(1938-08-18) Creature Camp, Day 1 - Tour
Details for Creature Camp, Day 1 - Tour
Summary: Campers get signed in, settled and given a tour of the areas they will become familiar with over the Camp's duration.
Date: August 18th 1938
Location: Fawley Farm
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Just for today the central campfire has been connected to the Floo. Access was granted when fees were paid at the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. A little ticket was given to be thrown along with the Floo Powder while saying 'Creature Camp'. The Hogsmeade camp ground is usually quite bare of anything but wildlife. But for this week, the campground is full of tents of all shapes and sizes and even several cabins have been erected for the big spenders that don't want to 'rough it' too much. A large canopy covers over a dining area with two long tables and benches for community family style dining. As it is close to lunch time, a lunch buffet is there awaiting the arriving campers. Here and there throughout the camp grounds stalls and areas have been roped off each containing 'country games' like activities. A raised pool has some logs floating on the surface, through the glass side of the pool grindylows can be seen swimming for a little danger added for the loser of a log rolling game. A gallows of sorts is set up for rope climbing. There's an archery range that also doubles as a axe throwing range. A booth where there's holes in a wall with the sign 'Guess What!?' above it, where people put their arm in and touch whatever is on the other side and has to guess what it is. There's a large craft area close to the dining area. There are empty pens here and there as well, empty for now, but obviously meant for a creature or two.

A temporary booth set up by the main camp fire is labeled Administration. Sitting behind the table is Ranger Camilla Fawley, host of the camp. Sitting to either side of her is her beloved helpers and Foster Kids, Josie Davies and Lucian Proudmore. As typical for anyone that knows Cami, or goes to Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Mascots are also having a lovely lounge around the table. Rowena the Eagle is perched ontop of the sign. Godric is curled up under the table at Josie's feet and entwined up on Lucian's folding chair, his head resting on the young man's shoulder is Sal, the Snake. While Helga, the Badger is curled up in her 'momma' Cami's lap having and afternoon nap. Cami's doing some last minute shuffling around of the papers, "Josie, could you please make sure everyone gets a map?" That pile is scooted closer to Josie. "And Lucian…make sure everyone has signed the Liability Waiver please?"

Elise arrives with her mother, a rather sedately pretty woman with hair the same brown hue. "Look!" Elise squeals, pointing to the Hogwarts mascots with excitement. "Oh, mother, this will be so much fun! Mrs. Harper quietly agrees with her daughter, signs the Liability Waiver, and goes over the list of Make-Sure-You's and Don't-Forget-To's one last time before kissing her and leaving. Elise has a backpack that looks stuffed full, as well as a satchel that probably contains a tent. "Hullo!" she greets Camilla. "I'm Elise Harper. Where should I set up my tent?"

As he walks with his father, Aric says "Thanks for letting me come Pop. I know your busy with work right now." As he falls in line to register he says, "I will be ok once I am registered. I will set up camp and you can head back to the office. I really want to make sure I get in for the tour so I know where everything is. I can't wait to see if they will have dragons. Do you think they will have dragons?" He rocks on the balls of his feet as he looks over at the mascots and grins softly. The animal lover gets a small piece of dried turkey from his backpack and crouches down to roll it towards Godric.

Josie has slipped her foot from her shoe so she can gently pet Godric under the table. Other than that bare foot, she's dressed up nicely to greet everybody arriving. She nods to Camilla's instructions, pulling the pile of maps closer as people start arriving. Smiling brightly, she waves to Elise, "Hi!" She quickly offers Elise a map, and then Aric as well.

That worn satchel at her side, Solstice is dressed as ever, in one of her airy dresses, wide sleeves with embroidery, most likely done by the woman who is following her. They both share pale blue eyes but differ in hair color, her mom a rich auburn. Freckles dot both sets of cheeks, the young Gryffindor's mother a woman of just as much eccentricity as her daughter. A long loose peasant type dress belted over with various pouches and little tidbits wears a vest overdone with embroidery of different symbols. Her hair is left free and down, a aged innocence about her as she directs the young woman towards the table because Solstice is already starting to drift to inspect something on the ground.

Being an adult, Dorothy has naturally arrived on her own, and followed Mrs. Harper in signing the forms. "It'll certainly be more interesting than going to a stuffy old zoo," she says at Elise's comment. "I could use the relaxation as well, before my new book comes out…" She smiles at all the gathered mascots before carrying her luggage in the direction of a cabin.

Lucian nods to Camilla, gently adjusting Sal as the snake starts to slither across the blonde young man's neck. Sitting half-slumped in his chair, he is barely paying attention as he puts a waiver in front of each person approaching the registration desk.

Camilla smiles warmly and greets everyone as the come to the front of the queue. "Welcome to Creature Camp!" Shaking hands with the parents first then the young campers that are getting left behind. Her voice is lifted so everyone in the line can hear her, "Unsupervised Minors, please set up your tents or occupy one that's already been set up to the east side of the dining and craft area." She turns and gestures with precision towards the spot of open field that is between the dining area and a towering farm house that's close, but not on the camping grounds - The Fawley Home. That way the minors are well supervised! "If you are not a minor and have your own tent, there are outlines in the grass where you can pitch." All of the gesturing has jostled Helga who looks at Cami with a pout. "Sorry Pumpkin." She then pampers the mascot by holding her like a baby against her chest and petting her back in long soothing strokes. "This is Josie Davies and Lucian Proudmore, they live here, so please respect them if they ask you to do something. Such as steer clear of an area or go somewhere, etcetera. There are other councilors, my apprentices for the Summer. I also have hired hands that are all here to make sure everyone has a fun safe time. Look for the Yellow and black bandannas." Someone's still a proud Hufflepuff Alumnist.

"Yes, mum, I remembered the spices," Christmas says to a short, plump witch wearing a robe of almost eye-searing colors. On her head, the woman wears a straw hat with a brim that extends almost past her shoulders in width. On the right breast of the robe is a magical button that flashes, "Farley's Fantastic Fizzes!" in line green letters against a blood-red background that almost matches the color of her hair. Beside her, Christmas is quite a contrast in his subdued colors and carrying a heavy duffel bag. She strides to the table and announces to Camilla, "I'm here to sign for my son, Christopher Weaver." She rummages in her bag to produce a note that she slaps onto the table. "I've also brought a note from his doctor. He's allergic to bee stings, the poor dear!" She glances toward Christmas and the young man simply rolls his eyes. He steps toward the table, too. When he sees Lucius, he bites his bottom lip. He nods to the blonde young man, and then looks around the area as if he wants nothing more that for this formality to be finished. He spots Solstice, smiles, and waves in her direction.

"Yay!" Elise cheers, and literally runs to the closest tent-pitching area designated for minors like her. The setup is easy - she simply unzips the top of the satchel, and a medium tent springs up which appears to have a real wooden door, windows, and a chimney that soon begins to smoke cheerfully. Elise opens the door, throws her bag through it, and runs back toward the other students. "Isn't that badger the sweetest thing?" she asks. "Luci would love it!"

It's all that can be done to heard both of the Lancaster women towards the table when Solstice's mother notes the mascots and draws closer. She gets a look at them and oohhhs, moving her spectacles off her head to lean in. "Not the same ones, I suspect? Been quite a few years.." She straightens up, turning about in placea as she realizes Solstice has wandered off in the direction of Christmas. The woman finally reaches for one of the papers Lucian offers over, reading it it a mumbling tone nearly to herself. For her part, the youngest Lancaster draws up beside the boy and his dufflebag, her own satchel bulging at her shoulder, "You came," there is a muted delight, her smile genuine enough as he studies him. "Good." She touches the top of her right breast with two fingers as she gives him a questioning look. As Camilla mentions tents, she starts to turn but stops at the mention of ones already set up and relaxes as her mother continues to read every word on the paper.

As Aric and his father walk up to the table, the Ravenclaw looks at Sly and smirks softly. Aric's father chimes in, "I am here to register my son, Aric. I will be returning later yet I have other matters to handle." The papers signed, "Aric has permission to do whatever he is allowed with the animals. He knows more then most would so I am comfortable in his skills." Aric pokes his father and says softly, "Pop…go back to work. Stop embrassing me." Aric's father smirks and says, "I can't be proud of my son? It's true!" He pats his son on the head as Aric begins to blush slightly as the two walk off to the side to allow the next person to register.

Lucian's bored distraction is momentarily interrupted by the arrival of Christmas. The other's nod is met with a hard stare. He slides a waiver across the desk, noting dryly, "Just keep in mind that the waiver doesn't relieve you of responsibility for, say, blowing up the beasts."

Elise grimaces at the mental picture of any animals blowing up. "What a horrid thought!" she exclaims in dismay. "I'm sure that won't happen," she says. "Right?"

Josie greets everybody she knows with a cheerful, "Hi," and those she doesn't with just a bright smile, as she passes out each of the maps. Her smile fades a little as she looks between Christmas and Lucian, but she stays quiet.
Josie gives you a cookie.

THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Heavy footsteps send small tremors through the ground near the registration desk, as an enormous man, towering well over the rest of the crowd, lumbers up. One arm is lifted up, curled around a stack of several thick logs on his shoulder. The gargantuan Berg offers a huge, toothy grin to the arrivals…most of whom back away, staring with wide eyes. "Ranger Fawley? Where you want 'ese spare logs stored?"

Lucian shrugs at Elise. "Some people just can't keep their Blasting Curses to themselves." He isn't remotely subtle about shifting his gaze directly back to Christmas at that. The bad blood between the two young me is no great secret to Hogwarts students. The enmity that sprang out of their duel in last year's first duelling tournament isn't something Lucian has ever been quiet about.

Camilla shoots Lucian a little look, she lets him brood all he wants, she understands why he's in brood mode, but when it comes to being borderline abrasive to the Campers, that's when she gives him The Momma Fox look. "Yes, any damage or abuse given to the animals and creatures will quickly find you removed from the camp and possibly facing charges. No one wants that and I'm sure it's not something that we have to worry about." Another meaningful glance towards her foster 'son'. But the approach and question from the Half-Giant gets her attention and she smiles over to Berg, "Around the campfire, so we can sit on them while we gather around the fire. There's already a few in place to give you an idea of how to set it up. Thank you so much Berg!" It took The Hands a lot more effort even using magic to get the camp set up. So she truly seems very grateful for the large half-man's help.

As his Dad leaves to return to work, Aric walks over to Camilla and waits for her to finish speaking before he says, "Ranger Fawley. If there is anything I can to help with the animals…please let me know. I would be especially interested to help with anything Dragon related. I am your man." He smiles softly, "But I would be willing to help with anything…anything at all." The young man is clearly excited to be here.

Dorothy returns from unpacking her things in the cabin, returning to the group of visitors and getting a map from Josie. "This whole thing… it makes me feel like a little girl again," she says with a smile. "Cabins, campfires… well, the camps I went to as a child weren't as interesting as this."

While his mum reads and signs the paperwork with a flourish of her quill, Christmas simply shakes his head to Lucian. "I can't vouch for the other campers, but I don't intend to harm anything or anyone. The past is gone. I'm content to move ahead and see what the new year brings." He looks at the form that his mother is finalizing, and then he looks back to the trio at the table. "Thank you very much!" he says to all of them. Then he turns, accidentally bumping his mother with the duffel. She takes no notice and continues to sign in various places where necessary. When he sees Solstice, he smiles again and touches his fingers to his chest in echo of her gesture. "We should find places to pitch before all of the good ones are gone," he urges. Then the two disappear into the crowd of campers, on their way to claim spots for their tents.

Elise seems releived at the reassurance. "I'm sure everyone here loves animals and wouldn't hurt any of them on purpose," she says. "What kind of camps did you attend when you were a child?" Elise asks Dorothy curious.

Lucian snorts, rolling his eyes at Christmas. But in deference to Camilla, he refrains from further commentary on his "favourite" Gryffindor. Instead, he offers a grin to his actual favourite Gryffindor, young Josie Davies. "Hey Davies. You gonna do the log roll? Show 'em all how it's done?"

Dorothy turns toward Elise. "Just your ordinary Muggle summer camps," she explains. "Relaxing, of course, but not so very educational."

At first, Josie looks to Dorothy like a stranger, just smiling as she hands over the map. A moment later, though, she blinks and says, "I met you last summer. You write books." She giggles, and says, "I thought you were a Muggle." She looks back to Lucian then, and nods quickly, "Sure! That'll be fun."

Berg nods to Camilla with a grunt, hauling the logs over the crowd's heads toward the campfire. The half-giant arranges them meticulously into suitable benches around the fire, creating multiple rows to accommodate a large crowd. He starts to softly mumble a working song. Of course, his booming, baritone voice carries even his quiet voice to many ears around him.

Camilla remains at the A temporary booth set up by the main camp fire is labeled Administration. Sitting behind the table is Ranger Camilla Fawley, host of the camp. Sitting to either side of her is her beloved helpers and Foster Kids, Josie Davies who is passing out Maps and Lucian Proudmore who is supervising the signing of liability waivers. As typical for anyone that knows Cami, or goes to Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Mascots are also having a lovely lounge around the table. Rowena the Eagle is perched ontop of the sign. Godric is curled up under the table at Josie's feet and entwined up on Lucian's folding chair, his head resting on the young man's shoulder is Sal, the Snake. While Helga, the Badger is lain against her 'momma' Cami's chest having and afternoon nap. "After everyone is settled in, please return to the campfire. Where we will get to know one another and when everyone has arrived I'll begin the tour."

Aric frowns slightly at being ignored by Camilla and decides to go set up his tent. He looks a bit frustrated as he sighs softly and disappears into the mass of campers. He goes to set up his tent.

Ticket has been paid for, parents have said there goodbyes and such…and so Cillian arrives through that floo network and he stumbles forward a few feet out of the campfire, eyeing the fire and then looking around. He wears a pair of fitted brown pants with a matching vest over a white shirt, his own little chest tugged behind him, satchel tossed over a shoulder as he looks around thoughtfully before heading for that temporary booth, clearing his throat and looking to Josie with a bright smile. "TOLD ye I'd be comin'!" He chirps brightly.

"Well," Dorothy says to Josie, "I'm glad you remember me then." She knows there are some witches or wizards who don't take much interest at all in the affairs of Muggles or even just apparent Muggles.

"What do Muggles do in their summer camps?" Elise wonders. She glances at Josie and back to Dorothy. "Captain!" Elise calls as soon as she sees Cillian. "I'm glad you're here! My tent is pitched over there," she tells him. "The one with the red door." The silent implication that he should pitch his near hers.

Camilla gives Aric a smile and nod, "Everyone will get their go at some up close and personal time with the creatures. Thank you for coming, Aric, right? Please, just Camilla or even Cami is fine. We're all friends here. Dragon's hmm? I think you will be in for a very special treat then." A rather dramatic wink wink is tossed Arics way as he heads off to get his tent set up. She helps Cillian get all signed in and files away the paperwork from his parents and all that such business. "Alright then." She stands up and with a kiss to the badgers cheek the fuzzy sleepy Helga is slide into a satchel on Cami's him that's custom made for badger carrying. Her wand is placed against her throat and her born and raised Hogsmeade accent carries throught the camp. "Once again, welcome to Creature Camp! This is Camilla speaking, if everyone could please gather at the central camp fire, we will begin our tour of the grounds and maybe meet some creatures along the way!"

Lucian rises, lifting Sal from his shoulder to place the snake back in his terrarium. He steps out from the registration tent to help herd people toward the campfire. As he plays usher, he pauses, eyes narrowing at something. He starts making his way closer to Josie, speaking in a quiet, conspiratorial voice when he reaches her. "Hey, Josie…"

Josie smiles even brighter as she spots Cillian approaching, waving excitedly. "Yep, knew you would." Grinning, she waits for Cillian to get signed in, and hands him a map. Then she looks up to Camilla as she starts to call people together, putting the foot she's been using to pet Godric back in her shoe and standing up. She pauses, however, as Lucian stops to talk to her.

Berg moves away from the campfire when the announcement goes up, much to the relief of a few of the more nervous looking campers. He finds a sturdy tree to lean against near the edge of the camp. The poor pine groans in protest.

Dorothy is about to answer Elise when the call goes out, so she follows the others toward the fire, finding a nice spot on a log to sit.

Elise skips over to the central camp fire as directed, shooting Berg curious looks when he moves. Though she had gasped at the size of him, she hadn't actually looked frightened. "Do you think he's half giant?" she asks innocently. "He's quite the tallest person I've ever seen. That must be superbly advantageous, sometimes." She looks thoughtful. "And rather cumbersome at others, I should think."

Cillian waves quickly over to Elise and then turns to accept his map with a wink of his good eye before he nods to Elise, fully intending on getting his tent and such set up before working on heading towards where they are supposed to head towards to do the tour and all.

Lucian crouches down to speak with Josie, keeping his voice low. "Listen, don't saying anything to Camilla yet. I don't want to worry her. But…you see that bloke? The one with the feather in his cap." He gestures toward a wizard hanging back at the edge of the gathering crowd. "I think I know him. Just…keep an eye on him, would you? Let me know if he gets up to anything odd."

Josie glances subtly at the man that Lucian indicated, and then nods a little to him, saying softly, "Got it. If he does anything odd, I'll tell you, promise." She runs quickly to catch up with Cillian and Elise then, though positions herself so she can keep an eye on the the man with the feather in his cap, and trying to do so without really looking like she's doing so.

Christmas and Solstice claim adjacent spots under a large tree for their tents. They quickly set about unpacking until Camilla's magically amplified voice resounds over the campground. Neither is finished, but with a shrug Christmas stands and goes to Solstice's place. "Come on! We'll take care of these later." She reluctanty leaves her gear and follows him to the campfire. The presence of a possible giant diverts her curiosity and she stops to watch Bert for a moment while Christmas walks onward toward the fire. However, the young man stops soon and looks back. He smiles and heads to where Solstice stopped and tugs at her arm. "Come along," he repeats to her. She sighs and then follows him to the campfire where he finds a log long enough for both of them to sit and wait for the proceedings to continue.

Camilla smiles and waves and gestures for empty spots to fill for campers arriving so everyone is nice and cozy. "First of all lets get the drudgery out of the way, the Rules. Do not wander around by yourself, always have someone with you, of age. Again, everyone wearing a yellow and black bandanna besides Josie is of age so please never be shy about asking them for help. Do not have food in your tent. I know this is the worst rule of them all. Everyone is welcomed to have brought their own treats and dietary needs with them. Please take these foods to the dining area and give them over to our cook, she will happily keep them in our proper storage. The camping ground has been warded so we should be safe. If you do wander, well…that's why everyone signed a waiver." She smiles apologetically at her bit of morbid humor. Couples, please be respectful and refrain from acts of an overtly affectionate nature. Which also brings us to our rule of for the minor boys, do not have girls in your tent and visa versa. There's a wide whole camp site with many places to sit and talk and get to know each other. If you practice common sense and safety we will all have a wonderful time. Now if you will, follow me…" As far as the tour of the campground goes, it's pretty plain and simple and laid out as it was in the scene set. After that portion of the tour is given she asks while leading everyone towards the east where the Fawley Farm is. "Are there any questions I can answer while we enjoy our hike to the farm?"

Aric walks in behind everyone last, his hands folded behind his back as he listens to the rules and remains quitely to the side.

Elise reacts with a bit of dismay at the rule against having food in their tents, but she nods anyway, resigned to following it.

Berg follows the crowd, though keeping a good ten paces behind them (which is closer to twenty or thirty of a normal man's paces).

Dorothy follows the others. She doesn't have any particular questions, either. Though she's the oldest one around… except perhaps the huge man, she considers, she's not quite as knowledgeable as the counselors who are here already, so she doesn't want to try to make herself any sort of authority figure here. She's just a guest, like the others.

Josie whispers to Elise, "It's so the animals don't come in your tent at night and think you're food in the dark. Probably wouldn't happen anyway, but Camilla's always extra-safe about stuff like that."

Cillian quirks an eyebrow over his patch before he sighs and shakes his head at the no food in tents comments and he just leans in to Elise. "We'll get the cook's favor luv, dun worry…she'll keep our booty safe." He assures her before looking between Elise and Josie. "Well, we did be sayin' we wanted an adventure!" Then he waves a hand to Aric. "Oi, c'mon now lad…there'll be no laggin' and taggin'."

"Yes, we should be especially nice to her," Elise agrees. "I've got a spare hair-ribbon, perhaps she'd like that." She grins conspiratorially at him. "My father got me some Oreo cookies to share!" she whispers. She beams at Josie and Aric. "This is going to be so much fun!" she declares.

Description of Fawley Family Farm

Nestled between the Scottish Mountainside and the Forbidden Forest, at the end of a long long gravel road that stretches out a few miles between the end of Crook Road and the property of the Fawley Farm is the largest of the properties in the area and it takes up near 100 acres. It's a beautiful sprawling farm. The property is completely self sustaining with plenty of meadow for the livestock, fields and orchards for growing feed for both the animal and human residents, a brook with cool water that feeds the land and the livestock and a thicket at the edge of the forest and on the mountain rise to the north side of the property. While the Farmhouse with surround porch is relatively quaint all things considered built in the usual Tudor era style it is a two story work of whimsy.
The farm is a busy bustling place. The farm is used by the resident to house and care for creatures both mundane and magical that can not live in the wild or at the Zoo. All manner of species reside in special locations sprawled out over the 100 acre property. Behind the barn that's larger than the farmhouse is a newer addition to the property being a very small lake for marine animals. Quite like a small zoo in itself every species has it's own space that's been modeled to resemble their native habitat.

Camilla turns around and strolls backwards as they have a nice hike through a mowed flat field. "Mind your step. Hope you remembered to bring good work shoes. While the Camp Ground is set up to act as your home away from home with some games and activities this is the Fawley Farm, where we'll be doing the bulk of our Country Living and Education. While nothing is mandatory, we highly encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of the Camp and get right into our shoes, get your hands dirty, and enjoy our simple, hard, but very rewarding way of life. This farm has been here since Hogsmeade was founded. Can anyone or everyone tell me when that was?"

Elise raises her hand, all eager to be called on.

Dorothy smiles as she awaits Elise's response. She had some work clothes with her, but they were more suited for gardening in a yard rather than farm work. Farming was certainly a foreign experience for an intellectual-type woman like herself.

Camilla smiles and points towards Elise, first to raise her hand. "Elise, am I right?" She's pretty familiar with 'The Pirates' through Josie. "When was Hogsmeade founded?" As she asks the question she smiles and is listening but she also looks up to make a clicking noise towards the sky. Soon a shadow is cast over everyone as a large Granian Winged Horse, a silvery grey body with dark grey almost mane and tail that's all wavy and luxurious. At the horses rump, along his spine and around his lower legs there are darker grey stripes. That darker grey is also found in his massive feathered wings. When the horse lands Cami chuckles. "Everyone, please meet Casanova. One of the winged horses my family has bred for generations."


Aric 's eyes fall on the winged beast as he begins to smile. He says softly, "God he is beautiful." He stares at the horse as he asks, "Can we pet him?" The Ravenclaw rocks on the balls of his feet with excitement.
Dorothy gives you a cookie.

The arrival of the winged horse finally puts a smile on the brooding Lucian's face. He eagerly moves to assist with Casanova, bringing him over to Camilla to show off for the crowd.

Christmas again notices that some creature has diverted Solstice's attention, and he steps away to urge her back to the gathering. When he hears the question, he almost raises his hand, but when Elise signals that she wants to answer, he keeps his hand down. He continues to watch until Camilla clicks her tongue and then he notices the dark shadow overcasting the group. He tilts his head back and looks upward, as does Solstice beside him. Again, the girl's eyes take on a gleam of excitement while the winged horse glides closer and settles on the ground nearby. She ridgests visibly, and if waiting patiently seems anathema when such a beautiful creatures is there, waiting for proper greetings. Christmas touches her arm and whispers something to her, but he, too, is watching Casanova with keen interest.

"About a thousand years ago," Elise says eagerly. "About the same time that Hogwarts was founded!" She then gasps in delight at the sight of the winged horse. "He's so beautiful!" she breathes out. She's right there with Aric in wanting to pet him, too.

Cillian's lips part as he notices the arrival of the winged horse and he just blinks slowly. "…go on then, Mousie…'ave a pet of the pretty beastie…wow." Blink, blink slowly and he just chuckles softly. "Go on then…"

Camilla makes sure that Casanova is guarded in the no-go spots of a winged horse many novices wouldn't know about with Josie and Lucian. "A good rule of thumb is always wait for a winged horse to fold up his wings and look comfortable…" She watches the winged horse and when he's done just that and looks very settled she smiles. "He is a lover, so please don't be scared, move with confidence and calm and he'll love you forever." She gestures for people to go ahead and approach Casanova for some upclose petting time.
Christmas gives you a cookie.

Dorothy watches the horse. "How charming," she says. "And quite a personality," she notes as the animal makes its graceful landing. She hangs back to let the children pet the horse. "I don't suppose he'd appreciate becoming the star of a children's book, though," she observes. "Somehow, I don't think that's the audience he would want the most!"

Lucian is all smiles, even cheerful, as people come up to greet Casanova. He waves them in, calmly coaching them on how best to approach the winged horse. When his eyes land on Christmas, his smile settles to an even line. But still, he tilts his head invitingly toward Casanova.

As he moves towards Casanova, he stops a moment to allow the beast to catch his scent as Aric smiles softly, "Hello Casanova." He slowly moves to his right extending a hand outward, "I'm Aric. I will have to make sure I have carrots for you the next time we meet. Do you like carrots?" He takes a few more steps towards the horse as he gets within touching range. He slows for a moment allowing his fingertips to touch his mane, before he begins to pet the animal slowly.

As soon as permission is given, from both the Captain and Camilla (hah!), Elise gets in line to pet Casanova. Even though from her expression she's bursting at the seams, she clasps her hands together and keeps her movements small and non-threatening. And when she passes it, she yanks up a handful of small wild daisies to make him a tasty offering. She's next behind Aric.

Camilla as people enjoy getting a feel of Casanova she continues the educational history portion of the tour. "We have 11 Granians of riding age and Casanova here is quite accurately named and he loves people. There are a few members of our Granian family that have a bit more of a…stand-offish personality. By the end of the week, I hope you'll get to know every member of the Fawley family. We have Winged Horses, Wingless Horses, The Mascots you have already met. They live in the Big House so if you'd like to visit please approach one of the three of us." Meaning her, Josie and Lucian, those that live in said house. A bright smile is angled towards Dorothy. "He appreciates being a Star, period, though you're right, Granian Mares are his preference of audience." A little wink and sly smile is given then. "We can continue to walk. Just mind your feet he has big heavy hooves."

At the assurance that campers can come forward to pet the magnificent winged horse, Solstice smiles and looks and fidgets restlessly. She looks at Christmas, who returns her look and smiles. Walking slowly, both advance quietly toward the creature. Solstice offers her hand and waits patiently for the horse to sniff and signal, with a small twitch of an ear or slight nod of his head. Then she gently raises the hand to touch it lightly to the horse's cheek. Christmas eases closer and first brushes his fingertips over Casanova's main. He looks at Lucian, and shrugs slightly. After a moment, he steps backward, whispering something to Solstice during his retreat. AFter another minute, she steps back, too, although she looks at the horse with obvious wonder.

Camilla walks along veering towards the fence around another section of pastures and fields. "While Granian's aren't as picky as some other breeds of winged horse, they do prefer the fancier things. Edible flowers, oats rolled with molasses. Casanova's favorite treat is maple sugar candies." She remarks that last mostly to Aric giving him the inside scoop. "Now for the occupants of this next field, I would ask everyone to keep their voices down and don't make eye contact. This herd has improved greatly since coming here, but they lived in harsh abusive conditions before, I'll let Lucian introduce you." She herself even though they are rather a ways from the Hippogriffs bows respectfully towards the dominant male that's perked and keeping a keen eye on the crowd in the distance.

Elise gives Casanova the flowers to munch on while she pets his cheek, neck, and even gently gets a feel for his wing feathers. Then she turns obediently to follow Camilla to the next pasture. "They're lovely," she breathes. "Who would ever treat such a noble animal badly?" She frowns at the very idea.

Josie grins as she watches the others react to Cassanova, taking up the guard position Camilla set her while the winged horse has all the attention, then returning to walk with Cillian and Elise again as they move on to the Hippogriffs. To Elise she comments, softly, "Some people treat anything not human mean."

Lucian steps up to the front of the crowd. "For those of you that have never seen one before, these are hippogriffs. The large one there eyeballing us like we're on tonight's menu would be Dragon. He's the leader of the herd. He can be rather protective, so please take us very seriously when we tell you not to approach any of the 'griffs without one of us escorting. They're proud beasts, and Dragon is no exception. Who can tell me the best way to approach a hippogriff?"

Aric knows a great deal about Hippogriffs and his eyes are instantly cast downward at the ground keeping them in his peripheral vision, He bows his body slightly at the waist and keeps his hands at his side. He remains silent allowing Lucian to do the introduction.

Cillian looks between Josie and Elise, nodding slowly to himself as he tilts his head to the side and shakes his head.

Elise shakes her head, either, having no clue. When Aric does his little courtly bow she looks at him curiously.

Lucian smirks, nodding at Aric. "See what he's doing? That's exactly how to approach a hippogriff. Bow, and maintain eye contact. Not even a blink. If the 'griff bows back, it means he'll let you touch him. Still, best to let him make the first move. If he doesn't bow back? Well…best you just back off and give him space. Want to meet Dragon?" He looks first to Aric, but his gaze then moves to the rest of the crowd as a general invitation.

Aric nods with a nervous gulp. "I would if he will give me that honor." Aric looks towards Lucian and says, "Do you think he will?" As he turns to look towards Dragon with his eyes cast down still waiting to get the ok from Lucian before he moves towards the beast.

Camilla stands to the side crossing her arms and smiling proudly at Lucian as he conducts this part of the Tour and then Aric gets a portion of that pride when he bows even before instructed. There is perhaps a glimmer of trepidation, more like praying to the powers that be that Dragon is in a good mood. But she shows every confidence in Lucian and his judgement to give a more hands on experience with Dragon.

Dorothy proceeds to follow along as they continue walking, and looks toward the hippogriffs. They certainly have an intimidating look, much more so than the winged horse. She waits for an opportune time and bows toward the hippogriff as Aric had. With such a large crowd around, it was better to be reassuring to the creature.

Elise hangs back, somewhat intimidated by the look of the lead hypogriff. She half-hides behind Cillian. "This one's all yours, Captain," she murmurs.

Cillian blinks as Elise is half hiding behind him and he looks back to Elise before looking to the Hippogriff and then back to Elise before turning to offer her a half hug. "Its okay…" He assures her before turning to carefully follow the example of the others, bending over in a bow, waiting his turn.

Lucian beckons Aric along, but has him wait about halfway there as he continues into the field to fetch Dragon. He goes through the same motions Aric did, bowing respectfully before Dragon. The mighty creature quickly responds, bowing back and permitting Lucian to rub his neck and guide him back toward Aric. They stop about eight feet away, facing the Ravenclaw boy. "Remember, everyone," He calls out so the crowd can hear. "Never insult a hippogriff. They may not speak English, but they can understand your intent. Insulting a hippogriff's pride might be the last thing you ever do."

Christmas and Solstice follow the others to the next area, and as soon as Camilla mentions hippogriffs, both of them bow their heads and approach slowly, glancing up only enough to be sure that they don't bump into anything like a fence or other campers. When Lucian begins to explain about the strange creatures, Christmas lifts his head slimly to listen but remains still. Anyone near enough to the pair can hear him repeated murmuring, "Eyes down. Eyes down. Walk slowly and keep your eyes down."

Aric takes a deep breath as he slowly bows towards Dragon. He makes no sudden movements as he comes up from his bow he glances at the beast and says in a nervous tone, "It is an honor to meet you Dragon. I am Aric." His voice is trembling slightly but his intentions are clear and true. He does not move or reach out to pet the animal until it comes to him.

Dragon lets out a challenging squawk, eyeing Aric discerningly. But Lucian seems unconcerned, allowing the scene to play out. A few momenta later, the powerful beast dips its eagle-like head, bowing back to Aric. Lucian smiles and waves Aric forward. "Gently now. I suggest a neck rub. He loves that."

Josie smiles to Elise, "Dragon's nice, really. Just respect him, and do what they say, and it'll be fine." She stays back, though. She knows Dragon, it's the campers who deserve time to meet him.

Camilla proves that dating an Auror for a better part of a year has rubbed off on her and she rests a hand on Josie's shoulder. "Why don't you dash and get Sain. Introduce him around to everyone not braving Dragon." …Sniffing out any baddies that might be posing as a Camper. Yes, this last year has made her rather cautious about such things.

He is not a Gryffindor and clearly jumps when the beast squawks at him. He does his best to not show anyone he is trembling as the beast bows to him, Aric nods slowly as he begins to walk towards Dragon. He reaches out very slowly to touch the beast to softly pet his neck. The Ravenclaw boy relaxes some and looks over at Camilla and beams a smile before he looks at Dragon and says, "Thank you for this honor Dragon."

Admiring the hippogryph from afar, smiling a bit brightly at the interaction with her fellow gryffindor. Not wanting to crowd, she waits before finally drawing closer, extending her slender hand upwards towards him as she approaches ever so slowly. Shes not nervous but nor is she smiling, she's focused. "Hello…my name is Solstice…" her voice is soft, even and eyes never leave the rather impressive beast. She waits though lingering back to wait for permission to approach. Everyone else seems to fade from her mind.

Christmas watches while Solstice approaches the creature cautiously yet with her eyes focused on the creature. He takes a few steps closer, and then stops to observe.

Camilla gives Aric a 'way to go!' smile and a thumbs up. Everyone else that manages to impress Dragon enough to get permission to approach receive the same sort of cheerful praise.

Josie blinks, looking up to Camilla, but then nods with a smile as she says, "Alright!" She starts to head inside, but she pauses to whisper to Cillian, indicating the man Lucian asked her to watch earlier, "I gotta go inside, let Lucian know if that guy does anything odd." Leaving her task while she's away to the person she trusts most. Then she turns and runs towards the farm house.

Dragon nudges Aric with his beak in appreciation. Lucian grins, "You've got a way with him. I think he likes you." But the words are barely out of his mouth when Dragon barks warningly, rearing up his head at Solstice. "Whoa, whoa…easy boy." He shoots a look to Solstice, commanding, "Bow. Now."

Aric backs away from Dragon as he himself bows again and begins to tremble from his spot. Aric keeps his eyes down as he slowly inches away from the beast.

Dorothy continues to watch things, still letting the kids have most of the fun… but then things get tense as one of the campers gets the hippogriff mad apparently. She'd like to do something to help but doesn't know much about what she could do. She just hopes things work out all right.

Hesitating, for a brief moment Solstice looks uncertain until Lucian prompts her. She quickly dipa her head and body, grabbing at her dress skirt last minute. Eyes stare at the ground a slight shiver running through the young witch as she waits…and waits. She does not move a stitch.

Camilla, at the first sign of the trouble her wand is in her hand. She doesn't rush in and she makes sure the observers stays back as well. Soothing clicks are aimed at Dragon, and damn, she does a good impression of Hippogriff noises. The wand is out just incase she has to further defuse the situation.

Lucian puts a steadying hand on Dragon's neck, speaking calmly, but firmly. "Eyes up. Look him right in the eye. He's just trying to make sure you understand who is in charge." The hippogriff warbles in agitation, but between Lucian's presence and Camilla's soothing sounds, he stay put, eyeing Solstice.

Elise squeaks a bit at all the tension, readied wands, and potential for disaster flying all around. She wrings her hands together nervously.

Josie comes back out of the house carrying what looks like a gray cat. Those who were in Gryffindor last year would recognize Josie's pet, Sain. Josie pauses to look towards all the tension, shaking her head a bit and starts to walk around the back of the crowd with her, showing her off to those who're too intimidated to get close to the hippogriffs.

She can hear all that is going on around her, causing the gryffindor no end of stress. So it is not a surprise when it takes her a few long moments to turn her up to look at him while remaining folded in half. Blue eyes meet Dragon's, not daring to look away. Lips part ever so slowly as she draws a long breath.

Dragon lets out another squawk, as if to verbally put Solstice in her place. But as the girl conforms to protocol, he seems grudgingly satisfied, and finally returns her bow. Lucian breathes a sigh of relief. "Alright…he's given you permission to approach. But…perhaps you should keep it brief."

Christmas casts one wary glance toward Solstice after Lucian's command. He freezes, but not before twitching his right arm so that his own wand drops from the sleeve of his sweater into his hand, where he holds it pressed against his leg for the moment.

Aric catches Camilla's movement and his own body tenses as he continues to move away from Dragon. He allows Solstice her moment with the majestic beast making sure to give the Alpha his space. He final makes it to the crowd and lets out a breath as he swallows hard to watch the scene unfold.

Hearing the squawking from their leader, a few of the other hippogriffs perk up, wings ruffling as they peer over toward the commotion.

Cillian is busy eye playing watch for Josie, very serious yo.

"Who are you staring at?" Elise whispers to Cillian, trying to see what he's seeing.

Camilla gestures for those that aren't Lucian or Solstice to come along and follow her away from the slowly diffusing situation. "Everything is alright, let's just give them some space and time. Let me show you around the barn…after breakfast that is at six am. We will go about the morning chores. Making sure all of the animals have their breakfast and have clean stalls for the day. Every dinner a chore list will be passed around. Sign your name next to the chore and it's yours to do. There's a range of chores something for everyone to do, we even have some tricks and games to make even tedious chores a bit more fun…" Her tone is calm and soothing, she has no fear that Dragon is devouring Solstice right now, knowing that they will catch up when Dragon's relaxed. "Does anyone have any questions?"

Christmas keeps his head down and he remains still until Camilla invites everyone else to follow her. He gives Solstice one furtive peripheral glance, bites his lip, and then turns to follow the crowd toward the barn. Occasionally, and still furtively, he glances over his shoulder while moving away from the area of the stand-off. At the mention of chores, he nods and lingers near the back of the crowd and alert.

Dorothy shakes her head. No questions, though she's glad to see that the hippogriff named Dragon didn't cause too much trouble. There'd probably be more time to get more detailed information about the creatures' behavior later in the trip.

Cillian whispers softly to Elise. "A man." Then he looks back to the others and hmms softly. "I 'ave a question…" He finally asks. "Do ye 'ave…any explanations on which sweets are safe to give to which beasties?"

Josie waves to Cillian to indicate it's ok, she's back to keep an eye on said guy. And, in fact, her wandering with Sain takes her over past the guy with the feather, on her way around the group of campers while they follow Camilla.

"Who's that man?" Elise whispers to Cillian, and Josie as well. She glances at him and then away again, toward Camille, trying to look like she's paying attention. And she does have a question. "Is there some way to make sure that the same person doesn't always sign up for the good chores?" she asks. "I wouldn't want to muck out the stalls every single day, after all."

Camilla nods as the questions are asked in a 'good questions!' manner. "Treat giving is to be supervised. Certain times over the next week, we'll have meet and greets where everyone who wants to can have their chance at presenting treats. Much like the rest of the activities, chores are completely voluntary, many of the chores have several slots as well so there won't be any 'cool chore hogging'. She grins and gives a little wink to Elise.

Cillian whispers to Josie and Elise. "I don't be knowin' but he's a man, m' sure of it. An…he's writin' somethin' in that book." He squints before looking over to Camilla and ahhs softly, offering a gallant bow. "Thank ye kindly."

Sain meows as Josie walks by the man, but Josie just pets her and carries her back over by Cillian and Elise. At the conversation she finds, she whispers to them, "I dunno, Lucian just asked me to keep an eye on him."

Camilla gestures and points out the location of some of the creatures she names off on the map that was passed out earlier. So they don't have to hike all 100 acres on the tour. "Fawley Farm hosts an extended family of 15 Granians, with 5 other winged horses we board for others. 1 Crup, Mrs. Frost, please make sure to to be mindful around him, Rox won't attack a Squib, but he certainly isn't pleasant with them, I'm afraid. 30 Puffskeins, if you wish to take one home with you, please do let me know. 1 Raven - Poe. 3 Kneazles besides our lovely Sain there that Josie is showing off. 2 Nifflers. One cat, seven kittens, also if you're interested in a kitten let me know. Over the Summer we take care of the School's Thestrals so roughly during the summer our small number of 5 turns into about 30. 10 wingless Horses. 70 Owls. 15 Goats, one perhaps not so pleasant chore is bezoar harvesting. 12 pigs - 8 of them piglets. 20 rabbits. 100 sheep. 40 cows and 3 bulls."

"Harvesting bezoars?!" Elise asks, all excited. "Oh, wonderful! They're absolutely fantastic as poison antidotes!" Someone's good at potions, seems like. "Can we keep what we harvest?" she asks. Talk of the mysterious man will have to hold for later, it seems.

Cillian is also a potion geek and just quirks an eyebrow, nodding slowly as he listens to the animals listed and he nods slowly to Josie, keeping in mind there's a mystery to unfold before he grins slowly as he watching Elise. "…this is gonna be a fun camp, jest if all I get to do is watch ye all glow with happiness."

Dorothy nods toward Camilla at her warning about Rox. "I'll be sure to be careful. If he doesn't like me, that's just his loss I suppose," she says with a laugh. "But all in all… I think I will like it here."

While Christmas follows the crowd, he listens to Camilla's list of the menagerie. When she mentions animals that might be eligible for adoption, he nods. The talk of harvesting bezoars, oddly, causes him to cock his head to one side. They might not be the rarest of objects, but they certainly are useful and no one worried about poisons should overlook them.

Camilla laughs along with Dorothy and nods approvingly. By the time she's done listing the animals and pointing them out they are on their way back to the campfire. It's not dark yet, just before dinner actually and the cook, on borrow from the Three Broomsticks. Is cooking away a variety of foods that caters to the range of vegan to carnivore diets. Meals are always Buffet style. With a quick spell and wave of her wand the bone fire that was at a low burn gets amped up. "Please, take this time to set up your tents, gather around the camp fire and get to know each other. This concludes our Tour and Orientation. Thank you so very much for coming." On the side once everyone's dispersed she tells Elise, "Everyone will have the option of taking one of their harvested bezoars." It's pretty clear that the money the stomach stones bring to the farm are very needed and important by her tone.

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