(1938-07-06) Bow and Curtsy
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Summary: Ria visits the Fawley Farm, and gets a lesson in the importance of hippogriff etiquette.
Date: July 6, 1938
Location: Fawley Farm

Fawley Family Farm, Hogsmeade

It's a surprisingly hot Saturday morning for Scotland, which means one very important thing: shirtless young men working the farm. In Lucian's case, that means getting the hippogriffs out for a bit of exercise. Holding onto a long tether, he's got one of the mighty beasts out in front of the barn running circles. A bucket rests at his feet, from which he occasionally tosses a dead ferret for the hippogriff to gulp down. Though focused on his task, he frequently spares expectant glances toward the road from the village.

Josie is out working in the heat as well, doing her morning chores, though of course a bit more dressed than Lucian. She carries an empty bucket back from feeding one of the animals, but stops by Lucian to watch the hippogriff with obvious curiosity.

And in the far distance of the farm, the sound of wheels crushing gravel with every turn suddenly becomes apparent. A rickety horse drawn carriage comes from the end of West Crook Road and takes its time approaching the farm, until it reaches a close enough distance to the grounds. When it stops, the old man driver comes out to open the door for a posh young girl who steps out of the car smartly dressed in a green sun dress and a wide brimmed straw hat. Ria apparated into town unsure if it was polite to appear right on the farm itself, and like hell was she going to walk that entire distance. It would ruin her shoes! So she paid the man to carry her to the farm and after tipping him generously, she looks around unsure of what to do at first until she sees Lucian. By then she's waving her arm vigorously in the air, flashing a bright grin. "I'm here!"

It wasn't a huge leap of logic to assume the incoming carriage would contain Ria. Who else would come here by carriage? He grins down at Josie, "She made it!" Did he tell Josie that Ria was coming? He seems to think he did. He gathers up the tether, gesturing invitingly for the hippogriff to join him. Once it has decided this is an acceptable course of action, he leads it along toward Ria, opening his arms to welcome her with a kiss.

Josie smiles to Lucian, though she seems more happy for him than happy herself, as she doesn't seem all that excited. She follows along after Lucian, though, and waves to Ria cheerfully once they're closer, "Hello."

Ria keeps a hand atop her hat to prevent it from flying away as she quickens her pace toward Lucian. Eagerly, she gives her boyfriend a sweet hug and kiss (albeit with a bit of a blush from all the shirtlessness) as if though he hasn't seen him in years. And in the middle of wrapping her arms around him, she sniffs once and then twice. "You smell like … a corpse." She squeezes her nose to keep the scent of dead ferret away. And Josie's appearance nearly startles Ria, considering the girl was so occupied with trying to find out what that smell is coming from. "Oh! Uhm. Josephine, isn't it? A pleasure to see you again," she politely greets the girl, sounding as if she has a congestion. And gingerly she offers her hand for a shake.

Lucian chuckles. "Merlin's beard, your nose is sensitive. That's ferret. For Dragon." He thumbs toward the hippogriff, who warbles and lifts his chin majestically. "Remember, show respect to him," he says softly to Ria. "Hippogriffs are very proud creatures, and easy to insult."

Josie nods quickly with a smile, "That's right. Nice to see you too." She shakes the offered hand, not at all bothering to wipe the dirt off first, her hands dirty from her chores.

There's a distinct sort of shiver that goes down Ria's spine as soon as she and Josie's hands connect. And something inside her wants to cry but she really does try to refrain for the sake of being nice. "I forgot that Lucian mentioned you also lived here," she retracts her hand as soon as possible, subtly searching for a handkerchief in her pocket to wipe it off. But her gaze turns to Dragon in particular, scrunching her nose at the word 'ferret'. "Respect? Really? Well how on earth do I go about doing that?" She looks highly confused, since she's never taken Care of Magical Creatures.

"Technically, Josie lived here before I did," Lucian explains, then smirks. "She keeps everyone in line around here. So, with a hippogriff, it's just about deference. They can read your signals just like a human can, and they're even more sensitive. For example, never approach unless you have bowed, and he bows back. Josie, want to show her?"

There's a slight twitch to Josie's lip, betraying her innocence in Ria's reaction to the dirt, but she's pretty good at keeping a straight face. She nods quickly to Lucian's request, though, "Sure." She turns towards the hippogriff, taking a slight step closer and then bowing deep and holding the bow, keeping eye contact and not blinking.

Deference. To an animal. There's something about it that's seems extremely unnatural to Ria. But she's on someone else's territory now so she'll have to try her best won't she? "Uhm okay…," her green eyes observe Josie and after thinking she's got it down, Ria tries it herself. But being a lady she gives Dragon more of a curtsy than a bow, and her eyes fail to keep contact, looking back unsurely and from between Lucian, Josie and the creature itself. "How's that, Dragon? Respectful enough," she seems rather annoyed and foolish having to hold the curtsy for so long.

To Josie's bow, the powerful creature soon returns the gesture, dipping his head and bending at the forelegs. But he knows and trusts Josie by now. Ria gets a great deal more scrutiny, and when she looks away, he squawks loudly and rears up. Lucian moves to push Ria back and interpose himself between her and the 'griff. "Whoa! Dragon!" He lifts his hands open palmed, staring sternly, but slightly hunched. Dragon snorts in annoyance, calming, but maintaining a tall, proud stance. "Sorry, Ria. You have to keep eye contact, too. Don't even blink. Stay here, I'd better take Dragon back to the pen for now."

Josie jumps slightly when Dragon squawks, but she too doesn't even hesitate, stepping to try to pull Ria back and put herself in the way too, though Lucian definitely gets there first. "Yeah, sorry, forgot to mention that part."

"Oh!" Ria squeaks out as soon as Dragon reacts. She's never really interacted with hippogriffs but that doesn't look all to friendly. And before she knows it, she's pushed back twice — once each by both Lucian and Josie. The move startles her and makes her almost lose her balance, but at worst she takes a few shaky steps backward to regain her footing and her hat falls off her head. "Eye contact?" she asks as if though she can't believe it. And with a pout she picks her hat up again and dusts it off. "Fussy creatures aren't they?" But it takes one to know one and much like a hippogriff she raises her chin up proudly as she places the hat back on her head. "Yes well that would have been nice," she says to Josie, "I take it you also handle the hippogriffs too then?"

Lucian gives Ria a warning look as he leads Dragon off. "Ria…I meant it when I said to be respectful. They can tell when you're not." Indeed, the hippogriff is eyeing Ria sternly with its big orange eyes. "Come on, Dragon. Let's go check on your ladies." He picks up the pace, leaving Ria and Josie alone for a moment while he takes Dragon away.

Josie looks up to Ria and says, "They're like the royalty of animals. Gotta treat them with respect, all the time. They're as smart as humans, too." Then she nods quickly, "Sometimes. Mainly I look after the Thestrals. They don't really care about respect, not like hippogriffs anyway, they just love it if you have some nice bloody meat for them for a treat."

"I was being respectful," Ria insists as Lucian walks off. And she means it with all sincerity. That really was her trying her best to be respectful to an animal. Tilting her head to Josie she listens on curiously at the description of the creatures. "Hmm, that's hard to fathom," she shrugs in slight disbelief, but she'll consider it the next time over. But her brows raise and she blinks, "Thestrals? You've got thestrals here?"

Josie nods quickly with a smile, "Uh-huh. They're really nice." This seems to remind her, though, "Oh, I have to go feed them. You can come see them if you want, if you can see them, but guess you wanna visit Lucian." She waves then, and turns to hurry inside the house to get the thestral-food.

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