(1938-08-01) To Paint a House
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Summary: Gabby asked for help painting her aunts house. She got it.
Date: Thu Aug 01,1938
Location: Watson House

The Watson's home is an old, two-story house with light blue paint that is faded and peeling. The roof is deep red, and new. It looks out of place with the rest of the house. Two apple trees are in the yard and there is a meticulously tended vegtable garden and herb garden lining one side of the tattered fence at the back of the property.

The front door opens into a spotless living room and a staircase leading upstairs. The fourth step is broken and the bannister is loose and cracked. The furniture in the living room is all antiques, probably here since they were brand new. The couches are comfortable but worn, set around a stone fireplace. There are several bookcases filled with tomes and next to one of the couches is a basket filled with knitting needles and yarn. On the walls are several paintings, mostly landscapes, all painted and signed by Gabrielle Evans.
At the back of the house is a dining room, a large table covered now with art supplies. There is a china cabinet in the corner, but through the glass of the doors one can only see books instead of dishware. Beside the dining room is the kitchen, a warm room where the oven is nearly always baking something. There are cookbooks and potion books along shelves everywhere, and a pantry reveals canning supplies, spices and potion ingredient racks.

Fiona has drug her older brother Gilroy across London with her. "Look, she invited me and I want to go, but Father says no because he fears there might be muggle born there." Gilroy grumbles as his bossy little sister marches him down the sidewalk towards the house. "See, I have an invitation!" She reaches up to wave it in his face. "You know here, she is not a Muggle and in any case I am not quite so bothered by that. If Aidan fancies his girlfriend so much and she is one then they cannot be bad." Fiona sniggers. "Anyone who puts up with him is a saint." At this Gilroy laughs and gives her a playful shove then remembering he is the adult of this outfit declares, "You don't know anything, Fi. You are just running off your mouth as usual." Fiona stops walking and stamps her foot. "I do too! I know loads. Heaps. More than you becau -" oh look they have arrived. She gives him an indignant look which likely means their argument isn't over and steps up to knock on the door. Part of the reason she has made him come with her is so he can be the pack horse.

Fiona smiles sweetly up at the witch who answered the door. Gilroy is used to watching his sister in action so wisely stays silent. "Good afternoon, ma'am. My name is Fiona Donnelly and this is my brother Gilroy." He gets a gesture in his direction. "We are friends of Gabrielle. I was hoping she might be in this afternoon as I brought some art supplies over that I wanted to ask her opinion of." She really is a very well mannered and sweet thing, tiny too for her age. "I am hoping that when I start school in September I will be able to join the art club and everyone knows the best artist at Hogwarts is Gabrielle Evans." She beams up at the woman with just the right amount of dimple.

The witch's face goes from puzzled to delighted, "Well, look at you! Aren't you just the sweet thing!" she'll set the broom to the side and clasp her hands, excitedly, "Gabrielle must have know you were coming!That's why she asked us to make cookies!" She'll beam at both of them, "I'm her Aunt Irene. Come in!Come in! Gabrielle stepped out a moment, but should be back shortly!" She'll step to the side, allowing them to go in, if they wish.

Fiona looks at Gilroy and he shrugs, letting her decide though at the mention of cookies he looks eager to be inside. Fiona nods and siles up at the witch. "Thank you, ma'am." She sounds even more sweet and delightful with her soft Irish brogue. "I would dearly love some cookies." She moves into the inviting house and looks around. "You have a lovely home. Very cozy." She sounds sincere too.

Irene laughs softly, "Oh…that's sweet dear, but it's falling down around up. Thank Merlin the roof's fixed." There's some sound from the kitchen, and a short woman comes out with flour on her apron. "Irene, What's-Oh! Hello!" She's got a hand on the small of her back, but is smiling brightly. "who's this?" she'll look between the two students, almost excitedly.

Fiona is all sweetness and light, it is a gift - well unless you are one of her brothers, they think it is evil but they are boys so she rarely gives them any notice. "Good afternoon, ma'am. I am Fiona Donnelly and this is my brother Gilroy." He nods and tries to generally stay out of it - just a silent pack horse holding a medium sized wooden box. "We are here to see Gabrielle. I am hoping she can give me her opinion on some art supplies that my parents have purchased for me. They wish for me to join the art club at school. Your kind sister let us in to wait. She said you have been making cookies?"

"I'm Gabrielle's Aunt Irma, and yes I'm making cookies. They should be done soon enough. " she'll waddle a bit closer, as she moves, it's clear her back is bothering her, "Although you may have met out Bogart, instead of my sister, if you thought she was kind." Irma'll laugh at her own joke, Irene just shakes her head but smiles, "No one thinks your funny Irma." There's some noises coming from the back door and Gabby's voice floats in from the kitchen, "Aunt Irene! Aunt Irma! I'm home!I have some friends with!" She sounds slightly out of breath.

Fiona looks around and takes Irma's hand if she will let her, "Here, please let me help you to a chair Miss Irma. You obviously have been working hard and deserve a rest. I can have Gilroy go make you a cup of tea. He makes very nice tea." She smiles that little dimple smile again, not too much dimple but just enough to look cute and innocent.

When she hears Gabby's voice Fiona's head turns, so too does Gilroy's. "Or perhaps Gabrielle could make it, I am sure she knows how you like your tea." She is curious to see who the 'friends' are.

Having been out and about with Conall and Gabrielle, Morgana is one of those friends that just so happens to be joining the rest of them. She's been warned of these weird aunts, but figures it should be a nice distraction from everything else that has gone on this summer. She's dressed down today, seeing that they're probably going to be making a mess, she's wearing clothing that she does not mind getting dirty. "Where are we setting up." She says to Gabrielle, trying to keep her voice low for the moment because she does not want to ruin the surprise.

Irma chuckles looking to Irene, "Oh, isn't she just darling?" she'll hand wave away the offer to sit down. "too much to do, if Gabrielle's having guests!" Again, she seems rather excited about Gabby having friends over…or maybe it's the fact that Gabby has friends.

Irene turns toward the kitchen , "We know dear, they're here!"

Gabrielle motions to the side of the house to put the buckets of paint. She'll look up, on the back porch, head tilted at Morgana and Con, "They're here?" she has a slightly mortified look, imagining the worst possible of things.

Fiona moves towards the sound of Gabrielle's voice. "Hello, Gabrielle. I came by to ask some advice about art supplies," she calls out. Then just for clarification. "It's Fiona!" For all she knows Gabby might have random nearly eleven-year-olds and their long-suffering older brothers dropping by all the time. Gabby could be sneaky like that.

Conall is moving along with Gabby and Morgana but keeping rather quiet and just smiling. His own clothing simple of a shirt and durable pants to use as he will help out as well. Humming a bit low to himself as they settle the paint down. If the aunts see him he will offer smiles and waves. Though he does let Gabby talk with Fiona without interuptions.

Morgana will take the few buckets of paint that she has and set them where Gabby suggests than follows her in like nothing happened. Nope, not up to mischief. She too is a bit quiet, listening to Irma and Irene speak, having heard stories, but not yet wanting to bring attention to herself. She knows how meddlesome aunts can get. "At least we have some nice weather today." She says quietly to Conall.

Irma is the first aunt to the kitchen, she's an older, short witch, with an appron cover in flour. Her hand is on the small of her back and she's moving with a touch of difficulty. ""Oh! Gabrielle!Why didn't you tell us you were having company! I would ahev made more than cookies!" She looks excited and upset at the same time as she see Conall and Morgana. " Conall, dear, you should have let me know you were coming! I would have made apple crisps instead!"

Irene smiles to Fiona and her brother, "Why don't you both go join Gabrielle in the back? We'll bring out cookies and lemonade in a bit." She'll start making her way to the kitchen as well, to show them the back door.

Gabrielle blinks, "Fiona? What are you doing here?" She'll step into the kitchen. she has a slightly nervous look on her face, glancing at her aunts. She'll quirk an eyebrow at the art supplies, "Uh…sure..yeah, come on out in the back."

Fiona motions for Gilroy to follow her. "Yes, Miss Irene," she says to the older woman. "Just give me a shout if there is anything I can do to help. Or Gilroy. He is very helpful." Just look how he's stood holding that box. What a trooper! She follows the older woman's suggestion and makes her way to the kitchen, dutiful brother following. Gilroy does give the cookies a forlorn glance, thanks to Gabby's untimely arrival the promise of treats is taking /ages/ to be fulfilled. "I wanted some advice," says Fiona simply as if that somehow completely explains why two Irish kids are in Shoreditch - okay, two Irish kids who are not immigrants. The pair of Donnely's follow Gabby outside into the back garden.

Conall smiles as he nods to Morgana, "Indeed. Quite nice." Then he hear his name and it casues him to grin as he had followed Gabby along. "Oh, it's quite fine ma'am. I am sure that I will enjoy these as well." He offers about what she had baked. Waving to Fiona as well as he sees her, "Hey there." He offers to the other irish girl. His own irish accent can be heard as well. Glancing back towards Morgana with a smile and gestures for her to come with him.

"They do smell lovely." Morgana chimes in when the baked goods are mentioned. But seeing that everything is slipping back out side, she'll follow, pulling her hair up and off of her neck as she does, knowing that they'll probably be getting to work soon. "It's defiantly warm enough to go for a swim, I know where I will be when I get back home tonight." She comments.

Irma, seeing Gilroy's look, quietly sneaks him a few cookies to tide him over. He's a growing boy!She'll shake her head at Conall but gives him a warm smile and pat on the arm as he walks out, "I'll see what else I can pull together…Gabrielle didn't tell us how many to make!" As everyone leaves, they can hear Irma ordering Irene around in the kitchen. It sounds as if she's starting prep on something big.

Gilroy is very happy to take the cookies. He beams a smile at Irma and stuffs Fiona's box of art supplies under his arm just so that he can take them. He chews happily as he follows his sister outside. Good cookies make up for being dragged along to do menial tasks. Fiona is used to grumbling brothers so ignores Gilroy for the most part, unless he is being picked on - because that is her job. "Hello," she says somewhat shyly to the two older students.

Gabrielle , looking slightly mortified at whatever her aunts are preparing in the kitchen will hustle everyone out into the back yard. It's just like the front yard, well kept, but old and worn. "I'm so sorry…I thought we'd be back before anyone got here!" She'll let out a sigh, and ask the two Donnellys, "They didn't say anything, did they? Do they know?" she'll turn to Morgana, "That's what they do, they bake amazing, and suck you in. " She'll point at Conall,and shake her head. "He's already been spelled. He comes to see them, not me!" she'll chuckle lightly, turning back to Fiona with a smile, "So, you got permission then?"

Conall does smile brightly as well, "Thank you ma'am. I promise though, it is not necessary." Not wanting them to overdo it. Starting to chuckle a bit at the sounds from the kitchen as they make way out. Smiling and nodding in return as a greeting to the younger student. Then his eyes go towards Gabby. Laughing a bit. "Hey, it's good baking! IT's not my fault if they… Go about it differently." Remembering how they tricked him over before and it causes him to chuckle and shake his head some more. Then looking to the Donnellys again.

"Oh? So what you're trying to say is that I shouldn't eat their baked goods, because I might become addicted like Conall is?" Morgana says, leaning over to nudge against Conall as she teases him. "Or maybe I need to keep some baked goods around so your aunts don't steal him away." Though looking as they head back inside, Morgana will look at the items they brought with them, checking to make sure they are hidden well enough. "So now that they're here, how are we going to get started with out them noticing?"

Fiona shuts the door behind her, afterall she wasn't raised in a barn. Once she feels it is safe enough she says, "We didn't say anything, Gabby I promise. We just said I was here so you could look at some art supplies I bought." She hooks her thumb towards the cookie munching Gilroy and the box he is holding. "I brought over paint brushes and some turpentine. I found it in an outbuilding so I am certain it won't be missed." She shoves her hands into the pockets of her dungarees. "Technically, I am not allowed to come to the thing that you invited me for. Father was worried there might be muggle born or half-bloods. I am sorry. He is a bit of an arse these days." Once the swear word comes out of her mouth she clamps her hand over it, her eyes going wide in shock at what she has just said.

Gabrielle just shakes her head at Conall, but turns to Morgana and grins, "Depends. I think it's accumulative. You should be safe for today." As much as she's huffing about her aunts, there's a fondness in her voice, "I'd accuse them of potioning everyone, but I"ve watched them bake…It's a strange form of magic." She'll look to Fiona, her smile dropping some, "Oh..I'm sorry. I don't want you to get into trouble." She'll nod to the supplies, "Then we won't start till you leave." She'll ignore the swear word, looking back to Morgana, "They about had a heart attack coming home to the new roof, I'm going to let them chose the paint color, so they're not completely out of control. I'll ask them in a little bit."

Morgana smirks as she hears Fiona curse, and Morgana shakes her head. "I promise not to tell." She is guilty of letting words like that slip now and again. "Still, I'm sorry you're in that situation." Turning back to Gabby she nods. "That's good, because I can't bake for the life of me, I'd hate to be out done." When the plan is laid out, Morgana nods, looking back to the buckets of paint. "That's probably a good idea, I wouldn't want them to fall over because we started painting their house in a color they did not like."

Gilroy sets down the wooden box of paint brushes and tins of turpentine for cleaning them. The brushes are broad, the kind used for painting large surfaces - like houses. That done he goes to stand as guard, since really he isn't part of this. But he does give Fiona a warning look when she swears. "Oh let it go, you aren't Aidan," she mutters to her brother and then bounds over to Morgana and Gabby. "What can I do to help before we have to go? I came in my dungarees so I can get dirty."

Gabrielle nods along with Morgana, "That is a rough situation to be in Fiona." She'll laugh softly , "I can't bake either Morgana, somehow that skipped me. Potions I get, Baking? Not so much." The smile drops from her face a bit, "I think they'll be more upset that I'm doing this, and they couldn't…" She'll shake her head softly, "But I don't have bills and other upkeep. I'm just trying to help, ya know?" Gabby will glance around, "I…Well, I guess we can make sure everything that can be is moved away from the house. Get the paint ready. Ask my Aunts."

"I"m in the same boat, though I have been able to make a decently eatable stew. Since.. that's sort of like potion making. Throw it all into a pot and let it cook itself." Morgana admits as they start looking toward the paints. "It's probably just a pride thing. I am sure they'll appreciate it, even if they were unable to do it themselves." Looking back toward the house and the kitchen she nods. "Probably best to ask before we get started."

Fiona is happy to be the dogsbody, what younger girl wouldn't be. She starts to move things away from the back of the house. Lawn chairs. Tables. Small gnomes. Anything she is asked to move. "I think your aunts love you very much and will be proud of what you are doing and how you want to help them." She has a somewhat naive, child-like view of things, but then she is young. "Should I try to move that bird bath or is it far enough away?"

Gabrielle bites her lower lip soem, last time she tried to cook..it was bad.She'll start moving things as well, talking, "It is…but I can understand. It's hard when you want to be able to provide, and can't. They've given up somuch for me, I just want to take care of them.No..I think the bird bath is fine…" Luckily for Gabby, she stops talking just as the door swings open and Irene comes out with a tray of different cookies, some looking suspiciously like apple crisps. She pauses when she sees the kids all moving things. "What is going on here?" Her voice , which was warm and welcoming , has now gone to old proud elderly witch that doesn't need your help crossing the road, thank you very much indeed!

Morgana helps with the moving of items. "I know what you mean. I'm in the same boat myself, but my grandparents are stubborn. I just hope I get a good enough paying job that I can make sure they can retire in peace." When one of the aunts comes out with food, she'll raise her brow and look to Gabby. "Who us? We were just waiting for your delicious confections, I have heard so much about them." She'll let Gabby explain since it is a family matter. "Conall speaks very highly of it."

Fiona is willing to step, or leap into the breach. She's used to adults finding her in odd situations. "I think this is enough room for me to do my Irish dancing," she declares a bit loudly. Her dark head turns towards Gabby's aunt Irene. "Oh, hello Miss Irene." Big dimple smile. "Do you like Irish dancing?" Fiona spies a guilty looking Gilroy and glares daggers at him, he was a poor watchdog.

Irene, while old, is not blind or stupid. She was a Ravenclaw, after all. She'll ignore both Morgana's and Fiona's attempts at distraction. "Enough of this! Gabrielle! What is going on?"

Gabrielle starts to answer, cheeks flushing some at the glare she's getting from her Aunt, when Irma comes tottling out with the lemonade, "Oh! What's going on? Irene, don't raise your voice, Gabrielle has guests!" She'll look around, blinking at the rearranged yard. Eyebrows coming together, "Gabrielle, What's going on?" Her voice, while softer than Irene's is almost more upset.

Gabrielle 's shoulder slump slightly, but she'll move forward to take the lemonade from Irma, "Just…hear me out, please? It's the reason I’ve been working so hard all summer." She'll do a head motion for Conall to take the tray of cookies from Irene. "I have the paint, and the man power…we're repainting the house for you." She'll give a nervous but bright smile to both aunts.

Gabby wants to leave Conall alone with a plate of sweets? They're never going to see him again! She'll let Gabby talk to her aunts, and when she feels like she can pipe in, she will. "It won't take us very long, and we'll have the mess cleaned up before you know it. We even got different colors so you would have a choice of what you'd like best." See! So helpful!

Fiona looks over at Morgana, she isn't sure how this will play out and seems to be waiting for guidance from the older girl. Gilroy, the swine is doing as Conall is and keeping quiet. Boys! Though to be fair, at this juncture Fiona is keeping quiet too. She doesn't want to make things worse. It is then that she realises she is holding a decorative garden gnome. She looks around and decides to set it down as surrupticiously as possible.

Fiona and her brother both look at each other and slowly slink off and away. Gabby nods softly but doesn't look away from her aunts, who are both just staring at her not sure what to do, "Please…let's talk inside?" She'll offer the lemonade to Morgana to hold and will try to usher her aunts in. As the doors closing Irene can be heard, "We are not some charity case, Gabrielle!This is not-" and their voices fade as they go further into the house.

~several hours later~

Gabrielle 's house is an old, worn looking 2 story building. The roof though, is a brand new deep red, which clashes with the faded blue outside. There is a small stack of paint cans, along with brushes, drop cloths and ladders on the side of the house. There's a table set up in the back, with cookies and lemonade. Kitchen chairs have been dragged out under the apple trees for shade.The sounds and smells of other things baking are drifting from the kitchen. If the baking is tried, it's clearly home made, then taste is one that can not be duplicated by recipe, only by hands that have done so thousnads of times before. No measuring cups were used, just sight and love.

Morgana has been busy with the painting, making sure the colors are misex like they are supposed to be. It would suck to have a streaky paint job! She has been doing her best to stay away from the baked goods, since she heard that they get you addicted and make you come back for more. She is however drinking form the lemonaid to keep cool. She's dressed down, wearing an old school shirt that doesn't fit right anymore, so she doesn't mind it getting messy.

Gabriel is proof that baked goods can be addicting. Since he keeps going back and grabbing a cookie, then painting for about a minute then going back to the cookies. He's actually spent more time up to now eating cookies then painting…

There's a small boy who's dropped off by a well polished, handsome and distinguished wizard with black hair, he's left with a picnic basket and a small crate along with a small glass vase filled with summer wildflowers. This is Cillian, who stands in front of the door, satchel bumping against his leg, hair falling down around his shoulders a bit longer than usual, eyepatch…and pair of dark brown linen trousers worn with a white poet's shirt and a dark brown leather vest that laces up and belts around the waist with a lovely bronze buckle. There's a long pause before he tentatively clears his throat, makes sure his father has apparated away and then he looks back to the door and raises his voice. "ME FAIR LADY!"

Gabrielle 's aunts earlier had picked out a pretty cream color for the house. Gabby's been running around, trying to make sure she has all the supplies she needs, so is just now coming out of the house, dressed in an old long sleeved blouse and pants. Her hair is pulled back and she's got another tray of cookies in her hands, "Thanks Aunt Irma. They smell wonderful!" Gabby's actually smiling as she steps out of the kitchen. She'll blink as she hears yelling from the front. "Cillian? We're set up in the back!"

Morgana has been working on getting the paint mixed up and poured out into a pan so she can get some on the house, instead of on herself. "More cookies? Your aunts are way too good at this baking, I didn't know cookies could be made from scratch so quickly." Maybe they're using some sort of magical oven. Either way, Morgana has picked her starting point and started to get some paint up on the house, and has so far kept it off of herself.

Cookies? Paint? What more could a cookie-loving fashion-loving girl like Lucille ask for? She'd been busy sampling the cookies up until now, though it seems she's ready for some artistic abandon right now. "This is going to be /so/ much fun. Do you want plain boring old painting or painting wirth pizzazz?" She flashes one of her huge, toothy grins as she eagerly grabs up a paint-brush and starts to roll up her sleeves.

Cillian cranes his neck for a moment before weeblewobbling his way around to the place he's supposed to be to be giving out what he's supposed to. "Okay…so 'ere be yer flowers for the home, and I brought some chocolate pie and ahh…you already be 'avin cookies, this is okay. Me Father's cat somehow loves chocolate even thought it makes the poor ting-" He cuts himself off. "Anyways, 'ere ye go." He holds out the basket and the vase.

Having disappeared for a while, but being somewhere around the house, is Conall. Perhaps having been caught by one of the aunts, wandered lost or just kept really quiet as he help out. Glancing around and waving to the others around as he sees them.

Gabrielle nods to Morgana as she sets the tray down, "Yeah…I wish they could have a bakery.Aunt Irma would be in heaven!" She'll look over to Lucille and smile, "No…just a regular old boring paint job. It's for my aunts, remember?" She'll walk a bit closer to the girl and softly say, "and remember that muggles will be able to see it. so, nothing too wizardly." Seeing Cillian she'll jog over to help him, although she sneaks a hug in before taking the flowers and basket, "Oh, they're beautiful! Thank you. You look wonderful, are you having a nice holiday?" she'll glance back to the cookie table and laugh, "Gabe, you're going to explode!Slow down!"

"They'd make a killing if they did." Morgana responds as she paints, spotting Conall emerging again. Smirking she'll shake her head at him. "Did the Aunts pin you down and force you to eat more sweets?" She says lightly, watching as the others seem to be taking their fill.

Lucille pouts a little at the mention of her two least favorite words - plain and boring. "Pity, that," she remarks sadly, eyeing the side of the house she's obviously intending to work on with some remorse. Not one to be saddened for very long, though, she brightens, "Can't go wrong with cookies and chocolates, though! It should be fun enough. I'll make it the best boring paintjob ever." And she starts to dip the paintbrush in the paint before starting in on her work with great concentration.

From the street in front of the house next door comes a loud shout, "Hey HEY! Time for this PARTY to get ACES! Theodore DuPont is here!" And indeed, that's who's yelling as he arrives at Gabrielle's place. He walks up the sidewalk, huge smile on his face. He's wearing a pair of khaki pants and a wife beater, a button up dress shirt of baby blue hanging from his back pocket. "Let's get this party STARTED!"

Gabriel becomes a self-guided boy missile as he does something highly unusual for him. He's never been against getting hugs but he rarely initiates them. In this case he manages to pull himself just short of bowling Cillian over as he grabs him in a big bear hug. "Cap'n! THANK YOU! The bag is awesome! Great birthday gift!"

Conall chuckles and nods to Morgana, "Something like that." He offers and smiles before glancing around at the others. Seeing the arriving Theo and his mood causes a laugh though. "You seem to be in high spirits." He offers along with a small wave. Then doing the same to the others that arrive.

Cillian accepts the hug, patting Gabrielle's back gently before offering a small smile. "I'll be 'appy when school starts again." He leaves it at that before looking around curiously. "Alright…I suppo-" Then he's being almost knocked over by Gabriel, flailing an arm a bit before falling onto his butt as he hugs the other boy tightly, laughing and shaking his head. "Oi! I 'ave to get me Pirates good tings on their birthdays!"

Lucille pauses mid-stroke of her paintbrush at the commotion behind her. Spotting Gabriel and Cillian entangled, she gives a bright and cheery laugh, ah uge grin spreading over her face, "I didn't think boys were that big about hugs. Though maybe that kid of hug is more boyish - a tackle hug?" She dissolves into giggles, "And I can't wait for school to start, too, Cillian. Summer's nice and all, though it's almost more exciting at school."

Theodore turns, to look over towards Gabrielle's ACTUAL house. He looks back at the neighbor house, then laughs, "Heh, That's not Artie's place, huh?" He turns and walks over to Gabrielle's house, shrugging at Conall, "Why wouldn't I be in high spirits? My pal Artie decided to throw a house painting birthday party for me!" He grins widely.

Morgana smirks at Conall and shakes her head. "I think those old biddies are trying to steal you away and keep you in the closet to do handy work for them." Morgana teases and when Theo comes bursting in she laughs, not watching where her brush is going so some paint may be getting flung around. "You should use some of that energy with a paint brush." She says with a smirk.

Gabrielle tilts her head frowning slightly at Cillians words, but then he and Gabe are hugging and she'll move to set the flowers and pie down on the table. She'll look up, frowning again at Theo's entrance. He sounds….not close. She'll glance around and her eyes go wide, "Oh no…not Mr.Canemaker's…" She'll hurry over towards Theo, making sure to stay in her own yard, "Teddy! It's not.."She'll give up, "Yes…it's a party." She'll cock her head, and smile at Theo, "For you? Do you really like painting houses or something?"

Speaking of old biddies, an older looking witch comes out of the kitchen. She has on an apron with flour smeared on it, but is smiling brightly. Irma's carrying a new pitcher of lemonade and blinks surprised at all the new faces! "Oh dear! We'll need some more glasses…and chairs. Conall dear, come take this lemonade to the table." While it's worded as a request, it's not. Her eyes wander over everyone for a moment and will hover on Theo , with a slightly puzzled look. He seems familiar.

Theodore laughs at Artie, "Not so much, but I LOVE parties." He smirks, "AND birthdays." He looks at the house and Morgana. "And since today's my birthday and you're having a party, I just figured, why not combine 'em?" And then he shouts, "SEVENTEEN! WHOOO!"

Conall grins at Morgana, "They might." He offers in return and soon after there is the call for him and he moves over to do as asked. Happy to help out. Carrying the lemonade over to the table. "Happy birthday then." He calls out towards Theo even as he is making his way over to the right house.

Gabriel gets off Cillian and offers a hand to help him up. "I know right? Summer is suddenly so boring. I did get to go to Grandpaw's the first half of it. I just got back a few days ago." As soon as he helps Cillian to his feet he starts heading over to cookie platter. But he stops when Gabby's aunt comes out. Can't be being all gluttonous when there's adults around…

Cillian accepts the help up and giggles before his nose wrinkles and he glances over to Lucille. "Of /course/ we hug. We just dun be lettin' girls see it too much. Reuins the image. But school aye, will be nice. Also…me fathers got me the ship for me birthday! So soon ye all 'ave to visit! We get to spend the night on it and everyting." He then looks around. "…paint, hmm."

Gabrielle blinks, his birthday? How is she supposed to know when everyone's birthdays are. Should they have to tell her in advance? "Oh!" she'll walk up the rest of the way and give Theo a quick hug, "Happy Birthday then! We'll try to make this the best, painting birthday party we can." With no notice.

Morgana laughs as one of the aunts comes out to order Conall around. "See, I was right." She says with a smirk as she gets back to painting. Laughing at Theo she shakes her head. "Why don't you come over here and paint yourself a cake?"

Aunt Irma though,she has power to do something. she'll tilt her head, "You! Birthday boy! What's your favorite cookie?" She'll place a hand on the small of her back and give Theo a look that makes it clear he better just answer her.

Lucille blinks once and then twice before piping up with a cheerful, "Happy birthday to yooou!" in a sing-song voice that's actually not too shabby. "I don't know you, really, but … everyone should be happy on their birthday." She gives a sage nod of her head - Lucille logic. Cillian gets a beam at the mention of a ship of all things, "Oooh! Will we all get to see it someday? That sounds so /great/! I've never /been/ on a ship before. It must be /huge/ and majestic and all that." She inhales a breath, stopping herself from her run-on excitement by finishing with, "Good on you." Then her attention is grabbed by the painting at hand and she concentrates on it for a few minutes.

Gabriel chuckles in reaction to Luci's comment and heads towards her, arms open wide. "Course we hug. Here's let me show you what boy hugs are all about." As an aside he looks over his shoulder at Theo and says, "Happy Birthday!" as he keeps stalking Luci.

Theo slugs Gabby in the arm, hard enough to make her stagger a bit, "Oh course it will be Artie. It's my birthday!" He'll grin at all the well wishes and blinks surprised at the older witch's question, "I'm not sure? What can you make?" And he's walk over to Irma and offer an arm as she blushes and walks back into the kitchen. He'll glance back to the group and waggle his eyebrows over Irma's head and grin.

Gabrielle staggers , and will rub her arm lightly where Theo punched her, but smiles as he walks into the kitchen, "Merlin, if he lets slip who is mother is, we'll never see him again!" She'll walk back over and grab a ladder(this can not end well), "A ship ,Cillian? That sounds exciting!" She'll start moving towards the house.

Lucille squinches her face up in concentration, her tongue poking out one corner of her mouth as she makes deliberate painting motions. Who knew so uch concentration could be given to painting a boring old house? It's this concentration that has her missing Gabriel's approach until the last minute. Then she gives a squeal of surprise, a peal of giggling laughter and promptly drops her paint-laden brush with a plop, "/Gabriel/! Weren't you the one who was all gung-ho about cooties?" She laughs and wiggles her fingers at him, completely unphased at the stalking.

Elise was supposed to come with Luci, but there was a small snafoo at home, so she's late. But here she is! And she's brought an absolutely enormous plate of stuffed mushrooms and cheese and crackers. Her wee little arms are practically creaking with the effort of holding it all, and her face is red as she huffs and puffs toward the small crowd of children. "Hi," she gasps as she gets closer to Luci. Today she's wearing an oversized ratty old robe, probably her father's, with the sleeves rolled up and the hem pinned to keep her from tripping on it. "Mother… sent this!" she announces, glancing around for Luci and for Gabrielle, and smiling at pretty much everyone else that she sees here.

Dang! Bluff called Gabriel falls over as if the wiggling fingers had cast a charm on him "Ack! Cooties!". After a suitable enough moment he gets up, grinning, asking Cillian, "So Cap'n, are you going to ask for permission to have the ship at the school? Hello Mousie!" as he walks over to pick up the biggest paintbrush he can find.

Cillian hmms softly and tilts his head to the side as he looks thoughtful, dipping a finger into paint and then carefully painting three stripes on each of his cheeks with a soft snort before turning to peer at the gathered pirates with a thoughtful expression. "Hm? Oh no, its just for us to be usin' this summer…its old and it should be very spooky and amazin' to be exploring."

Gabrielle jaw tightens some as she sees Elise. She wasn't expecting to have to deal with the girl again till school. She'll nod quickly and look down to the ladder she's starting to set up.

Move the lemonade, done. Other help for the aunts, done. Paint, on it. Conall is keeping busy as he runs around while all the others are talking and he does offer the occasional smile and wave to them all. Though when he sees the Gabby's expression changing a bit it causes him to glance over and wave to Elise. Not sure what is wrong, if anything. The other firsties, or second years soon enough, getting pleasant smiles as well. As do anyone else. "How's it going?" He asks towards the pirates.

Elise's arms shake as she holds up the giant platter of food. Since no one seems to be coming over to help her, she finds a convenient place to put it and manages to set it down without spilling anything, although she /does/ pinch her finger rather hard beneath the lip of the plate. She winces and shakes it out. Then, seeing what others are doing, she grabs a paintbrush, positions herself next to Luci, and tries her hardest to blend in. She notices Gabrielle's look, and turns a bit pink, but then her chin comes up and she gives Gabrielle the friendliest smile she has, and a cheery wave, too.

Lucille gives Elise a wide, toothy grin and, with a giggle, flicks a little bit of paint at her, "You're late!" She says this in a sing-song, cheery voice. Not that she harps on it too much - she's only teasing, after all. And then she goes back to painting, onviously super engrossed in the task.

Conall continues looking between Elise and Gabby for a moment before finally raising his voice, "Everything alright?" Not sure what is fully wrong.

Gabrielle looks up and gives a forced smile, although that could be because she's set the ladder down on her foot and is trying to not grimace, "Yes…Everythig's fine." She'll look down and shake her foot slightly. She'll then glance up the very tall ladder she's going to climb.

Gabriel flicks a bit of paint at Elise from the other side as well, "Yeah, you /are/ late! At least you brought tasties for us." With a giggle he goes back to painting with big, long, exagerated strokes.

Conall tries to make Gabby explain things. Though he will let Elise offer her own as well, if she wishes. Grinning a bit at the two younger students as they play wit hthe paint before he looks over to Gabby again. "Are you sure? You could tell me." He offers. Lightly. Giving her this moment before he will drop it. Since it is a painting party/birthday party.
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Gabrielle smiles again at Conall, clearly giving him the not now look. "Yeah, everything's fine." She'll glance to the road, I"m actually just surprised that Takeshi didn't show, I was hoping for a few more…taller people…" she'll shrug and pick up a paint bucket and brush and place afoot on the first rung of the ladder.

Conall nods and don't ask her more for now. Glancing around as Takeshi isn't there. "Yeah. Hopefully he might show up later." He suggests and shrugs. Moving to help out with the painting. Some color smudged upon his clothing even. "Hey! I am… Decently tall." He offers with a teasing grin.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes and will start up the ladder slowly, "Right, but i don't think you want to do the entire second floor yourself, do you?" She's being careful with each step, knowing that she's not the most graceful of girls.

Gabriel puts his paintbrush down and goes back to the table full of food. And for once he doesn't go for the cookies, instead going for the stuffed mushrooms Elise brought. "I want to climb the ladder!" Well, that comes out more as "A waff ta cliff ah a'er!" Since his mouth is full.

Conall chuckles and shakes his head, "True enough. Careful there Gabs." He offers before glancing to Gabriel as he hear the words. Laughing a bit as he nods. "What was that?" He asks and looks between Gabrielle and Gabriel. "Cliff?"

The ladder wobbles slightly as Gabby starts to get higher. She'll try to ignore Gabe's plea, knowing full well what he's asking for. She'll be damned if one of the pirates breaks their necks painting her house. She'll stop, trying to not grab at the ladder white knuckled, "Seriously, where are all the rest of the upper classmen who said they'd help?"

"I am sure that they will drop in. We still got a long way to go after all." Conall tells Gabby and smiles reassuringly at her. Though he does glance over to Gabriel again as well and keeping an eye on the younger student. Making sure to not let him do something too careless.

Gabrielle will glare down at the paint brush in her hand a moment before starting up the ladder again. She'll softly mutter, "Yeah..I'm not gonna hold me breath." Maybe she's referring to someone specific? She'll start in on the house, working quickly. She's not the steadiest on the ladder, but what can she do?

Conall nods slowly to Gabby and keeps looking around. Perhaps hoping to see more people to drop in. Sighing he nods and looks back to Gabby as he continues painting as well. "I understand. Hopefully before the end of the day." He suggests.

Gabrielle shrugs lightly, trying to focus on her painting. Small drops of paint fall from her brush as she goes back and forth, trying to hit all the corners. They paint for a while, the others all talking amongst themselves, breaking for lemonade and snacks.

Soon enough, the house is painted a pretty cream color, with the shutters and framing to match the roof. Both aunts cry when they see the house and hug anyone that comes near enough to get into their vice like grips. They fill everyone up on left over cookies and make everyone promise to come back and visit them. Gabby has a slightly terrified look when they do this, but smiles and thanks everyone as well. It’s not until she goes back inside that she finds Theo still in her kitchen, eating what appears to be a birthday cake.

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