(1938-08-07) Key and Cookies
Details for Key and Cookies
Summary: Takeshi shows up late for the house painting, and instead offers to help fix the stairs. Ripley shows up and he and Gabby have a much needed sit down.
Date: August 7th, 1938
Location: Gabriella's House

At the back of the house is a dining room, a large table covered now with art supplies. There is a china cabinet in the corner, but through the glass of the doors one can only see books instead of dishware. Beside the dining room is the kitchen, a warm room where the oven is nearly always baking something. There are cookbooks and potion books along shelves everywhere, and a pantry reveals canning supplies, spices and potion ingredient racks.

Gabrielle 's come in with her basket of potions ingredients she picked up fro her aunts. she's beginning to worry some, Irma's going through a lot. Her back must be getting worse. Not actually expecting anyone to be home, they both work, she'll make her way into the kitchen to put the stuff away. Maybe she'll check the garden later, before starting in on the star charts for MAdame Lunaris. she'll rotate her right wrist some frowning, it's started to bother her again.

From outside, behind the shrubbery there is a pop and then a man walks out and up the stairs, or maybe a man, it's still Takeshi and he still looks like a baby, just with grown up clothes. He knocks on the door a couple times and hands disappear in his pockets as he leans against something nearby to wait on someone to open the door.

Gabrielle 's head snaps up from the kitchen. The Watson house has never had this many visitors as it has this summer! She'll set her things down and walk to the front door. The outside of the house has been freshly painted, and the roof has clearly been redone as well. the done opens and Gabby stands there with a simple pink long sleeved blouse a long flowy brown skirt. "Takeshi! Hi! What are you doing all the way out here?"

Takeshi pushes off his leaning post and smiles, "Well, you know, you did ask me to come out here. When are we gonna paint you know?" A smile as he removes hands from his pocket, "So this is nice. This is where your aunts live?"

Gabrielle laughs softly, "Takeshi…we painted like 5 days ago…" She's smiling and will shake her head. She'll step out onto the porch, and nod to the light cream colored house, "Isn't it a pretty color?" She'll nod, "Yeah, this is our house. It looks so much nicer now that the roofs fixed and it's been painted!"

Takeshi nods, "Oh, I'm sorry. I feel bad now." Then he sighs, "Well, is there anything I can do still? I'm good with wood." He smiles at as she comes out and moves up to bump against her, "wel, what's up regardless?"

Gabrielle blinks at his touch, but smiles, "Not unless you can fix my stairs…" She doesn't sound like she expects him to. She'll shrug, "Not much, I've got some star charts to work on later, but besides that, nothing really." She'll pause and then ask, "Would you like some cookies and lemonade?"

Takeshi quirks a brow, "Stairs? Those are wood right? I think I can manage that. Show me these troublesome stairs." Then he nods, "I would totally jump on cookies and lemonade right now, but actually, do you have tea? I prefer tea. Cookies and tea. Sounds like a meal to me."

Gabrielle grins, her stairs are in fact made of wood! She'll start to open the door then turn around to give Tak a long hard look. "Have you not been eating properly?" Cookies and tea are not a proper meal! She'll open the door all the way, and from what Tak can see, the outside of the house is in better condition than the inside. The inside is clean, spotless, even, but the lack on money is evident.

Takeshi nods, "I eat quite well thank you. Don't look down on me." There's a chuckle as he enters the house and nods, "Well then, let me see them stairs. I'll get those fixed up lickity split. No magic either, I'm going to do it by hand. I'll have to get some wood." Inside he doesn't seem to mind anything, even if they don't have money, but then Takeshi never has been one of those people, the kind that throw money around. "Aww, it's a cute house. Although back to eating, maybe I haven't been. Would you come cook for me?"

It's not just the stairs, but the banister as well. The 4th stair has about fallen through, and by the wear, it's clear they've just been stepping over it. It's not an easy fix, but do-able with some work. Gabby will reach into her pocket and pull out a few coins. Not nearly enough for the supplies needed, but she has no idea. "Here, this is what I have."She'll offer the coins to Tak. She'll glance around, smiling, "It's nice. It's home." She'll nod, “Cookies and tea, right?" She'll then laugh, "I don't think me trying to cute for you would do anything but make you skinnier. I'm not very skilled, if not for my aunts, I'd starve over summer holiday." She'll bite her lower lip a moment, "I'm sure you can stay for dinner, if you'd like. they always make way too much, and if you're fixing the stairs, they'll want to repay you."

Takeshi nods, pushing her hand back with the coins, patting it. "No. I'll buy them. You worry about other things." Then a smile, "Oh well, in that case, I cook just fine, maybe you should come over every day to learn to cook? Yeah, do that. Just visit daily and i'll teach you to cook. Or I can come here, either way, I just poof about anyways." There's a chuckle as he moves over to the stairs, "I'll take you up on that offer. Then I can come back tomorrow to fix the stairs. I'll figure out how much wood I need today. Are you safe?"

Gabrielle blinks, she'd forgotten about Tak's spit fire talking, "I..uh…no..I want-have to pay for the wood. It's important to my aunts that we're buying the supplies." she'll thrust out her hand again. She'll furrow her eyebrows, "I…if my aunts havn't had any luck in teaching me, you won't either. I'm too nervous around the stove…" Her cheeks flush lightly out of embarrassment. Trying to change the subject some, "I'm going for my apparation test soon. That's kinda exciting." she'll walk to the stairs with him, and then blink, "I think so? We've just been skipping it, but with the banister all wobble, I'm afraid Aunt Irma may fall."

Takeshi nods, "Not what I meant Gabs. I'm sure you're safe around the stairs." Then he hmms, "I'll need to take a picture so I can get them to match this stain." So he pulls out a phone and snap, snap. Two pictures for analysis, "It looks mixed, it may be difficult. I'm sure I can get it though." Though he doesn't turn to talk to her, "Oh? You /have/ to pay for it? Okay, I'll accept payment in the form of a kiss on the cheek. Then I'll consider us completely equal." Without a beat. Without even a blink. Without nervousness. What has Takeshi become, oh me oh my. "And I would teach you to cook. If you really want to, I'll teach you to not be afraid. Also, you've been nursing your wrist for awhile now."

Okay, Eagle Eyes hasn't changed at least.

Gabrielle will look down at the stairs too…she's never given it much though, about the stain. "Even if it doesn't match, just so they won't fall." Her eyes widen and her cheeks flush, "Takeshi! I can't-I'm with Ripley! You know that!" She'll take a half step back, just so she's not leaning over him looking at the stairs, "And if I could stop being afraid of fire, don't you think I would? I hate that I am!" She's flustered, although it's hard to tell if it's his asking for the kiss, or the fire talk. She'll just ignore his mentioning of her wrist…or maybe she's too focused on the other things he's said.

Takeshi stands and waves a hand, "Calm down. It was a joke, a joke. You know, those things that you tell to make people laugh. I wouldn't ever ask you to betray your boyfriend, you of all people know that, but no money, so you can pay me with dinner tonight, since I actually haven't been grocery shopping." He sighs, "Oi, all the time with you. I didn't realize you were afraid of fire, you had never told me. I just thought you didn't know. I'm sorry." Though he's still worried about her wrist, "And your wrist. Wrist. you know, that thing that attaches your hand to your arm."

Gabrielle just kind of looks confused, cheeks still flushed. "I…"and she'll let that part of the conversation drop, because with all of the changes Tak's been through, she doesn't know. She'll glance down to her arm, "I've ….I just…no. No fire." While her cheeks are flushed the rest of her is pale, she's really terrified, if even the thought is doing that to her.She'll fold her arms, placing her right wrist against her body, "It's fine. I've just been working a lot."

Takeshi remembers something at this point, memories flood back to his head, "Wait..I'm being a prick. Oh…I…I'm so sorry Gabby, I forgot. I honest to goodness forgot. I remember bandaging the wound, I remember it, but I forgot why. That was awful. I deserve whatever punishment you want to heap on me for it. That was possibly the rudest, most inconsiderate thing I've ever done to you, even worse than when I told you everyone but me was lying to you." He frowns, "Sorry. But, but..buttt…you should..shoud…wrist.. Let me…check it." And it's back.

Gabrielle won't look up, but she shakes her head. Her voice is low and controlled, "It's ok…there's no reason why you should have remembered. It's my issue, not yours." She'll shake her head again, "It's ok, really. I've just been painting a lot….I'll go put the kettle on for tea,” and with that, she'll turn and walk towards the kitchen, leaving Tak to stand at the stairs, or follow. His choice.

Takeshi follows after her, "It's not okay. Not at all. I should have remembered. And it's a mutual issue. I don't want you to get hurt, at all. Which makes it my issue." Though he frowns at the wrist, "that's a lie. You should bandage it. If it's really hurting, stabalizing it will help."

Gabrielle will start to pull out the tea stuffs, mostly using her left hand, although it may be nerves that's making her do that now. "I don't expect people to focus on what happened to me all the time. it's ok." She'll glance down at her wrist a moment, "I have on the cloth guard…Elise grabbed my arm the other day, and then tried to pull my sleeve up. I almost slapped her." She'll sigh, shaking her head. She'll pause, and clearly steels herslef before turning on the stove and jumping back slightly when it lights. "Merlin….I can't wait till they make a stove that doesn't use flames…" Her flush is gone, but she's still pale. "I'll wrap it later, I promise, ok?"she'll finally look up at Tak and give him a weak smile.

Takeshi frowns again and sighs, but drops the subject. "I can do it before I leave." Though he moves over to the stove, "Ok, you sit down. I'll cook."

Gabrielle 's voice drops, "My aunts don't know …the scars…they don't know."She'll look to the door, just to make sure they're not lingering. She'll gladly step away from the stove, "It'll just need to be taken off when it's ready, is all. i'll get teh cvookies…" she'll move and grab two small plates and open a container with about 4 different kinds of cookies.

Takeshi nods, finding a tea pot and filling it with some water before dropping in the tea bag and putting it on the stove. "Right, so you can come by and visit me later. Unless you want to apparate along with me. Although I think that's illegal." He taps his chin, "Oh well, you can come see me later if you want and i'll take a look at it. That music box of yours." Poor code is poor Takeshi. "where are your aunts?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "No..not unless you can pull me along…"She doesn't sound to excited to being dragged along by someone who's just started apporating the past year or so. She'll blink, music b-oh. She'll nod, smiling softly, "Sure. Maybe tonight, if not, I'll come by tomorrow before I go to the broom shoppe?" She'll bring the two plates over to the kitchen table, "Today? Aunt Irene's cleaning the Hederson's house and Aunt Irma's teaching some rich girls baking skills. 'Important for catching a husband!' " She'll laugh and is clearly quoting someone. "They should be home soon." She's calmed down some, the color starting to go back to a normal tone, although she does keep glancing at the stove.

Takeshi nods at her, "Understood then." He's just staring at the teapot at this point as it begins to steam and then finally steepes, whistling loudly. He pulls it off the stove and cuts it off,, setting it to the side so it can cool. Then he reaches into his pocket and takes out a key, "Ah, right. Here you go." He tosses it at her, "That's another key up to my place. I figured with the weird stuff..if you're ever in trouble, you can hide there. K?"

Gabrielle will fumble as the key is thrown at her , ultimately knocking it to the ground and under the table, "Oh! Tak!" She'll bend down first looking for the key, and after spotting it will crawl under the table to grab it. Unintentionally giving Takeshi a nice view of her bottom. As this is happening the front door opens and rustling can be heard coming towards the kitchen.

Takeshi turns to look, grabbing that view, picture printing….ching, stored in brain. "Yes'm, my bad. I shouldn't have thrown it." (inner monologue: Awww yeah. Clumsy wins again). Then the sound of the front door opening is heard and he turns, getting some cups, "Do your aunts want tea too?"

Gabrielle 's very unaware of the mental polaroid being taken of her backside…which is probably a good thing. Her voice is muffled slightly, "No..it's ok…I'm just not very good with catching things." Clearly. She'll emerge as an older witch walks in, she's shorter and has her hand on the small of her back, "Gabrielle?..who is this?"She doesn't sound upset, but abit leery at a stranger in her house while her niece is crawling around the floor.

Takeshi turns to the woman that just entered and bows slightly, "Evening mah'm. My name is Takeshi Odori, Apprentice Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies. I was in school with gabby until just this year when I graduated and completed my schooling. It's truly a pleasure to meet you, I have heard of you from Gabby. Do you want tea? Gabby asked me to come help, I'm going to fix those stairs of yours."

A bit of a rap on the door and behind it stands Ripley. He gives a bit of a smile to the aunt and then to Takeshi, "Didn't you just graduate?" He says and lifts a brow to the boy who is there. And then to Irma, "A little something for the kitchen." As he offers her a box. Inside the box is a set of flavorings, all sorts lined up in little rows. Flavors from coffee to raspberry and all in between. "For your baking." And then a wink to Gabby, "Hey, hon."

Gabrielle looks over to her Aunt and smiles, Tak!his is my aunt Irma. " she'll straighten her skirt out some as Irma waddles over to Takeshi. the older witch will look him up and down one, and glance to Gabby like she's trying to figure something out, "An apprentice Healer? that's quite a job. What division are you wanting to end up in?" she'll walk over to check to make sure he's got the tea bags seeping correctly. she'll look up, "Hufflepuff, right?" Irma will smile, "I knew your name sounded familiar. …now, there's no need to fix our stairs, we're fine. Go sit down and talk with Gabby.Poor dear's been working too hard this summer!" Gabby, rolling her eyes will go get the door. Smiling up at Ripley, she'll led him in to the kitchen, holding his hand. Irma raises an eyebrow, doing an great impersonation of Gabby(or maybe Gabby gets it from her) and will take the box from Ripley, "Well…Thank you dear. There's no need to bring gifts overtime you come visit."

Takeshi smiles at Irma, "No no, it's fine. I work with wood because I really like it. And that is a bit dangerous, so i'll fix the bannister and stairs. It's not a problem mah'm." Then to Ripley he offers a wave, "Ah, yeah. I did! It seems I ran into Gabby while she was in Diagon alley, I rent a room out near the broome shop. We chatted and she wanted me to come help paint. I missed that so I'm making up for it."
Then he turns to the aunt, smiling, "Right, Hufflepuff. The lazy one. I want to get into Trauma, First Response."

Ripley gives a nod to Takeshi, "Taking care of my girl?" He says and waves back to Takeshi and then to Irma, "I just want for the aunties to look forward to me visiting and since I fixed the roof I didn't think you'd let me do much else. Doesn't hurt to spoil you ladies a bit." He grins, hoping some of the charm rubs off.

Gabrielle narrows her eyes, what are they doing? Irma though, having been spoiled by all the attention that Theo gave her is eating this up, "No, nothing like that, Takeshi dear. I've always had a soft spot for the Hufflepuffs, sometimes I think I was sorted into the wrong house!" she'll rub the small of her back, looking between the two boys, ignoring Gabby's confused face. "Well….I am concerned Gabrielle will trip….you tell me how much you charge, we'll pay you." AS Irma's eyes go over to Ripely, Gabby jumps in, squeezing his hand a bit, "Ripley did lend me the money for the roof, it was amazing of him to do so. I'm hoping to maybe paint his mother something when I get better to cut down on what I owe him. Her garden is amazing, I'm thinking about trying to do something from there." It's clear to the two boys that Gabby's lying , but then again, she's not trying to lie to them. Whatever magical ability gabby has for lying seems to work on her aunts, as Irma nods and smiles softly, "As long as you're paying him back. We don't take charity." This feels like something she says to Gabby a lot. Iram does give Ripley a small smile as she takes the flavorings and sets them on the counter.

Takeshi nods at Irma, "Oh, We worked that out. I'm being paid in meals. I think she made that agreement without asking the actual cook though." There's a chuckle from Takeshi as he moves out of IRma's way, her house and all. "Well, good to know Ms. Irma. I do like Hufflepuff as well. It seemed to fit me most readily." Though he nods at Ripley, "Taking care of? I think there's a joke i'm missing. I just happened to be around. Helping friends and all that." A wink from Takeshi now.

Ripley looks to Takeshi and gives the boy a strange look, "She's paying you in meals?" And then, a little stunned, he looks to Irma, "Right. And we have a payment schedule all worked out for her to pay me back. She's very strict about that policy." He smiles to the auntie and then looks to Gabby, "Meals? Huh?" he says, a teasing tone to his voice. "What cook?"

Irma nods, smiling. She likes this young man. "Well, I already have the chicken for tonight, but if you'll let me know when you'll be coming to fix the stairs, I'll make whatever you want." She'll pat Tak on the arm, and turn to Ripley, "Good. good. We taught her well. No hand outs."

Gabrielle does not seemed amused, adn will force a smile, "It's not completely worked out yet. I'll be paying for the supplies." And she'll shoot Takeshi a mini death glare. When Irma's not looking she'll poke at Ripley, he knows she doesn't cook. "Do you want some tea and cookies?" She'll glance out the back door, "It's nice..we could go sit under the apple trees?" She need to get them away from her Aunt….

Takeshi nods at Irma, "Sure, Sure. I will gladly let you know when I'm coming so I can get a good meal." He doesn't press the issue about supplies and turns to Ripley, chuckling, "hah, not gabby. I think she made that promise based on Ms.Irma cooking." A smile at him before he turns back to Gabby, "I'm along for the ride. Whichever."

Ripley reaches down and slips his hand into Gabby's and nods, "Sounds nice to go out under the trees. You know… I can swing a hammer. I'd help." He looks to Tak.

Irma will start humming. It's a tuneless hum, more just a white noise, as she starts setting tea cups and the two plates of cookies onto a tray.

Gabrielle takes Ripleys hand and smiles softly, but a bit nervously. She feels like there's tension…but that could just be Irma. "Thanks Aunt Irma. Do you need help getting supper ready?" Irma will wave her off though. She may not know much of what's going on in Gabby's life, but she knows of her phobia…she doesn't press cooking on the girl. Gabby lets go of Ripley's hand to take the tray.

Takeshi nods at Ripley, "I think I would like that. Any help will be welcome, because it's going to take a couple of hands to correctly size the boards, sand them, stain them and make sure they're properly reinforced and protected. Four hands are far more better than two." A smile as he turns to Gabby, "Hmm. Well Gabs, I think I might be moving along. I actually have something to do. You know, all kinds of stuff. What with being graduated and getting to be stupid until I start at St. Mungo's. I have a meeting with a book writer. I got him to agree to meet me."

Ripley gives a bit of a wave to Takeshi and nods, "Will do. Just let me know when." and then he looks to Gabby, "need help? Want me to carry that?"
You paged SeanCee with 'right?'

Gabrielle blinks, surprised at Tak's quick exist, "Bye Takeshi. I'll talk to you later!" she'll look down to the try and then smile at Ripley, "If you want." She'll go open the back door and led him out to the apple trees in the back. There's a small bench, big enough for two there, and a small table to set the tray on. "So…why the visit?" she doesn't seem upset at all, more curious.

Ripley shrugs, "I had to get out of the house and could use a hug." He says quite honestly. "What was up with him? Seemed like when I showed up it was all different."

Gabrielle will motion for him to set the tray down, and as soon as he does she'll wrap her arms around him laying her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry…I should have come and visited you again." She'll close her eyes and sigh, "I don't know Tak's been…weird lately. I think going home messed him up more than he's letting on. He's all…different now."She'll pull away slightly to look up to him, "He says he respects that I'm with you, but…I…I don't know. I'm probably over thinking it." She'll give Rip a smile, trying to get off the topic, "the house really does look pretty now, doesn't it?"

Ripley lifts a brow to the over thinking as he puts the tray down and just finally wraps his arms around her, "It does. Yes. And your aunties are none the wiser." He gives her a bit of a smile and shrugs, "I just miss having you about to see in the halls or just at dinner…" He looks towards the house, "What else do they need done?"

Gabrielle smiles looking at the house, "The stairs are the biggest danger, I think. With Aunt Irma's back, I just worry she'll trip and bring that banister down on top of her."she'll frown at that idea. "Maybe next summer I can start replacing furniture…or get the Floo to start working again." She'll look back to ripley and smile up at him, "Silly. I'm always here for you. " She'll drop her hands down to take his, "You can come for dinner you know, any time. Aunt Irma's warming up to you."

Ripley lifts a brow, "Is she? She still think I am a heartless murderer?" Ripley smirks, "I think that is why I keep bringing them gifts."

Gabrielle grimaces, "Ripley…they're old and have nothing better to do than bake cookies and gossip. It's hard …our…"she'll look to the house, "Sometimes, all someone has is their pride. And it's easy for people with money to not understand that, but…pride can get you through." She'll look back, and tilt her head, "Aunt Irma does not think you're a murderer. she's worried others have heard the rumor." She'll sigh softly, but smile, "They don't need gifts to remind them that they're poor. They need to know that you care about me, will be here for me." she'll squeeze his hands gently. "That you love me."

Ripley looks to her, "I don't buy them things to remind them that they are poor!" He sighs and looks to her for a long moment, "I do love you." He then smiles a bit more, "But if that Takeshi looks at you like that again… We will have some words."

Gabrielle nods, "I know you don't! But that's how it can be taken!" She'll sigh, why is explaining being poor so hard? "Birthdays and Christmas. that's the only time we get gifts… It's a very special occasion if it's any other time. Hell, Ripley, I haven't had a pair of shoes that hasn't belonged to someone else first in years." She'll look at him, trying to see if she's explaining this right. "I know you love me, i wasn't questioning that." She'll smile and tilt her head, "What are you talking about? How was Takeshi looking at me?" She seems genuinely unaware. She's already decided he didn't actually mean to be creepy. It's just takeshi.

Ripley lifts a brow, "He looked at your bum." He growls out a little, "And I wish you could understand that I do it because I want to see someone smile… That is why I buy gifts."

Gabrielle furrows her eyes, "He did not! You must have just…saw wrong. " Even if Take did still like her, he wouldn't so that. She'll sigh, "YEs, Ripley I know. but it shouldn't just be about what you want." She'll huff, he didn't get it at all, "Just…small gestures…they're already having doubts about the roof, that you're actually going to let me pay you back. Don't do anything too grande, please?" She'll let go of his hands to brings her's up to his collar to straighten it slightly.

"I saw what I saw." Ripley shrugs his shoulders. "You will pay me back. Maybe some day…" He gives a little whistle of an unknown secret.

Gabrielle 's hands freeze on his collar and she'll narrow her eyes some, "what's that supposed to mean?"

Ripley gives her a little smile, "You will know when it happens."

Gabrielle tilts her head, eyes still narrowed, "What are you up to?" She's still got her hands on his collar, but now it's more just holding on.

Ripley shrugs, "You will know." He repeats.

Gabrielle widens her eyes, "No surprises! Do you want me to just fall over dead from a heart attack?" she's saying no, but the corner of her mouth is uplifted just a hair. "Your tea is going to get cold."She'll tippy toe up to give him a peck on the lips. She hasn't kissed him yet today.

Ripley leans into it and returns the kiss to her. "Don't really care about tea." He grins to her and just allows his eyes to sparkle a little with that old mischief he used to have before he just moves to pull Gabby to the small seat. "Just sit with me. Talk." He says, showing the mischief was a figment.

Gabrielle bats her eyes a moment, not sure what just happened, not she'll nod and sit down. She's not going to mention the weirdness with Tak and the key…she'll just return it next time she sees him. "I..uh..ran into the Auror today." She'll offer that instead, because in the grand scheme, way more important.

Ripley looks to her, "Really?" He asks and looks to her, "Been thinking that is what I need to do when I graduate."

Gabrielle a slightly perplex look on her face, "Yeah…he was odd. Told me to call him by his first name and I think was trying to go visit his girlfriend. It was just weird..i mean, better than him threatening to throw me in jail, so…"she'll shrug and then smile, "An Auror, really?" She'll nod…that makes sense. "I actually considered it for like 5 whole seconds, but you…I bet you would be aces at it." She'll give him an understanding smile, she knows why.

Ripley nods, "Thank you. I will do my best to become one." He disappears into his own thoughts for a bit and just reaches out an arm to pull Gabby in close and hold her there.

Gabrielle frowns as he hugs her. Closing her eyes, she'll bury her face into his neck some, letting her breath hit his skin. She doesn't really know what route to take with him anymore, but at least he's here now. And talking .

Ripley continues to hold her close to him, "Tell me what you want… There are times I want to kiss you, times I want to hold you and I can't make decisions like that these days. I want so badly to not lose you."

Gabrielle pulls back to look at him, her eyes shining lightly with emotions, "I want you to kiss me when you want to kiss me. To hold me when you want to hold me. You shouldn't even think those are decisions. I want-need you to kiss me and hold me…the only way you'll lose me is if you leave." she'll place a hand on each side of his face and run a thumb down his cheeks.

Ripley looks down a little as the color rushes to his cheeks. "I can do that…" As he leans in a little, tentative, and gives her probably the softest brush of lips against hers.

If the situation weren't so delicate, it would be adorable. She never makes him blush, it's always the other way around. Gabby holds her breath as his lips brush hers, feeling the soft sparks between them. Instinct is telling her to push forward, but she's trying to go at what pace he needs. she does lean in a bit closer though, an invitation and her right hand slips up to softly play with his hair.

His hand drifts up her cheek to hold her there as he deepens the kiss a little bit, pushing into her own lips. She could hear his heart thumping in his chest as he comes in closer to her.

Gabrielle gasps softly, her eyes fluttering at the tenderness. Her left hand goes to his chest, almost like she's trying to calm his heart. She'll move her lips softly against his, trying to be inviting, but not pushy.

Ripley brings his hand up and into her hair, pulling her into him and holding her tight as his lips traverse over hers and begin to warm up the dance.

As Ripley pulls her towards him, Gabby will moan softly, it's not 'a take me take me moan', just a pleased noise. She'll part her lips, flicking her tongue out for just a moment. Her hand tightening in his hair some, not quite pulling his hair, but holding him to her mouth.

Ripley slowly ends the kiss and begins to pull back to look at her. he peers into her eyes and gives a little bit of a smile, "Thank you for staying by me when I was going crazy."

Gabrielle follows him for a half second, before she realizes he's ending the kiss. Her cheeks are flushes some, not like a snogging session would leave them, but pinker than they were before they started. She'll take a deep breath, "Stop saying that, you were…just figuring out how to start dealing, is all. It's ok. I'd be a horrible girlfriend if I didn't." She'll smile back at him, "I think I'm probably still in the lead for awful things to put you through. They're still out there." Her smile drops some, "But we're stronger together, and we'll be fine, as long as we remember that."

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