(1938-07-28) Unconventional Training
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Summary: After a long day of traditional training Randy gets to experience some of Kat's unconventional training philosophies.
Date: 1938-07-28
Location: MLE
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It's a Sunday, yes a Sunday at the heart of wizarding London for the enforcers of the law. Crime never sleeps. Nefarious witches and wizards, wars, none of that ever sleeps. Neither do the apprentices. Randy seems to always be saddled with a plethora of paperwork since her time in the office. She's currently 'chained' to her desk with a few stacks of files barricading her eyesight from anyone else. Anyone who might be on their way out into the field or interesting things like that. Her expression settles into a pensive one as her eyes twitch over the latest report, taking in the salient details. She's wearing an oxford shirt under a vest, her jacket hung over the back of her chair, her hair falling down to her shoulders carelessly.

Its been a long day of a lot of the boring, paperwork side of things for Katherine, Sloan, Randy and Julian. Especially for the two apprentices since they've had to sit through explanations of every one of the forms the two Aurors have had to use throughout the day. Now that pretty much everyone else is gone Kat sits at her desk and opens her bottom drawer, "Well, now comes the fun part of the day. Remember when I told you I'd teach you to play poker? What'cha think, up for it now?" From the drawer she pulls out a deck of cards and waggles it in the air.

Randy's eyes lift as she swivels to the side, her head ending up near Katherine as if she's looking over shoulder. She isn't, because she's far too small to, but the effect is there. "You mean am I up to have my arse handed to me?" She considers it, eyes lifting upwards for a beat. "Well only if it's you," she teases, brandishing a smirk before she spins her seat back to it's spot. "But I have one request…change of scenery?" She glances with just a pinch of disdain. "I think I need to stretch my legs a little."

Katherine gets up, grabs her clutch and puts the cards in it before snapping it just with finality. "Sure thing. But you get to choose where we're headed to." Instead of a coat today she's using a white, hoodless cloak that reaches down to the top of her hips. Swirling it on with a bit of a flair she then motions to the door.

"I don't care where we go so long as I can get some ale or rum," Randy mutters before being slightly distracted out of the corner of her eye. She shakes it off, leans forward to deposit the file she was holding, and hops up onto her feet, her jacket swinging around to settle on her shoulders quite fluidly. "Nice cape," she says with a smirk, snatching her wand from her desk and sliding it into an inner jacket pocket. "The Cauldron isn't that far off, unless you know of somewhere more colorful?…Haven't spent much time in London," she mentions as she walks to the door, ahead of Katherine. She holds the door open for the other woman casually.

Katherine sticks her tongue out at Randy as she walks by her and through the door, "I like my cape. Its /so/ much more stylish than a regular coat. So you want colorful, huh? Well, follow me. But keep in mind, if you tell anyone I took you where I'm taking you it'll be more than my job is worth, so count this as a test of your ability to keep things confidential." With an evil little smirk she walks briskly out of the Ministry and to the rail.

After a ride to King's Cross and a short walk from the station they enter a street that, although busy even for the time of night it is, seems strangely quiet, with people hurrying in or out of establishments, shoulders hunched up and head down as if trying to stay out of view. Well, most people. Kat and a few others walk proudly, as if this area was any other area in London and nothing to be ashamed of, "Welcome, dear Randy, to the Red Light district."

"Oh, I think it agrees with you," the Macmillan's smirk blooming into a charming smile. She leaves the door behind and follows after Katherine. "Well, I'm merely a lost little Gryffindor cub. I don't know where on earth I am," she says with an airy faux tone meant to affect some choice airheads of her House. Just a half beat later she's back to herself. Part of that might be due to her trying to figure out where they are. The paranoia that runs through her veins makes her eyes shoot towards this person and that before her demeanor relaxes into its usual laziness. "My lips are sealed," it's like Katherine said welcome to paradise.

Katherine stops as they get to the middle of the street they're on an points first with her left hand and then with her right, "Well, now its really your choice. the burlesque show or House Lorelli? They both have bars so we can get drinks at either." Yep, she really doesn't explain what House Lorelli is or what could be found within…

"Heads or tails?" Randy doesn't wait for it to be called. She flips up a coin from nowhere it seams, catches, and slaps it over her forearm. Then she waits, smiling like a Cheshire cat at the older girl. "Tonight we play for secrets. We bluff for truths," she says as the light dances off her eyes. "Heads or tails for the House?" playing on words in every which direction there is.

Katherine repeats that slightly evil smirk and says, "As if there was any doubt. Tails of course." Tails definitely being more related to snakes and Slytherin than heads would ever be. At least in Kat's mind.

Randy lifts her hand from her forearm, shielding the results to take a peek. "Tails huh?" She grins. "Well it's heads, but, I'm not one to cross a snake." She pockets the coin and steps out in front to approach the House of Lorelli. "Besides, it's always more interesting to flip fate on its head," she says before slipping inside, again holding the door open. "After you."

Katherine sketches a quick little courtesy, "Why thank you Madam." And then steps through the door. Once inside she waves an arm to encompass the whole of the first floor of House Lorelli and the people in it. Before saying anything she says hello to the bouncers on duty, "Hi Franz, Lucky. Busy night tonight?" She doesn't wait for a response almost as if she knows the only response she's getting is a fleeting smile from both big men and a quick nod from Lucky before they both go back into their attentive statue act. "And this is House Lorelli. Always friendly, always welcoming… As long as you have the right amount of money and the properly open mind. Tonight isn't a night for all the lessons you could learn here but lets just say a girl can learn a lot of the less… respectable and most useful of skills here." Putting a hand on Randy's shoulder blade she gently nudges the younger girl forward and to the right towards a small gathering of armchairs and love seats set around a low, round table, "They'll come get our drink orders in a moment."

Randy flashes a smile up at the bouncers, just behind Katherine. Then she blinks when Katherine ushers her forward. She follows the woman's direction easily enough, just sort of absorbing all of Katherine's information with a bit of a blank look. She plops down on one of the love seats. "Yeah, okay," she says as she straightens up to try and look around the place…with a tiny hint of wonder. She reigns it in…only about halfway.

The bouncers ignore Randy and continue on doing their impression of statues. Or really well dressed Beefeater guards. Kat takes an armchair opposite Randy. Apparently its a Roman night at House Lorelli because as soon as the two women are seated a well-muscled young man comes out from behind the thick red velvet curtains that separate the staff area from the customer, dressed in nothing but a toga that barely reaches the middle of his thighs. "Good evening ladies. What is going to be your pleasure tonight?" Kat orders a whiskey sour and then shoots Randy a questioning look.

"Uh," Randy says just before Katherine gets in her order. The younger girl nods out of her stare and smiles, "I'll have Blackbeard's rum, 1908 chilled, but neat." Then she chuckles softly a little bit, an incredulous look in her eyes. "What is this place?" a little twinkle steals its way into her eyes, her lips curling into a smile.

The young man bows, eyes lingering on the women in front of him before he disappears back through the curtains. A few seconds later a lot of people start coming out of the same curtains the waiter has been using, creating a sort of little parade. By the time the parade is over about 20 people are standing in clear view of Randy and Kat, all of them dressed in togas that are alluringly sensual without being blatantly sexual. And there is definitely something for anyone in that line up.

With her traditional smirk Kat waves a hand at the line up and asks Randy in a low voice, "Would you like to hazard a guess now? Company can be had, I'll let you choose two so we have a full foursome for our game. And remember, you are /not/ learning all the lessons you could learn from this place tonight, so don't even try."

Randy's attentions are all caught up in the parade of people as she waits for her drink. She traces her line of sight along till there are the 20 lined up, her eyes trailing along each one as if the people are unfurled. "Him," she points a finger at a lad and then her eyes twist quickly towards a girl, "And her." Her finger follows her eyes. Then she looks over at Kat and mocks innocence. "Try what? I'm a lamb."

The two pointed at move forward with a grace that the job requires. The boy grins, but it comes off as cute, not cocky. "Card games, yes?" He'll move forward, sitting next to Randy on the love seat. "I am called Dunne." The girl smiles warmly as well and sits on the edge of Katherine's chair.

Katherine smirks at Dunne and nods, "Only card games tonight, Dune Boy. So no vamping my apprentice here, ya hear. Have you kept your poker skills up?" Then she smiles up at the girl and pats her thigh a few times before showing her the arm chair near her, "Now now Melly, looking at my cards would be cheating wouldn't it? That's your chair over there tonight." With a playful pout Melly gets up and take the indicated armchair, flicking her glossy brown hair over her shoulder with one hand, "So who's your cute little friend, Kat?" Looks like Kat is well known around here…

Randy arches a brow as the Dunne sits next to her. She scoots a little to her side to give him room to sit. She gives him a sideways look and then looks back at Katherine and the other girl. Shell shock. Disbelief. Randy squints. She reaches, rubs her chin in thought. Her hand drops, "What?" she blinks at Melly.

Dunne chuckles and lifts his hands, "Only cards, I understand." He'll nod, "Yes, my poker skills are…acceptable." He'll look over to Randy, "Are you skilled in poker?" there's a twinkle in his eyes at her slightly baffled look. He'll glance to Melly and give a knowing grin.

Katherine laughs right along with Melly, both of them immediately catching on to the double-entendre of the poker question. Melly follows her laugh with a once over of Randy then turning to Kat to ask, "Well, can't we at least make is Strip Poker? Pleeeeaaaaaseee?"

Kat smirks at Melly and shakes her head, "Well, aren't you the eager little kitten tonight. No, we can't make is Strip Poker. And what would Miss Lorelli say if she caught you being /this/ forward? Is that any way for a courtesan to act?" Her smile takes some of the sting out of the words but its still a clear warning for the toga-clad girl,"And the pretty one across from me is Randy, my apprentice at the Auror. Be gentle with her, yes?"

Picking up her clutch she pulls out the deck she had stashed there at the office and starts shuffling…

"I have never played poker. I'm learning," Randy says, though she has seen the game played. She isn't letting that on though. "My, she is so eager to fulfill her services," she smirks," clamoring for your money…or…?" She tilts her head as she watches Katherine beginning to shuffle. "Wouldn't be fine if I was the only one who didn't strip? I could offer truths to anyone's questions. In return, you strip?" she proffers to the group with an innocent smile.

Dunne chuckles, shaking his head at Melly, "I'm sure next time, Melly." He'll wink lightly at Katherine before turning back to Randy. He's either completely believes her, or the customer is always right, "I can teach you, if you'd like." He grin, "Truths can be far more revealing than taking off clothing. Be careful, Randy."

Melly crosses her arms under her breasts, pushing them up slightly in a calculated move and pouts. The pout is rather pretty, practiced, and made a liar by the twinkling laugh lurking in the back of her eyes. Keeping up her act she says, "Fine, deal the cards then, since I can't have the virgin." Well, that answers Randy's question.

With a real laugh Kat shuffles the deck with practiced ease and starts dealing the cards, "Since Randy is learning we're sticking to standard poker. None of the newer variation."

"I can handle myself boy," Randy says with a little wave of her hand. She smirks as she says distractedly, "Wait, who's the virgin?" in the direction of Melly. Her eyes dip southward for a half moment before they snap back up to Melly's eyes.

Nodding, Dunne will glance to Kat, who's clearly in charge here," Standard, got it. Any ante?" He'll raise an eyebrow at Randy, "Ok, if that's how you want it." He'll scoot to sit more on the edge of the love seat,putting him within grabbing distance on his cards, "I wasn't offering to handle you….we're just playing cards. I'm sure you do fine with that on your own." He'll glance to his co-worker a moment and give her a grin as he runs a hand through his hair.

Katherine snorts at Dunne, "You are a bad, /bad/ boy!" But her tone sounds amused, not displeased, "And now that you've brought it up, lets play for truths, not money. Winner of each hand gets to ask a question of the person of their choice." Well, since it seems Kat's been here before, that makes Randy the likely target.

From her chair Melly looks at Randy through her top lashes. Before she answers the tip of her tongue just peeks ever so slightly from the corner of her lips then she says, "Well, you've clearly never been to a house of pleasure, darling. That makes you a virgin in our eyes."

"Oh don't get your knickers in a twist," Randy says with a smirk for Dunne as if to show no hard feelings. She glances back to Melly as she speaks and shifts her posture to her just slightly. "I suppose I am then, yes," she mumbles through slightly parted lips, entranced for a moment. Poor Macmillan. So easily manipulated.

Dunne nods, "Truths it is then." He'll scruff his hair again, cause the toga to shift revealing some of his chest. If Melly's playing games and not getting into trouble, he can too. He'll shake his head,"So many levels to virginity." He'll laugh, winking at Randy, "Who said I was wearing knickers?

Katherine grins as she focuses on shuffling and dealing. The first hand is dealt with perfect timing to receive the ordered drinks. With a tanks for the waiter she takes her drink and places it next to her card, noticing in the process that her skirt is a bit bunched up at one side so she takes a moment to smooth it out so that its not showing half a thigh anymore. "Silly Dunne. Knickers make things a lot more fun. Instead of not wearing any you should take a clue from us girls and get yourself something that'll tantalize and intrigue."

Melly grins at this and nods, "That is advice I've been giving him for a while now. Maybe he'll listen to you." While she takes up her five cards to look at them.

Randy glances down at Dunne's…lap and then rolls her eyes. She reaches for her drink first, sipping at it before she peels the corners of her cards back to look at her hand. "I'm not sure they make those kinds of knickers for boys," she offers the ladies. Her eyes only now just drift towards Katherine's thigh as she covers it up. Then she looks at her.

Dunne shakes his head, "Knickers are fun, depending on who you're with. "He'll just shake his head at Melly, and is clearly teasing, "If you have to show your knickers to intrigue them, you're doing it wrong." He'll look to Randy, "So…would you rather Melly and I change places? It won't hurt my feelings.Or would you rather I go get some of those knicker to wear while we play? Your choice in color." He'll tilt his head, lifting an eyebrow. While his words are teasing, there's clearly a offer there.

Kat takes the time to explain to Randy the basics of the game once the banter is done for the moment. Then the first hand progresses as players drop cards and request new ones, trying to build the best hands. Dunne clearly knows what he's doing, Melly seems to have a familiarity with the game but doesn't seem to be as good as Dunne, and Kat… Well, who knows. As soon as they start playing her face turns into an unreadable mask, completely devoid of emotions unless she's laughing at a non-game related joke or comment. Little pieces of paper are used as money, and the person that wins the pot at the end of each hand, the first one going to Dunne, gets to ask one question of the person of their choice.

After a few hours of poker lessons Kat finally decides its time to call it a night. As she escorts Randy back home part of the conversation involves the reasoning for visiting a bordello, "So, I hope you had some fun. But the was some method to my madness. If you decide to follow the path of an Auror there are going to be times, a lot of times actually, you're going to be exposed to the seedier side of society. Wizarding and Muggle. Tonight was a kind of seediness primer. House Lorelli is pretty tame as these things go but it does give you a taste of things to come. And don't forget, if you start talking about this and it gets out that I'm taking you places like this I can probably kiss my position as an Auror goodbye, so be careful who you share this experience with."

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