(1938-07-13) Introducing Aunt Irene
Details for Introducing Aunt Irene
Summary: Conall surprises Gabby, and meets one of her aunts.
Date: Sat Jul 13, 1938
Location: Watson House

The Watson's home is an old, two-story house with light blue paint that is faded and peeling. The roof is sagging, the wooden shingles rotting and looking ready to fall in. Two apple trees are in the yard and there is a meticulously tended vegtable garden and herb garden lining one side of the tattered fence at the back of the property.

The front door opens into a spotless living room and a staircase leading upstairs. The fourth step is broken and the bannister is loose and cracked. The furniture in the living room is all antiques, probably here since they were brand new. The couches are comfortable but worn, set around a stone fireplace. There are several bookcases filled with tomes and next to one of the couches is a basket filled with knitting needles and yarn. On the walls are several paintings, mostly landscapes, all painted and signed by Gabrielle Evans.
At the back of the house is a dining room, a large table covered now with art supplies. There is a china cabinet in the corner, but through the glass of the doors one can only see books instead of dishware. Beside the dining room is the kitchen, a warm room where the oven is nearly always baking something. There are cookbooks and potion books along shelves everywhere, and a pantry reveals canning supplies, spices and potion ingredient racks.
Upstairs are four bedrooms, the smallest yet nicest of which belongs to Gabrielle.

It's Saturday morning. Gabby's been up a few hours in the dinning room. It's working out nice that the room is no longer used for eating, Gabby spread all her art supplies out and has been doing star charts none stop. The outside of the house is in worse disrepair. The roof looks about ready to fall in, even to an untrained eye. The porch needs painted, heck, the whole house does.

Conall arrives outside. Having been trying to get a hold of Gabby. Finding the house easily enough. "Gabby?" He calls out and takes a look around. Wandering and looking a bit. "Are you here? Got a moment?" He asks and tries to find his way to the door and let her open.

Gabrielle 's hears someone outside calling her but before she can get up to go to the door, Aunt Irene is already there. She's a 50 something witch . Maybe older? It's hard to tell. She's clearly been in the kitchen as she has flour on her dress and her hair is up and under a head rag. She's a bit plumb and will place both hands on her hips as she gives Conall a stare, "And who are you young man? And what are you doing on my porch yelling for my niece?" Gabby can be seen behind the woman, looking slightly mortified.

Conall smiles brightly to the woman and tilts his head. "Pleasure to meet you. I am one of her school friends. I had something that she wanted from me." He explains and smiles. Trying not to lie, since he is a terrible liar. "My name is Conall Quinn." Offering a wave to Gabby. Seeming quite happy still. Despite the old witch.

Aunt Irene's eyebrows go up, "Oh…something she wanted from you?" It's hard to tell if she's purposefully blocking the door so Gabby can't get around , but it's working. "Aunt Irene!I'm right here!" Gabby really does look panicked now. Irene is smirking a bit, "Well, Conall Quinn…you're the Hufflepuff prefect, correct? 7th year now?" She'll take a step backwards, actually bumping into Gabby, "Come in, come in! I'm just about ready to take some cookies out of the oven."

Conall smiles and nods, "Yes, it is just a bit of information." Grinning a bit at the panicked expression on Gabby. Moving inside as offered. "Yes, that is me." A bit surprised about Gabby speaking about him perhaps. Glancing over towards Gabby as he steps inside.

Gabrielle steps around her aunt, now that she can, "Hi Conall, we can go for a walk or somethi-" And with that aunt Irene is closing the door, "Nonsense! you never have friends over. I'll get you both some lemonade!" Gabby's eyes are wide. She looks like she'd rather go hunt down the Vengals right now."Aunt Irene, really you don-" And again, she's interrupted, "No! I have cookies coming out, and I want you and your friend to try them. Is that so much to ask?" There's something about Irene's tone that it's clear this is not a request, and that she'd win in an argument if it came down to it. "Now go on, to the dinning room, or perhaps outside by the apple trees? It's very pretty out there right now…" Gabby's cheeks are flushing from embarrassment, and she'll just nod.

Conall chuckles and just move along. Perhaps he is just a likeable young boy or so. For now he just goes with it and tries to assure Gabby that it is all fine. Letting Gabby choose where they go and he will follow along. "So… Talk about me much?" He teases her some more.

Gabrielle will quickly lead him out back. The yard is cared for, there's a vegetable garden and a small herb patch. They both look freshly taken care of. There are a few apple trees near the back of the property, with a small 2 person bench underneath them. Gabby heads towards the bench, not look at Con, clearly embarrassed, "No!I mean…no more than anyone else. " She'll sigh, sitting down on the bench so she can see the back door, and be prepared when Aunt Irene comes out to check on them.

Conall chuckles and just follows along. Thinking about if he should tease her more or not. Though opting to wait with it for now as he takes a seat next to her. "So… I spoke to my father." He starts and looks around a bit. Leaving it at that. "It looks nice out here. If you do need help with painting or anything then I would be happy to help." He assures her, having seen the state of things.

Gabrielle blushes more, now she's embarrassed all around. She'll rub her face lightly with her left hand. the light catches a bracelet that Conall's never seen her wear before. "You did?" She'll turn to look at him, "What did he say?" she'll keep her voice low, but there's a undertone of excitement. She'll nod about the yard, "It is nice. I worked hard to get the gardens back in order….Aunt Irma can't bend so well anymore, it hurts her back." She'll fidget with her right sleeve a moment, "I…dont' know…Ripley's going to-" she'll take a deep breath, clearly not happy with what she's about to say, "He's going to send his people out to fix the roof…I'd like to be able to pay for the paint and fix the stairs…"

Conall looks to the bracelet curiously. Studying it before looking up to her face and smiling. "I did. He said much of what I did. It can be corrupted. Love can be hate." He offers in brief summary. "He ran into someone in Romania once. Who also I think was a descendant of the one that made the heart." He explains. Smiling bright to her and raising a brow. "WEll, I will be happy to help you. Could be fun for all to help out with it."

Gabrielle tries to not let her disappointment show at the no new information. She'll nod, "Ok, well…That confirms what we thought, that they're trying to use hate and the Heart as a weapon." She'll look down, catching his glance to the bracelet as well, and frown slightly, "Did…did you send this to me?" She sounds a little wary, but will show his the bracelet. It's a charm bracelet with 3 different charms on it.A book that actually clicks open and closes, a wand that sparkles with light, and an eagle with wings that flutter occasionally.

She'll just nod about the helping, she knows. And now that he's already meet one aunt, the otehr can't do more damage. She hopes.

"Well, it is made from artifice and alchemy. And is one of love. As we thought. But how it is made might tell us a bit. There are several golden artifacts that were a heart though this one is the most noteworthy. One of the creators was named Dragostus. Perhaps we can learn more about dealing with it from the man that my father met. A local curse-breaker. His ancestor was friends with Dragostus." He explains. Smiling at the bracelet as he finds it quite nice. "I… Did not. I have Morgana. Not that I would not consider doing it if I was not with her." He explains. Perhaps finally gotten his head out of his ass.

Gabrielle blinks, ok that's new, "Several? Really? huh…" she'll nod, "Can you get the name of the curse breaker?" She'll blush again, she feels like that's all she's done, "No..i know. I didn't mean…" she'll sigh, not looking at him, "This was owled to me…I though Ripley sent it. But he didn't. And then I though maybe you were just being nice…you had talked about a bracelet before…"She's now looking a little worried at the jewelry…. "I did what I could..I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I'm able to take it off, I don't think it's cursed or anything…"

"Yeah, that is what my father said. The most noteworthy is still this one. Though I am not sure what the others can do." He says and tilts his head. "IF they truly have the right one." As for the curse breaker, he nods. "I will. And we can try and do what we can about it." Watching the bracelet for a moment, nodding about it. "Secret admirer? What about William? Or Takeshi? Or someone else completely?" He asks and is curious now. "If it is charmed then perhaps I could try and find out who put them there or something?" He suggests but for now just smiles to her.

Gabrielle will bite her lower lip for a moment, thinking, "Maybe we should try to learn about these others too? Maybe if we had one, it could help in the fight?If they're using hate…maybe we can use love?" She's no even sure if that makes sense…Gabby will blink, surprise, "Secret ad-William? no…no. He's just a friend, he doesn't like like me. And Takeshi…I haven't heard from him in a long time, "She'll look down at the bracelet, almost a bit sad, "I think he got mad…" She'll sigh and shrug her shoulders some, holding her wrist out, "I"m not as good at charms as you, but if want to look, go ahead."

"Perhaps. We can not be certain if they are all the same though. Perhaps each uses a different feeling rather than all using love? Pride and compassion might be one while greed and charity is another. For all we know at least it could be possible." He suggests to her. Which would explain why the one called Heart of Gold is more noteworthy since it uses love and hate. As for the bracelet, he nods. "Could it be Jacks or someone? Or maybe a firstie?" He asks as he takes out his wand. Trying to study the bracelet a bit. To learn about the charms there and if he can trace them somehow.

Gabrielle nods,"I know, it's a long shot. But what else can we do? My hands are tied, till I can get to a library…or someone who can give me straight answers without threatening me." She'll sigh, looking down at her wrist, "I don't think jewelry is Jackson's style…and I don't think he'd send me anything anyway. He's not been…kind to me. " She'll swallow a bit nervously. "I didn't even tell him any of the Hogsmeade things that happened…He'd just yell. I don't need that from him too." She'll nod, "I'll ask the pirates…it's not above them to do something like this. I'm pretty sure it was them who sent the flowers…" She'll frown lightly, "I just…I want to make sure it's not from…him." There's a nervous tone to her voice, and it's pretty clear she means Callus.

Conall nods to er as she explains it all. "Sounds good." As for the bracelet he just nods slowly. "If it is from him then at least they are most likely not using a tracking charm or something like that. I should have noticed." He offers and smiles.

Gabrielle nods, pulling back her arm. She'll finger one of the charms and stare at it, frowning. He voice is soft, almost resigned,"The Auror came a few days ago…He wouldn't even listen to me….just threatened me then left….I don't think we're going to get help from the Ministry. He's more worried about capturing Callus than he is with retrieving the heart and stopping them."

Conall frowns and shrugs, "It matters little then. Getting Callus is only part of it. He shouldn't doubt the artifact. I know what I speak of. Trust me on that." He offers with a bit of worry. "Well, let him stop Callus. We can focus on the others if so. We still need some help though."

Gabrielle nods, and will rub her forehead some, "I tried to tell him that another would just step up…hell, he even told me he had just visited Callus's father is Azcaban! He just…" she'll sigh, "He threatened to have me arrested, and then basically shoved me out the door." she'll bring her eyes up, "No…we can't let him stop Callus, not yet…Callus is the only connection we have. I don't know if another would come if I left a message…it's the only thing we have…" she'll drop her eyes, knowing no one wants to think about that. "I don't know who else to go to…"

Conall offers his hand, if she is needing the comfort. He won't just take her hand though. "Well, I will help and we will manage. We need to bring in others. We can trust Morgana and Theo at least." Knowing that others would get her involved anyhow. Better to keep an eye on her himself.

Gabrielle will look down at his offered hand and after a moment, take it in her's. She'll look up towards the house and nod, although she looks like she might start crying, "I know we do…Are you sure about bringing on Morgana? Ripley will be ok with Theo, they made up, I guess." Her shoulders relax some, at least one thing went her way. She was kinda hoping for an adult though…she'll chuckle suddenly and look at Conall, "Never thought I'd want another prophesy…at least we'd have a direction…" she'll sigh and look back to the house as the door opens and aunt Irene steps out with a small tray of lemonade and cookies.

Conall nods as he listens, "Better to have her here with us where we can look out for each other rather than her stumbling in on things alone and get hurt. Or someone using her against us." Chuckling dryly as he squeezes her hand. "We will manage. Promise." Looking as he hear the door open as well.

Gabrielle gives Con a small smile, although it doesn't reach her eyes. She doesn't quite believe his promise. Aunt Irene comes over and will eye the hand holding but just smile , "Now the cookies are still warm. I was able to trade Mrs. Thornstien for some walnuts , so they should be good and fresh." Gabby, having seen the glance to the hands, will blush and pull her's away from Conall's to take the tray, "Thank you, Aunt Irene." Irene, not taking the hint, will stand there, hands on her hips looking between the two.

Conall smiles and nods, "Thank you." He offers to the aunt. Grinning a bit wider as Gabby looks embarrassed. Because that isn't suspicious. They are both just friends after all. Taking a cookie and tasting it. "They are great. Thank you." Not seemingly as embarressed. Though might be a bit nervous with having her just standing there.

The cookies are great. There's something about old witches and not even having to measure that makes for the best tasting cookie.And one that can never be reproduced! Gabby will glare at her aunt for a monet, Irene not moving till Gabby huffs and picks up a cookie and takes a bite. Irene will smile brightly, "There now. I need to start on supper soon. Will you be joining us, Mr.Quinn?" Gabby, instead of shooting her aunt a look, because it's been proven that does no good, will give Conall a pleading look.

"I'm sorry. I think I might need to leave before that." Guessing that is what Gabby might wish for currently. He will of course change his mind if Gabby asks though. But for now not giving any impression of either. "Thank you though."

Irene, who is not blind, narrows her eyes and shakes her head, "Do not let her run you off young man! If you wish to stay, you stay. Gabrielle does not have many friends, we'd like to know the ones she has by more than just their names." She'll turn to give Gabby a disapproving shake of her head, and Gabby actually shrinks some, clearly not used to being on that end of the look. Feeling satisfied some, Irene will turn and start making her way back to the house.Gabby lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding, "Merlin…If we could just sick her on Callus, everything would be fixed…"

Conall chuckles and nods, "Yes, ma'am." Turning to grin at Gabby as well. "I think you are quite right about that." Smiling rather brightly and just leaning back to try and continue where they left off. "So…"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "Thank the gods Aunt Irma isn't here too…" she'll the give a small smile, as flustered as she is, it's clear she loves her aunts very much. "They…they haven't met Ripley yet, so they're still having some…concerns. Especially with his absence." she'll frown down at the bracelet. " It'll be fine once they meet him. And I"m hoping if I do get the money together to be able to paint the house too, if he comes and helps, maybe that'll help."

Conall smiles to Gabby as well and grins, "Well, she seems nice at least." He offers about the aunt he has met. Nodding about Ripley. "I understand. They worry and care for you is all." He assures her and smiles. Trying to just be around to make sure she is fine before they talk about other issues.

Gabrielle nods, she knows her aunts are nice, just pushy. "I just worry that they'll not give him a fair chance." she'll shrug and take another bite of her cookie. she'll look down at it, "I wonder what she traded for the walnuts?"

"Grapes or apples?" He suggests with a small grin. Not really certain at all. As for Ripley, he nods. "I understand. And… Is everything okay between you two?" He asks as they have seemed to have had their ups and downs lately.

Gabrielle shakes her head, "They're not in yet." Ah well, she'll not worry about it. She'll shrug again, "I guess? i mean…He's just under a lot right now. It's ok if he's not…around, I guess. I've had 13 years to learn to deal with it. He's had 2 months." Gabby's trying to not sound bitter, but it leaks through a touch. There's something else going on, but she'll not elaborate on it. "He's been very hot or cold. He didn't answer my owl, but when I went to his house, he talked about our future and …" she'll shrug, "It's all very confusing."

Conall notices that there is more but not asking. But his expression might give away that he wants to know. Wants to help them both. As for the trade, he just shrugs. "Chocolate?" Then hearing her last about Ripley and he just nods. "I understand. I am sure you can both work it out."

Gabrielle has a slightly horrified look at the idea of giving away chocolate. She'll nibble a bit more on the cookie, "I just worry that when school is out, that I won't fit in his life…it's so very different than mine." Her voice is soft, and then she'll chuckle softly, "I was all excited because I thought he got me a bracelet with things that represented me on it…" She'll tilt her head and look at Conall, "It doesn't matter, we have other things to worry about."

Conall smiles to her and tries to look encouraging. "I am sure that he will make you fit in if he wants you." He assures her. Nodding about the bracelet. "I would think that you deserve it from whoever it was from. As I said, I might had." But he has someone he cares for.

Gabrielle nods, "I know. We'll just have to see."She'll blink at his second admittance. This is getting confusing again. "You would think who ever sent it would want me to know."

Conall shrugs, "I could understand if they don't. But at some point they do need to tell you. Perhaps some that you have not considered?" He suggests. Smiling and brushing his hair back.

Gabrielle frowns slightly, looking down at the bracelet, "There isn't anyone else. You mentioned a bracelet once, Ripley was the obvious choice. Tak if I thought he wasn't mad at me. Jacks wouldn't. Even if he wasn't mad at me." Something strikes her, and she'll blush harder, "You don't think…You don't think it's from Mabel, do you?"

Conall blinks at that and raises his brows, "Erhmm… It could be. Perhaps." Tilting his head to the side. "Do you think that it is? Or perhaps… Deven?" He asks her. Keeping his eyes on her at the possible people.

Gabrielle hopes it's not from Mabel, she hasn't talked to the older girl lately, but wouldn't want to have to hurt her feelings. "I don't know…" Her eyebrows go up at the mention of Deven, "Oh Merlin, no! He'd have his name all over a gift he sent, I'm sure. Can you even imagine him trying to be subtle?" there's a slight smile at that thought, cause…funny.

It does cause a laugh as Conall thinks about it. "True enough. Though yes, hopefully not either of them then." Taking another moment to think it over. "Who knows you quite well?" He ponders on that as he bites again on his cookie. "How about Theo trying to be nice? Or perhaps Lucian?"

Gabrielle wrinkles her nose slightly and shakes her head, "Teddy would have hand delivered it. He likes to see peoples reactions." She'll look back down at the charm, "I don't think Lucian would, even if he was just wanting to be nice, because of Ria. I don't think Lucian dislikes me. But I don't think he conceders me a friend." It's prolly the best a non-slythern can get out of him though.

Conall nods and sighs, "Well… Victor or Luke then?" He suggests. Starting to just rabble people. "Or maybe Medusa or something?" He asks and keeps his eyes on Gabby. Quite curious about it all. Nodding about both Teddy and Lucian. "Lucian is nice. From what I know."

Gabrielle just shrugs, she's never really even talked to Victor and barley Luke. She'll make a yuck face when Medusa is mentioned, "That's horrible!" and she'll slap him lightly on the shoulder. She'll nod, "He is…but I don't think he really shows affection for anyone but Ria." She'll think a moment, "I mean, I did send him an owl telling him my transfig mark, but I expected nothing back, or maybe a note saying good job. A bracelet would be kinda extreme, don't you think?"

Conall chuckles and nods. "Fine, fine. Whoever it is. We should perhaps try and find out. Is it possible to read wand residue upon items. Such as a signature of the wand that went onto the charm? If I know where to look perhaps I could find it, if there is. We could ask Ophelia." He suggests with a smile. As for the bracelet being extreme, he grins and nods, "Perhaps so. It could be the auror?" He teases her.

Gabrielle thinks for a moment and then shakes her head, "No…it's not important. As long as it's not from him, it doesn't matter, really, I guess. We have other things to-Oh! No!Gross! " She'll hold out her arm, like it's been infected with one of the cooties Gabe and Cill's talk about. "Are you sure there's no other charms, or location spells or anything on it?"

"There should not be anything else on it. I should had noticed it and perhaps able to turn it towards them instead of them to you." He offers and sighs. "It was a charm revealing sort." He explains. Starting to chuckle about her cooties sort of reaction. Grinning at her. "We will find out." He tells her calmly.

Lowering her arm, she'll sigh, "no..it really isn't all that important. I'd like to know, but the mission is more important than if I have a secret crush. It was most likely Cillian or Gabe, anyway."

Conall nods to her and thinks it over. "Well, I am here to help if needed. But yes. That is more important for now." Finishing a cookie and grinning at her. "They are goood." He offers and chuckles.

"I'll ask cil and Gabe, it may be an easy solution and we'll not need to worry about it, anyway. " Gabby will smile, "Yeah…they've decides to fatten me up. One of them has baked something each day. I think it's a conspiracy. I'll start sneaking you some at the shoppe to bring home. I can't eat them all."

Conall nods as he agrees. As for them fattening her, he laughs. "Would they do that?" He asks with a smirk. Amused mostly. "I am sure it will be quite fine. Now it seems they won't let me get away either though." Since he was more or less told to stay.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "Aunt Irma actually told me that no boy would want me if I was scrawny. Doesn't matter that I keep telling them that I already have a boy…" Gabby gives him a sympathetic look, "I'm so sorry. You really don't have to. She's just trying to get a rise out of me, or if you do, just talk about Morgana the whole time."

Conall chuckles and nods. "Sounds good. And if they are so bad then perhaps I should keep you company to make sure they do not eat you." He teases with a wink. Nodding about talking about Morgana. Not that he mind. He just isn't one to reveal much about himself.

Gabrielle smacks him in the arm again, "hey, be nice!" But she's smiling softly, "They've been really good to me…I could have just ended up in an orphanage. I kinda ruined their lives."

Conall smiles and shakes his head, "I doubt that you ruined it. I think they are grateful to have you here with them." He tells her and smiles. Feeling the smack which causes him to chuckle a bit. "I will be nice either way."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I know I changed it. and that I'm a strain on them."she'll look back to the house, "I want to make things better on them, easier."

Conall smiles and nods, "That I understand." Doing the same to his parents. "Though I think they do love you. You are the last they have from your parents." He tells her and smiles. Trying still to keep it in a bright mood. Despite the topic he brought up.

Gabrielle will start to finger the Charms again…at least she's not tugging on her sleeve! "I know they do. I just…if anything happens to me, with all this awful mess…can you make sure they're ok?I mean, I know Ripley will too, but I'll make me feel better knowing they have a few people looking out for them."She'll bring her eyes up to look him in the eyes.

Conall smiles and nods, "Of course. I promise." He tells her. Meeting her gaze with a smile of his own. "You don't have to worry." Noticing her fingering but just makes a brief that way before meeting her gaze again.

Gabrielle smirks softly and will look away, "I'll I have is worry anymore. " She'll lift up her wrist, "This is the least worrisome thing I have." She'll shake herself a bit, "How's the music going? Have you been discovered yet?" She'll force a smile, no need to bring Con down with her.

Conall smiles and nods. "I understand. I will do what I can to help you though." He assures her and as for her question, he grins. "Not yet. Hopefully soon though. I am hoping to find a place to play first. Unless someone sees me playing on the streets. Not likely though."

"Have you asked Laurene about it yet? I bet he'd help." Gabby doesn't have much to add…she doesn't really understand how it will work.

Conall shakes his head. "I have not. I will though." He assures her with a smile. "Then when I am rich and famous I will make sure to fix all these things for you." He offers with a bit of an amused smile.

Gabrielle shakes her head smiling, "How about you just buy a painting instead?"

Conall chuckles and shrugs, "I suppse. Or both." He offers and winks. "Or it is an expensive painting." Smiling in return to her and splits the last cookie into two and hands her one half.

Gabrielle laughs, taking the half cookie, "That's up to you, what would you want a painting of?"

Conall hmmms for a long moment before biting into the cookie. "Ah. How about the school? And maybe one for me and Morgana." If they are still together by then. Smiling still.

Smiling, Gabby shakes her head, "You are such a prefect. The school? Really?" she'll laugh, but nod, "You mean, like your portraits?"

Conall chuckles and shrugs. "I suppose. I just… I will be going out next year and it will be nice to have something to remember you all by. Those that I might not keep contact with." He offers and smiles. Shaking his head. "A painting of us together. If possible." He offers and still seems happy about that thought.

Gabrielle does get it, she's just teasing. "I can do the castle, for sure. You'll need to decide from what direction." In fact, she can start on that when school starts. A double portrait, in paint? she's never done that!"Ok, together it is."

Conall grins and nods to her, "From the cliffs. OR on top the boathouse. IF it will hold." Who knows with that thing. "Or just straight ahead of it." As for himself and Morgana, he beams and nods. "Thanks!"

Gabrielle will tilt her head, thinking about each angle he's suggesting. "Any of those will work. I'll just stop eating cookies before the end of summer, the boathouse should hold me." Merlin, she's not that big!

Conall chuckles and nods. "I mean, the boathouse is not the most stable shed." He tells her with a smirk.

Gabrielle tilts her head, "I'd be fine. It's not like I'd be jumping around or anything." she'll sigh, "I feel so gross…I actually want to go jogging."

Conall chuckles and raises a brow to her. "How many times do I have to tell you that you are cute before you get that you are not gross." He asks with amusement before shaking his head.

Gabrielle blinks, eyes going wide, "No..I…I just meant I feel gross, like I want to go jogging or find a bag or something." She'll give him a weird look, he's starting to send weird signals again…just what she needs. She'll shake herself, he's happy with Morgana, and just being weird with his words again. "I think , if I can pass my apparition test, I may start going jogging somewhere. Maybe in Hogsmeade."

Conall nods to her and smiles. "Ah, I see. I thought I would have to pull Morgana with me and both keep telling you how cute you are." He teases her with a wink. Perhaps trying to save face. And indeed he is happy with her. Does not mean he can not see that she cute. Does not mean he plans to do anything. "If you ever want a jogging partner just tell me."

Gabrielle raises her eyebrows, somehow not believing Morgana would want to sit around talking with her boyfriend about how cute or not Gabby is. Looking over to the house, "I'll need to pass the Apparition test first…I really don't know if I'll be able to…but it would be really helpful if I did."

Conall nods as he listens to her. "Yeah, that is true. I am sure you will do it without difficulty though." He assures her and smiles sweetly. Looking to the sky that is starting to get more clouded as time passes.

"Well, if I splitch myself too badly, I won't have to worry about anything else, I guess." she'll look down to her right arm, thinking. Gabby sighs,looking to the sky, "You should get going, it's getting late. I don't want you to get caught out after dark.""

"What about dinner?" Conall teases her. Shrugging a bit. "Heading home after. Need to apparate there." He says and smiles. Though if she wishes for privacy then he will leave. "It will all be fine. Trust in me and us."

Gabrielle knows when she's beat. She'll smile, "Ok, ok. Do you need to send word to your parents that you'll be eating here?" She keeps forgetting he's a year ahead of her.

Conall chuckles and shakes his head. "I eat out most days." He explains. He does try to make his parents spend as little money on him as possible. Though still hiding that from her. Not that she has not figured that out by now.

Gabrielle frowns, she's not the quickest Ravenclaw, but that doesn't seem…practical. "Oh…well, my aunts are pretty good cooks. Like I just said, don't give them any ammo, and talk about Morgana, or they'll have us going steady by dessert."

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