(1938-07-28) Yes, But is it Art?
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Summary: Phil, Graham, Sorcha and Keenan (briefly) attend an art gallery exhibit where Phil conducts an interview and gets reminded of potential matches and Graham and Sorcha get schooled by a witch on beazors.
Date: 28 July 1938
Location: Nobbs Gallery

Nobbs Gallery is home to several fine pieces of wizarding art, both contemporary and classical. Tonight it has opened its doors to showcase an up and coming wizard's sculptures. The theme is meant to be famous wizards and wizarding events in history. The walls are stark white and shimmer with veins of silvery light which is used to illuminate the grandiose sculptures. There are fifty in all - ten of them are over fifteen feet in height but the rest are smaller, just being taller than the average man. Are they good? That is up to the eye of the beholder as the saying goes, but several well turned out witches and wizards are mingling and looking at them while enjoying the free food and drink on offer. The artist himself is stood off to the side looking nervously at his works while people get too close to them for his comfort.

Phil is well used to these kind of events and it shows. She has attended several such functions and likely will attend a whole lot more in the future. She is making her way around the room, stopping occassionally to speak to the great and good as they recognise her from amongst one of the elite in the wealthy pure-blood world. She has her polite crowd face on and is making small talk when required.

Wearing a black sateen finish dress with black velvet leaves winding over the fabric, Sorcha has twisted her firey hair up into a roll around her crown that's held in place by a series of black stone hair combs. Her arm slipped through Graham's she smiles as he presents their tickets and they proceed into the gallery, "My, some of them are quite large, aren't they?"

Graham has changed from his work best to his best suit which he doesn't often wear only at need. He's made sure to pay attention to the details before appearing and as the pair move past the person taking tickets he grins at the first glance to the artworks. "Yes, they are." he isn't used to these sort of gatherings and squeezes the others arm inside of his perhaps just because or for support it's hard to tell. "Where would you like to start?" he asks unsure himself with so many different ones. The cut of his robes is proper, and the material expensive, but it is brown, meant to blend in. The medium height man with sandy brown hair has adjusted his glasses as he stands looking up at one of the taller statues, his arms crossed lightly across his chest, one hand resting on his close trimmed beard.

Entering along behind his little sister and her date, Keenan hands over his ticket as well. He's already approved Sorcha's dress for the evening (as if she'd have changed, but he likes to think he had some say in it), and he's wearing his own formal attire. His ginger eyebrows raise curiously at the sculptures on display, especially the larger ones.

Phil sips her wine and looks for a way to get out of the conversation is has been drug into. "Oh, but you must come and see us again dear Philomena. My son Archibald, you remember him - he asks after you all the time doesn't he Reginold?" The older witch turns her to husband who nods noncomittaly. "See, Reginold agrees. But where was I? Oh yes, you must come up t Thistlegrove and see us again. Archibald is much better now, the healers helped him tremendously with his gout." Phil smiles wanly at the couple and spies Graham and Sorcha out of the corner of her eye, "Do please pardon me Mrs Gardener, but I spotted some friends who I must speak to about something important." Before the couple can protest she moves away, making a beeline towards the trio of new arrivals.

Sorcha sees Phil disentangle herself from the conversation with the Thistlegrove pod and smiles, tugging Graham in that direction, "Philomena, hello." She stops when they get to the same spot, "Thank you so much for the invitation, it's a lovely event." She glances over to the wizards the other Ravenclaw just left and smiles to them before she looks back at her with a grin, "Having a good evening so far?"

Not all of the historical events depicted are pleasant ones. Some of the sculptures are filled with the agony of death, be it a likeness of a witch martryed to the cause of secrecy or a battle scene from a goblin uprising in the past. Whatever they are, however, they are definately interesting to look at and the artist looks somewhat pleased that nobody is at least openly degrading his life's work.

Graham is able to turn back as the journalist makes her way towards them in an escape motion from the ones she's been speaking to, and then he's being tugged at first but picking up the pieces quickly enough he moves onwards with Sorcha pausing as she does. "Ah, good evening Phil, it's good to see you." he says though he was prepared to introduce them but likely he's spoken enough that they don't need it exactly. "It's a nice turn out."

Phil tucks her bag under her arm and offers her now free hand to Sorcha, "Hello, it is lovely to meet you again. I have a vague recollection from school. Graham speaks about you constantly, it is sweet. And please, call me Phil. Only my mother and my friend Laurence call me Philomena. Well and mother's friends." She glances behind her at the Gardeners then looks back at the couple. Her gaze drift behind them to Keenan and she smiles politely at him then looks at the young couple again. "It is a good turn out. I haven't spoken to the artist yet, but he is over there." She nods to indicate the artist. "His name is Grunewald Hilger, but despite it he is actually British."

Grinning yet, Sorcha nods, "I remember you a bit from school as well, though you were enough ahead of me that it would be more likely you'd remember one of my brothers. Which, Keenan's about somewhere…" She turns and looks over and nods in his direction with a smile, "There he is." She raises her eyebrows a bit when Phil says that
Graham talks of her constantly and glances over to him curiously, still wearing her smile, "Oh? But of course, Phil. And call me Sorcha. I'm interested to see what the exhibit shows, really, Graham was telling me a bit about it being a historical retrospective?"

The auror watches between the two glad the greeting is going well. He cant help but look to the artwork a bit but he's still listening his view going back at the words about him speaking about Sorcha near constantly. Graham cant help but catch Sorcha's eye as she looks to him only allowing an eye brow to raise inquisitively a clear question if she minds this. "I wasn't expecting the extra large size figures but they do make a sort of point i'd guess. Is there information about each of the likenesses?"

"Yes, on the base of each sculpture or beside it if it is near a wall," says Phil in response to Graham's question. She sips her wine and gives Keenan a polite nod, "Mr O'Shea." Given that she is only two years older than Sorcha it isn't likely Keenan remembers her. "Go mingle, see the art and eat the free food, drink the free wine. That is what these things are all about and if anyone asks you what you think about it - anyone who sounds snobbish, just tell them you think it is a 'Fine juxtaposition between the mundane history we must all recall in school and the striking reality of those actual events.'" Phil really has been to a lot of these functions before.

Nodding, Sorcha says, "I was going to discuss the stark realism of the artwork in contrast with the starkness of the reality we all face. But that works just as well." She smiles, "Though I am actually interested in reading the notes on the pieces, they're quite striking." She glances down the gallery at the series, pondering out loud, "I wonder why some are so much larger than the others? If there's a particular reason that they were selected to be so much larger than the ones that are closer to life sized."

A short fat witch in bright chartreuse coloured robes gets too close to one of the grand statues and the artist begins to flap his arms nervously. He turns away, not wanting to see it and slowly lowers his arms down as he takes deep steadying breaths. Unaware of the effect her actions had upon him the witch actually touches the sculpture before someone working for the gallery moves over to speak with her.

Graham grins at the response given by the journalist. "I'll be sure to give a proper explanation no doubt." He begins to notice there is food and drinks being moved around the room before turning back "That does sound like a nice time. I wonder if it's based on the affect the witch or wizard had during their life? I guess we'll be able to find out for ourselves." he stifles a chuckle "If the sculpture there isn't broken first." he points to the witch messing with the art.

Phil turns and looks behind her at the commotion. "Ah, the cardinal sin of art exhibits. No touching." She tuts, a good English tut that her nan and grandad would be proud of. Nobody tuts like the English. There is even a shameful shake of the head thrown in. Tutting over she says, "Ah well, she will learn or never get an invite again." Phil takes a sip of her wine and says, "I should go and meet the artist. I will catch up with you later, if that is all right?"

"Of course." Sorcha replies, "It seems as though he's got a very interesting view of things, certainly." She gives Graham's arm a squeeze and nods to the sculptures, "Would you rather go and pick up some wine or go through the exhibit first?" Looking around the gallery she adds, "It seems like quite a nice turnout?"

"Yes, we will see you a bit later we can compare notes on the sculptures after we've seen everything. Thank you again for inviting us." Graham says giving a smile to his friend before turning back to Sorcha at her question "I think some wine would go well before we begin making our rounds. Well if you'd like some wine that is." The auror takes a moment to take in the crowd again. "Yes it is I hope the artist appreciates the successful opening."

Phil leaves them to it, she is on the clock after all. Her wine glass is set on the tray of a passing waiter as Phil makes her way over to the artist. She taps him on the shoulder to get his attention and goes through the process of introducing herself so that she can conduct a short interview with him.

Like most artists this one is excited by the prospect of media attention being given to his work, it does not hurt of course that said media attention comes packaged as Phil. His previous nervous anxiety over his art being touched inappropriately by exhibit goers is forgotten, albeit briefly, for the course of the interview.

Nodding, Sorcha smiles, "Wine would be lovely, thank you." Glancing around, she spots a waiter coming in their general direction with the glasses of wine on his trey already prepared. Catching his attention, she steps over towards the first statue when she's sure he's heading their direction, reading the little card next to it for a moment.

Graham is ready to see the exhibit though he catches the look towards the server moving by. He lifts his hand and takes two glasses from the tray when he's close enough. One of the glasses is offered to the other. He will wait until she is settled before he'll drink from his own, but he also looks to both the first sculpture and the card next to it with the explanation of why they are included in the collection.

The ten larger sculptures are those devoted to witches and wizards in history, key individuals who are often overlooked - overshadowed by the founders of the great houses - but who contributed something grand. Their contributions have not always made the headlines of the Daily Prophet or its precurser scrolls of parchment but they were important nonetheless. There are five witches and five wizards, all depicted with something unique to them. There is the unfortunate Mildred Hubblemier who discovered that beezors are excellent curealls only to choke to death one one which was too large. She is show with a goat at her side and her hands clawing at her throat. Also present is Zebediel Zephyr who put down a giant invasion in Scotland three hundred years ago. He is depicted standing with one foot on the head of a giant.

Phil is professional and proficient, but also knows enough to be something of a kiss arse to people like the artist in residence this evening. When her short interview is over she attempts to shake his hand only to get kissed on each cheek in a much more formal manner instead. "Thank you again," she says somewhat louder and moves away from him, tucking her quill and notepad into her bag. She starts to mingle again, taking a small plate and filling it with finger foods.

Sorcha sips her wine with a smile after Graham hands it to her, "Thank you." She looks at the first sculpture, tilting her head just a bit thoughtfully as poor Mildred chokes to death in front of the gallery and her goat, "I wonder why the goat… the choaking I understand of course, as tragic as it is… but the goat seems curious…"

The young man seems to take in the story following the sculpture he returns the others smile before he's able to take a drink. Graham seems to wear his thought filled expression as well as he tries to figure it out. "It is odd, yes a pet maybe but an important one to make the sculpture." he tries to make sense of it but cant really come up with anything immediately. He takes another sip while he thinks. "On to the next? Maybe we can start making connections to the figures." he asks

A witch standing beside Graham and Sorcha turns to them, "Bezoars come from goats, don't you know that? What are they teaching you young people these days." She huffs. "Bezoar is a Persian word meaning antidote. She," the statue is gestured to, "discovered that we could use them from goats to cure illness. I mean you would not want a bezoar that came from another human's intestines in you would you?" She tuts and walks away in the opposite direction of the pair.

Sorcha winces a bit, "That… makes perfect sense actually." She grimaces slightly and turns to Graham, "How embarassing… luckily Keenan's off somewhere and didn't hear or I'd likely have a book report assignment when I get home." She sips her wine again and starts over to Zedebiel the Giant Slayer, "Giant decapitation I do understand, of course."

Phil catches up with Graham and Sorcha near the third grand statue, a wizard with his head stuck in a cauldron. "Hmm," she says as she peers at the card, "it seems Thomas Albion discovered a shrinking potion in a laboratory accident. You know, I do recall reading about him in potions class. He discovered quite a lot of the everyday potions we use. And here he is in…all his glory." She raises her brows but does not say anything more on the matter.

Graham winces at almost the same time as Sorcha in a cute couple type thing. The person comes around to show the pair what they'd been forgetting. "Yes it does, i'd forgotten that bit myself we'll both have reports due." He says with a chuckle "Cant even blame the wine just yet." he says though does take a larger drink of his finishing it off and setting on it a passing tray nerves perhaps. He turns back as Phil re-appears. "That doesn't sound like a nice thing."

Tilting her head even farther over, Sorcha whispers to Graham and Phil, "I'm going to see… if I can look up… inside the cauldron…" She shoots a meaningful glance over to the staff of the gallery who are sure to think she's getting too close to the sculpture. She does, just for proprieties sake, put her hands behind her back so that it's obvious she isn't going to touch anything as she leans in, looking up… up…

Phil coughs to hide her laugh as she watches Sorcha. She does guard duty, looking around to make sure that
nobody is getting too concerned over what the younger witch is doing. So far so good. Incoming! Incoming. Phil sidesteps a wizard and says loudly, "Good evening Mr Walker. How is your lovely grandson? What is his name again?"

Inside the cauldron the head of the statue is visible, or rather some of it is visible. For the most part it is squished by the cauldron, aside for the underside of the chin. It is as if the cauldron itself had shrunk and now entirely covers the head of the man, but nothing more than his head.

Graham smiles as Sorcha moves to take a look inside the cauldron where the smaller head of he wizard was smooshed. He grabs a tray with a few food items on it as it passes enough for the both when she returns. The auror does his part side stepping to block anothers view as if getting an idea of a different angle of the same sculpture might help him understand better.

Sorcha reaches over and slips her fingers into the crook of his arm for balance as Graham steps around, leeeeeeeeeeeaning over to get a good view before she stands up again with a blink, sipping some wine before she reports, "Regular head… tiny cauldron…" She gets her balance again as she glances back and forth, making sure she hasn't gotten spotted by any of the authorities: Nobbs employees, the artist, or her brother.

Phil is forced to listen to the great attributes about Mr Walker's grandson who sounds as if he is himself pushing forty and somehow, amazingly, has managed to stay single. She pulls herself away as soon as she realises Sorcha has finished. "I must get back to my friends, sir." She moves to the opposite side of Sorcha and Graham so that she isn't near Mr Walker. "So?" she asks the younger witch. "What was up there?"

The auror will reach out to steady the other helping even as she reaches for him which he cant help but grin about. Graham is still blocking until she stands back up properly. "Ah, well attention to detail is important I suppose. Though we may have already gotten the idea from the notes and the sculpture itself" he offers her some snack food which he got for them.

Sorcha takes one of the snacks that Graham offers with a smile before turning to Phil, "There's a head, but it appears that it's proportional to the rest of the sculpture, the cauldron being small enough to get stuck over his head." She sips her wine again, "Which is good, I suppose, because I seem to remember learning that shrinking charms on a person can have quite negative effects."

Phil laughs a little. "Ah, well it is good to know he didn't suffer from premature shrinking." She hands her empty plate off to a waiter and says, "I should probably get going, but if you to want to stay go right ahead. The tickets are your's for the entire event."

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