(1938-08-22) The Dance Resumes
Details for The Dance Resumes
Summary: With Eden's return to the country, Cassius attempts to reignite his relationship with her.
Date: August 22, 1938
Location: The Natrix VIP Lounge
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The Natrix VIP Lounge is one of the more posh places in London for a wizard to spend an evening. Like the rest of the club, around eight o'clock, the restaurant is converted into a dance hall. At least that's what happens when Cassius Malfoy hasn't rented out the space to maintain the dining atmosphere.

A band plays soft, soothing music to fill the candlelit space. At a table in the center of it all sits Malfoy himself, clad in a flattering brocade jacket bearing images of serpentine dragons twining around one another. Patiently, he waits for his guest of honour.

The fact the Natrix is empty save for Cassius, the band and its staff, catches Eden off-guard when she is shown in. Handing off her jacket to the host, she tilts her head, slowly approaching the table in a v-necked fitted red dress that flares just a little at her knees. Dark eyes glance about the empty restaurant and then back to him. Red painted lips draw into a smile as a brow lifts, "Good evening, Cassius, I didn't suspect it would be so quiet here at this time of the night." The band receives her attention briefly as she finally comes to stand at the side of the table.

Cassius rises as soon as Eden appears, and gives her a broad, welcoming smile. "Well, I didn't think a jumping dance hall was a suitable atmosphere for our reunion. Wolfgang was very accommodating." He moves to greet her, reaching for her hands to deliver them a chaste kiss before turning to take out her chair for her.

She returns his smile, her fingers curling around his hands as he kisses them in greeting, "You are quite thoughtful, to allow us so much space to ourselves. It might have been less costly to see you at Berylwood." Eden moves to take her chair, smoothing her dress against her hip before easing inward towards the table and smooth a stray lock of hair back behind her ear. "I will have to meet all these friends of yours, Cassius. I do not know Wolfgang, sadly." She turns her head to look up at him, "But it is good to see you again, how have you been?"

The band gets another look before her dark eyes return to his, her smile renewing itself.

"Well, I won't begrudge anyone else wishing to dine tonight. But I preferred a quieter venue." Not to mention that space she referred to. The other tables in the room are pushed way back from their own, giving them considerable privacy even if others should come in to be seated. Cassius retakes his own seat across from her. "You look stunning tonight, Eden. I shall have to keep Wolfgang at arm's length, that rake. You might remember him. He was in Slytherin with me at school, just a few years behind you, like myself."

At the mention Wolfgang, Eden takes a moment, brows furrowing as she dredges up her memory, "Oh yes..I do," there is a faint smile on her lips, is that a blush. "I trust he has not changed then?" There is a light smirk taking hold at the edge of lips before she studies him across the table. "Thank you, when you sent the flowers, I figured this would likely be a formal meeting…and I hate to disappoint." An easy smile slips past the smirk and she glances towards the stage. "I suppose that means we will have this mostly to ourselves, I do enjoy dancing. I wonder if you are as good a dancer with your feet as you are with your words, Cassius."

Cassius gives her a wry smirk. "I can't brag too much, but I daresay I have a touch of rhythm. Care to risk it while we wait for dinner to arrive?" He rises, offering one hand, and gesturing toward the limited dance floor space with his other.

"So soon? Well if you are so eager, I suppose we could…" Eden trails off, pushing back her chair in preparation to rise. "So you have ordered for us both…I am curious to see what you have chosen." Her eyes meet his and she smiles softly, extending her hand towards him so that she can get to her heeled feet.

Cassius takes her hand, leading her to the dance floor. "Eager to dance with a woman as lovely as yourself? Guilty as charged." As they approach, the musicians transition smoothly into something a bit more classical. Cassius draws Eden into a close, but chaste position, with one hand in hers, the other at her waist. "So, you must tell me about what drew you away from me so suddenly. I imagine you must have an interesting story or two to tell."

Rising fully to follow him, hand caught in his, she catches her breath as he draws her in. Her eyes meet his and she laughs softly, a low sound that causes laugh lines at her eyes and her lips to draw back and up. It is then he might notice the glimmer of lights caught in her hair. "That is the question of the hour, is it not?" She lifts her chin, looking up at him as she moves with his leading step. "What if I just said it was work? Would you take it at that or do you really want to hear every detail?" She seems amused.

Cassius tilts his head slightly, taking a moment to drink in the sight of her. That wry smile never seems to leave his lips. "If you say it was merely work, I'll believe you. Though, work like yours often has an interesting story behind it. But if you'd rather leave me in the dark, I suppose I'll just suffer in silence." He rolls his head back in mock woe, chuckling softly. "When last we spoke, you agreed to allow me to court you. Naturally, I fear that you've had time to reconsider, so I must woo you back. How am I doing thus far?"

A shake of her head sends dark hair moving about her features, eyes finally meeting his again. She tilts her head, hand at his shoulder moving inwards towards his neck. "I can share later, but I would rather learn what has gone on here before anything else." A brow rises at his mention of wooing and she studies him a bit more seriously now. Dark eyes search his and she dips her head, briefly breaking contact. "I would say you are one who likes to flatter, flowers, a private dinner all to ourselves. Should I expect more or critique you now?" Eyes meet his once more, a wryness settling about her.

Cassius leads her into a sudden, dizzying spin, tightening his hold on her — surely just to keep her stable. "My dear, you should always expect more from me, and I shall always strive to exceed those expectations."

Her heeled feet click on the dance floor, a soft sound of surprise is followed by a smile as her hair settles back in around her face. She catches her breath, a delighted, short laugh to follow before her brows furrow and her gaze finds his through her lashes. "Always…well then I withhold my answer and say that I am enjoying myself thus far." Pausing, she then admits in a soft tone, a smile still upon her lips, "I figured you would have found someone else..the flowers were a pleasant surprise, I must admit."

Cassius is proving himself adept on the dance floor. At the very least, he knows the steps and can keep time with the music. Each of her smiles, each coy glimpse of her eyes releases a contented sigh from him. "Who else could compare? I think there are few women in the world that could understand me the way that you do. Though I must confess, I had assumed the same about you. Was there no dashing gentleman trying to lure you away permanently?"

Eden was never a woman who could lie overly easy and she never truly has, why start now? Eden smiles softly and with some hesitation, finally speaks, "Regulus did show interest, I think. Though he was never one that was serious about relationships…I do not know exactly his intent and I am not one to be..led around in hopes of anything." There is a darkening of her gaze for just a second before she smiles for him. "I would think my answering your invitation would be a good enough response. But as for anyone else, I was not made aware if there was. Besides….it was you that asked to woo me."

Cassius nods evenly to the news about Regulus, showing no particular surprise, if there was any to be had. "That I did, and I still mean to. I believe you had intended to speak to your brother about me. Perhaps even arranging a meeting? Perhaps I should invite the Eibon clan to Berylwood. Is this a situation in which I require his approval? Must I obtain his blessing? Not that I have an objection to doing so. I admit a certain appeal to traditional romantic notions."

Her head tilts, giving him a sidelong glance at the mention of her brother. It brings an unexpected smile to Eden's lips before nods her head. "I think perhaps, you should come to us, Cassius. Berylwood should be a treat reserved for another time," her words lowering some, before her eyes look to his lips and neck, distracted by thoughts as her dark eyes go distant. "So you are still very much intent in pursuing a future between us? Do you not have admirers that will be hurt by this news?" She lifts her chin again, radiating as much confidence as the sun.

"If there are, I have not been made aware of them." Cassius gives her a little wink as he paraphrases her own words. "I wish to court you, Eden. At the very least, I think we should explore what could be in our future beyond politics."

Eying him for repeating her words, she whispers 'cheeky' at him but then offers a softened smile. Eden considers his words, continuing in the dance with him. "But I feel comfortable talking about politics with you, how dare you take away my good hand from me." There is a bit of mirth glinting in her eyes. Though she lets out a long breath, "I know only talked a little bit of what could be and come of us…but perhaps I should ask you why exactly me?" That confidence is still there, despite her words. Her foot catches on his, too distracted that she has to take a few quick steps to save herself.

"Whoop, careful, my dear." Cassius is quick to take the opportunity to pull her close again to steady her. "Should you ask? Do you want me to dissect my reasons into a clinical examination of our relationship? I'm sure I could, but I think you've realized by now that I suffer a romantic streak. Why you? Because I feel a connection with you, and when I'm in your presence I feel elated. Is it so difficult to believe that I could be smitten with you?"

The closeness does not seem to bother her, her hand at his shoulder tightening briefly til her feet are more sure beneath her. "I would have been surprised years ago, to know you would have a romantic streak, even now, I feel like I can not quite connect the thought with you together. I am learning though..and as for believing? It is a failing of mine, confidence was late coming for me, Cassius." Her dark eyes assess him, narrowing slightly before she considers him. "I figured you would like someone more like Melania…I have to admit the woman frightens me. She is…well I suppose the Blacks are all imposing in their own way."

Cassius allows a saddened sigh to escape his lips. "I won't deny it, Melania is an extraordinary woman. But…you are right to be frightened of her. She can be dangerous, even when she doesn't mean to be." He frees his hand from her waist, lifting it to stroke a gentle line down her cheek. "I suppose I wasn't always a romantic. It is a side of myself I have cultivated with age. Oh, I know I'm not exactly the dashing prince of the fairy tales. Nor do I attempt to be. But I believe romance is a worthwhile endeavour. The soul needs more than struggle and success."

"I will say this, only to you, but I think Melania would harm her own family to get what she feels is necessary or helpful, trust should be used sparingly around the woman," Eden says, a soft smile cropping up when he brushes her cheek. She bites her lower lip briefly before she continues, "I don't think that is the case, I bet you could make you a dashing prince with a little bit of work." Her crooked grin grows further, a soft laugh escaping her before she nods her head, "I do agree though, life is hard enough as it is that to have a reprieve occasionally is helpful."

Cassius arches an eyebrow at her words about Melania, but lets the topic pass. A discussion for another time. His fingers slide back into her hair, his palm cupping her cheek. "I am a far cry from Prince Charming…and I think you know that. I suspect that isn't the sort of prince you want, though. You know better than most that life isn't a fairy tale."

Her movements in the sense of a dance have stopped, going still as his hand finds her cheek, catching in her wavy dark hair. "I wouldn't trust Prince Charming…he doesn't exist, Cassius. And no, it is not. Life can be a terribly bleak thing, it is why we must keep those we care for close, it is the only choice to be had. We must also be passionate about those things that mean the world."

Cassius smiles, stroking his thumb along her cheek. "There it is. The answer to your question. That is 'why you.'" He gestures toward their table, where servers are setting out several platters of steaming Italian food. "Come, the night is still young."

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