(1938-08-13) Promises
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Summary: Ripley takes Gabby out on a date, and a promise is given.
Date: Aug 13, 1938

The sun will be setting in about two hours and as Gabby and Ripley move through the skies on their brooms. He flies in close and makes sure she's stable and safe as they move about and he guides her towards the top of a mountain in the distance. Once they get closer, Gabby can see a faint glow surrounding the area below a cliff of rocks.

Gabrielle 's not horrible at flying, especially on the broom she's got right now, but is still a bit shaking, the higher they get. She'll tilt her head as she gets close enough to the top glow. She'll glance over to Ripley, trying to figure out what he's up too. this doesn't feel like a picnic.

The closer they get, the glow is revealed to encircle an area of the ground which the centerpiece is a large flat rock with a blanket and some pillows laid out upon it and a basket over in the corner sealed up and waiting. Behind the rock is a waterfall that tumbles down behind the area and into a small clear pool. "The glow a shield to protect the food and all until we got here." As he begins to fly in closer, "Come on."

Gabrielle smiles, trying to take the whole scene in. She even was daring enough to not bring her sketchbook. The Fates can just wait for the night. She's dressed in a long flowy skirt, so she could actually ride the broom without changing from pants to a skirt. She pulled her hair back into a simple pony tail, flying would have just messed up anything else. Although the curls have started to slip out now. She had put on a touch of make up, much to her aunts displeasure, but the lip gloss has been chewed off in her concentration during flying, and her cheeks are pink from the wind. She'll touch now, making sure her feet are firmly underneath her before moving the broom, "Oh! Ripley! This is beautiful!"

Ripley pulls his broom away and moves forward and the shield pops and disintegrates around them like small little fairies fluttering to the ground. He reaches to take her broom and settle it off to the side and then offers her an arm. "Shall we?" He asks and begins to move her to the blankets that are piled upon the rock to give a soft surface to sit upon.

Gabrielle hands him her broom it's painted a dark blue and has bronze binders, a rather nice broom, for a beginner to be using. she'll giggle lightly and take his arm, "Ripley, this is…I thought you just meant a picnic picnic!"

Ripley gives her a little smile, "I did nothing more than buy some good food. The rest is all just the world." He winks and sweeps her up and into his arms to carry her onto the blanket all romantic and shit.

Gabrielle gives a small yelp as she's scooped up, "Ripley! I can-" But she's giggling too hard to really complain. She'll fling her arms around him, up close, her fox necklace can be seen, along with the mystery bracelet on her left wrist.

Ripley leans in to brush his lips across hers and settles her down on a blanket. He points to the basket. Once opened, it contains chocolates, pastries, some bottles of butter beer, pumpkin juice, sandwiches, and even some fruit. "Poke around, see what you might like." His eyes fall on the bracelet, "Where did you get that?"

Gabrielle immediately goes for the chocolate, and will pass butterbeer to Ripley to open for them. She'll grin and try to be good and pull out some of the other foods, things Rip will like too. She'll look up, confused a moment, first glancing at the sandwich in her hand. "Oh! The bracelet?" Her eyes will make there way to the sparkling jewelry, "I told you, remember? Someone owled it to me. I thought it was you at first." As she talks the wand charm twinkles slightly and the eagle's wings flutter.

Ripley shakes his head, "Any idea who it is from? Still no clue?" he takes the butter beer and pops the top off with a bottle opener and hands the bottle back to her while he reaches for one for himself.

Gabrielle shakes her head, "no….but there's no charms, besides the ones to make it move. So it's not being used for anything. I think, if I wear it, eventually who sent it will say something…and if it's from…them it's a good trust move." She's looking at the bracelet and frowning slightly. Clearly she's thought about this. She'll take the butterbeer back and take a sip.

"I knew I liked you for some reason." Ripley winks to her, "That's my brave girl." As he looks to the butterbeer. "What? You want both of them. Gimme." As he reaches out and takes his back.

Gabrielle laughs, "Well, I don't think you liked me for my family or dancing abilities…" she'll stink her tongue out at him and take a drink of her's. Still smiling she'll look around, "Besides, it is pretty. I almost feel like a real girl. Jewlery. Make up. A boy friend."

Ripley grins back, "Want more jewelry?" Ripley says with a grin to her. "Like a ring… Someday?" He winks.

Gabrielle brings her eyes over to look at him. He keeps saying things like that! "Yes. Yes i would." She'll set her drink down. "Tons of Jewelry. Rings for each of my fingers!" She'll wiggle her fingers at him, not quite tickling motion, but close. "And bracelets enough to make Nadya jealous!" she'll laugh, "Diamonds in my hair, and giant sapphire earrings that will make the Ravenclaw house counter jealous!" she'll trying to give him her best Ria impersonation face, but the corners of her lips are turning up as she fights giggling.

Ripley laughs pretty hard at the show and grins at her. "Beautiful. Just beautiful." He speaks and then sighs out a little as he looks at her, "Without any of that…" Then he lifts the bottle to his lips and sips from it. "When we graduate… Think you will stay with me or rush off to find someone better?" He winks, teasing.

Gabrielle sighs over dramatically, "Well, I was going to wait to tell you…" And then she'll giggle, shaking her head, "You're so silly. How could I do better? More likely what is going to happen is you'll graduate and find some beautiful older witch while I'm stuck at Hogwarts."

Ripley shakes his head, "Nope." Ripley says, "The day you graduate… Is the day I meet you with a ring to marry me."

Gabrielle blinks a few times. "I…you don't have to say that Ripley…" She'll look down at her hands, dropping them into her lap, "I'm not going anywhere, you don't have to worry about that." Her cheeks are starting to flush some, "I know you feel bad about what happened at Hogsmeade…but I don't want you feeling like you have to do something drastic like that to fix it."

Ripley shakes his head, "Gabby. I don't feel that way at all. I just feel… Like you and I belong together and I don't want you to worry that I am going anywhere away from you." He fishes down into a pocket and pulls out a very thin silver ring. Around the ring are several tiny floating rings on it. "See… It's a token. Didn't cost much at all…" As he holds it out to her, "But it's a promise… To be there."

Gabrielle looks up just with her eyes, so her chin is still tucked . It gives the illusion her eyes are a touch bigger than they are as he talks. She'll gasp softly as he pulls out the ring and will just stare at it a moment before, "Are….are you sure? I don't want you to feel trapped…" Her cheeks are staying flushed and she'll slowly lift her chin up, "I…it's beautiful, Ripley…."She'll not raise a hand, but that's because she's not sure what the etiquette is for a promise ring. "Are you sure?" She sounds nervous, like he's going to change his mind right there.

Ripley keeps it held there in his hand. "Yes. I am sure." As he offers it out to her. "You can wear it on any finger. I just figure the main ring is you. Kinda like that Tolkein book. made my own little thing up, 'A ring for the heart, a ring for the wit, a ring for your clummsy, a ring for your fits, a ring for it all'. I love you, Gabby. You are the one thing I really and truly can depend on." He holds the hand out, ring in his palm to her, "Wear it on whatever finger you like…"

Gabrielle will frown and look down to her own fingers. After a quick think, she'll slowly hold up her right hand, and softly say, "I do not have fits. " there's no fire behind her words though and she'll keep her eyes on the ring in his hand, letting him place it on a finger.

Ripley grins and picks the ring up and moves to slip it over her ring finger. "Little ones. When I do thinks you like but you think I go overboard." He then looks to her and smiles, "We should eat." He says before he leans in to give her a soft kiss.

Oh no. He doesn't get to drop this on her then go to eating! Gabby is definitely not going to let it be a soft kiss. Both hands go up grab at his shirt collar and she'll crash her lips into his.

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