(1938-07-04) Phae Visits the Farm
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Summary: Hephaesta comes by the Fawley Farm to visit Josie.
Date: July 7, 1938
Location: Fawley Farm

Fawley Family Farm, Hogsmeade

Nestled between the Scottish Mountainside and the Forbidden Forest, at the end of a long long gravel road that stretches out a few miles between the end of Crook Road and the property of the Fawley Farm is the largest of the properties in the area and it takes up near 100 acres. It's a beautiful sprawling farm. The property is completely self sustaining with plenty of meadow for the livestock, fields and orchards for growing feed for both the animal and human residents, a brook with cool water that feeds the land and the livestock and a thicket at the edge of the forest and on the mountain rise to the north side of the property. While the Farmhouse with surround porch is relatively quaint all things considered built in the usual Tudor era style it is a two story work of whimsy.

The farm is a busy bustling place. The farm is used by the resident to house and care for creatures both mundane and magical that can not live in the wild or at the Zoo. All manner of species reside in special locations sprawled out over the 100 acre property. Behind the barn that's larger than the farmhouse is a newer addition to the property being a very small lake for marine animals. Quite like a small zoo in itself every species has it's own space that's been modeled to resemble their native habitat.

Josie is back in her normal clothes again, dressed for work around the farm rather than for school. She's not really working right now, however, but standing near a huge blue circle on the ground, staring at it thoughtfully.

WHOOSH! Flying in some ten feet above the road from Hogsmeade is Hephaesta on her broom. "Josie!" she calls out from a distance, waving. She swoops in, pulling back to activate the broom's braking charm, until she's hovering just a few feet from the other girl.

Josie jumps a little at the call, spinning around. She brightens immediately, however, when her eyes finally spot Phae and she runs forward, "Hi! You came!" She smiles up at Phae as she stops by where the older girl is hovering, and asks, "You fly the whole way? I'm only allowed to fly around the farm here."

Hephaesta beams, shaking her head. "Oh, no. I came by Floo to the Three Broomsticks, and flew in from the village." She lowers herself slowly to the ground, letting her dangling feet get purchase before letting the broom drop entirely. She takes a moment to stretch and straight her leg brace before turning to open her arms to Josie.

Josie giggles a little, "Oh. That's only a bit farther than I'm allowed." Still smiling happily, she steps forward to give Phae a tight hug. "Wish we were in the same House, hardly ever got to see you at school."

Hephaesta sighs, returning the hug. "I know. It was frustrating. I wished you'd been a Ravenclaw, but I could tell you'd probably end up in Gryffindor. It suits you. You're so much like my brother, Archie. I'll bet he's in Gryffindor next year."

Josie steps back a little, finally, and says, "Well, if he's anywhere near as fun as you, can't wait to meet him." Then she asks, "You been to the Farm before? There's all sorts of animals to see. But, we gotta be careful, treat them good. Know you would anyway, but Camilla makes me say that," she adds with a bit of a grin.

"Animals," Phae echoes, her eyes widening slightly. "Um…right. Yes, of course I'd treat them fine. I mean…you know…if we come across any." Her eyes dart around nervously.

Josie giggles at the look and says, "Don't worry, all the dangerous ones are behind magic fences. Even some of the nice ones, like Thestrals. It's all safe here. Just, if you come on a hippogriff, make sure to bow to it."

"Oh…alright. Maybe…maybe it would be best just not to get too close." Hephaesta flushes with embarrassment. "Animals don't…really…like me much. That's why I built Gizmo."

Josie smiles again and nods quickly, "Ok." She goes quiet a moment, her expression getting guilty, then she says, out of nowhere, "I'm sorry."

Hephaesta winces. "No, no, please don't feel bad. I'm so glad you asked me to come. I…I like animals. Just, you know, from a distance." She offers a hopeful smile of encouragement.

Josie smiles again in relief at that, stepping forward to give Hephaesta another hug. "Don't.. wanna try to convince you to do something you're scared of again. You… you were right about the Goblet, you're smart."

Hephaesta sighs, lowering her face. "I was only right that it was dangerous. But I was talking about the tournament. I never thought…all that would happen." It's every Hogwarts student's favourite awkward topic. She gives Josie a squeeze. "So what are you doing?" She gestures to the blue circle on the ground.

Josie comments softly, "I'm still glad you weren't picked after all." Once again, she lets go again to step back, and then leads Phae over to the circle. "It's gonna be a pond, for the Pirates. We're still figuring out when everybody can come visit, but we'll all help make it. It's gonna be great," she says, brightening again with the subject change.

"A pond?" Hephaesta tilts her head curiously. "For swimming?" She starts to circle the blue line, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "A Gouging Spell will dig it up easily enough. But…I suppose you'll need to reinforce it somehow. I don't really know much about making ponds, though."

Josie nods quickly with a smile. "Yep, for swimming, and playing and everything. And to hold frogs for Rowena to eat." Her eyes widen, "That'd be one big gouging spell. I've never done more than a pot." She looks to the circle again and says, "I dunno what we'll be doing. Camilla said she'd do the magic part, but we'd need to do the rest, and it'd be muddy."

Hephaesta smirks. "I imagine most of the Pirates won't mind getting muddy. Goodness, I'll bet Archie would love the Pirates. Josie…if he does end up in Gryffindor, will you look out for him?" She wrings her hands nervously. "I just worry about him. He's not really used to being around so many people, and sometimes he gets himself into trouble."

Josie smiles and says, "He should come too, when we do the pond. Can see if he'd make a good pirate." Then she nods emphatically, "'Course I'll look out for him." She pauses and adds, "Can't promise he won't get in trouble. I couldn't keep Cillian from getting in trouble. I tried, but he, you know, says stuff and does stuff."

Hephaesta chuckles, nodding. "He does. But there are far worse troublemakers than Cillian at Hogwarts. At least he's actually trying to look out for people."

Josie nods quickly again and smiles, "Everything he does, he's trying to help people. He never *tries* to get in trouble. That's why he always gets so upset when he does." Then she says, "Promise, though, I won't let anybody hurt him or anything. Swear it."

Hephaesta gives Josie a wide, tight smile, looking like she might just cry. She limps over to give her another hug. "Thank you. I just know you and Archie will get along. I've told him about you, you know. He wants very much to go climbing with you."

Josie smiles again as she hugs Hephaesta and says, "Know we will too. Can't wait to meet him!" Then she grins and says, "Great! There's lots of stuff to climb around here. Trees and mountains and everything. We can find something fun."

Hephaesta looks around at the natural landscape. "It's really beautiful. I think he'd love it here. Show me around?" She follows after Josie, getting the grand tour…at a reasonable distance from the animals.

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