(1938-07-08) Sykes Mini Reunion
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Summary: The Sykes family, for the most part, decide to meet up at Katherine's Flat and talk up a bit, reminiscing.
Date: July 8, 1937
Location: Kat's Flat

Kat's Flat London
Mon Jul 08, 1938 ((Thu Mar 21 21:13:10 2013)) (F,5 NW)

It is a summer morning. The weather is warm and stormy.

This tall, narrow flat is comprised of three floors starting with the dining room and kitchen then moving up to a great room and finishing with the two bedrooms on the third floor. It has been furnished with tasteful, eclectic pieces that could best be described as sharing a certain neo-Roman esthetic. The intricate marbling of cream and brown hues within the polished pecan wood floors spreads throughout each floor of the house. The gentle scents of vanilla and roses linger everywhere in the air.


Ria won't lie, she was a bit put out when she learned Jocunda had moved out of the house and into a different living arrangement, but it was mostly because she was looking forward to spending more time with her dear sister. But on the other hand, it did provide an opportunity to meet the fairly elusive cousin she's only seen on family occasions. "Fix your collar," Ria instructs Kaiden, who she's dragged along for the surprise visit this Monday evening. And even though she's instructing him, she's actually doing the fixing for him. One hand holds a bottle of expensive chardonnay swiped from the Sykes wine cellar while the other adjusts the wrinkled collar of her twin. "I think this is the right place…" Ria looks at the building before her and then peeks at Kaiden anxiously, "You ring the bell…"

Kaiden sighs. This is not what he had planned for the night. After batting away Ria's hand he gives her a stern look and says, "Don't want to mess up that manicure or something or do you not have the mechanical capability?" Kaiden smirks and reaches up to press in on the doorbell. "I still don't really see why we're here. Or why we brought wine. Or why you wouldn't let me drink any before we got here."

A few seconds after the doorbell is rung the door opens and Kat peeks her head out. Once she catches sight of her cousins a genuine smile pops up on her face and she opens the door all the way, motioning them in, "Little Aria! You've grown over the last couple of years. And Kaiden, you haven't fallen behind either. An unexpected but pleasant surprise. Please, come in. JOcunda's just finishing her shower. She just got back from her practice." She waits until her cousins are in the door then closes it behind them.

When you're a fairly headstrong woman in her early twenties, you generally feel the need for freedom. Especially when topics of marriage come up frequently at the dinner table. Katherine, thankfully, might tease her about the man she's seeing, but won't press for anything further if Jocunda is reticent about details. The blonde is, indeed, finishing up bathing and there's rustling from the floor high above as taps get turned off and she's moving about.

Ria acks as her hand is batted away, as it always is when she's being annoyingly fussy. "It's just that we don't really know Katherine, but Papa and Uncle Jancarlo say she's a little reckless, you know? So I just want to make a good impre-." Pause. The door opens sooner than she expected. It's possibles Kat may have caught those last few words, but Ria certainly hopes not. "Hello! We should have owled ahead, but we've been bored since we got home from school. Figure impromptu would be a bit more fun. She steps into the apartment and wait to follow Kat inside, but in the meantime she mouths the word 'collar' to Kaiden while pointing to her neck. "Practice? Practice for what?" Ria's been a bit behind on what her siblings are up to lately.

The six foot tall boy looks down to Ria and says, in regards to Katherine's comment, "Yes, I do believe I've even passed her by." He reaches up with the hand that isn't currently sliding into the pocket of his slacks and works at fixing his collar. He looks to Ria and raises an eyebrow, "You are aware that our beloved older sister is playing professional Quidditch, aren't you? Or has Lucian's behind become the permanent resting place for that head of yours?"

Katherine tries not to laugh at Kaiden's comment and only partially succeeds. Instead of laughing she titters and then quickly covers it up with a small cough. Once the door is closed she nods, "LIke Kaiden says, she's playing Quidditch now." If she heard the comment about her being a bit reckless she's not letting on. Instead she holds her hand out for the wine bottle and asks, "Should we open this now or do you want to wait for later?" as she leads the way into the smallish kitchen of the apartment.

It's a bit longer perhaps — she doesn't know there's company — before feet are on the stairs. Jocunda has descended to the second floor, still one above the door and those that have arrived. "Kat, did I hear the doorbell?" Her voice rings out- carrying well with the ease of one used to shouting across a Quidditch pitch.

Ria slaps a hand against her own cheek, not only surprised to hear it but surprised that she didn't know. "You're kidding. Oh merlin, my head must be in the clouds lately," she pouts. And with a frown at her twin she nudges him in the side with her elbow, "Don't get smart with me, Kaiden." Handing over the chardonnay to Katherine she nods and replies with a smirk, "By all means, you're welcome to open it now Kat. My alcoholic twin has been complaining about thirst the whole trip here. How have you been though? I hear you're finally going for aurorship." Jocunda's voice makes her jump though and her eyes immediately to the direction of the call.

"I can't help it that I find most time spent with you absolutely unbearable without liquor, dear Ria." Kaiden grins and slides his coat off before hanging it up on a nearby rack. Apparently, Kaiden's wearing suits now. That's new. His head slowly turns in the direction of his older sister's voice.

Katherine pulls out her wand and makes the wine bottle's cork pop free before picking it up and manually half-filling four wine glasses. As she does that she yells out to Jocunda, "Yes you did. Ria and Kaiden decided to come for a visit. They say they miss their big sis! Come on down." before returning to her conversation with the two people in the kitchen with her, "Well, I guess it would only be fair to solve that problem for him, now wouldn't it? And yes, I am now officially an Auror Initiate and I even have one and a half apprentices over the summer."

"Oh Ministry politics. Here, have half an apprentice." Jocunda has begun to descend the stairs, overhearing her cousin's words. She effects a roll of the eyes as she makes her way towards her siblings. It's Kaiden she approaches first, making to pull her brother into a hug. "You ought to stop growing. I'd rather you not be too much taller than me."

"Funny, that's what most of the girls in Slytherin tell me about you," Ria winks at her twin. That's right! She knows all about his man whoring, not that it was really news to being with. After a glance of approval at his coat she turns to Kat. "Half an apprentice? Is one of them an amputee or something?" Distasteful disabilities jokes, yay! She takes a deep whiff of the wine when her cousin pops the top off. "1931 Chardonnay. No joke that one. Part of Papa's special stash. She snickers at Jo attacking Kaiden, but is mostly laughing at the differences in their sizes as the smaller sibling seems to be aggressively getting at the bigger one. The twins stole some family booze and came by to Kat's apartment to visit the two Sykes gals this Monday evening. Ria would have left a note at home to let everyone know where they were.

Kaiden happily returns Jocunda's hug and says, "I can't stop growing if I'm ever going to take your place on the team, Jojo." He pats her on the head and slips free as he makes his way toward a glass of wine. He rolls his eyes at Ria and says, "That's my whole plan, Ria. If I get them drunk, they're more susceptible to my charming ways. Obviously." He grins at her over the brim of his glass and takes a sip.

Katherine laughs at the banter and at Ria's mildly offensive joke then offers Jocunda the last glass of wine with one hand as she sips from her own with the other hand. Once she puts her own glass down on the counter top she answers the questions directed at her, "Well, it is Ministry bureaucracy. I met this girl named Randy that showed some nastily imaginative dueling technique so I suggested she apply to the program. Long story short, one Mr. Snively from personnel decided that Sloan wasn't a good role model for her so he said that I have to share her supervision or she can't apprenticeship. So I did. And hence the half apprentice." Motioning with a hand towards the stairs she asks, "Should we give th whelps a tour of the place Jocu?"

And a midst everybody's talking and discussing and hugging, the door opens a moment and quickly closes behind the newest arrival. Xavier gives a quick glance around to arrange himself to be sure where everybody might be. Finding them with the quick sweep, he steps towards the group. "So this is where everybody is presently gathering, I see." A quick smile is offered towards siblings and one cousin. "A tour?" He happens to at least catch that much from the conversation as he walked in. A brief rub of his chin before he takes at least a step back just incase people are ready to tour the flat.

There's a snort from Jocunda as her brother disengages. This leaves her to hook an arm through Ria's, leaning into her sister. "You get too big and you'll be the perfect Keeper. Just sit atop your broom and nothing gets by. A Chaser needs to be quick and agile." She turns to press a quick kiss to Ria's cheek. "I've heard what happened," she says lightly, "I'm glad you came back safe." There's a subtle emphasis on the 'you' as if the blonde really didn't care much about the outcome for the other students. She looks towards the wine, waving a hand towards Katherine. About to ask for a glass, but there it is. She draws it in and takes a sip. "A tour? I… suppose." Seems odd to show family about, but that's just her perhaps.

Ria tilts her head curiously at Kat, "Randy? Randy Macmillan? She's in my year. What was so nastily imaginative?" She's always keen on gathering information about her peers. Willingly, she lets Jocunda plant the peck and likewise responds with affectionate arm squeeze. Warmly she replies, "Thank you dearest. I missed you so. Congrats on the quidditch thing. When's the soonest we can see you in action?" She snorts though at her twin, picking up her wine glass to take a sip, "Kaiden, you need to really need to rethink your technique. You sound like a creepy predator." But her head turns almost instantly to the new arrival and with her face suddenly lighting up she cheers, "Xavier! You have better advice on wooing girls, I'm sure. You should share some with Kaiden before he gets himself arrested."

"They'll only inform the authorities if they don't enjoy it, dear Ria," says Kaiden as he knocks the rest of the wine back and grabs his coat. "I think I'm gonna go for a walk. See what the neighborhood has in store for me." He slides the coat on and pats Xavier on the shoulder before slipping outside.

Katherine was about to make a joke at Kaiden's expense but instead the 'boy' just walks out which elicits a raised eyebrow from Kat, "Well… Definitely in his girl crazy phase, isn't he?" With another bright smile she greets Xavier and pours him a glass of wine,"Its the night of the prodigal family members! Xavier! Have some wine!" Then hands the glass of wine to the newly arrived cousin as she leads the way to the livingroom on the second floor, "I changed my mind. Anyone that wants a tour is more than free to explore on their own. Lets sit and talk."

Xavier's brow arches a moment, "Arrested? Come now.. it can't be.. nevermind." A moment's thought over what his younger brother is like. A shake of his head is given but he gives a pat back towards him before shaking his head as Kaiden departs. "Now then, you'll have to explain exactly what the worry is over later. I sure everybody doesn't want to be bored with Kaiden's escapades when he's not here to tease about them." A wink towards Ria before he quickly ensures the wine he is handed doesn't end up anywhere else but in the glass or himself. Sip. "Thank you, Kat." And then there seems to be the move towards the second floor which of course ensures that he offers an arm to whomever might wish it while on the move. "So, please, everybody…" A pause as he glances at all three women with him, "What have I been missing while I was away?" Because clearly he was away on work, or something of the sort.

"Apparently, despite it being in the papers, some have missed my joining the Arrows as a Chaser," Jocunda says towards Xavier with a lopsided smirk. She squeezes Ria's arm lightly, moving towards the stairs to take them upward. "You'll have to excuse me for a bit. I'm afraid I have some maintenance to do on my equipment this evening. But I'm sure Kat can update you on what's been going on and keep you entertained."

"Great goblins, you have no idea Kat. He's fixed his tastes a lot recently, but I'm convinced his brain lies in his pants," Ria gives an exasperated roll of her eyes and plants a good night kiss on Jo's temple before she lets her sister go. "It's extremely exhausting just to watch." She speaks as if though all boys don't think that way. But following her cousin into the living room, she seats herself in the most ladylike of fashions onto a couch. "Well we're finally home from Hogwarts obviously. But ever since this Durmstrang stuff, Papa's got me on sort of a close watch. Where've you been off to this time though? On another treasure hunt? Find anything good?"

Katherine bumps Xavier's elbow with the arm holding the bottle and grins at him,"What are we, you dates. Just get up those stairs and make yourself comfortable." Once they're all upstairs she reclines on one of the four fainting couches that compose all the seating furniture in the great room and flicks her wand at the fireplace once she's let go of the wine bottle. Once a merry fire is going she turns to Ria, "To answer your question about Randy, she was loosing a duel with her cousin and decided the best way to turn the tables was to Accio him to her and punch him in the guts. I thought it was good, on-your-feet kind of thinking. And /all/ men think with their… pants. Get used to it, learn how to use it. If you haven't already that is." With an earth chuckle she turns her attention to Xavier, "Yes, where /have/ you been?"

Xavier grunts momentarily towards Kat but manages to get up the stairs and takes a seat before turning towards the two. "Once we were many, now we are few." A shake of his head is given as it seems everybody but the trio present is tired or busy as of late. "Oh? Me?" A downed bit of wine before he places the glass down and comments, "I wasn't really anywhere interesting. Nothing to show for it in the least. I did manage to drop two 'hints', if you would, from my list on what, one day, I shall find." A brief shrug of his shoulders. "And no, all men do not think with their pants. Boys, yes, most men, yes. Not all." Hmph! Clearly, a disagreement but it's a cats and dogs thing, women and men. "But in either case, I'd have kept you under close watch too, Ria. I heard about it and had I not figured I was close to a find, would have rushed back. I /am/ glad to see you in one piece. Had you not been.. well just imagine what the family would have done."

Ria gets herself settled on her seat of choice, thoroughly impressed by how comfortable the furniture is. And from her pocketbook, she produces a pack of cigarettes which she delicately picks one out of before offering the pack to the others. "Can you do that in a duel? Punch someone?" She's spent far too much time with Lucian who rambles on about official dueling rules that Ria doesn't think too much outside the box. A blush spreads through her cheeks though when she replies with her chin upturned. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not that kind of girl." Uh oh, looks like no one's really bothered to give prude Ria 'The talk'. Turning to Xavier she smiles warmly, "Don't worry, X. I would never be cross with you for deciding to focus on work." Typical Sykes mentality. Sacrifice for success. "But I hope you'll be staying around a while. That way you can come to Papa and Mum's summer gala this year. We all miss seeing you and it'd make them really happy."

Katherine smiles at Xavier from where she's lounging on her chaise, legs curled up under her, "Sounds fun enough to me. You Uncle Jancarlo has cut down my traveling privileges and made me get a real job so you should feel lucky." After taking another sip of her wine she turns to Ria, "Excellent choice of wine Ria. You've grown up in more ways than one. But you really should relax a little bit, there's more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to lead a boy by his pants; most of them without even having to touch them. Its /such/ a helpful skill. As for the punch, not in a sanctioned tournament duel but in the kind of dueling Auror's do in the course of our duties anything goes and you use ever nasty little trick you can to get the upper hand and stay alive."

"You do realize I'm sitting here, yes? Me? Here in this seat?" In the midst of Kat's rambling about how to lead men by their pants. Xavier just finally gives a shake of his head towards his cousin. "Well, consider this, Ria." To add to what Kat states. "Would you rather be dead or would you rather be alive? If the later, in a duel with somebody over precious things, perhaps information you have or whatnot, you have to do what you can to ensure you live. This can be biting.. punching.. and whatnot. Not that I would see it happening often but in well.. the position of an Auror, it can be life and death." Another shrug is given before the glass is returned to his hand and a drink is taken to wet the palette. "Oh? The Gala.. Yes, I'll be there. While I'm sure I /could/ find something to do otherwise, work wise, it would be nice I suppose to be home for a bit and enjoy seeing all the family together." A quick glance towards Kat before Xavier looks to Ria once more. "And while you are in school, you shouldn't be worrying too much about leading men by their.. um pants in the least anyways."

Ria groans at all this talk of pants and boys and leading them, immediately reaching for a throw pillow to hug and bury her red face in. "I don't need to hear about this. I don't need to." She practically begs them to end this awkward topic. Instead of feeding the fire further, she chooses to pay attention to the subject of dueling instead. And with a nod of understanding she says, "I suppose you're both right. Only I can't punch anything for my life, so I suppose that technique'll be out of the question for me." With a wink to Kat she replies to the comment about the wine, "Yes, well I'm a Sykes. We're all born with good taste, but thank you very much. I hope to see you at the gala too though Kat. You should bring a date, I never see you bring a bloke around. That goes for you two X. I'm sure Mum will be quick to pair you up with someone if you give her the word." Ria gives him a wink that almost says 'Or should I give her the word for you?'

Katherine smiles noncommittally to the last comment and like Ria, redirects the conversation, "I'll be happy to show up at the gala too. It'll be nice to see the family together again. As for imaginative dueling techniques, if you'd like, you're welcome to stop by from time to time… Well, you're welcome to stop by any time for fun, but you can stop by to work on alternant dueling techniques too. I'll be happy to practice with you and maybe I can even get permission to take you to the Auror's practice facility in the Ministry." She takes another sip of wine then gets up to refill everyone's wine glasses, whiling away the night with drink and conversation until its time for Ria and Xavier to leave…

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