hair,still not making eye contact, "Right…because then what else do I have? My sparkling personality?" She'll take an only slightly shaky breath and then ask, "You won't tell anyone, right?" She //will/ raise her eyes at this, worried, "Clavin's been hounding me about what's wrong…I just…I don't want the team to know." Her cheeks are actually flushing now, with embarrassment.

"Yes, your sparkling personality," Hadrian replies, rather lightly. "Because you have that, even when you don't know it yet." He then nods at the rest, offering her a smile now. "If you don't want them to know, I won't tell them," he replies.

Nova smacks him lightly in the shoulder, but she's smiling lightly, "Shut up." And then she'll shake her head, "I do not…it's done. I do not want to think about it,much less have everyone know." She'll sigh,looking back out at the water, "Sorry for being a wet blanket. I should get over this soon."

Hadrian grins, "Don't worry about it. I know you would do the same if the roles were reversed," he replies.

Nova thinks about it then nods. She does know. "Perhaps I should go spend money. Isn't that what normal witches do?" she'll smirk some, knowing she won't. "Come…let me buy you dinner? Or a drink? In repayment for listening to my terrible sob story." She's smiling and will place her hand on his forearm, tugging lightly.

"Spending money seems to be what normal people do, I suppose," Hadrian remarks, before he nods a little at that last suggestion. "How could I resist that offer?" he asks a bit lightly now, following her lead.

Nova grins, trying to shake off her earlier mood. "Food ? Drink? Or both?" She'll be tugging " If I knew where the bloody Hell I was at, I would suggest dancing…" she'll start leading he towards the only pub in the area she knows.

Blackfriars Pub

Decorated in the Arts and Crafts style so common among Victorian era churches, this pub and bar looks more like a place of worship than a place where wharf workers come to enjoy a pint after a shift. The walls are decorated, in both the dining room and bar areas, with sculptures, mosaics, and reliefs of jolly-looking friars, and beautiful stonework around the bar and fireplace. In the dining area, the ceiling is done in small tiles and wood carved signs read sayings like, 'WISDOM IS RARE' and 'HASTE IS SLOW'.

Hadrian smiles as he follows her. "Well, if both is one of the offers, how could I resist it?" he offers a bit lightly now.

As the walk in, Nova leans into Hadrian some, "I like this place, I can actually get service sometimes here." she'll laugh and step the rest of the way in. "Table alright? Or the bar?"

"Table sounds good," Hadrian replies, as he looks around, smiling as she leans into him. "And it's looks like a good place." Letting her lead the way over to one of the tables now, it seems.

Nova walks over to a table , instinctively against the wall. She'll start to swing her chair around, an then remembering she's in the skirt will just pull it out. " Everything I have had here has been good. Heavy, but good." She'll give him a glance, "Now that I've spilled, what's been up with you?"

"Sounds good," Hadrian replies as he seats himself as well, offering a bit of a smile. "What would you recommend, then?" The question makes him pause for a few moments now. "What's been up with me?"

Nova shrugs, "This is the first time I"ve been here when it's been warm, everything I've tried was winter food." She'll glance over, trying to get, and failing, a waiters attention. She'll look back, "Yes. You. I have been out of it, but that does not mean I haven't noticed. I did not fall completely into a pit of my own self pity." She'll roll her eyes at him and then tilt her head, waiting.

Hadrian pauses for a few moments. "Haven't noticed what?" A brief pause, and a shrug. "Nothing much has happened with me, really. Just been having a few things to deal with, you know. Getting to know my sister's family a bit better." He pauses for a few moments now.

Nova will slowly nod, she'll not push, "Alright." She'll glance over at the bar again, actually catching the bartenders eye. she'll grin wide, she loves it when they actually notice her! she'll hold up 2 fingers and nod, before turning back, "Ale ok?" Better be, she just ordered him one.

"So, aside from that business, how have you been?" Hadrian asks, offering a bit of a smile now. "And ale sounds quite fine," he replies, glancing around the room again for a few moments now.

Nova rolls her eyes and grins, leaning back in her chair some, "I don't really have a life outside the game. It's not like there's any chance of suitors or side work." She'll shrug, "I've not been in long enough to get paid appearances, unless it's with the whole team." And there has not been any of those. "Perhaps if we make it to the World Cup, the team will actually do something together." She sounds almost disappointed, "The Wasps always did things, the Arrows are very different."

Hadrian shrugs a little. "You'll be surprised of what there might be a possibility for," he offers, after a few moments of pause now. "We probably should do more things together, that's true."

Nova laughs, "Like what? I am not like you. The fans like you. They just like to know what foul I'll get called on next." She'll shrug, "It would be nice, but if it is the wish of the rest of the team, I will not argue it." the bartender comes over with their drinks and Nova grins like a kid at Christmas, "Thank you!" She'll raise her glass, "What should we drink to?"

"I'm not sure, but there must be something, right?" Hadrian offers, before he raises his own glass a bit thoughtfully now. "I'm not sure. Friends and opportunities?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now.

Nova laughs, "I would have went with the World Cup, but yeah, that'll do." She'll grin as she clinks her glass with his. She's trying to be in a better mood. Sipping from her drink, "I don't want to push my luck, you wave down a waiter." She's not sure if it's a gypsy curse or what, but she'll not push the bad service jinx.

Hadrian nods a little as he hears that, shrugging a little bit to himself now. Clinking the glass and taking a long sip from it as well, before he turns to wave for a waiter now.

The waiter comes over immediately and will offer the house special which Nova shrugs to, "Sure, why not?" After taking Hadrian's order as well, he'll leave. She'll look back, "So…spending a lot of time with your sister's family huh?Any particular reason? I figured maybe you you met a dame or something."She'll lean back some, tilting her chair onto it's back to legs. Even in a skirt, she'd rather be perching.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that part about the house special. "Sounds good," he offers, before he shrugs a little at Nova's question. "According to my sister, the children had asked why I wasn't there very often," he replies.

Nova ahs, "Uncle responsibilities. There are much worse fates." She'll smile, a bit sad again, before shaking it off, "Will you be getting them tickets to the World Cup, if we make it? " She'll frown slight, "Or…well, how old are they? Do they even like quidditch?" It happens, it's weird, but Nova's heard of children not liking the sport.

"Eight and six, I think. And they may not like Quidditch yet, I'm not sure, but in time I will make sure they'll like it," Hadrian replies, a bit lightly now. Taking another sip from his drink, he offers a bit of a smile now. "And there's far worse fates, that's true."

Nova frowns, how can he not know their ages? "You should get them tickets. Even if they're not interested, they will be happy they went later on." She'll going slow on her drink, although her cheeks are already turning pink. "Maybe Clavin will let you bring them into the locker room?" Before she was picked to actually be professional, that would have been a dream come true.

Hadrian nods a little slowly as he hears that, looking a bit thoughtful for the moment. "I should probably ask him," he replies, before he takes another sip from his drink now. "See, you are good at coming up with good ideas," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

Nova rolls her eyes, "That wasn't a good idea, just common sense." She'll sigh taking a bigger drink, "Maybe I should stop with the quidditch plays and write useful things, huh?" she'll smirk, lean towards him and softly say, "Maybe I should start writing poetry?"

Hadrian chuckles as he hears that, "Well, is really common sense as common as the word implies?" he remarks. The mention of writing poetry makes him grin a bit. "Well, I'm sure you can manage to do both," he replies, with a smile now.

Nova tilts her head, but nods, "Perhaps not." She'll laugh, "If I write poetry about Quidditc, please just Obviate me on the spot!" She'll wrinkle her nose and start to say something else, but the waiter is coming back with their food. She'll grin and start digging in, "I don't buy dinners for just anyone, you know."

"I'll keep that in mind," Hadrian offers to the part about the poetry about Quidditch, before he smiles as he starts doing some eating as well. "See, now you're making me feel all special, dear," he replies, a bit lightly. "Just means I'll have to return the favor at some point, right?"

The drink is starting to get to Nova's brain. Damn her small size(and heritage!)!And not eating first! She'll blink a few times before smirking, "I believe that, with a pretty face like your's, you get food bought for you all the time. I do no think you need me to feel special." She'll chuckle and reach for her ale.

Hadrian offers a bit of a grin, before he shrugs, "Well, you would be surprised about how few times I get food bought for me," he offers, before he grins a bit. "But thanks for the comment about my pretty face. It's much appreciated."

Nova tries , and fails at giving him a sympathetic look, "Then I'm very sorry for you. I'll let your fans know you like that." She'll snort, "One day you're gonna get knock off you broom. What are you going to do with a broken nose?" She'll shake her head, trying and failing to remember if he's even actually gotten knocked off. Giving up, she'll just take another sip. She's doomed anyway at this point.

"Well, some people say a broken nose adds character," Hadrian remarks a bit lightly now, taking another sip of his ale now. "You okay there?" he asks a bit lightly.

Nova laughs, "It can. I've seen some very handsome men with crooked noses." She'll tilt her head, food half way to her mouth, "Yes…I am. thank you. I just need to be over it. Talking about other things helps." She'll give him a genuine thankful smile, and then bring the food to her mouth. After swallowing, "Tell me something else about you." She'll reach under the table and kick at his chair leg teasingly.

Hadrian grins a little, "Don't worry about it," he offers, before he eats some more of his food, shrugging a little. "About me? I'm not sure what to say," he offers. "I'm not sure what that would be. That I write some poetry every now and then, perhaps?"

Nova wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, "Knew that. Something else." Her voice holds a hint of amusement. She'll take another sip tilting her head expectantly.

"That I'm terrified of spiders, perhaps?" It's offered a bit quietly, as Hadrian finishes off his food now. "Just don't tell that to anyone else, please."

Nova rolls her eyes, "Knew that. Already promised to not say anything. Snake bite conversation, remember?"She'll shake her head, not disappointed, but obviously teasing. "And I had a juicy one to share with you, too." She's pretty buzzed right now as she finishes off her food as well.

Hmm, what should he say then? A brief pause, before Hadrian offers a grin now. "It would seem you have a far better memory than me," he offers, a bit lightly now.

Nova snorts, shaking her head, "Then we're in trouble." One would think Nova's alcohol tolerance would improve some, with the amount she's been drinking…but it hasn't. She's flushed, and almost, dare say, on the verge of giggles, "What to do now?" she'll lean forward some, "We could go flying?"

There's a chuckle as he hears that, and the Hadrian raises an eyebrow,, as he finishes off his own ale now. "Flying? Sounds like a fun idea," he offers, before he adds, "Any particular place in mind?"

Nova will stand up, digging out some money for the food and drink. "Where ever.I'll need to change though." She'll grin up at him, "that'd get us in the paper's for sure. Flashing half of London."

Hadrian laughs a little as he hears that. "Now that sounds like it would have been a quite fun headline," he offers as he gets up as well. "Lead the way, then."

Nova will turn, almost knocking into him, "Don't you have to go get your broom?…should we just meet somewhere?"

"That's true. I'll go get my broom, and meet you afterwards?" Hadrian offers after a few moments of pause, nodding a bit. "See you soon, then."
undesignated muggle free forest area__

Nova shows up, looking a bit more sober(lots of water does wonders) in her typical pants and tight vest. she's got her broom slung over her shoulder. The moon is hanging low , in a crescent, allowing for more stars to shine through. Nova grins as she approaches, "Sorry…we may have an audience." And with that Nova's pet Raven, a very old and large raven swoops down to land on her shoulder. He actually makes her look even smaller. The bird just eyes Hadrian warily.

Hadrian has gotten hold of his own broom as well now. Smiling a bit as he watches Nova appear, before he pauses as he hears her words. "An audi…" Trailing off as he sees the raven arrive, studying the bird for a few moments now. "Hello…" he offers to it.

Octo tilts his head , and if birds could snarl, he would be. Nova reaches up and flicks him on the beak, "Manners, Octo!" The bird huffs and will turn his head away from Hadrian. Nova will laugh, "He is mad, he did not realize we would be flying with someone."

Hadrian chuckles. "Ah, I can understand him, then," he offers with a smile. "Ready to fly, then?"

Nova laughs, "So I will have to fly with two grumpy old men?" She grins as she gentle shoes off the large bird. His wing span is rather impressive and he goes up. She watches him for a moment with a bit of adoration, then swings her broom down, "He has been my constant since school. He found me, and I learned to fly to be with him."

"Hey, who are you calling old?" Hadrian offers rather lightly, shaking his head a little bit now as he prepares to fly. "That's quite nice," he offers to the part about the bird now.

"He is my totem…my family." Nova'll then grin and say right before taking , "Just try to keep up?"

"I'll do my best," Hadrian offers with a grin as he kicks off now. Working on picking up some pace in his flying now.

Nova speeds off. Maybe she's still drunk enough to not be careful, maybe she's just that fast. As a chaser, she doesn't get to let loose, at least not like this. She'll zip up and around the bird, who does not seem phased by her closeness. Although he does let out a squawk that sounds like "Asshole!" when Hadrian comes a little to near for his comfort.

Hadrian mutters a little as he hears the squawk from the bird, but he doesn't say anything in return. Frowning a bit as he sees Nova disappear in the distance now.

Nova laughs realizing she's leaving Hadrian behind and will loop back, doing a few corkscrews as she nears him, she'll pull up, "What, can't fly on a full stomach?" she'll tisk, but is all smiles. "I know I'm bigger than a snitch, but I thought you'd be able to catch me." Even with the dark of night, he can see her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are flashing with humor.

Hadrian chuckles, "Catching you? Okay, it's on, my dear," he remarks, starting to try picking up some pace now.

Nova actually lets her broom drop her about 20 feet before taking off and banking sharply to the right. She's headed towards Octo who's already yelling what may be obscenities at both flyers now. Nova's laughter can be heard over the wind.

Hadrian shakes his head a little bit as he doesn't quite manages to catch up, flying a bit slower at the moment, it would seem. Muttering something under his breath now, as he glances around. Not fun being this far behind, after all.

Nova , while not above teasing, isn't looking to make an enemy. She'll turn head back towards him, at a fast pace. Her intent is to zip past him and tap him on the shoulder.

Still moving forward, Hadrian shakes his head a little, especially as he sees Nova's attempted move now. Staying in position for a little while, before he attempts to roll out of the way now.

He doesn't manage to get out of the way of the smack to the shoulder, and takes a few moments to steady himself as he looks around now. "Hey!" It's called out a bit carefully, before he moves in the direction of Nova again now.

Nova will pull up, keeping the broom at an angle to take off again. She's grinning wickedly, "Yes Hadrian?" Her voice is barley containing her laughter, "Did you need something?" Octo has decided to just leave the to crazy humans alone. He doesn't think this is nice flying. He'll go off to find a nice place to snooze.

Hadrian shakes his head a little bit now. "Too many things," he remarks, before he moves forward again, attempting to catch up once more.

Maybe she's testing herself, maybe she's just still a bit drunk, but Nova's chicken attempt doesn't go as well as she hoped. Laughing, she starts to pull away too late.

For once it seems that Hadrian is able to catch up at least. Although he doesn't fly very well this time either. "Tell me, do we really usually fly this bad?" he asks, a bit lightly now.

Nova laughs, "I am not usually drunk." Her cheeks are flushed and she'll manuver her broom over to his, tapping his handle with her's. "I hope we're not like this on the pitch anyway." She'll tilt her head, to look at him better.

Hadrian grins as he hears that, nodding a little. "Flying drunk is always quite hard," he replies, before he adds, "And to answer your earlier question, I tend to fly a bit less well on a full stomach as well."

Nova smirks, "So…no snacks before game…gottcha." She'll flip her braid over her should, luckily she thought to braid it before they started flying. What a mess otherwise! "What are the many things you need?"Apparently she did hear that comment. She's smiling, but it's not as snarky as before. Her cheeks are flushed from flying, booze and wind.

"Hmm?" Hadrian asks to the last part now, offering a brief grin. "Oh, nothing in particular, really." He shrugs as he looks around briefly. "It's good just flying around a bit like this too, though."

Nova 's young. If he says nothing…ok then. She'll shake her head slightly and pull her broom away from his slightly, tilting up, ready to take off. But then she stops and will turn her broom so she's facing him, "Hadrian, are you happy? I mean, not when on the pitch, but…other than that?" She's frowning slightly and will grip the broom a bit tighter than she needs to.

Pausing a bit as he hears that question, shrugging a little bit now. "What kind of a question is that?" Hadrian asks after a few moments now, avoiding answering for the moment, it would seem.

Nova 's brain catches up to her mouth and she'll pause, not exactly sure why she asked that, "Never mind." She'll turn away slightly, in the direction that Octo went, and scan the area. "Shall we go find my totem? Or would you like me to best you on the broom some more?" She'll turn back towards him, eyes twinkling. It's pretty obvious she's teasing and no being serious.

"Sorry…" Hadrian replies after a few moments. "If I'm happy? I'm not sure, really. I mean, I could have been far less happy, I suppose, but I guess there also could be… something more in life. Not entirely sure what I should do about something like that, though." A brief pause now, before he offers a grin. "Think I've digested my food a bit better now," he remarks.

Nova just nods, believing he doesn't wish to talk about it and will bank down and take off . She's not going nearly as fast as she started though, she never release the hard grip she had on her broom, and it's slowing her down. Nova's stubborn though, and will try to reposition her grip while flying.

Perhaps it's not as much that he doesn't want to talk about it as that Hadrian isn't sure how to talk about something like that at the moment. So for now, he moves forward as he sees her taking off as well, matching his speed to hers for the moment. Trying to move past her at the moment.

Nova can see Hardian catching up to her out of the corner of her eye , and she'll debate in her head a moment if this is a chase, or a race. Race it seems to be, so she'll tighten her knees enough to reposition her hands better and lean forward, grinning.

Race is on! Hadrian smiles a bit although he doesn't quite manage to pass her now, glancing over towards her as he gets into a better position for speed as well.

Maybe Hadrian's food has digested better, maybe Nova's still tipsy. Either way, Nova's suddenly gripping her broom tighten as Hadrian zips past her. She considers punching him, but decides that he's not used to that part of Quidditch.

Blinking a bit as he's suddenly managing to get past, Hadrian keeps on flying for a little while. Probably a good idea to get a bit further ahead before he checks if she's disappeared behind him or anything.

Nova wrinkles her nose, there are some days you just know you're not flying right. So, change the rules. She'll bank quickly, lowering herself in to the forest. It's just gone from a race to a chase again. He can see her do this though out of the corner of his eye. she's not being very sneaky about it.

Hmmm, where did she go now? A brief pause before Hadrian sees that bank and lowering, looking a bit curious, but he continues onwards rather carefully for now.

Nova 's plan was solid…if it were daytime…or she could see in the dark. Instead, zipping along in the trees gets her tangles up and almost knocked off her broom. Depending on how close Hadrian rides, he may hear something spoken sharply in her native tongue. He doesn't need to know it, to know it's most likely a curse.

Hearing what's being said, Hadrian just shakes his head a little bit. "Temper, temper," he remarks, staying a bit higher up where there's less chance of getting hit by trees.

Nova , for her part, doesn't say anything else. she's too busy trying to untangle her braid from the branch it's caught on. Trying to balance on a broom, hold it stead without using either hand isn't that hard. But in her inebriated state, along with the headache that's blossoming, it's harder than it should be. She'll huff, closing her eyes for a moment. She does not want to have to ask for help…maybe she could just cut her hair?

Hadrian comes to a bit of a stop as he doesn't notice anything below again. "Hey, you okay down there?" he asks, starting to bring his broom down towards where he last knew she were now.

Nova snarls to herself. This is so dumb! why did she even attempt that? He's seeker!Of course he's going to be fast than her! She'll fume a minute more and then in a steady voice, "Unless you think I would look better with a bob, come help me."

Hearing that, Hadrian flies down to follow the voice, pausing a little as he sees what's happened. Unable to hold back a chuckle for a few moments, before he moves in to help now. "Hold still," he offers as he moves to work on getting her braid free now. "Well, I don't doubt you would look fine with a bob as well," he remarks, as he helps now.

Nova tries but there's pulling and her broom(yeah, cause it's the brooms fault) isn't holding her as steady as she needs to be. She doesn't cry out, but does grunt a few times. Her braid is stuck pretty tight. Somehow in her trying to get it out, she twisted and has it looped. Between gritted teeth, "This is not funny." She'll sigh, closing her eyes. She knows what to do, she just doesn't want to. "Hold my broom and don't freak out?"

Nodding a little bit as he hears that, Hadrian moves to hold that broom now, helping as best he can. "Sorry," he offers, a bit quietly.

Nova glances at Hadrian to make sure he has a good hold of her broom. She doesn't need to bust it all up. She'll let out a breath and close her eyes, and then…suddenly she's shifting and transforming down. In Nova's place is a large snake, which quickly wraps itself around the broom and looks at Hadrian. At the end of it's tail is a rattle, which it does not shake.

Hadrian blinks a few moments as he sees that transformation, looking partially about to let go of the broom. But he manages to hold on for now. "That's…" he begins, taking a bit of a breath now. "At least it's not a spider…"

There's a small shake of the rattle at his comment and a tilting of the snake's head that seems rather familiar to what Nova does. She'll stay like that for a moment, watching him, then coil a bit more around the broom before transforming back. Nova's hair is now free from the branch, although the braid is messed up pretty badly.

He looks a bit more relieved as she transforms back to herself, and Hadrian offers a momentary smile. "That's impressive…" he offers after a few brief pause now. Taking a few breaths, as he studies her a bit more carefully.

Nova rolls her eyes, "It is the only magic I am good at…" She'll pull her braid around and frown at it, "I knew I should have brought my helmet." Looking up, she'll raise an eyebrow at his watching her. Tilting her head, "What?"

"It's quite an impressive kind of magic. Probably useful too every now and then," Hadrian offers, before he grins a bit widely. "And not only when you get yourself tangled up in branches, that is." He shrugs a little bit now, still holding on to her broom for the moment. "I was just surprised, really."

Nova shrugs her shoulders, tossing her braid behind her. She'll worry about it later, "Not as useful as one would think. I am considered dangerous, so I have to be registered." She does not sound pleased with that. She'll relax a bit when he smiles and teases her about the branch. "Sorry…I do not usually tell my team mates…I just…" She'll blush some at this, "I did not wish to cut my hair." Her eyes flicker down to him holding onto her broom, and she'll look back up. She doesn't seem bothered by it.

Hadrian smiles. "Don't worry about it. I won't tell anyone," he replies, before he smiles a little at the part about not wishing to cut her hair. "Quite understandable. It's some quite nice hair you have, after all."

Nova nods in thanks, again a relieved look crosses her face before she narrows her eyes at him. She can't tell if he's teasing her or not about her hair. She'll reach up and feel the braid again, pulling out a small stick that's still caught in it. "This is going to take me hours to undo."

"One moment," Hadrian offers before he lets go of her broom, a bit slowly so she'll manage to grab hold of it again, reaching to remove another piece of something from her hair. "There…" Offered with a bit of a quiet smile now.

Nova will bring her hands down and hold the broom, tilting her head towards him slightly when she realizes what he's doing, "I must look like I went a round with a bear." She'll smile back, and chuckle, "I would say you won." She'll quickly look him over, "People usually treat me differently, if they know of the snake."

Hadrian smiles. "Not quite as you went a round with a bear. The bear would probably have done some more damage." He nods a bit at the last part, skipping over the part about him winning for now. "Some of them probably get a bit afraid," he suggests.

Nova 's not so sure. Bears are tough, but usually leave rattlers alone. She'll tilt her head and try to read his expression, "Are you? Afraid now?"

"No, I'm not really afraid," Hadrian replies, before he adds, "If you'd wanted to harm me, you could already have done it, after all."

Nova grins then, "and I wouldn't have had to be a snake to do it." she'll laugh, "This has got to be the oddest date I have ever been on."

Hadrian nods a little as he hears that. "True," he replies, smiling a bit at the usage of the word date, although he doesn't object to it. "Well, it may be the oddest, but it's been an interesting one, wouldn't you say?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Still smiling, Nova will readjust on her broom slightly, "It has been. And no media… unless Octo has been moonlighting on me." she'll sigh softly and look around. Her voice is soft when she says, "Thank you…for everything. I am not used to having someone to talk to. It is…nice."

"Well, let's hope he hasn't done that," Hadrian replies a bit lightly to the part about Octo moonlighting, before he offers another smile. "You're welcome. I rather like spending some time with you," he says.

Nova snorts , laughing lightly, "If he is, you'd think he'd have better stories about me then…" Her eyes still roam around, like she's nervous to actually look at him, "I do not wish to complicate anything. Everything gets complicated and then falls apart. I like simple." Depending on what he's paying attention to, her grip is tightening some on her broom .

Reaching out one hand to put it on her shoulder, Hadrian nods a little now. "I usually like to keep things simple as well," he offers, letting out a bit of a breath.

Nova 's eyes go over to his hand and she'll frown slightly. She's not sure how to deal with this, or if there's anything that needs dealing. Finally she'll bring her eyes up,eyebrows raised "Is this simple?"

"I don't know," Hadrian replies after a few moments of pause. "Maybe it's complicated. But maybe it's very simple as well. I'm just not entirely sure."

Nova blinks and then huffs, turning her head away. She's no good at this kind of thing. She'll mutter something in her native tongue and shake her head. Turning back Nova will raise her hand and take his off her shoulder. She doesn't drop it, but holds it for the moment, "For the team, it may be best if we stay simple."

"It may be the best for the team, yes," Hadrian replies, before he adds, "Unless we by doing so mess up ourselves somehow?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Or maybe I'm thinking too much now, I don't know…"

This is getting to complicated, even talking about it. Hadrian's older, he should know this better than her. If he's confused…She'll look down to their hands, and frown more, "I am not a thinker. I do not plan for more than the next match, really." Nova'll sigh, slowly releasing his hand, "I do not wish to to harm the team, or you…"

Hadrian considers that for a few moments, nodding a little bit. "Perhaps this is a moment when thinking ahead somewhat has to be done no matter what?" Another brief pause as he looks to their hands as well. "I guess the two possibilities here is keeping it fully simple, or taking time, seeing where things may lead." Another quiet moment, before he adds, "And I don't want to harm the team either. And I don't want to hurt you."

Blinking at his words, Nova will nod. She supposes that those are the two options. She'll place her hand back on her broom, "Linc cautioned me of this. Told me to not cause problems. I can't lose my position here…I don't have anything else." She'll look out over into the trees, almost like she's searching for something.

"I'm sorry I don't know what else to say," Hadrian offers after a few moments of pause now. "And I know you can't lose it. We will have to find a way that keeps any of us from losing anything."

Nova 's walls seem to be slowly coming back up. She'll shrug, still not looking at him, "Clavin has made it clear he doesn't think another team would have me, otherwise it would not be as much of an issue." Her voice becomes a touch more distant. Her eyes are scanning the trees, looking.

Hadrian nods as he hears that. "I'm not entirely sure if he's right, but still." Otherwise keeping silent, for the moment.

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