(1938-08-09) Down A Man
Details for Down A Man
Summary: Gabby goes to deliver cookie and return Takeshi's key (before Ripley finds out and kills him). Tak offers something that Gabby considers too much and they fight.
Date: Fri Aug 09, 1938
Location: Takeshi's Place

Takeshi is inside his home, asleep. Lazily dozing on the floor near the window with a pillow, wrapped up in some kind of blanket sloppily. The radio is going and the rest of the place is quiet. Save for Takeshi's Snoring. If you bother to look, he has no shirt on, but he's fully clothed besides. There are some scars on his back, but he's pretty athletic looking otherwise. On the stove is the remains of what should have been a pot of tea but is instead now just a pot of water with a random tea bag.

The gate is locked of course, along with the door.

Gabrielle 's nervous, Merlin, she hopes Ripley was wrong. She's got her hair down, the curls hanging loose around her shoulders, and is wearing a solid tan skirt with a pale yellow blouse. It's long sleeved, of course. Her sketchbook is in her arm, along with a brown paper bag filled with something. She'll stand there a moment, then nod to herself and knock on the door, "Takeshi? Are you home?"

Takeshi starts the door and the sound of something being kicked can be heard. Though soon the sound of someone stumbling through the room is heard and then the door opens, yawning into her face, so rude. "Whu? Huh? Oh..Gabby?" There's a couple of blinks from the man, the fact that there are blanket marks on his face is a pretty good indication he had been asleep.

Gabrielle blinks herself…it's not really sleeping time…at all. "Oh!I"m sorry! I didn't mean to wake you…I…I'll come back later. " She'll take a step away from the door, feeling bad about waking him.

Takeshi reaches out to grab her arm, yawning again, "No, that's fine. Come in Gabs." He tugs her in gently, not really trying to yank her in like a stalker or nothing. "I was just resting. What brings you to the Takeshi apartment today?" He smiles and if she comes in, closes the door.

Gabrielle allows herself to be guided into the room. She'll blink a little and avert her eyes at his lack of shirt, "Aunt Irma wanted me to bring you these. She's worried that you've got nothing to eat." She'll hold out the paper bag to him, cheeks flushing pink slightly.

Takeshi takes the bag and nods, "Thanks. I'll enjoy it." He goes to put it on the kitchen table and grabs a shirt off the floor, putting it on. apparently not completely unaware of her flushing or his current state. "So, Gabs. Besides the food, how have you been? I guess I need to get to work on those stairs. How about this weekend?"

Gabrielle seems a bit relieved when the shirt goes on. She'll nod, "I'm ok. Working, mostly.I have a lot I need to try to get before school starts." She'll smile, "Yeah..this weekend should be fine. I should get payed from Madame Lunaris by then, so I can pay you back?" She'll unconciously rotate her wrist some.

Takeshi shakes his head, "You're paying me in Meals, remember? Meals." A smile as he turns to the little kitchen, "Speaking of meals, do you want something to eat or drink my guest?"

Gabrielle huffs some, "Look, let us pay for the supplies…and the labor can be meals?" She's willing to compromise… "My Aunts will be very upset if they think you payed for the supplies out of your own pocket. I'm making enough, I can do that." She'll smile back, starting to relax. Ripley was wrong, just being over protective. "Uh…sure? I have an hour before I need to get going. I need to stop by the broom shoppe. Mr. Toulson is having me draw things for the shoppe, and I cleaned some up last night after I finished the star charts." She'll move towards the kitchen, "Just something to drink, though, please."

Takeshi hmms, "Well, I don't think I'll win this argument so, you can pay for the supplies, but only half. We'll split them evenly. It should make everyone happy." He turns to the fridge and nods, "Well, do you want hot tea, cold tea, milk, juice of some kind?" He turns to look back at her and smiles, "Oh you're going to the broom shop? Mind if I tag along? I have to head that way for a new book on ancient histories. I would be happy to accompany you my dear lady gabs."

Gabrielle sighs, how is only paying half a compromise? She'll nod her head slowly, maybe she can get her aunts to slip him more cookies, or something, to compensate. "I'll have whatever you're having, thank you." She'll look around the apartment while he pours their drinks, "Maybe I can draw you something? For your walls?" She'll nod again, “If you want, sure. I don't mind." she'll giggle slightly at the name, "I miss my pirates, strangely enough."

Takeshi grabs sweet tea and pours two glasses and puts some ice in both. "If we both pay part, then you can tell your aunts you paid for the supplies. It wouldn't be a lie, you did pay for the supplies. They don't need to know that you paid half." There's a chuckle from takeshi as he turns with the glasses and offers one to Gabby, "So what's up? You're being kind of aloof."

Gabrielle shakes her head and takes the glass, "Yoy're very different sinse school." She'll take a sip of her tea, "What do you mean aloof?" She'll tilt her head, not knowing what he means.

Takeshi nods, "Something happened. And well, I couldn't exactly hide behind the tailcoat of whoever is assigned to me in St. Mungo's could I? I want to be a trauma healer after all, first responders. I can't be hiding behind people to do that." He smiles, sipping from his glass, "Today. You seem nervous about something, not as open as you usually are."

Gabrielle frowns softly, but won't push him. He'll tell her if he wants to. She'll shrug, "no…nothing particular. Just the same old worries. School. Ripley. The end of wizarding life as we know it. You know…normal thing. " She'll give a half smirk and take another sip.

Takeshi nods, "Hmm, okay. Well, you know if you ever want to talk I'm a good listener." He sips from the cup and smiles at her, "About that, when do you plan on attacking? And have you found any other allies?"

Gabrielle will set down her sketchbook, "I know. I'm ok though…surprisingly ok. I'm just going to do my best. It's all I can do." She'll scrunch her face some, "I'm not sure… I've not been able to get very far on my research…Besides just going in wands ablaze-which will just get us all killed- I don't have a plan yet…." she'll tilt her head, looking down at her sketch book. "I think maybe the Auror is starting to warm up to me some, so that's good. But besides him? no…no one new." At least, no one she trusts yet.

Takeshi nods, "I think you should stop approaching this from the angle of your death. That is why you're so interested in your aunt's house isn't it?" He sips from the tea and looks at the sketchbook, "And are you still drawing for fun? I would hate for you to stop."

Gabrielle doesn't look up from the sketchbook, "I just want to make sure they're ok, is all. All of these things need to get done, no matter what happens." She'll smile softly, eyes going over the cover, "If I have enough money left over before school starts, I"m going to try to buy a few new clothes. It's been forever since I had anything new to wear that my aunts didn't just knit me." She'll chuckle lightly, finally bringing her eyes up, "Fun?I don't really have time for that. I've got a list as long as my arm that I'm having to widdle down. That all comes before fun drawing."

Takeshi shakes his head, "What you need right now is fun. Don't run yourself ragged." He smiles at her, "This is a bit different isn't it. Wasn't it you who was always telling me to chill out?" A chuckle and he shakes his head, "That's not good. When we buy the supplies, you're getting new clothes. If Ripley won't buy you stuff, I will." A wink. "That's a joke by the way. About Ripley, not about buying you stuff. We can get you some clothes."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I have too many responsibilities, Tak, I can't just not. I’m having fun. I went to the zoo yesterday. It's a nicer summer than I thought I'd have." She'll huff slightly, setting her half drank glass down, "If I don't want charity from Ripley, I'm certainly not going to take it from you!" She'll frown, but it's more an upset frown than mad, "I'll get clothes…I need them, I know. I just…I'm not going to have my friends buying me my outfits. That's way different than a malt, or a chocolate bar."

Takeshi sips from his cup and points at her, "It's not charity. Did you stop to think that I want to buy you clothes because I care about you? Did you stop to think that I want to buy you clothes because I consider you someone I want to protect, to make happy, to make family? Hmm? No? I didn't think so." He pauses, "Not everything free is charity Gabs. This is harsh but, Learn to tell the difference or you'll always be upset."

Something snaps in Gabby. Tak said something in just the right way, "And did you ever stop to consider what it feels like to have to rely on someone for things like that? How degrading that is? I don't want to be protected! I don't need that! I don't need things bought for me, or to be put away in some tower like I'm a princess! I know I'm not. Why can't the rest of you see that?!?" She'll grab her sketchbook up and slams her right hand palm down on the counter, when she does, there's a clear sound of metal hitting the table. "I am not some charity case for those with money to help to make yourselves feel better. I may be stubborn and prideful, but it's what's going to get me through this. Not new clothes or a location that the Family will easily be able to over take." Gabby's eyes are flashing, she's pissed. She'll turn to leave, leaving the extra key he gave her on the table.

Takeshi won't stop her from going of course, sipping on his tea, but he grabs the key, "Gabs." And tosses it at her. "I'm not hard to find."

Gabrielle turns to look at him, pulling her book to her chest, an old defensive move from the beginning of last year, "No." And she'll make no move to catch the key, in fact, she lets it bounce off her book, "I'm not putting myself in a position to be upset by you."

Takeshi sighs, "It use to be you comforting me." He sips from his tea and sets it down on the table, "Okay, I'm going to go back to sleep. You can see yourself out Ms. Evans." And he pushes off from the counter to move back to his bed in the corner, blankets wrapped around him.

Gabrielle 's too upset to be upset about his dismissal. "Yes, it did. Now look how you're behaving!" She'll turn and leave as quickly as she can, only stopping once she gets out and down the street to glance towards Knockturn Alley. Her lower lip trembles a moment, then she'll continue on towards the broom shoppe.

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